Kurukulle & Fire Puja

A Liturgy to Kurukulle, ‘She, who is the cause of knowledge’ and brief explanation on Kurukulle Fire puja
The name Kurukulle or Rigjyedma (rig-byed-ma) in Tibetan means “She who is the cause of knowledge,” – the female Bodhisattva that awakens non-dual awareness holds sway the world on the tip of her arrow, bringing down even the most adamant and mightiest of men. So it was said in the scriptures, one of the three Indrabhutis (universal monarchs) was swooned by Her arresting power of Love & Compassion, the two quintessential qualities that Lord Sakyamuni advocates. Kurukulle appears to have become popular basically because of Her association with the function of subjugation; to bring under one’s control the forces or beings that hinder us from spiritual progress and like Tara who protects us from the eight fears; Kurukulle magnetises worldly as well as spiritual attainments. Similarly, Buddhists have also to deal with the practical circumstances of life and society; of monetary securities and physical well-being in pursuit of the ultimate goal of enlightenment. As practitioners, we propitiate Kurukulle to bestow blessings of mundane fulfillment in support of our ultimate goals for supreme enlightenment. In Tibet, Kurukulle was also propiated for the building of new monasteries, when undertaking a new business or enterprise or even when going to court in order to win a law case, and other similar activities, because She can subdue and subjugate demonic and human forces that stand in one’s way. She, together with Manjushri and Sarasvati, might even be called upon when a student faces a difficult examination in school.

In the Sakyapa Tradition, the practice of the Bodhisattva Kurukulle is found in a set of very
precious teachings called the Thirteen Golden Dharma (gser chos), peculiar only to the Sakyapa. In this teaching, the Bodhisattva Kurukulle is in a group with two other Bodhisattvas, called the ‘Three Red Ones’ (mar-po skor gsum). (Mar Por Kor Sum Ritual is regularly performed by our Centre’s Resident monks for our yearly Vesak Sponsors). This Bodhisattva’s practice is also found in the Shri Hevajra
Mahatantraraja, according to the tradition of Lalitavajra, from the Mahasiddha Virupa and the Tibetan translator Drogmi. The Thirteen Golden Dharma is sometimes given at our centre, Sakya Tenphel Ling.

Result and Effect of Kurukulle’s Fire Puja
There are many meditation practices as well as fire puja related to Kurukulle and by propitiating Kurukulle through fire pujas, one receives the blessings of long life, energy, auspiciousness & immense wealth. And by creating this store of merit, one will eventually win transcendental knowledge in this very life or subsequent lives.

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The Fire Puja of Kurukulle. semi-circle for Increasing. red-colour to Magnetise. wealth and bala (power) for participants. Also for each fire puja. yellow-colored substances for Increase. And thus. etc. feeding on the food of the faithful make their living by such base arts. Increase. Therefore this particular puja specially requires red-colored offering substances. Page 2 of 2 . medicinal roots. Substances for offering and related colours differ from one puja to another. Having also purified the ground. e. Magnetise and Pacify. Generally. In every fire puja ceremony. and black-colour for Pacification.g. and Purification and so forth as opposed to the practice of fire pujas during the time of the Lord Buddha Sakyamuni that was practiced by the Brahmins. The Brahmins exploited lay people by demanding ridiculous amount of monies or sometimes even wives and daughters as payment and justifications for the efficacy of the fire pujas. It constitutes a branch of the 7 branch practices. "Whereas some ascetics and Brahmins. the Large Section on Morality. circle for Peaceful. each fire puja has its own distinctive ingredients/substances used and corresponding colours. draws longevity. square for Magnetizing and triangle for Wrathful. which comes under the fire puja of Magnetising. followed by purification of all the objects of offerings such as food substances. fire-oblations…’ The pure tradition of fire puja nevertheless continued in the secret teachings and was practiced by Masters of the Dharma who possesses enlightened qualities through many generations. the Lord Sakyamuni forbade fire oblations as mentioned in the Brahmajala Sutta. For instance white-colored substances are used for Peace pujas. divining by signs… bodymarks. mouse-gnawing. out of compassion. the inherent nature of all phenomena. the lama will begin with the invocation of the wisdom deity (in this case Kurukulle) as the object of refuge and source for the accumulation of merits. Prostration. The first and last portion of food substances would be offered to Agni the God of Fire. such wrong means of livelihood as palmistry. a qualified lama who has received proper instructions will first begin with meditating upon Emptiness. a mandala plate for each activity is placed below the pyre. red flowers are also burnt as offerings.Kurukulle & Fire Puja Fire puja is a ritual where food. which also include Refuge Prayer. The main portion of offerings are made to Kurukulle and only for this puja. there are 4 types of fire puja in accordance with the four attainments: Peace. medicinal & other substances are offered to the deity on a ritual pyre.

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