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Renaissance Period Research

1. What years are classed as the Renaissance period? The Renaissance era, went from 1400 to the early 1600s. 2. Which instrument have you been allocated? Bagpipe and Mute Cornett Use this link to answer questions 3 and 4: 3. Paste a picture of the instrument to this page. 4. Briefly describe how your instrument produces a sound and the sound produced. Bagpipe: The bag is blown full of air from the player's mouth through a blow-pipe. The pressure from the left arm on the bag sends and controls the flow of air to the melody chanter and three drones. The range of tones which can be produced from the eight small holes in the chanter is limited to only nine, spanning an octave and a tone or second. The sound is produced when the air is forced through a small double-sided. Mute Cornett: There is no current description of how the sound is produced out of a Mute Cornett. 5. Refer to the dance videos provided. What are three differences between the Branle Charlotte and the Basic Galliard? I. Branle Charloote has two people involved in the dance II. The Basic Galliard is faster in pace III. The Basic Galliard has branle has 4/4 6. How does the Branle double differ to the Branle single? The difference between the Branle Double and Single is that a Banle Single is two steps to the left one step to the right so you are slowly going in one direction. With the Branle Double you are taking two steps to the right and then another two steps to the left which means you are basically going two and fro. 7. Watch the Pavane video. At which celebration would we see a Pavane today?

8. Look at the information given on the following composers. With your allocated composer, rewrite the paragraph into easy to understand English. Be sure to help define the musical terms used. Thomas Tallis born in 1510 and died 1585 was an English composer. Tallis was a church

composer and is considered one of the best church early composers. He served under four English Monarchs and was treated very well, so well that Queen Elisabeth granted him and his pupil exclusive rights to use Englands printing press to print music. Tallis composed many styles of music but the majority of his music was for choir as Latin and English anthems. 9. Find a composition by your composer on Youtube and paste the URL to your report. Answer the following questions about the piece. a) What is the name of the piece? If Ye Love Me b) When was it composed? The date that it was composed is not known c) Identify the instruments being used. A Piano and Voice d) Describe the dynamics. The song has high and low dynamics, they all blend very well, its one big harmony. e) Is there a strong or indefinite beat? No, the song is soft and smooth, it flows very well.