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The Present World Socio-economic System Is Deteriorating A better organization of society with a sustainable socio-economic system, where human

virtues are maximized and where the negative actions are minimized, seems an unattainable, as religious targets by its two thousand years of preaching, catechism, without noticeably a significant change. Those who possess the impossible to wrest: economic, military and political power in the world, those who remain behind the Governments and States, are not interested in getting a better world for themselves neither for others. Their selfishness is so much that they induce the enactment of laws that allow them to evade taxes, obtain subventions or favor themselves with juicy bankruptcy. For better organization, those powerful-men might properly use the scientific knowledge acquired by mankind to achieve the best management, that the planet has ever reached, WITHOUT LOSING THEIR privileges. Socio-economic system in the world today is impaired and it is not known what will be our future: controllable bloody rebellions or the fundamentalists go so far as to take the power. The History has demonstrated that when the tyrants substitute the powerful-men and the State takes up also the economic power the development stops, recedes the improving of the production and the services, the labor productivity decreases, they exhaust the subsoil, destroy terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. The managers of the Government, State and of all levels transform themselves from brothers to dictators and finally in tyrants; up to the waiter of a pizzeria, he/she turns into tyrant towards his/her customer. The citizen, born there, with all its rights, loses them and citizen becomes of second or third class, up to the point of which, a request for a birth inscription, paid in cash, it is necessary to ask for it as favor. And the worst thing, in a pair of generations, people gets lost up to the imperfect morality that was had. The tyrannies violate the natural laws, which are independent from of human will: the economic, social and up to biological laws. Alternative against those tyrannies: elimination of interference of the State in the economy, the privatization up to the duties of the State, so little are giving results, because the owner of the entity has more power in his favor on the Governments that workers by their votes. In this way occurs an overexploitation of consumers and workers, which is reflected as a decrease in consumption affecting other companies and to the State budget. Examples of this are the privatization of road administrations, prisons, and cleaning services to State and private buildings. The powerful-men might improve the system using the same mechanism that has been using to fill their coffers. For example, they might create and delete laws to: Make federal nation police to prevent municipal, State, police corruption and the force excesses against the population. To create the fifth power, Scientific one, that would be responsible among many other things, to nullify laws that are contrary to the interests of the system and of the nation; the creation of a unique tax on net annual income for all people and entities and a unique tax for the housing based only in its value; to eliminate the buying and selling taxes, State, municipal and road tall; to propose an electoral system that turns the political career into service vocation and not into lucrative one; to invalidate the political demagogues; the ecological conservation; comparability of wages between different professions so as not to increase the cost workforce unnecessarily; protection of the nation's budget by eliminating subsidies, the laws of bankrupt, limiting the aid to other countries, those just is for beneficing merchants; a unique system of retirement and benefits for all in the nation, based on the salaries and time of service; to punish any propaganda based on false offers and false attributes of their products; the private sector investments should be as before, the accumulation of reserves for new Investments and not giving them at the expense of the state budget or by the subsidies; to make truly effective national and transnational

antimonopoly laws. Finally, the powerful-men might destroy at least one of their mechanisms of guidelines on the State and the Government outlawing and punishing lobbying. Politicians of vocation will be sensitive enough to recognize the needs of the system and the nation.