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DEN218 Graphical communications in design and manufacture The exam will comprise 20 marks for multiple choice and

80 marks for short answers on the question paper. There will be no choice. The material examined will cover the whole materials and manufacture lecture series. Below are listed some example questions, which are typical of the material that will e included! 1. What is meant by yield strength of a material

2. Identify 3 ways in which a metal can be strengthened and explain how the increase in strength is achieved in each case

3. The modulus of diamond which is a form of carbon is approximately 1000 !a. The modulus of a typical thermoplastic polymer which is

m -g .. &. $xplain the difference in modulus values in terms of bonding in the material% the molecular structure and the arrangement of molecules in the solid material.primarily a long"chain molecule based on carbon chains is typically 1 # 2 !a. Which material has the highest critical strain energy release rate /ild steel !olypropylene !olystyrene 0ement . What are the units of toughness) It has no units *+m2 . 'ow can you influence the mechanical properties of a given polymer (.

1lumina 2. What is the difference between high and low cycle fatigue) .

rittle fracture $lastic deformation !lastic deformation Thermal shoc4 . 0reep of a material involves: .3. Introducing a small sharp crac4 into a rod of glass will 5ower the yield strength /a4e the glass crystalli6e 7educe the fracture stress Increase the strain to failure 8. Which of the following is correct)9 The yield strength describes the onset of nec4ing The yield strength describes the onset of plastic flow The yield strength describes the onset of elastic flow The yield strength describes the onset of brittle fracture 10.

11. <escribe the processes that may occur in a ductile fracture 1&. $xplain what is meant by a phase diagram 1(. <escribe how elastic deformation occurs in a metal 12. <escribe how plastic deformation occurs in a metal 13. 5ist 3 types of stainless steel .

<escribe ( methods that can be used to manufacture composite materials 12 what is martensite and what are its properties 13. <etermine the material properties% =oung>s /odulus% ultimate tensile strength% strain to failure% stored elastic energy% from the graph shown . What is cold wor4ing) 20. $xplain what pearlite is 18. $xpalin what is meant by annealing 21.1.

$xplain how you might establish the ductility of a material .22.. 2(. 'ow does the critical stress intensity factor% or fracture toughness differ from toughness) 2&. <escribe the stress intensity factor in terms of stress and crac4 length 23. $xplain the 3 stages of creep. 'ow might you underta4e a fatigue test) 2.