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Internet Services

A computational web is integrated by a big branch of computational equipments interconnected by a communication device. The most popular pubic web is Internet; this public web provides users different types of services for example WWW (World Wide Web). We can describe them as a set of documents to which we have access using a navigator; there are link by a hypertext this is possible because of the existence of hyperlinks. !or us to be able to enter to a web page we use an address also called "#$. The mail or email account is another service of Internet; it is useful for the interchange of information between users that belong to the same web. To use this service you need to have an address; the email account address is divided in two parts the first part is sometimes the name of the user the name is followed by an arroba then the server%s name and at last the type of domain. &nline forums communicate big groups of people that are interested in the same sub'ect participants access to an address were they can upload files opinions and questions. (ou access to them directly from the web without using software. There are two types of forums public )everybody has access* and private )only members of the forum can access*. The weblogs or blogs also called binnacles are useful for adding text entrances in a chronological way; it gives you the possibility to register all kinds of information; they can be about personal speciali+ed or general sub'ects. The Chat is a service in which you need a registration to be able to use it; it enables you to establish written conversations in real time; but obviously you need authori+ation of the two users to establish communication. The Internet is also useful to make phone calls to people that live in different parts of the world and the best thing is that these phone calls are really cheap. The MUD are virtual worlds in three dimensions this worlds have rules and people use them to build relationships; the ,"- permit the users adopt different identities. The social networks have the capacities to build relationships among communities; you can contact people from all around the world that share your interests. A wiki is a document that is developed and created in a collaborative way; the document doesn%t have any kind of restrictions these means that it can be continued and completed.

2n 3. A podcast is a service in which a web service distributes a multimedia file. it allows the user to listen it in another type of medium not necessary using Internet.S ndication channels offer a selection of contents and actuali+ations of a web page.8/*. it allows us to be informed without using a navigator. 4ogue+ Informática tercera edición )p5gs. 1ervicios de Internet . .!. . !ibliograph " ).exico -.667. A space is a service that combines other services like the blog email chat and forum./0/*.9 1antillana . .