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The Open Group Architecture Framework & Architecture Development p Methods

Jason Uppal, P.Eng. Chief Architect Director: Integrated Enterprise Architecture Program research, education, training and consulting Anshu Kak Executive IT Architect IBM
信息 #1:使用TOGAF开发企业架构的结构化方法,以及如何使实施TOGAF化.

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Problem Statement: CEO’s expectations of IT Organization • Operational Excellence: help optimize the cost of doing business • Align Investment in IT with Business Needs and Deliver Pragmatic and Cost Effective Solutions • Exploit Current Technology Assets Capabilities Results: Standish Group CHAOS Survey 2002: 1/3 IT Project are delivered on time and on budget with debateable quality Major Cause:

IT Project “Wicked Wicked Problem Problem”
Social Complexity

Technology Complexity

Wicked Problem IT项目展示“麻烦问题”的特性, 并非是一个简单的技术实现.

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A Agenda: d • Enterprise Architecture – Business Motivation • Methods M th d to t Develop D l Enterprise E t i Architecture: A hit t TOGAF • TOGAF Implementation Approach

讲座内容: • 企业架构 – 领导角色 • 开发企业架构的方法: TOGAF • TOGAF 实现途径

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What is Enterprise p Architecture ? Organization Strategic Intent and Business Strategy Business Outcome Organization Assets • Business Architecture • Data Architecture • Application Architecture • Infrastructure Architecture • People • Process • Technology Environment for Desired Outcome • effective and efficient business process • stakeholders understand the rationale for change and process of change • stakeholders are educated and trained with appropriate tools and resources • learning environment Recognize that: • Enterprise Architecture is a process that requires engagement of the entire organization • Enterprise Architect is a trained professional who accepts the RESPONSIBILITY for “Environment for Desired Outcome” Enterprise Architecture Value: • Direct Value of the Investment, i.e. did the investment achieve desired business outcome? • Organization Learning, i.e. did we learn anything and what is the value of the learning? • Framework for Asset Exploitation

企业架构是 – 重新部署单位的资产 (人力, 过程和技术)

ca Scope of Architecture Work Enterprise Architecture • Inter Organization • Organization • Division • Process Business Data Application Infrastructure Business Outcome/ Business Strategy Enterprise Wide Architecture • Business Architecture • Data Architecture • Application Architecture • Infrastructure Architecture This approach promotes SOA from Business point of view Architecture p Reference Architecture Business Outcome/ / Business Strategy . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.Slide # 5 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.quickresponse.

1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse.Slide # 6 Copyright © QR Systems Quick Summary: • Enterprise Architecture • Enterprise Wide Architecture • Enterprise Architecture is a complete solution to the Business Problem Next Topic • TOGAF ADM (TOGAF 架构开发方法) .

QRS membership to The Open Group enables us to use and distribute the ADM as What is TOGAF ADM? • TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) enables you to design design.Slide # 7 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. TOGAF是一个由企业架构论坛开发的产品,它是一个开发企业架构的领先方法. evaluate and build the right architecture • Use it in conjunction with Zachman or any other framework • Focuses on four types of architectures: business.quickresponse. . application. data and technology • TOGAF Contains: C i • Architecture Development Methods (ADM) • Enterprise Continuum • TOGAF Foundation Architecture • Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model • TOGAF Resource Base • It is available free of charge at The Open Group’s public website or purchase as a 500 page p book with color pictures • As a training organization.

competence p and value. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. 变更是与单位的战略性意图相关联的. .Slide # 8 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. This is one place where architecture experience and/or help of senior architect comes into play Iterative Nature Implies: Contextual: Why Conceptual: What Logical: How Physical : with what? TOGAF生命周期起始于业务策略或被定义的变更要求.ca ADM Base Structure Need for Change (Business Strategy) Model is described in Phases and Steps The key point is that ADM is iterative both within the phases and steps The breadth and the depth at each phase and step will will depend on resources. .quickresponse.

Value.quickresponse. Risk • • • • TOGAF 架构开发方法(ADM)是一组最佳的实际做法,它注重的是业务价值. Useful U f lA Artifacts tif t : Architecture A hit t artifacts tif t and d related l t d processes must t be b governed d by b a managed environment and directly consumable by subsequent SDLC process Iterative Nature : enables Financial Risk Management Strategies Enables Trade off between : Cost. . for example – architecture vision supported by the business architecture may be required to gain active participation of stake holders and on the other hand – a broad inventory and baseline may be done first. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. Architecture Governance: an architecture board that ensures that all the methods are being applied consistently and correctly and right level of information is developed for the right purpose.Slide # 9 Copyright © QR Systems Considerations for ADM • Flexible: Adapt ADM to meet organization needs.

quickresponse. reuse. 它简述了被指定的架构师的技能. . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. • Integration of individuals architectures that fit overall Vision: Zachman Repository: The purpose is to make sure individual architectures fit into the overall. system development etc. horizontally and vertically integrated and full (required vs value add) population of Zachman framework 第一个最主要的活动是定义范围 – 跨单位. system engineering. . 业务部门或者甚至是过程级. Cont’d • Scoping the Architecture Activity • Enterprise Scope: Conventional – develop baseline. application pp and infrastructure • Vertical – how deep shall it be defined – demarcation between architecture and design. . Segment Approach – major business area – the issue is what scope is too wide and what is too narrow • Architecture Domains – business. .Slide # 10 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. . • Time Horizon – how many intermediate target architectures shall be defined and what are their time horizon. Key is how to define the scope of architecture effort – complete. Considerations for ADM . target and migration plans. focus on enterprise capabilities and model for maximum leverage. 单位.

application and infrastructure and how to bring them together. strategic business drivers etc. business goals.Architecture Principles Standards Principles. data. Could possibly restate business principles. Goals. • business principles – may include mission. Frameworks • Business Strategy. Standards. Review Board etc etc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. goals and drivers . Drivers etc. vision. • Architecture Governance . strategies t t i and d goals l Inputs: • ADM.Slide # 11 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. Outputs: • Framework Definition • Architecture Principles • Re-instatement of business principles. • IT This section focuses on how we do the architecture? • framework: in defining scope of federated architectures like business. or p framework to suite the enterprise p adapt • architecture principles – define policy on reuse. Project Work • Collect input artifacts and produce outputs • Motivation for the Architecture Work 主要阶段 – 收集业务动因的信息和实施原则,包括架构支配(Governance).quickresponse. • Other Frameworks.

Slide # 12 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. principles • Four components of a principle: Name. Could have enterprise. complete. IT or Architecture principles. consistent. that inform and support the way in which an organization sets about fulfilling its mission. Each principles must be considered while all other things being equal Example: Set of Architecture Principles • Primacy of Principles p • Maximize the benefit to the enterprise • Information management is everybody's business • Business continuity • Common use applications • Compliance C li with ith l law • IT Responsibility: TCO • Protection of IP • Data is an Asset • Data is shared • Data is accessible • Data Trustee • Common vocabulary and data definitions • Data security • Technology independence • Ease of use • Requirements based change • Responsive change • Control technical diversity • Interoperability . Statement. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. seldom amended.quickresponse. Implications • Principles must be understandable. A hit t Architecture Principles: P i i l • General rules or guidelines. Rationale. intended to be enduring. stable and while they may compete.

Slide # 13 Copyright © QR Systems Architecture Vision What problem do you want to solve. not what system do you want to build? If this problem is solved then what will it mean t the to th Organization? O i ti ? 为什么问题值得解决? 如何知道什么时候能解决? . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.

ca Motivation for Architecture Vision How does the proposed Concept for Improvement or an Idea link to The Enterprise p Goal? • Envision what will it take and what will have to be managed to make the vision real. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse. • Clear understanding of: if the vision is achieved what would it mean to the Enterprise? • remember: the enterprise includes all stakeholders Architect must get his head around the Opportunity? … before he is in position to advise the organization. 因为不这样的话,就没有成功或失败的litmus测试。 .Slide # 14 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 架构师作用于前瞻开发过程.

等等.quickresponse.Slide # 15 Copyright © QR Systems Enterprise Strategic Intent: describes the essence of winning It is not a strategy! Current Stage Future Stage Deliverables: Frame the Problem. . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. SMART Objectives. Statement of Architecture Work (how much work is to develop a Architecture Blue Print 前瞻清楚地表述 – 架构必须表达好的目标: 例如,优化供应链 – 在2008年三季度前将填充率从67%提高到87%.

1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.Slide # 16 Copyright © QR Systems Business Architecture • Improved Business Process • Consider People and Organization changes to realize the improved business process 为支持前瞻 – 哪些业务过程会改变?这些改变会如何影响单位的结构? (不要低估人的需求) .

information. 单位投入和实际的业务过程. . processes.quickresponse. i i l b business i goals l and d strategic t t i d drivers i 重视当前的过程. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.Slide # 17 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. functional. 优化过程. 对单位必须的改变.ca Focus of Business Architecture • Current Business Architecture • Target Business Architecture (consider all relevant enterprise environment parameters) • Analyze the Gaps between Current and Target • Select relevant Architectural Viewpoints that demonstrate how the enterprise stakeholder concerns are addresses • Architect and the Leadership environment parameters include – products/services strategy. organizational. geographic aspects as well ll as b business i principles.

HBR. The Apollo Program: landing man on the moon before the Soviets. 它们在细节的不同层次展示不同的问题.ca Elements of Business Architecture • Strategic Intent: Captures the essence of winning. Drivers and Metrics for Success etc. (stretch targets forces to compete in innovative ways. Komatsu vs Caterpillar etc. 1989 战略意图. they are not unfettered ambitions) Business Strategy typically defines: What to Achieve? Like Goals.Slide # 18 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. The High Performance Organizations. . Prahalad.e. 业务策略和业务架构是分层结构性的.quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. i.K. but not How to? Business Architecture: it confirms what and why of the Strategic Intent and the Business Strategy as well as describes How to achieve the predefined goals (stakeholder concerns) at necessary level of detail • • Reference: Hamel Gary and C.

1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS Information Systems Architecture • Data Architecture “what data is required to support the b i business process” ” Core Process Data? BI Question Data? Data Ownership and Data Quality Management • Application Architecture get the right data to the right user in “get right format when and where needed” 数据和应用程序架构是不同的过程.Slide # 19 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 外包等. 购买. 细节的层次取决于不同的解决方法 – 自行开发.quickresponse. .

then data and application 候选解决方法将引导细节的需要. data and application or vice versa. archive the data.quickresponse. it depends on your needs. There is no set sequence to complete this phase. second – process the data. . Example a sequential automation (3) Technology Driven : (after business architecture) first – design technology infrastructure (COTS).ca Information Architecture The purpose of this phase is to cover both the data and the application architecture. (1) Top Down Design and Bottom Up Implementation: Green Field Solution Design: • Business architecture – Define Business Services • Data architecture design and application architecture design • Technical architecture design Implementation: • Technical architecture implementation • Application architecture implementation and Data architecture implementation • Business architecture implementation (2) A Data Driven Sequence: (after business architecture ) first – design application system that creates the data. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. TCO is #1 driver.Slide # 20 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.

• Physical considerations may cause the physical data model to be quite different from the logical data model. No primary keys • At this thi level. Indexes 数据架构是一个很佳的执行审核的地方. . • Logical Data Model • Includes all entities and relationships among them. table Spaces.quickresponse. • Foreign keys are used to identify relationships between tables. l l the th data d t modeler d l attempts tt t to t identify id tif the th highest-level hi h t l l relationships l ti hi among the different entities. No attribute. • platform specific considerations (DBA Domain). • Normalization occurs at this level. 假如被实施的解决方法是客户所要求的,或其范围被改变了.ca Conceptual Data Model • describe important entities and their relationships. • The primary key for each entity specified.Slide # 21 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. • All attributes for each entity are specified. • Physical Data Model • Specification all tables and columns. • Denormalization may occur based on user requirements. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS Data Architecture: Some considerations www. • Foreign keys (keys identifying the relationship between different entities) are specified.

web. 客户. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. i. ebXML is xml based data interchange to support eBusiness O Open G Group’s ’ Reference f model d lf for Integrated d Information f i Infrastructure f Gap Analysis: what did we forget to include. industry verticals etc. For example: p Tele Management g forum has Telecommunications applications pp and OMG has healthcare.quickresponse. But decide what type of application (desktop. transportation etc.e. • Application functionalities (from business architecture) are logically grouped and are defined independent p of technology gy Approach Explore relevant application architecture sources. finance. MF) and how will the data be managed and interfaced with the human or computer actors for optimum efficiency. • The effort is not concerned with application design. did include? 应用程序架构是逻辑上的分组:业务过程. 供应商. deliberately excluded.Slide # 22 Copyright © QR Systems Application Architecture • The objective is to define major kinds of application systems necessary to process the data and support the business process. 共享的业务等 . 非功能性需要. existing applications. 界面.

ca III-RM High Level Reference Model The III-RM is a model of the major components categorized for Developing.Slide # 23 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. . Managing and Operating an Integrated Information Infrastructure Components of the HighLevel III-RM • • • • • Business Applications: Yellow Infrastructure Applications: Brown Application Platform Green Interfaces: Red Qualities: Brown III RM模型能将一个应用程序分解成可工程化的组件.

Tactical and Strategic – Balancing Act 选择所需体系结构实现数据和应用程序架构,而架构支持业务. Technology Architecture Available. . 体系结构主要受技术标准和方向影响.quickresponse.Slide # 24 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. Standards.

Right information at right place Data Architecture: Data elements.quickresponse.Slide # 25 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. . need and speed. space. . Access Control. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. Security. .ca Technology Architecture Considerations Architecture Consideration: Business Architecture : SLA. Privacy. Application Architecture: information in right format (language constraints) Enterprise Considerations • Technology Consolidation Strategy • Skills • Technology Direction TCO Considerations • Cost of getting in • Cost of getting out Life Expectancy • Life of Application • Life of Technology 体系结构是在很多相关者之间起到平衡作用. 关键的平衡因素是TCO和业务要求. DLCM . Opportunities and Solutions • • • Technically Feasible Options Business Needs d – tactical l and/strategic Sponsor and Architect has a shared vision not only on t h l technology migration/deployment i ti /d l t but enterprise risks of making change Ideal Set of Solutions versus Pragmatic Set of Solutions • 关键是认清机会,以及定义在技术上可行的解决方法,并且对这些解决方案在单位里有投入.Slide # 26 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. .

quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.Slide # 27 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. The task is either: • identify major work packages and projects and/or (value reasons) • considers enterprise proposed initiatives and maps them to technology/business reference architecture (help firm the business case) As Is : Architecture Domains • Business • Data • Application • Infrastructure • SWOTS Help identify initiatives that will meet immediate business needs and migrate technology towards To Be state Initiatives that will help migrate As Is to To Be To Be : Architecture Domains: • Business • Data • Application • Infrastructure • Realize Categorized Value: • Ops Excellence • Core Value • Strategic Intent 定义机会作为SWOT和间隙分析的结果,定义的解决方案是完好和实际的 – 这是你的工作.ca Objectives: This is the first phase that is directly concerned with implementation. .

minimum one candidate Option 其他解决方案的考虑 – 自行开发. 购买等, 是这一阶段的一部分.Slide # 28 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. Build. Re-use. Buy and Other Considerations Buy. . Outsource Solution. Outsource Business Process Evaluate only candidate options.quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.

a Concept is defined as a very high level motivation that would lead the Enterprise towards their Strategic Intent a Value Realization is defined as measurable progress towards the Enterprise’s Strategic Intent The Challenge Project Concept Black Box The Technology Challenges Value the Wickedness of the Challenge The Approach The Blue Print Architecture Blue Print shall handle all of these forces The e Audience ud e ce Solution Overview Sponsor PD CIO Chief Architect the Social Complexity Exec Summary Cluster Chiefs Enterprise E i S Strategy Management Office Solution Architecture Project Team 架构蓝图报告: 依照业务价值. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. 最重要的是你的领导能力, 对所有模型和架构工作的考虑. 成本. organization development etc.quickresponse. risks.Slide # 29 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. . Timely: the solutions can be implemented in timely fashion an Enterprise implies any collection of entities that share common set of goals. benefits. 风险(做或不做这个项目).ca Responsible (as per RACI model) Defines the Roadmap for the Enterprise from Concept to Value Realization Practical: can be actioned by the project team professionals. Pragmatic: balances the cost.

ca Phase F: Migration Planning Plan to make the TO BE Architecture a Reality! Objectives of this phase is to develop a list of projects and their order that will help the organization realize the To Be Stage.Slide # 30 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. . 动因作为平衡的公文被批准,架构师们定义依从关系,限制条件,现 金流等.quickresponse. 此阶段是企业公文(Portfolio)管理重要的一个方面. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.

select number of projects that will go forward in a given year Develop Transition Architecture AS IS Architecture @ t0 transition Architecture @ t1 transition Architecture @ t2 Final Architecture @ tf 定义架构在数年内的演变计划. . 此阶段是IT策略性更新过程的关键部分.Slide # 31to Define Enterprise Architecture Methods Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS Project Portfolio Management IT Portfolio Includes considerations for: Bottom Up (Projects submitted by lines of business) Top Down (Enterprise Architecture ) • Suite of Current Investments • Suite of New Initiatives • Externally Mandated Initiatives • Infrastructure Initiatives Through balanced portfolio management approach (?).

.ca Ph Phase G: G Implementation I l t ti Governance G Realization of TO BE Architecture through Change Initiatives 重点是定义架构合约,以保证定义了的架构被建立和维护.Slide # 32 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. 此阶段也定义了一个验证过程/合约.

ca Implementation Governance Our focus is on Implementation Governance. it ensures that business responsibilities associated with the architecture governance can be elucidated. The Governance is less about overt control and strict adherence to rules but more about guidance and effective as well as equitable usage of resources to ensure sustainability. Note: the Implementation p Governance is j just an aspect p of the Architecture Governance which deals with: management and control of all aspects of the development and evolution of EA as well as other architectures within the enterprise.Slide # 33 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse. communicated and managed effectively. This is the most important component of an architect’s job = C*Q Furthermore. which concerns itself with the realization of the TO BE Architecture through Change Projects. Governance in General In a typical large organization. . the hierarchy of governance structure may look like: • Corporate Governance • Technology Governance • Information Technology Governance • Architecture Governance • Implementation Governance • Architecture Contracts: 认识 – 实现上的支配(Governance)提供了指导和支持,它也是支配价值支配需要之间的一个平衡.

quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.Slide # 34 Copyright © QR Systems EA Governance Organization g Structure Context: right thing to do? Context: right way t do? to d ? Context: was it done right? g .

1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse.Slide # 35 Copyright © QR Systems Phase H: Architecture Change Management Establish an Architecture Change Management process for the new Enterprise Architecture .

1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. The motive is not to introduce “Creeping Elegance” but Business Value. . once established will determine circumstances under which : • • EA or parts of it will be permitted to change or a new EA development process will be initiated The change management is very closely related to the Governance and management of the architecture between the Architecture Function and Business Users of the Enterprise p (through ( g Architecture Contracts) The Key Driver: To establish transparent and business focused criteria (not power driven) by which Architecture will be allowed to change or start a new cycle cycle.Slide # 36 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.quickresponse. 架构变更为架构如何被允许改变以有效地满足新的业务需求提供了指导.ca Architecture Change Management The objectives of this phase is: • to establish a process by which TO BE Architecture (created as a result of plan implementation) will be allowed to Change. it must change rapidly with changes in Technology and/or Business Environment The Approach • The goal of this process is to ensure that changes to The Enterprise Architecture are managed in cohesive and architected way: The change management process. migration • Note: The TO BE architecture is Dynamic.

ca Requirements Management Notion of Requirements ? C Completeness l Status of Requirement Iterative Nature 需求 – 被谈得最多的话题! 谈不完! 在此部分我们只谈论那些显而易见的有关架构的需求.Slide # 37 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse. .

Exploitation Requirements: Value Realization and Value Governance 并非所有的需求是相同的 – 必须完成需求,并且有个过程来确保需求的完全性.quickresponse. Decommissioning. Archiving etc. .Slide # 38 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. TOGAF Process defines an explicit method to define Architecture Requirements. Remaining requirements Business Requirements: Improved Business Process System Requirements: Functional and Non Functional Organization Change Requirements: People side of changes to implement i improved db business i process Deployment Requirements: Change are deduced with each subsequent ADM Phase and validated against the Architecture Requirements Architecture Requirements: Stated Requirements. 准确性和一致性.

– 将牺牲多少义务价值. training staff development training. link to business value 并非所有架构需求都可被陈述. Developed and Deployed. i t that is done through the relevant phase of the ADM Specified and Engineered Waiting Room Architecture Requirements Requirements of a stakeholder • Executive: progress towards strategic intent • End user: use case • division: change management. 假如不能,这要依靠架构师概述对架构前瞻的影响. Engineered. .e.Slide # 39 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. SLA refine. Note N t : th the requirement i t management t process does d not t dispose.quickresponse. senior management’s inability to clearly articulate and support a consistent vision over a long period. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. legislation. The architecture often encounters drivers and constraints that are outside of the Architect’s influence – Requirement Management It is a process (not a static set) whereby requirements for Enterprise Architecture are: • Identified • Stored d • Fed into and out of relevant ADM phases The Challenge with Requirements Process: Architecture is an activity that by its very nature deals with uncertainty and change: It is grey area between Stakeholders Aspirations and what can be Specified. di address dd or prioritize i iti any requirement. prioritize. development. changing market.

Risks (Both) and Leadership • Contextual • Conceptual • Logical • Physical 架构前瞻和路图 – 至少架构师提交这二个文档,和为工作团队提供技能型领导. Develop Roadmap Iteratively in support of Gates Based Risk Managed Investment Plan . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.quickresponse. Quick Review: The Open Group Architecture Framework and Methods • Architecture Vision • Architecture Development • Architecture Transformation • Architecture Deployment • Value Realization Major Deliverables: • Architecture Vision and Statement of Architecture Work • Architecture Blue Print : Business Value.Slide # 40 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.

quickresponse. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. 有时它被用来为业务战略定义输入条件 . 定义整个IT的战略以符合业务及特殊项目的要求.Slide # 41 Copyright © QR Systems Approach to Implement TOGAF Conventional: Reference Architecture Segmented : Business Driven Technology Deployment TOGAF经常被用来实施企业架构.

standards.Centre of Excellence Segmented Approach: Specific Business Strategy 实际的方法意味着从上而下和从下而上. .Slide # 42 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. governance by which the segmented work is controlled to ensure the TO BE state is cohesive • Segmented: this architecture work is driven by specific business strategies and portfolio Enterprise p Architecture Service Model: Two Approaches pp • Conventional: consider the entire organization and develop a reference architecture that is supported by: Technology and Application reference models at detail and Data and Services Model to rather a higher level.Direct Value .Organization Learning . Conventional Approach: Scope Organization Wide Apply TOGAF Methods (Contextual Level) Changes in Industry Reference Architecture Technology Enabled Opportunities Technology and Application Data and Services (course) SWOT. This enables the organization to define architecture principles.Principles and Standards. G Governance Architecture Governance Portfolio Based Architecture Changes in Business Environment Business Defined Opportunities Apply TOGAF Methods (iteratively) Enterprise Value Blue Print Migration Plan Expertise Based Leadership . Collectively these approached ensure the architecture work is aligned to deliver on business needs and secondly acquired information technology assets will lead to an agreed TO BE stage. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. 它使IT满足重要的业务需要并以长远的方法实现.quickresponse.

Slide # 43 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www. Critical Decision Data Architecture: Application Architecture Infrastructure Architecture Opportunities and Solutions ue Print t Blue Migration Plan p Implementation Change Management Relevant Solutions System Changes l and d Manage Change h Implement 架构前瞻是一个架构师能够提供帮助的最重要的可交付工作,因为如果他不能,没有其他人能. increase inventory Example: Business Strategy: Improve Supply Chain ? Because the Wicked Nature of the Problem: the solution must balance – people’s commitment and quality of technical solution Architecture Vision: Options to improve supply chain – fill rate focus. just in time The Most d l delivery. Business Architecture: improved business process and potential changes to the organization will be different for each solution approach. .quickresponse.

TOGAF ITAC ITAC. AOGEA AOGEA. Professional P f i l Ethics Professionalization of Enterprise Architect • TOGAF and SOA: SOA is a pattern Questions: • Architecture Development Methods: TOGAF . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS Quick Review: • Enterprise Architecture is about – Business Value through the use of Information Technology • Th The Open O G Group .Slide # 44 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.quickresponse.TOGAF.

ca TOGAF and TeAMethod: High Level Component and Operational Model: Physical Architecture and Design Contextual RUP Based SDLC Conceptual Physical Logical Architecture Overview: Architecture Blue Print Report Design – High Level Design – Detail A.quickresponse.Slide # 45 Copyright © QR Systems Inc. it even can be situation updates to those to increase the capacity of IT shop E – Execute Phase F G and H – Implement Phase TeAMethod IBM Methodology . 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS www.D Plan phase out of which C and D are the details we go in TeAMethod.

Director: Integrated Enterprise Architecture education.Slide # 46 Copyright © QR Systems Inc.Eng. 1999 to 2007 Lean Enterprise Solutions On Demand QRS Thank You Prepared by: Jason Uppal. P. training and mentoring Tel: l 416 464 3329 or email l at l k .quickresponse.