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Camelot Haven Cattery 11401 N 45th Ave. Glendale AZ 85304 602-938-4318 camelotrags@gmail.

Kitten Sales Contract and Heath Guarantee
This sales agreement between Camelot Haven (to be referred to herein as the "Seller") and the purchaser (Name and Signature __________________________(to referred to herein as "Buyer") is to be referred to herein as "The Contract". The Agreement of sale is for ONE TICA Ragdoll Kitten (to be referred to herein as "The Kitten". All parties involve agree to the terms contained herein and agree to be bound by law for all damages, legal fees, and costs associated with the terms agreed to in the contract. Buyer agrees to guarantee Seller first right of refusal if Buyer decides to no longer retain possession of the kitten at any time in future. Animals replaced in new homes will be done so at Sellers discretion / pricing by market value minus costs. Seller warrants that the below described Ragdoll kitten is in good health and free from infections, parasites, fungus, worms, mites, and contagious disease including but not limited to Feline Leukemia, Auto Immune Disorder, or Infectious Peritonitis and Warrants the Kitten against upper respiratory infection for a period of 48 hours from acceptance of possession. Buyer agrees to take Kitten to a Licensed Veterinarian of Buyers choice within 48 hours (2 working days) for complete written health evaluation and promptly provide copy of to Seller to complete terms of health guarantee. If Buyer does not supply Seller with veterinarians health evaluation Seller is not further obligated to warrant against non-genetic conditions. Any treatment deemed necessary by Buyers veterinary will be treated by the Sellers veterinary, if Seller is to pay for it. Buyer agrees that the Kitten shall NEVER BE SUBJECTED TO DECLAWING else the contract shall be considered in breech. Buyer also agrees to the vaccination policy listed below. In the unlikely tragedy that a fatal genetic defect is found in the Kitten within 5 years of age, Seller Agrees to replacement of said Kitten with another Kitten of similar value of Sellers choice (Non show/ breeding quality kitten) providing that Breeder is still actively breeding, else Buyer agrees to wait for next litter available. Buyer agrees that no cash refund of purchase or medical costs is implied under any terms of warranty. Licensed veterinarians necropsy report, as well as all original paperwork and ALL medical records must accompany claims for Genetic issues. All parties agree that this contract will not and cannot be assigned/transferred to any third party. Buyer warrants that the Ragdoll Kitten is not being purchased on behalf of another party. Buyer agrees to NEVER Lease/Loan/Sell/Give Kitten to any pet shop animal shelter, research lab or other facility or similar organization. Buyer agrees to the terms that this kitten is bought as an INDOOR animal, not to be allowed outdoors unless leashed as Ragdolls have a very non-defensive nature. Buyer understands that many times Fur colors often darken and enhance as animals mature so a kittens light colors may or may not represent darkness of adult colors. IMMUNIZATIONS: Buyer agrees to follow immunization policy: Kitten shall never be given Modified Live vaccine. FeLV and FIP shall never be given, and combinations of vaccines within 24 hours of individual vaccinations. Rabies Vaccinations shall not be given prior to 6 months age or with ANY other vaccinations/surgical procedures. Recommended vaccinations are Eclipse 3 or Fort Dodge 3-1 (used to prevent Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus). Rabies vaccinations are not suggested since the kitten is indoors, likelihood of contracting this disease is minimized by exposure but if vaccination is given pay attention to side effect, and seek veterinarian assistance immediately if any symtoms follow a Rabies vaccination. FIP vaccinations are often believed to

predispose some animals to the disease. Feline Leukemia vaccine side effects such as death are often considered more dangerous than the disease. FEEDING/CARE: Kitten shall be given "high quality" foods, and that breeder highly recommends Eukanba Kitten, until one year of age. Buyer is required to purchase the NuVet Plus as a supplement to any foods served. Kittens have been nurtured on NuVet since the day of their concepition. Common sense feeding and care shall always apply. FOLLOWUP CONTACT WITH BREEDER: Buyer understands Seller desires to be sent photos occasionally in either hardcopy or electronic means, for her web site (permission will be sought for posting), her albums and other prospective Ragdoll owners to view. Please do not hesitate to call, for problems and questions. KITTEN DESCRIPTION: Date of Birth_________________ Gender______________ Color______________ Description_______________________ Name_________________ Sire_________________________________________________ Dam________________________________________________ All parties agree that the described Kitten is considered of pet quality and will be altered prior to sale. Sale of Kitten is not implied as being for a breedable animal. Deposits for animals are non refundable. Buyer Name__________________________________________ Buyer Address________________________________________ Buyer State/Zip_______________________________________ Buyer Phone__________________________________________ Buyer Email__________________________________________ All parties involved attest that all information in this contract is correct. Purchase Date_____________ Purchase Price_____________ Buyer Signature_______________________________________ Seller Signature_______________________________________