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HIST3102/Group 3: The Persian Empire *I shall be handing out copies of the sources plus introductions, which we shall

work our way through. Follow up the detailed bibliographical references there, to add to the bibliogs. I handed out last term and which you also have in electronic version. * *There is one absolutely fundamental book, in which you will find almost all problems discussed and exhaustive bibliographies: !. "riant, #$$#, From Cyrus to Alexander: history of the Persian empire, %inona &ake I' (trans. of: )**+ Histoire de l'empire perse: de Cyrus à Alexandre !aris, &eiden, '": this is now available in paperback order through -isenbrauns, %inona &ake I' (go to their website, ***For general guidance, the most useful books are: &. .llen, #$$/, The Persian Empire, &ondon (superb illustrations00, 1. %ieseh2fer )**3, Ancient Persia, &ondon (trans. of Das antike Persien 45nchen, )**6, -. 7amauchi )**$ Persia and the i!le 8rand 9apids 4I !. "riant )**# Darius" les perses et l'empire !aris (nice pictures, .. :uhrt, )**/, The Ancient #ear East c$%&&&'%%& C, &ondon, ch.)6 ****There are no essays. Instead I expect you to write short (c.;$$ ),$$$ word, comments on the gobbets I will hand out: at least # by the end of Term ) < # by the end of Term #. Autumn Term #. =ctober>?ession ): Introduction sources, decipherment, geography, history of scholarship, bibliography ;. =ctober>?ession #: The development o the !edes "# Sources$ ch%2& (.dditional 9eading (all in "ibliog. @,: Aelm )*;) (ran )*: ;/ *$ "rown )C* 6;()*;+,: )$B ))*C )*;; AchHist III: B) ;+ ?ancisi %eerdenburg )*;; AchHist III: )*B #)#C )**3 AchHist DIII &iverani, 9adner, &anfranchi in: &anfranchi et al.#$$6, )/. =ctober>?ession 6: The rise o the Persians and '(rus the Great "# Sources$ ch%3& (.dditional 9eading: 4iroschedEi )*;/ +A B/: #+/ 6$+ (bibliog. @, @uyler 7oung in CAH ID (bibliog ", :uhrt in CAH ID (bibliog ", :uhrt )*,T #/: ;6 *B (bibliog Fb, "riant From Cyrus$$$ (bibliog ",: prologue, ch.)>I D, ##. =ctober>?ession 3: The Persian con)uest o E*(pt (# Sources$ ch%+& (.dditional 9eading: &loyd )*;; AchHist III: // ++ (bibliog ., &loyd )*;# )EA +;: )+ );$ (bibliog Fd,

Ancient Persia.: ch..erxes' /reek Ad0enture %ieseh2fer. )*.)6 A.3 ?ancisi %eerdenburg )*.dditional 9eading: %eiskopf 4. "alcer )*. A Persian Perspecti0e. #$$/.)B < ). (bibliog ".)/..)>DI IF #*..ardi(a and -arius. )*. :uhrt (eds.. Aenkelman < . #$$6... Fe. 'ovember>?ession . (bibliog.* The so'called 1/reat *atraps' 2e0olt1 (bibliog.: ch.dditional 9eading: &ewis. #$$#.. ".. 'ovember>?ession B: 3er4es (# Sources$ ch%5& (.: #.)3. id.6 Gandamaev )*B+ Persien unter den ersten Ach-meniden (bibliog Fa.3. (bibliog. #+. "riant.)$ "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ".Fe. Gecember>?ession )$: The end o the Persian empire "# Sources$ ch%10& (. *parta and Persia (bibliog.: Arta4er4es I 6 -arius II "# Sources$ ch%7& (. ". (bibliog ". ".* 63+.dditional 9eading: CAH ID.: chs. "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ". Sprin* Term B.: ch.. 1anuary>?essions )) < )#: 9in*s$ :in*ship and ima*es o po0er "# Sources$ .: ch.. 'ovember>?ession +: The rei*n o -arius I "# Sources$ ch%2& (.dditional 9eading: CAH ID (bibliog. Gecember>?ession *: Arta4er4es II 6 III "#Sources$ ch%8& (.3 CH) I: 6/. %allinga. 1. )$.. (bibliog.ff. "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ".H in %. )**3. 9. From Cyrus . **/ 'ovember: 9eading %eek** )#.#>F ch.dditional 9eading: "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ".: chs. < )/.dditional 9eading: "riant. king of kingsH in rill's Companion to Herodotus" &eiden. * "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ". ". =ctober>?ession /: The revolt o .T..ed.: ?ection ">II. HGarius III .*>#$$# HThe personality of Ferxes. .: ch.: ch.B Herodotus and isitun (bibliog -f.: ch."resciani )*. Alexandre le /rand. !aris (/. sei/ure o po0er (# Sources$ ch%1& (. 6. van der ?pek.chAist FIII. (. From Cyrus .

Aallock. February>?ession )+: 'ommunications and routes "# Sources$ ch%11& (.H 2EA .o(al patrona*e and ro(al aristocrac( "# Sources$ ch%13& (. #$$6. Approachin4 the .* H8ifts in the !ersian empireH in "riant>Aerrenschmidt (eds. February>?ession )/: Tri<ute and ta4ation "#Sources$ ch%1+& (. # 3 (bibliog Fa.tossaH in @ameron>:uhrt (eds. Coina4e and Administration in the Athenian and Persian Empires:)$* )/. %. Aenkelman. ##. February>?ession )B: . The Persepolis Fortification Texts..: ch. "riant )*.* 8raf in Achaemenid History DIII (bibliog..dditional 9eading: 9oot )*B* The 3in4 and 3in4ship in Achaemenid Art (bibliog A.. "rosius.H in 4.chJmJnidesH i!id: 6/ 33 (bibliog Fa. H9econstructing an archive: account and Eournal texts from !ersepolis. 3.6 9. (bibliog Fa. #/.: ch.: chs. "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ".dditional 9eading: "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ". Ancient Archi0es and Archi0al Traditions. 1ursa (eds.dditional 9eading: ?ancisi %eerdenburg )**6 H-xit . "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ". 6e Tri!ut dans l'Empire Perse: )#* )3+ (bibliog Fa./ HGons de terres .ch%11& (..)$.rchive.ureaucrac($ settlement$ la<our 6 production "# Sources$ ch%12& (.B: /6 B) "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ".nimal sacrifice and LexternalL exchange in the !ersepolis Fortification .H in A. **)) February K 9eading %eek** ). #*. H./ +.B HThe administration of the . "riant )*. "rosius 5omen in ancient Persia: chs.. "aker < 4.: ch. .chaemenid empireH in @arradice (ed.B. =xford: #+3 #. @hicago: Introduction ('": now accessible electronically via achemenet.dditional 9eading: 4. )*+*.dditional 9eading: ?tolper )*. 1anuary>?ession )6: The Persian court "# Sources$ ch%12& (. #$$/../ Entrepreneurs and Empire (bibliog Fb. "riant From Cyrus $$$ (bibliog ". (ma4es of 5omen: #$ 66 (Fa.: ch..* HTable du roi.T. "rosius (ed.. tribut et redistribution cheI les .com. 1anuary>?ession )3: . Tuplin )*.dditional 9eading: ?ancisi %eerdenburg )*.

: 'entral control 6 local diversit( "# Sources$ ch%15& (. Introduction..xos Tempel und .rient ancien.dditional 9eading there is not a lot specifically on this. 9oot.". 4arch>?ession #$: .). *eals on the Persepolis Fortification Ta!lets" vol. !aris. )*. #$$). 4arch>?ession )*: =isit to .@.xos'*chat8 )**3 (bibliog 8b. 45nster: )6B )+/ 4. so weHll mainly need to concentrate on working through the material I hand out. 3. but if youHre prepared to read French then you could have a go at this: !.ritish !useum to see >4us treasure (9eading: Galton The Treasure of the .#.etrospective discussion . )).a!ylonian Economy. !itschikiyan . "riant. ). @hicago. 4arch>?ession ).. Etats et pasteurs au 7oyen'.xus )*+3 (bibliog A. 8arrison < 4.

.. &eiden. )*.. Achaemenid History (:: Centre and periphery &eiden ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. #$$6.#/. Tallis (eds. %. adaptations. The Persians. )**) Achaemenid History :((: throu4h tra0ellers' eyes &eiden ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. Aaerinck -. )***. (eds.. and GriEvers 1. (eds. )*. The Persian Empire: a history..*>#$$# HThe personality of Ferxes. !.. Achaemenid History (((: Pro!lems of 7ethod and Theory &eiden :uhrt . king of kingsH in de 4eyer &.rientalis: $$$in honorem 6ouis 0anden er4he 8ent. #$$/. 9oot 4. &. transformations. ch. Darius dans l'om!re d'Alexandre. &ondon. (eds.. #$$+..' General Introductions: .# @urtis.B (eds. and :uhrt .chaemenid !ersian empire (c.. )**$ (eds. HThe .. #$$). and :uhrt . (ed.. &ondon "rosius. :uhrt . brief guide to some recent work on the . Archaeolo4ica (ranica et .. #$$/. )**#a Darius" les Perses et l'empire !aris . )**)Achaemenid History :(: old cultures in a ne9 empire &eiden ?ancisi %eerdenburg A... . 1. !aris .llen. +$ B+ ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. )*. :uhrt .6 H..The Achaemenid Empire: c%110?330 .chaemenid empire: a "abylonian perspectiveH PCP* #)3 (ns 63.lcock et al (eds. @ambridge: *6 )#6 A% Pro<lems$ Sources$ !ethods (arranged according to date of publication. %.H Annales$ Histoire" *ciences *ociales /3>/: ))#B ))6+ "riant.ecent *eneral surve(s and histories most useful>important: "riant !. )3+ )/6 (copy available from me. For4otten Empire: the 9orld of ancient Persia" (exhibition catalogue...H Annales$ Histoire" *ciences *ociales /3>/: ))$* ))#+ "riant. )**$ (eds.. Achaemenid History :: the roots of the European tradition on Persia &eiden ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. )***. < '.B Achaemenid History (: *ources" structures" synthesis &eiden ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. !. 4. (eds.. Achaemenid History ((: The /reek *ources &eiden :uhrt . below. /3* /+) (repr. Empires. )*.chaemenid -mpireH 6i0erpool Classical 7onthly .H in ?. in rill's Companion to Herodotus...//$ 66$ "@-. HMne Lvision dureL de lHhistoire achJmJnide (note critiNue O propos de "riant )**+ (see ?ection ". ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. )*.% . ch.. )*. HThe .. and ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. and GriEvers 1.%.. H&Hhistoire de lHempire achJmJnide auEourdHhui: lHhistorien et ses documents.. )**3 Achaemenid History :(((: continuity and chan4e" &eiden ?tolper 4. and :uhrt . (eds.: continuities. &ondon :uhrt.

#*$ #*#. )*+B HThe Iranian migration into the RagrosH (ran /.r 33 ()*. )**/ The Ancient #ear East c$%&&&'%%& C &ondon.. Cam!rid4e History of (ran ((: The 7edian and Achaemenian Periods @ambridge )*.chaemenid history. Topoi ?uppl. )*. Cam!rid4e History of )udaism (: (ntroductionB The Persian Period @ambridge )*.. /: #6+ #36 )**+ Histoire de l'empire perse: de Cyrus à Alexandre (..4..4..ssyrian RagrosH )C* 6. society>economy. )*.nide II. @ambridge (cf. Continuity of EmpiresCDE: Assyria" 7edia" Persia. )**3 H"ridging the gap between the -lamites and the !ersians in south eastern :huIistanH AchHist DIII: +/ */ @uyler 7oung T.)**#b H!ersian -mpire. %ieseh2fer 1. )*.I ()**B.nTan et de ?use et la naissance de lHempire perseH +A B/. Freedman.3 Persia and the /reeks: the defence of the 5est" c$=>?'>@A C &ondon (#nd ed with a postscript by G.. review )A. . 'ew 7ork. review in (nternational )ournal of 7iddle Eastern *tudies #3 ()**#. B) )).+ HThe 4edes: a reassessment of the archaeological evidenceH East and 5est 6+.) Aelm !.*. "ulletin dHhistoire achJmJnide (". )$B ))* @arter -. )*./. I'.@.: 6#* 66#.* )$* ()*.m. Frye 9.. )*. I.B.'. )*** Das fr<he Persien: /eschichte eines antiken 5eltreichs 4unich 7amauchi -. (ed.. )*. &eiden (cf. !.H (rAnt )*. )) 63 8enito ". @ook 1. G.3 H&a !erse avant lHempire (un Jtat de Nuestion. #+/ 6$+ . )*. ch. !aris P-nglish translation: From Cyrus to Alexander: a history of the Achaemenid empire" %inona &ake. review in *. "rown ?.* 3*/. )**3 Ancient Persia &ondon (-nglish trans.9. #$$6. #$$#Q **(for recent developments>new publications see.4. )**/ Ci0ili8ations of the Ancient #ear East 'ew 7ork (contains articles on ./ *$ &anfranchi 8. &yon: / )#B ulletin d'Histoire Ach. "riant.B. !adua 4iroschedEi !. languages. '% >ri*ins "riant !.* The culture and social institutions of Ancient (ran (trans. &eiden.A* /3 ()**)..&ewis.: 6B3 +. and &ukonin D. Political History of the Achaemenids (trans.ltertumswissenschaft III.+ H4edia and secondary state formation in the 'eo . 9. )**$ Persia and the i!le 8rand 9apids also note the following of rather variable Nuality: "urn . )) ./ (cf.3 The History of Ancient (ran 4unich (Aandbuch der .'. reviews in )H* )$/ ()*.ch.H Anchor i!le Dictionary (ed. Gandamaev 4. artC please ignore the one on religion. !aris #$$) :uhrt . )*.6 The Persian Empire &ondon (cf. #)) #)# and i.chAist )$. (covers generally only the earlier periods of the empireC for later periods see CAH DI ()**3.. 3. )*..3 Cam!rid4e Ancient History (: @ambridge )*..) HAerodotusH 4Sdikos &ogos and 4edian AistoryH (ran )*. et al (eds.)6 ?asson 1./ H&a fin du royaume dH.

)**Ba.H A2TA #$$B. )*+3 Hand!uch des Altpersischen %iesbaden :ent 9. )$* )#B ?ancisi %eerdenburg A. )*/6 . E% Select !ain Sources "apart rom those appearin* under -& a& . HGarius at !asargadae: a neglected source for the history of -arly !ersia. H. I: 6/) 6+6 )**Bb.ld Persian (nscriptions of #aFsh'i 2ustam and Persepolis &ondon **?tolper. 4ayrhofer 4. #6* #3.nide !aris !errot 1.C published as ?tate . trans.ssyria ?tudies. #$$B.)**$ H&a fin de lH-lam: essai dHanalyse et dHinterpretationH (rAnt #/: 3B */ 4uscarella =." 6. et al )*B3 6a statue de Darius d. #/ )$B )**B 6es inscriptions de la Perse ach.H in 1.road Selection: 4. art and architecture.rchive !roEect.vigad '. A sur0ey of #eo'Elamite history (Mniv of !enn.ld Persian :ersion &ondon #$$$ Corpus (nscriptionum (ranicarum ((: The .A.nomastica Persepolitana: Das altiranische #amen4ut der Persepolis'T-felchen Dienna ?chmitt 9. )*. diss. Tavernier.#. )**) Corpus (nscriptionum (ranicarum Pt$(: The isitun (nscription of Darius the /reat" . F.8. )*B6 . @urtis (ed. )*B+ ullae and *eals from a post'exilic )udaean archi0e 1erusalem . Aelsinki. HFrom the !ersepolis Fortification .FI 3. !ritchard )*+* Ancient #ear Eastern Texts: @yrus @ylinder. @onn &ecoN !. HThe most ancient scripts of Iran.m. H%as there ever a 4edian empireUH AchHist III: )*B #)# )**3 HThe orality of AerodotusH 4edikos &ogos or: the 4edian empire revisitedH AchHist DIII: 6* // ?tronach G. )*.@T=9 )+. )*B3 H&e problVme de lHJcriture cunJiforme vieux perseH Acta (ranica HIre s.rie.H Topoi ?uppl. 6. < 1.chaemenid history.%.chaemenid Dillage I at ?usa and the !ersian migration to FarsH (raF 6+. -% >ld Persian @an*ua*e and Inscriptions "randenstein %.H 5orld Archaeolo4y )B>6: 66/ 63B %eissbach F. "rosius. )*..cou0erte à *use !aris (@G. ): . 7esopotamia and (ran in the Persian Period: conFuest and imperialism =%G' %%H C" &ondon: 6/ /6 %aters. < ed.. 4. @ambridge 1.. 4.".rchives of . )*B3 H. The Persian Empire from Cyrus (( to Artaxerxes ( (&.. #$$$.n =ld !ersian administrative tablet from the !ersepolis Fortification. )*)) Die 3eilinschriften der Ach-meniden &eipIig (D.B H4edian art and 4ediIing ?cholarshipH )#E* 3+. #$$$. )**B. FerxesH daiva inscription Texte aus der Jm9elt des Alten Testaments I>3: GariusH "isitun InscriptionC @yrus @ylinder <& Aramaic .ld Persian: /rammar" Texts" 6exicon 'ew Aaven.$) Dallat. and 4ayrhofer 4..nshan and !arsa: early .

ennes d'(dum. )**+. #$$).8.H in A. @. )*6+ 6a premiIre domination perse en E4ypte @airo &ichtheim 4. H&etters and 9eport (@) #3. )**+ #ou0elles (nscriptions Aram. for important corrections.# Corpus (nscriptionum (ranicarum Pt$ (: The isitun (nscription of Darius the /reat" Aramaic :ersion &ondon 8relot !. H@itJs et satrapes dans lHempire achJmJnide: Fanthos et !ixodarosH C2A( )**. )*B*. )*/) 6es archi0es des 7uraOP !aris .. . ?haked...H in *tudies in Honor of 5illiam 3elly *impson I. no. #$$3.tlanta 8. =xford @ross F. @owley. )*. . H=n the composition and inscriptions of the Datican statue of MdEahorresne. :uhrt in CAH ID ()*.. Fouilles de . !orten ". )**3. )*. !osener 8.ens du (:e s$ a0ant notre Ire pro0enant de actriane (!ersika 3.... "aines.. &eiden.ncient %orld 3. see 4. !aris: )#* )BB **(cf. and !orten ".6 3*. )*#6 Aramaic Papyri of the fifth century C. @.B. Aramaic Documents from #orth *aFFara" &ondon **(note the preliminary report on the . H&Hinscription aramJenne. ?piegelberg %. ))$ )#) Griver 8.ens d'E4ypte !aris 8ropp G. )*/6 The rooklyn 7useum Aramaic Papyri 'ew Aaven..+ )*** Text!ook of Aramaic Documents from Ancient E4ypt (3 vols.H in ".ntiNui ##. Fouilles de . "riant.. )*B# Documents Aram.".. #eo' a!ylonian 6e4al and Administrati0e Documents: typolo4y" contents and archi0es (8uides to the 4esopotamian Textual 9ecord vol.. )*. &emaire .3 *#. 4artin. )*)3 Die so4enannte demotische Chronik des Pap$ NH= der i!liothIFue #ational 8u Paris &eipIig (Gemotische ?tudien B. The Elephantine Papyri in En4lish: three millennia of cross'cultural continuity and chan4e (Gocumenta et 4onumenta =rientalis .anthos HG@G: 0ol$?: 6a stIle trilin4ue du 6. (nos. )*+/ Aramaic documents of the fifth century C =xford Gupont ?ommer... 4etIger et al.C AchHist I ()*..ramaic documents from "actria: ?. 1erusalem ?egal.e au 7us.9.. 6e satrape de actriane et son 4ou0erneur: documents aram. @) #3 d& A::adian **(for detailed overview of documentation with full refs.4..4. < ID ()**$. "oston: . 1..: 6$/ 63B.tKon !aris 8reenfield 1.C for discussion of 'eo "abylonian documents in general. &l. !aris &indenberger 1. !orten. =xford :raeling -.anthos DI.6 O TranseuphratIne. )***. )*.e d'(sraLl (?upp. 7ardeni .... cf. Ancient Aramaic and He!re9 6etters (?"& %ritings from the . . 1.1.(Wedem 3. )*+6 HThe discovery of the ?amaria papyriH i!l$Arch$ #+.4. )*$* Catalo4ue of the demotic papyri in the )ohn 2ylands 6i!rary 7anchester 7anchester (for !etiese petition. !aris c& E*(ptian 8riffith F. 45nster #$$/ @ardascia 8. )**+. @onn. 5adi Daliyeh ((: the *amaria Papyri from 5adi Daliyeh (Giscoveries in the 1udaean Gesert FFDIII.6.. !.).$ Ancient E4yptian 6iterature (((: JdMahorresnet statue (cf. 1ursa.

I (books I III.. )*B.. )**3. From Arrian to Alexander: studies in historical interpretation =xford. .rient (&a 9oue O &ivres. plus extensive commentary.. The Persepolis Treasury Ta!lets @hicago 8arrison. **"est translation is Gavid 8rene. ed.$>)**/ A historical commentary on Arrian's history of Alexander vol. 7esopotamian Chronicles (?"& %ritings from the .". "osworth )*. &enfant. #$$3. !aris ("udJ Text: @omplete new edition with 8reek < French translation. "alcer 1.. F. 6rd. #$$).. Wuintus @urtius 9ufus The History of Alexander (!enguin is a good edition with introduction and notes. !aris ** see now.4I -rgYnIungsband /. )**6 H&a version Jlamite de la trilingue de "JhistounH )A #.:. . also: Aofstetter 1.ncient %orld )*.comC click on . 1. @tesias apud !hotiusH epitome ** for a translation of a maEority of the fragments into French see 1.8.'.". also .rodote et les peuples non 4recs (-ntretiens sur lHantiNuitJ classiNue: Fondation Aardt 6/. . H?elected Fortification textsH CDAF( .. **cf. !lutarch 6ife of Artaxerxes (&oeb. )*.. H. 4. 8eneva: +* )$3. (&ouvre ?b)6$B.".. 1. "erlin *& >ld Testament E8ra" #ehemiah" Esther (many translations with commentaries availableC a good one is The #e9 .8lassner.. )**$ HAJrodote et la sociJtJ perseH in H. )*B/ Assyrian and a!ylonian Chronicles &ocust Dalley. )*B.. @hicago although there are some mistakes. Corpus (nscriptionum (ranicarum Pt$(: The isitun (nscription of Darius the /reat" a!ylonian :ersion &ondon e& Elamite @ameron 8.B Herodotus and isitun (Aistoria -inIelschrift 3*.xford Annotated i!le.4. )*3.sias: Histoires de l'. Aerrenschmidt @.C "riant !. Die /riechen in Persien: Prosopo4raphie der /riechen im Persischen 2eich 0or Alexander (. Ct.T... G. =xfordC . )**+. 8rayson . 4albran &abat F.sias de Cnide: 6a PerseB 6'(ndeB Autres Fra4ments. "osworth )*.: )$* )6+ & !ain 'lassical 0or:s/0riters Aerodotus The Histories (cf. '7: nos. .C vol.uberger )**) Ct. #$$3. )*+* The Persepolis Fortification Ta!lets @hicago *** now available online through achemenet.ctualitJsX'ouvelles*** )*B.B < * 4albran &abat.H )#E* //: )/ 6/ 8rillot ?usini F. 6a :ersion akkadienne de l'inscription trilin4uede Darius à ehistun" 9ome von Doigtlander -. !ersepolis Fortification ?eal on the Tablet 7DP )) 6$.II (books ID D.rrian Ana!asis of Alexander (&oeb edition has good commentaryC cf..tlanta 8. Fenophon Ana!asis Hellenica Cyropaedia (all accessible in &oebC !enguin translations of Hellenica and Ana!asis.): )* /* Aallock 9.

tudes sur les formations tri!utaires au moyen'orient ancien !aris )*. Toulouse and Aerrenschmidt @. AinI %. :uhrt . #$$+. The .ther /ods 5ho Are: *tudies in Elamite'(ranian Acculturation !ased on the Persepolis Fortification Texts (!hG diss. Der *atrap (=ikumene ).H )E*H. (ed. #$$/.nide de Cyrus le /rand à . )**$ *atrapes et *atrapies dans l'empire ach.6+ *+ (#$$).m. (eds. 8ent :linkott. (ed. review in .. (#nd enlarged ed. @ambridge. G. #6+ #6.* ?ancisi %eerdenburg A.4..8. )***. H?torehouses and systems at !ersepolis: evidence from the !ersepolis Fortification Tablets. =xford: #+3 #. )**+ 5omen in Ancient Persia C==G'%%H CE =xford #$$6. )**/ (Jd. )*. (eds.%.* 6e Tri!ut dans l'Empire Perse !aris "rosius 4.>:och :. #B* 6$) Aenkelman.tossa: images of women in 8reek historiography on !ersiaH in @ameron . (ma4es of 5omen in . )**) 6a 2eli4ion iranienne à l'epoFue ach.nide (. (cf.. :onstanI "oyce 4.. H9econstructing an ancient archive: account and Eournal texts from !ersepolis... (ed. A. &eiden :ellens 1. ch.ctes du @olloNue de &iVge )) dJcembre )*. )**/ The Persian ConFuest of the /reeks =>='>=& C (Fenia 6. Frankfurt am 4ain :och A... )*.naire !aris (cf.ncient Gocuments. )*.3 6'Asie Centrale et les royaumes proche'orientaux du premier mill.. )*B# H.A% Selected studies on important aspects o the empire a& central issues .. )**B 7esopotamia and (ran in the Persian period &ondon Gandamaev 4. %..H in id. HThe !ersepolis Fortification tablets another look. Dans les pas des Dix'7ille: peuples et pays du proche'orient 0u par un /rec CQ Pallas 36.B. )*B+ Persien unter den ersten Ach-meniden (trans. H-lam in the .perghis.6 @urtis 1. :uhrt (eds.. )*.m.H in 4..3 2eichsidee und 2eichsor4anisation im Perserreich Freiburg (?chweiI.# Etats et pasteurs au 7oyen'. )**+. 3#: )/# )*6 "alcer 1. %iesbaden Frei !.rient ancien @ambridge.6 An (ntroduction to Ancient (ranian 2eli4ion: readin4s from the A0esta and the Achaemenid inscriptions 4inneapolis !etit T. )*. !aris )*.. )**$ :er9altun4 und 5irtschaft im persischen 3ernland 8ur +eit der Ach-meniden" %iesbaden )**6 Ach-menidenstudien %iesbaden 4alandra %.chYmenidische AofverwaltungH +A +). )**. K (ranica AntiFua: ?upplement /. "riant !.chaemenid empireH in The Archaeolo4y of Elam: formation and transformation of an ancient (ranian state.. *tudies in Persian History: essays in memory of Da0id 7$ 6e9is" &eiden: 6/ +# )***.6>)**6 H-xit .erxIs (er !aris !otts. Ancient Archi0es and Archi0al Traditions (=xford ?tudies in . )*.# 2ois" Tri!uts et Paysans: .. "rosius < . review: )H* )$B.# A History of +oroastrianism 0ol$N: under the Achaemenians &eiden (Aandbuch der =rientalistik. 8...

?tolper 4. )*B#. #$ 66 )**6 H!olitical concepts in =ld !ersian royal inscriptionsH in 9aaflaub :. I: chantier F la LrJsidence achJmJnideL. )**$ H!ouvoirs locaux et et organisation du territoire en "abylonie achJmJnide.1.sopotamie au Her mill. )**$ HFouilles dH. 8rabbe &. #/$. #$$3. :... 8asche A. **. )**. ?heffield (trans.B HThe administration of the . of !enn..bu Wubur.braham.: The A4e of Empires: 7esopotamia in the First 7illennium C" -dinburgh #$$3. )*.. . Coina4e and Administration in the Athenian and Persian empires =xford )**+. nouvelles donnJesH #AP2 B: / * Aaerinck -.rtaxerxJs II O "abyloneH #AP2 #: 6 + c& S(ria?Palestine 6 '(prus -layi 1.. diss. et al (eds.H Topoi suppl. "ethesda 4G A.chaemenid empireH in van "akel 4...naire a0$)$'C. The 6imits of Historio4raphy: 4enre and narrati0e in ancient historical texts (4nemosyne suppl.T 66$. 1ursa (eds.bu AabbahH Tell ed'Der III &ouvain 1oannVs. #$$3. :raus (ed. )*6/ Die *atrapieneinteilun4 in *yrien und im +9eistromland 0on =%&'%N& Aalle an der ?aale (repr.T #/. F.$ )**B.6 HThe @yrus @ylinder and . see above under Fa: #6* #/3 &euIe =.* H&e palais dH. (ed.&. )*. )*. Dienna ) 6 1uly..I: #B* #. )*.%...+ #$$$ 6a 7. Anf-n4e politischen Denkens in der Antike =ldenbourg: )3/ )+6 )**3 HThe construction and distribution of an ideology in the . ?tuttgart Dogelsang %. )**# )udaism from Cyrus to Hadrian 0ol$H: the Persian and /reek periods .r4anisation of the Achaemenid Empire the eastern (ranian e0idence &eiden <& !esopotamia . usiness and Politics under the Persian Empire: the financial dealin4s of 7arduk' nasir'apli of the House of E4i!i C=NH'>A@ CE.chaemenid periodH in "riant !. ?apin 1.chaemenid Imperial !olicyH )*..6 *B )**/ HThe . "aker < 4. 45nster (.9T !roEect ?ymposium. !aris (-nglish trans. )**# The 2ise and . H&a situation de la "abylonie dans lHempire perse. eyond the 2i0er: ne9 perspecti0es on Transeuphratene (1?=T ?uppl. Approachin4 the a!ylonian Economy (!roceedings of the ?T.)*).AntiFuity &ondon. 3Vme campagne ()**$.chaemenid -mpireH in @arradice I. &eiden: *) ))) ?ekunda '...ssyrian heartland in the . )**# The Persian Army =?&'%%& C &ondon Tuplin @. (Asg.H in @.H Trans 6: )B6 ).=. "regstein )**6 *eal Jse in fifth century #ippur" (raF: a study of seal selection and sealin4 practices in the 7uraOu archi0e (Mniv. )*. (ed./ Entrepreneurs and Empire: the 7urasP archi0e" the 7urasP firm" and Persian rule in a!ylonia &eiden Dallat F. :uhrt .?. HThe !ersian kings and history. &. Pi0ot Politics: chan4in4 cultural identities in early state formation processes &eiden: )***.$ H&es tombes et les obEets du sondage sur lHenceinte de . Achaemenid *tudies (Aistoria -inIelschr.

/ ?tern -. HMn registre douanier de la satrapie dH[gypte O lHJpoNue achJmJnideH.$ 4athieson I.%. )*. le temple de 7ahweh et le sanctuaire de :hnZm. eds.4.H in: Alexander the /reat: 7yth and reality (. "rosius < . )*/.. @alif. )*/+ H&es fouilles de GaskyleionH Anatolia ): #$ #3 "alcer 1.H ulletin de la *oci.. (@olloNue .".IG-. &eclant. #$$3. H&a satrapia dH-gittoH *C. ch. &eiden: #$/ ##+ )**.cret de 7emphis (Jds. H@itJs et satrapes dans lHempire achJmJnide Fanthos et !ixodaros.. CQ 7.kurgal -. )6#ff.H C2A(: 6$/ ..$ Cemeteries of the Hst millennium C at De0e H<y<k near Carchemish" sal0a4ed $$$ in HGH% =xford 9eyes . A.V. )*. G.): #6 3) e& Asia !inor . 'ew 7ork &aperrousaI -. Gescat )**. !aris %illiamson. stela of the !ersian period from ?aNNaraH )EA . 4. !aris: ))/ )6/ < 9.1.: %idranga. (ed. a collaboratorHs testamentH )EA +. )**6.lexandre O ?ardes. "riant. HMne curieuse affaire O -lJphantine en 3)$ av. '. )**3 Archaic Cyprus: a study of the textual and archaeolo4ical e0idence =xford.9IG ?uppl. @airo.# The 7aterial Culture of the 6and of the i!le in the Persian Period %arminster TranseuphratIne I ()*.. )++ ). H-thnoclasse et populations soumises dans lHempire achJmJnide: le cas dH-gypteH AchHist III: )6B )B6 )**+.. )*. HGroaphernVs et la statue de ?ardes.9...4.# HThe inscription of MdEahorresnet. B. *tudies in Persian History: essays in memory of Da0id 7$ 6e9is" &eiden: )3/ )+6 RournatIi. /* )$3. *tudies in Persian History: essays in memory of Da0id 7$ 6e9is.H in 4.= &e @aire )**+. 8rimal and ". ("rown 1udaic ?tudies /#. E4ypte pharaoniFue: pou0oir" soci. )**3 6a Palestine à l'.H in 6e d.3 *parda !y the itter *ea: imperial interaction in 9estern Anatolia @hico.diterran. )*. in 6e commerce en S4ypte ancienne. Institut Francais dH. IF. :uhrt (eds. H. !aris: *) ))/ @hauveau.. "riant !.?.H in 4. Persian 2ule in Cyprus: sources" pro!lems" perspecti0es" !aris d& E*(pt "resciani -. &loyd . #$$/..t. pp. HInscriptions multilingues en -gypte achJmJnide. A History of the )e9s and )udaism in the *econd Temple Period" 0ol$H: Rehud: a history of the Persian pro0ince of ) +... H1udah and the 1ews..n.T. 4enu (Jd.rchJologie =rientale. #). 4enu . )**B Disco0eries in the )udaean Desert: the 5adi Daliyeh seal impressions =xford 4oorey !.poFue perse !aris &eith 4. )**+ H&es archives dHun temple des oasis au temps des !erses.4inneapolis . )**.. . !. 9ome: ) )/ )**. Dalbelle (1. :uhrt (eds. &ondon..* .H in ".t.. )*.. )***. et al )**/ H. "rosius < . Francaise en S4ypte )6B: 6# 3B.

)$$ )$. of 4ichigan diss.lexanderH (rAnt )).poFue ach.6 *ardis from prehistoric to 2oman times: results of the archaeolo4ical exploration of *ardis HG=A'HG@= @ambridge..F.. (eds. "akir in "riant Dans les pas des dixmilles" above Fa. )*.. (eds.. )**. < 9. )**.chaemenid !oliticsH in -adie 1. )**Bb.nide (!ersika 6. Aarrison. . HImperial style and constructed identity: a L8raeco !ersianL cylinder seal from ?ardis.@...# 7ausolus =xford 8raf G. 3* ))/ %eiskopf 4. !aris Danden "erghe &.*: )$6 )#$ G% Archaeolo*( *eneral: "riant !. )*.%.9. 4aryland. B* )#6 :een. 4ass. )*B/>)*B+ H8reeks and !ersians in the fourth century "@: a study in cultural contacts before . )*.G.s./ HThe !arthenon FrieIe and the apadana reliefs at !ersepolis: reassessing a programmatic relationshipH A)A . ?tuttgart (see also. )**Ba.chaemenid bowls in an . Dynastic 6ycia: a political history of the 6ycians and their relationship 9ith forei4n po9ers" c$=>='%?N C.olo4ie de l'(ran ancien . #$$/. H?atrapal ?ardis: . )***. & or Athens?Persian relations see in particular: -.. "ordeaux. &aroche Traunecker (Jds.rientalis #B: ** )#* )***. vol..nide: nou0elles recherches (!ersika +. *atrapal *ardis: aspects of empire in an Achaemenid capital (Mniv. )*B* i!lio4raphie analytiFue de l'arch. )**B *elected Papers in /reek and #ear Eastern History @ambridge (ed.63$ @asabonne =./ H8reek Tyrants and .r Perse et l'Histoire /recFue CQ 2e0ue des Etudes Anciennes *)>) #. 9oot )*.8.. < Gescat 9. )*. @ambridge (rev. Aanfman 8. =ber 1.chaemenid capital.H Ars . #$$$. The Emptiness of Asia: Aeschylus' Persians and the history of the fifth century" &ondon 4. 4iller )**B Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century C: a study in cultural recepti0ity @ambridge 4. )*B+ *parta and Persia &eiden (@incinnati @lassical ?tudies n. Gusinberre.* The so'called 1/reat *atraps' 2e0olt1 %??'%?& C: concernin4 local insta!ility in the Achaemenid Far 5est (Aistoria -inIelschrift +6.). &eiden &ewis G. 6* B/C )#. !aris Gavesne .4.. )*.@. #$$3. !aris Gebord !. version of !hG. 8reenwalt and T. 9hodes. !. 6'Asie 7ineure au (:e siIcle C>HN'%N% a$C$E: pou0oirs et Meux politiFues.. articles by @.m. Aspects of Empire in Achaemenid *ardis... Francis )**$ (ma4e and (dea in Fifth'Century /reece: art and literature after the Persian 9ars &ondon T... -.m. The Craft of the Ancient Historian: essays in honor of Chester /$ *tarr &anham.* 6'.A. ?tarr @.4.olo4ie de l'empire ach. "oucharlat (Jds. 6e site de 7eydancikkale C/<lnar (E. !aris Gebord. !. 6'arch.4. Aornblower ?.H A)A )$6: B6 )$# #$$6.. 6a Cilicie à l'.

)*B* H&e palais dH. )**. )*B+.9. )**# .@. ##/ #3. Pasar4adae =xford ** some news on recent soundings here available on www. )*.?. -.. !rinceton '1. CAH !lates to Dolume ID ()*.&eiden (with -. )*BB HGiffusion comparJe de NuelNues genres de poteries charactJristiNues de lHJpoNue achJmJnide sur le plateau iranien et en .olo4iFue Francaise en (ran 3 (find and analysis of Garius I statue from ?usa. Tehran ?umner %. Frye.chaemenid settlement in the !ersepolis plainH A)A *$: 6 6) #.rientale 6: description des sites et notes de synthIse" !aris :uImina -.) ?upplJment I: )*B* . )+B )*)C 6)* 66B "oardman 1. )* )6+ Aarper !. !asargadae ?tronach G. Tallon F.mandry.D. ?usa "oucharlat 9. )*/6 B$ Persepolis (6 vols.l.. .. )**+.ruI 1.. .rient" en /rIce et à 2ome (Jd.xos'*chat8 und . )*B. 9. )*+) E4yptian sculpture of the late period 'ew Aaven. (ed.$.-. H&e systVme palatial dans la !erse achJmJnide. )**# The 2oyal City of *usa: Ancient #ear Eastern Treasures from the 6ou0re #e9 Rork (rev. (eds. )*. #. Aaerinck )*.. !ersepolis ?chmidt. Fench ed. av. @aubet )**3. &abrousse .: ).'.. notre VreH in @attenat < 8ardin: ))) )6# !itschikEan I. &adiray G. chapter + #$$$. )*B$ /reek /ems and Fin4errin4s: early !ron8e a4e to late classical &ondon...=.4ation Arch.. &ondon (very general.sie centraleH in Geshayes 1. 1. @urtis 1.@.olo4iFues en actriane . by . %estenholI (ed.. @onn. The Herita4e of Central Asia.**** 6. Prospections arch.+ H.miet !. chs.rtaxerxVs II sur la rive droite du @haourH CDAF( )$.xos'Tempel$ Ach-menidische 3unst in 7ittelasien "erlin H% Art 6 Architecture . 2oyal Cities of the i!llcal 5orld 1erusalem: #6B #/3 !errot 1.. see !. )*B# H&es ivoires achJmJnides de ?useH *yria 3*. et al )*B3 Cahiers de la D. Persia and the 5est: an archaeolo4ical in0esti4ation of the 4enesis of Achaemenid art. a& !ain ro(al centres (for broad discussion.achemenet.. 8ardin 1. 6e plateau iranien et l'Asie centrale des ori4ines à la conFuTte islamiFue !aris. @hicago ?hahbaIi. )*BB H&es relations entre la "actriane et lHIran du DIIIe au IDe s. -.. <& 'entral Asia: @attenat . Persepolis (llustrated. &evy.*>#$$$ Ancient Persia ("4 publication.H in 6e systIme palatial en ..ed. )**+ HThe palace of ?usaH in 1. .. ?trasbourg: )/* )B#.8. ) / 8ardin. . &ondon "othmer ".

< 9oot 4. giving: -rnst AerIfeld and . . "oston (in progress.. G..@. above under 9oaf.H Ars . (cf.r 3* ()**#.xford Encyclopaedia of Archaeolo4y in the #ear East )**B (/ vols. for news.. )*B3 Achaemenid *culpture &eiden 8arrison 4. )**$ H?culptors and designers at !ersepolisH in 8unter . @...?.cta Iranica )*. )*B$ (onians at Pasar4adae Mppsala 9oaf 4.thens.rt.rt.3. ?hahbaIi . see :uhrt The Anient #ear East c$%&&&'%%& C &ondon )**/ (at the beginning of both volumes. '. ): 33$ 33B )**3 H&ifting the veil: artistic transmission beyond the boundaries of historical periodisationH AchHist DIII: * 6B )**+ HThe !ersepolis Fortification Tablets: archival issues and the problem of stamps versus cylinder seals. %ieseh2fer )**+ Das 2eich der Ach-meniden: eine i!lio4raphie "erlin **** For standard abbreviations. G. H.. *******%-"?IT-: achemenet.Galton =. F. )*B* The 3in4 and 3in4ship in Achaemenid Art: essays on the creation of an icono4raphy &eiden (. #$$6. Persepolis *eal *tudies (.. =xford "alcer 1. &eiden #$$#. )*.7 .@. and the (nteracti0e :irtual 7useum of Achaemenid (ma4es$ (.chAist FII>) #. Freedman.: #33 #/).H in The Anchor i!le Dictionary (ed..4.@..anthos and its re4ion as e0idence for (ranian aspects of Achaemenid 6ycia Teheran For reference see: Encyclopedia (ranica )*.&?= FI'G IT M?-FM& T= @='?M&T: M.chaemenid concept of kingshipH (ran ## ()*. *eals on the Persepolis Fortification Ta!lets" 0ol$ (: (ma4es of Heroic Encounter" @hicago 8unter . InverniIIi.ccess < registration free.H in Archi0es et *ceaux du 7onde (in French < -nglish. #*. ?chmandt "esserat. **accessible on the net** Anchor i!le Dictionary )**# (+ vols.. 'ew 7ork The ... %eber < 1. Ancient Persia: the art of an empire" 4alibu.: # 6.: )$/ ))3 9oot 4. (ed. 9oot 4.xus &ondon Farkas . G.nistiFue" edited by 4. &eiden 'ylander @.. The Daskyleion ullae: seal ima4es from the 9estern Achaemenid empire (. )**. :aptan.4.chAist *.rt and . recent articles. review in i.6 *culpture and sculptors at Persepolis CQ (ran #).rchitecture: !ersian . (ed.$. links to other relevant sites.: ))/ )6* )**#.rientalis #../ &ondon. (cf. ("ulletin de @orresponance AellJniNue ?uppl. review article: HThe . )**+>)**. H9eplicating. )*. "oussac and . )*B/ (rano'6ycian 7onuments: the principal antiFuities of . )/+ )+$. )*+3 The Treasure of the .. inscribing.. . A Prosopo4raphical *tudy of the ancient Persians royal and no!le c$==&'>=& C &ewiston )**6 7=M 4. (n0esti4atin4 Artistic En0ironments in the Ancient #ear East %ashington G.. 6 #B.rtaxerxesH silver phiale in the Freer 8allery of . )**$ H@ircles of artistic programming: strategies for studying creative process at !ersepolisH in 8unter (cf.

. 66./*$ //* //* /6$ /6$ /## /## /## 3. @yrus II the 8reat (son. Garius I (son of Aystaspes.lexander of 4acedon 66$ 6#6 .+ 3+/ 3+/ 3#3>6 3#3>6 3#6 3$/ 3$/ 6/* 6/* 66.rses.+ 3.+/$ +#$ c.+#$ /*$ c.nshan. @ambyses I (son. son. . descendant of . "ardiya (?merdis. 66+ 66+ 66$ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \ . Ferxes II < ?ogdianus (sons.Ta<le 1% 9in*s o Persia Teispes (of . .rsames.rtaxerxes ID (. Garius II (. @ambyses II (son. (brother. @yrus I (son.rtaxerxes II (son.chaemenes. . c. Ferxes (son. Garius III (second cousin.rtaxerxes III (son. grandson of .rtaxerxes IHs son.rtaxerxes I (son.

@ambysesH younger brother: assassinated by Garius and six !ersian noblesC Garius seiIes throneC maEor series of revolts through large part of empire.+: -gypt revoltsC death of Garius I: succeeded by his son. by his son.$>B*: !ersian invasion of 8reece 3+/: Ferxes assassinatedC followed.Ta<le 2% 'hronolo*( o main political events //$: @yrus II defeats the 4edes /3$s: @yrusH conNuest of &ydia /6*: @yrus conNuers "abylonia /6$: Geath of @yrus: accession of his son. accedes to throne 3$): . @ambyses /#+>/: @ambyses conNuers -gypt /##>): .rtaxerxes II (his son. to topple himC @yrus the 7ounger killed in "attle of @unaxa 3$)>$: -gypt secedes . who claims throne 3#6: ?ogdianus murdered by his half brother Garius II. . Ferxes IIC Ferxes assassinated by his half brother ?ogdianus.rtaxerxes I 3#3: death of .3: 9evolts in "abylonia 3.ttempt by the kingHs younger brother (@yrus. northern India and Thrace added to empire 3** 3*6: Ionian revolt 3*$: "attle of 4arathon 3.ccession of "ardiya. who accedes to throne 3$/: Garius II diesC . Ferxes 3. .rtaxerxes IC succeeded by his only legitimate son. after short period of confusion.t some point after this.

6/.rtaxerxes III diesC his son.lexander rounds off his conNuest of the !ersian empire by capturing the former .rtaxerxes II diesC succeeded by his son.C .rses (K .lexander conNuers the main royal !ersian centres 66$: Garius III murdered by two !ersian nobles.lexander of 4acedon and Garius III: !ersians defeated 66): "attle of 8augamela ends in 4acedonian victory: .rtaxerxes DH.rses murderedC Garius III (not a direct descendant. one of whom proclaims himself king of !ersia in eastern Iran and "actria (K H. .lexander arranges for Garius IIIHs burial and proclaims vengeance on GariusH assassins 66$ 6#B: hard fighting in eastern Iran and @entral . . accedes 666: "attle of Issus between .chaemenid regions of India 6#3 6#6: .lexander returns from India through !ersia to "abyloniaC dies in "abylon .: .: . accedes to throne 66+: .sia by .lexander 6#B 6#/: .rtaxerxes III 636>#: -gypt reconNuered 66.rtaxerxes ID.