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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV MANUEL S.



School Head Position


PRISCO C. ANCHETA Vocational School Administrator I Objectives Activities Persons Involved Target Clientele Time Frame Expected Output/ Accomplishments

Program/ Project

A. Student Development Increase by 85% the academic performance of students by March 2008. 1. Intensification of instructional Intensify supervision of Sending teachers to Summer supervision. instruction in key subject Training and inset areas Monitoring and observation of classes in Science/ Math and English using different supervisory techniques. Implement redesigned TVE Monitoring and observation & STVEP Program of TVE classes Encourage students contribution to school paper Publication in school newsletter of best works in class compositions and poem writing in English and Filipino

School Adm. Teachers


Year Round Supervision of instructional in the key subject areas intensified Year Round Supervision of KEY Subject Areas

Dept. Heads VSA


Dept. Heads VSA VSA Teachers Sch.Paper Adviser


Year Round Supervision of TVE classes


Year Round Students journalists/ literary contriobution encouraged

Giving daily assignments/ research work to further develop students study habits Persons Involved Teachers Target Clientele Students Time Expected Output/ Frame Accomplishments Year Round More students investogatory research projects. Math organizing opportunity classes Close monitoring of opportunity classes in Science.. Opportunity class/ Instructional Development Provide opportunity/ classes/ instruction for students with difficulties in Reading and Math Remedial Teaching VSA Teachers Students Year Round Opportunity classes NR & Math surveyed Low Performer Students Year Round NRs and low performers in Math and Science minimized VSA Teachers/ Parents GOs NGOs VSA Teachers 3. magazines. computer. 2. Provision/ Upgrading Library Facilities Provide modern library facilities Students Year Round Library facilities provided/ modernized 4. Enhancement of academic contest/ Sports and Cultural Activities Expand opportunities for students involvement in academic Academic contest in classroom/ grade/ school and district level as culminating activity VSA Teachers Students Every Rating Students involved in Period academic contest. Conduct survey of students with difficulties in Reading. . English and Math Fund sourcing for the purchase of books. newspaper. etc. all subjects in the school library.Program/ Project Objectives Involved students in more investigative research projects Activities Exposing students to investigatory research projects individually or by group.

Assigning teachers/ students to specific areas of responsibility for maintenance and unkeep and beautification of school plant Close supervision of utility workers.Teacher partnership strengthened and revitalized. Heads Teachers Year Round School rooms and physical environment and climate improve Linkage with G os and NGOs and civic spirited citizens for funding. 6.Program/ Project Objectives Activities PE classes and Sports festival for the promotion of sports Regular programs featuring celebration of Filipino culture Persons Involved VSA Dept. Development of School Physical Environment and School Climate Improve school physical environment and school climate for better student achievement Frequent visits and inspection of classrooms and physical plant VSA Dept. . Heads Teachers Target Clientele Students Time Frame Expected Output/ Accomplishments More students participated in sports and cultural activities.teacher partnership in promoting student education and development Regular Homeroom PTA meeting to thresh out students problems Guidance Counselor VSA Teacher Students Year Round Parent. Revitalization of Parent Teacher Association Revitalize parent . 5.

Implementation of the Dropout Intervention Program Reduce cases of dropouts/ school leavers Counselling session for potential school leavers VSA Teachers Potential dropout school leavers Cases of dropouts reduced. Personnel Priority G. Counslor Advisers School Students Year Round Reduced prevalence/incidence Health in 1st Year of common ailments.Program/ Project 7. Project EASE 9. Promotion of Clubs/ Interest Groups Objectives Encourage organization of clubs Activities Organization of clubs to enhance students personality Persons Involved Division Supervisors VSA Target Clientele Students Time Expected Output/ Frame Accomplishments Year Round DAT results use as springboard for further improvement Interest Clubs organized to enhance students personality 8. Counselor Group . protect and maintain the health of the school population Physical examination/ assessment of school entrant Health Inspection of students VAD/IDA/IDD Detection Treatment/ Referral of cases VAD administration/ Deworming of school entrants G. School Health and Nutrition Program To promote. Conduct of Homeroom Guidance Alternative learning activities/ modes in Balik-Paaralan.

cases referrals Medical-Dental Team Visitation Assessment/ Physical Examination of students.Program/ Project Objectives Activities Screening of pupils for RF/RHD Referral of Cases TB Prevention and Control Physical Examination Yearly Chest X-ray of School Personnel Monitor/ follow up treatment of (+) cases Bantay Presyon Para sa Guro BP Taking Blood Cholesterol/ Fasting Blood Sugar Determination Free Clinic Organization of Little Doctors Little Nurse Club Training of Members on First Aid. teachers & dependents. detection of common ailments. Persons Involved School Health Personnel School Health Personnel Target Clientele Students Time Frame October Expected Output/ Accomplishments Students found (+) referred for treatment Students and Non Teaching Personnel Year Rond Health status of School Personnel monitored Positive Cases Treated School Students Health and Non Personnel Teaching Multinational Personnel Pharmaceutical School Health Personnel VSA Teachers and Students Year Round Hogh risk for cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Personnel Identified/ Treatment Instituted Year Round Club organized/ members trained School Health Personnel School Year Round Health services rendered Population Dependents .

1. Utility Worker Year Round Skills in office work and ethics of atleast 90% of the total non. fair and proper assessment of Review of proper procedure of rating performance Cluster by Subject areas Teacher & Students VSA School Personnel start and end of At least 90% of the shool personnel rated their perfor- .teaching improvement Teachers School Year At least 4 cluster metings held for each cluster with productive results. Staff Development At least 90% of the School Teaching and Non. Improvement of Performance Appraisal System Maintain an honest. Non .Teaching Personnel Improve skills in office Monthly skills development Teaching Enhancement Program work and ethics session on Staff of * Computer Literacy School * Office Procedure * Office Behavior 2. Collegial supervision with a particular subject during cluster meeting 3. Quality Cluster Collegial Monitoring Modernization of Management Practices Improve the quality of Teachers through clustering by subject area Regular cluster meetings Clerks.Program/ Project Objectives Activities VAC administration deforming Referral of cases Dental extraction Health Education Disseminate Health Information giving emphasis on the following aspects.Teaching Personnel given training for Staff Development. Persons Involved Target Clientele Time Frame Expected Output/ Accomplishments B.

Adm. values orientation session and review code of ethics. prayer meeting. Spiritual and Moral Values Orientation Objectives Provide opportunities for development spiritually and morally upright school administrators with desirable values orientation Activities Recollection/ Bible study/ Prayer meeting (Eumenical or within the respective religious group) Persons Involved VSA Target Clientele Sch. Values orientation session Review of code of ethics C. Heads Time Expected Output/ Frame Accomplishments 2002-2003 At least 80% of students During attended recollection. fair and proper manner. Sch. Curriculum and Instructional Development At least 70% of curriculum materials prepared and produced are utilized by 85% of the Teachers. . bible LAC session study. Program/ Project 4. 1.Implementation performance of school personnel Teachers school year mance in an honest. Research Assess curricular and Development of conceptual instructional needs in the framework and design for different subject area research particularly in Science and Mathematics Preparation of research instruments Student VSA Science and Math Teachers June to Aug. Curricular and instructional needs accurately assured Research Conceptual Framework and design formulated Research proposal identified for actual research Actual research conducted and results analyzed Actual research Analysis and interpretation of results.

D.workshops on Instructional leadership. Instructional materials prepared and produced by core of writers. Physical Facilities Development . Curricular and Materials Development Prepared instructional materials suited for the year level Planning and preparation for training workshop VSA Head Teacher Science and Math Teachers June to Nov.2. Instructional Development Upgrade teachers Monitoring and Evaluation instructional competencies in the different subject ares particularly in Science and Mathematics Demonstration Classes Enhance capabilities of school heads in instructional leadership Field supervision differentiated field supervisor clinical VSA Year Round Instructional competencies of teacher improved Head Teachers Conduct of Contests/Quizzes Conduct of fairs and exhibits Seminar . Program/ Project Objectives Activities Training workshop on materials development finalization of materials Training one utilization of materials Persons Involved Target Clientele Time Frame Expected Output/ Accomplishments 3.

cabinets from DECS or school board funds. School Building Program provide standard classrooms to pupils and students conducive to learning Preparation for school. chairs and chalkboard. teachers table and chairs. School Adm. Armchairs. . armchairs. chalkboard and cabinets. tables. playgrounds. 3. cabinets Construction/ repair playground Sports Apparatus and grandstand Purchased/ receipts of desks/ armchairs. repair and maintenance of playgrounds sports equipment and grandstands. chalkboards and cabinets. 2 years Constructed Multi-Purpose building and gymnasium. chalkboard. 4. Teachers chairs. chairs. teachers table. Provision of Desks. Upgrading of Multi-Purpose School buildings and Gymnasiums. Construction. Inventory of school equipment VSA & officials Prov'l Gov't officials VSA & officials Prov'l Gov't officials and selected officials Acquired desks. Provide standard size desk armchairs. sports equipment and grandstand. building and construction/repair of school building from DepEd and school board funds. Construction/ repair of playground and Sports equipment grandstands. Construction and multipurpose bulidings and gymnasium Construction of Multi-Purpose building and gymnasium. DPWH/PEO Students Teachers 2002 -2003 School buildings conducive to learning constructed Program/ Project Objectives Activities Monitoring of constructin/ repair of school building Persons Involved Target Clientele Time Frame Expected Output/ Accomplishments 2. Constructed repaired and maintained. teachers tables.75% of the program project accomplished 1.

ANCHETA Vocational School Administrator I .APPROVED: PREPARED BY: GLORIA P. POTES Assitant School Division Superintendent Officer-In-Charge PRISCO C.