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WesL London College of 8uslness & ManagemenL Sclences

College lnLroducuon
SLarLed ln 2008, Lhe WesL London College of 8uslness and ManagemenL Sclences -
ManchesLer Campus ls a prlvaLely owned college of furLher and hlgher educauon.
LocaLed ln SouLh ManchesLer.

1he college alms Lo ralse Lhe asplrauons and poLenual of learners by promoung
lndlvldual excellence and achlevemenL Lo meeL Lhe needs of a dlversled global
socleLy. A range of courses ln buslness and managemenL, lnformauon Lechnology (l1),
hosplLallLy and healLhcare, from levels 4 Lo 7, are avallable. 1he ma[orlLy of sLudenLs
sLudy for a level 4 Plgher nauonal CerucaLe (PnC) ln buslness.

1here are over 130+ ln1L8nA1lCnAL and 400+ uk sLudenLs enrolled. 1he large
ma[orlLy are male, from Lhe lndlan subconunenL and speak Lngllsh as a second or
oLher language. A small mlnorlLy of sLudenLs are from norLh Afrlca and Lhe Mlddle
LasL. 1he average age of enrolled uk sLudenLs ls 34 years.

1he college enrolls sLudenLs aL Lhe sLarL of each semesLer, Lhree umes per academlc
year. SLudenLs are selecLed on successfully meeung Lhe specled admlsslons crlLerla
and compleuon of a Lelephone lnLervlew.
Characteristics of College
WLC8 Co||ege
Upgraded to 1|er 4 'A'
kated Sponsor
n|gh|y 1rusted
Sponsor status
WLC8 Manchester
Campus |naugurated
Started Issu|ng CAS
Under 1|er 4 Sponsor
W|th '8' kanng
ISI Inspecnon
Sep. 200S Ian. 2008 Cct. 2009 Nov. 2012 Aug. 2010 Sep. 2011
campus 2-4
Car||| Grove Last
To ensure the high standards and wide recognition we have taken the most recognised
awarding bodies like EDEXCEL, ABP, ATHE, OTHM EDI, and Trinity College, London on board
Iu|. 2012
!ourney So lar..
Ian 2013
8IS Approved
300 Uk students
HTS Status
renewed for 3 yrs
Sept 2013
Sept 2013
WesL London Campus
10 8oberL SLreeL
CheeLham Plll 8oad, ManchesLer

13 Classroom (Approx 30 sLudenLs)
Mulumedla Lab equlpped wlLh recordlng
sLudlo equlpmenL
Sound 8ecordlng room
l1 Lab wlLh 23 Cs
SLudenLs common area
Cmces x 3
8ecords room
Server room
73 M8 81 llbre
rayer room
SLudenL Welfare omce
SLa 1ralnlng rooms
Approx 12,300 sq feeL campus
2-4 Carlll Crove LasL
ManchesLer M19 381

3 Classroom (Approx 30 sLudenLs)
l1 Lab wlLh 23 Cs
SLudenLs common area
Cmces x 2
8ecords room
Server room
73 M8 81 llbre
rayer room
SLudenL Welfare omce
Approx 3,300 sq feeL campus
AdmlnlsLrauon and Cmce 8ulldlng
811 SLockporL 8oad
M19 38S
vLL Moodle LxLenslve lmplemenLauon across campus wlLh all Leachlng and learnlng resources
ua||ty Lducanon
Cur V|s|on
1o be a |ead|ng r|vate Lducanon rov|der
|n North West Lng|and

8est racnca| Lxper|ence

artnersh|ps w|th Industry |ead|ng bod|es
to prov|de the best pracnca| and sk|||s
deve|opment exper|ence to students
Cur M|ss|on
WLC8MS alms Lo ralse asplrauons and Lhe poLenual of our learners by promoung lndlvldual
excellence and achlevemenL Lo meeL Lhe needs of a dlversled global socleLy".
A|| courses fo||ow the re|evant Uk
author|nes requ|rement and have been
carefu||y se|ected for |ts re|evance to
commerce, |ndustry and |nternanona|
College vlslon & Mlsslon
Education Leadership
Building partnership and sharing best practices
! The Education industry and students face a series of challenges during these
tough times which have limited the progress of the industry
! Innovation Centre (Carrill Grove Campus) offers a unique blend of vocational
and blended learning for International students.
! Technology Centre (Robert Street Campus) which will offer the Interactive
Multimedia and Travel and Tourism Courses to the UK Students
WLCBMS provides unique environment to its
students for blended learning and prides itself on
high certification rates. Highly qualified staff and
stringent recruitment processes ensure brightest
students get entry to Higher Education.
College ManagemenL & SLa
Mr. Muhammad S l uar
A1PL Course Leader
ur. Llvls nuro Amoakwa
A1PL PealLh Care Course Leader
ur. neysha 8am[ohn
rogrammes Manager & lLLx Course Leader
Mr. ! Azhar
rlnclpal, ManchesLer Campus
Mr. 8aman[eeL Slngh
Ldexcel Course Leader
8uslness ManagemenL
* sLa who wlll be lnvolved ln dellvery of programmes
ur. M A nau
Advlsor & CuallLy Assurance
Mr. A. 8azzaq
Courses Offered
8uslness ManagemenL
lnLeracuve Medla
1ravel, 1ourlsm & PosplLallLy
Lngllsh & 1eachlng
PealLh & Soclal Care
lCunuA1lCn uLC8LLS
CS1 C8AuuA1L
" AccredlLauon from resuglous awardlng bodles
" uedlcaLed sLa per deparLmenL
" Plghly Cualled laculLy
" over 90 pass & cerucauon raLe
" 1wln Campuses - Lqulpped wlLh all faclllues for 1eachlng and Learnlng
" SLudenL recrulLmenL from 12 counLrles

Compllance wlLh uk8A
Web-based sysLem
Cnllne help and advlce
Less poLenual for errors
SLudenL ManagemenL SysLem
Lase of monlLorlng
Admission Process
Interview and assessment Skype)
College website
Online application system where all docs are collated
Issuance of CAS Letter
Student applies for VISA
Course Finder & Advice
Student fills online admission form
Arrival into UK and Induction at College
Quality, Processes and compliances
Successful start of Course @ WLCBMS
NARIC Accreditations for all qualifications
Mock Interview Preparation with students
Accreditation and Qualifications Offered


Level 4
# # # #
Level 5
# # # #
(level 6 & 7)
# # # # #
(In process) #
WLCBMS offers courses from Level 3 to Level 7 leading to Undergraduate
and Post Graduate qualifications with leading UK universities
Lducanona| 1echno|og|es
ueploylng 1echnology Lo make learnlng lun, lnLeracuve and easy.
L-learnlng SysLem - Moodle
L- Malllng SysLem for all SLudenLs
8lomeLrlc Auendance SysLem
Pl-Lech mulumedla compuLer lab wlLh over 100+ C
73 M8 dedlcaLed bre for Wl-ll access across all campuses
Modern luncuonal Llbrary
CafeLerla laclllues across all campuses
College Marketing
! The Marketing Department enables the students with the tools they need to understand
and respond to learning needs and courses
8rand and Commun|canon

Manage ne-ups, am||anons, a||
co||atera|s, on||ne markenng and
Student News|euers:

Lxpresses co||eges and students va|ues
and op|n|ons
Work |acements
Manage and Conduct Cpen Days,
support |n hnd|ng p|acements and [ob
Med|a and artnersh|ps

8u||ds w|n- w|n partnersh|ps w|th
compan|es |oca| and |nternanona|
1hank you.