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Four Disciplines of Execution DISCIPLINE I – FOC S ON T!

E "ILDL# I$PORT%NT &Sun’s rays can light fire with “FOCUS”' Description The more you do the less you accomplish. Faster I go the slower the slower I get. ore haste less speed. Focus on one or two !ildly Important "oals #!I"$ and ma%e them a priority. &eaders must focus. 'F( #man on moon for )*S*$. *ir Traffic Control + one plane at a time. ,a-e the discipline to say “)O” so as to stay on focus. Some actions ha-e more impact than others when reaching for a goal. &ag measures are .3*CTI83 and are for trac%ing only and determine if !I"s are /eing met. &ead measures are actions for success 0 performance. &ead pro-ides le-erage for achie-ing goals. The 9as%’ not the a-erage. :eople2 not management2 must %eep score. 3ngage people at all le-els at professional2 personal2 emotional2 passionate. Simple score /oard with ? complete2 done + not done2 show trends and impro-ement #or otherwise$. Use of a !ar .oom2 -isi/ility on immediate aspects. Out people I) T,3 "* 3. ,old people accounta/le for the goal or the !I" -anishes into the whirlwind. Stop 9whirlwind’ e5cuses interfering with !I"s2 in particular hygiene factors. .egular and fre>uent 9focused’ meetings2 -isi/ility on team and indi-idual performance + not scapegoats@@. :eople ma%e own commitment rather than imposed. 1U6 In -s I :OSITIO) It’s not a/out “what’ has to /e done /ut the “how” it should #must$ /e done. ST.*T3"6 + “what” causes things to happen and why. 3B3CUTIO) + “how” aaction needs to /e implemented. Simple rather than comple5. Small managea/le chun%s. Installing in Team .educe multitas%ing as this can lead to procrastination. !or% may not focus on !I" /ut indi-iduals’ preference 0 fa-ourite. !or%ing Smart -s hard. Scatter "un -s Sniper Singular targets that win the war. 1etter ma%es good worse #de-iates from !I"$2 Clear goals #S *.T$2 a-oid wor% filling time. :redicti-e and influence;a/le goals. Short - Term targets Safety + &*" is accident statistic &3*< is Tool 1o5 tal% 0 chec%s <eli-er early mentality 4 correct #=*0=C$ <efine &3*< measures 0 ilestones 8isi/ility dri-es accounta/ility. Use graphical 0 -isual representations where possi/le. easurement of performance so it may /e managed. 3motional engagement2 all mem/ers %eep score + trend lines2 dash/oards2 updated. !ee%ly #daily$ targets and 7ust;in;time planning to meet deli-ery #if re>uired$. 3ngage team in the game. <elegate rather than dictate. eetings + account actions done #&*"$ + re-iew against score/oard0targets + plan 4 commit #&3*<$ eetings + commitment ; communicate indset of successful e5ecution. :eople are the solution Clarity of o/7ecti-es !I" + should dri-e the team !hirlwind dri-es team and distracts from !I" Installing on Organisation ST.*T3"IC "O*&S 4 plan of e5ecution for component parts. Tas% forces. Remarks Synchronised 3nergy #S6)3."6$. Inchstones for trou/led pro7ects. Use as part of team /uilding 0 focusing. "3O".*:,6 )OT ,ISTO.6 &ag measures re>uire proacti-e responses rather than reacti-e #/lame$ and post mortem for : sa%e. &3*< needs plan. 8isi/ility + e-en if /ad picture seen. Urgent 0 Important atri5 approach to get on trac%. *-oid 0 /eware of satisfactory underperformance. :ushing 7o/ to others2 something in the whirlwind dictates actions2 Indi-iduals /uy;in to goals 0 time 0 costs 0 reporting IS T,3 .3*& !O.( T,3 "O*& O. IS IT (33:I)" T,3 !,I.&!I)< !,I.&I)". !,I.&!I)< .O1S FOCUS *)< IS 3*S6 TO "3T C*U",T U: I).

II – %CT ON LE%D $E%S RES &"eography not ,istory' III – (EEP % CO$PELLIN) SCOREC%RD &See the result 0 tas%' I* – CRE%TE % C%DENCE OF RESPONSI+ILIT# &*ids focus and accounta/ility$

:lan and actions and follow up.

Targets and how measured2 made -isi/le #without scapegoating people$

.3S:3CT + reinforce accounta/ility. 3ncourage performance. (eep to schedules and don’t postpone. *&& parties report. 3ngage teams2 Culture of deli-ery2 &eadership at centre. 1eha-iour /ased #attitude + /eha-ior + conse>uences$.

T!E , DISCIPLINES – The !hirlwind acts on you /ut with a !ildly Important "oalA you act on it.

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