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Plan of Action

(Items in bold indicate steps we have already taken) 1. Develop a clear and consistent set of repercussions for inappropriate behavior a. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: a.i. Non-consensual sexual contact a.ii. Excessive alcohol consumption that endangers others a.iii. Language including !o"es and #ironic$ comments% that is discriminator& against sex, gender identit&, sexual orientation, race, nationalit&, abilit&, religious affiliation or age a.iii.1. Especiall& #meta$ racism'bigotr& as per our discussion (ith )s. *ing a.iv. +reating an uncomfortable environment through a.iv.1. ,ublic consumption of offensive media outside of an academic setting a.iv.-. ,urposeful exclusion on the basis of an& of the above categories b. .his behavior is unacceptable regardless of the presence of a formal complaint and an& inappropriate behavior (ill have conse/uences c. After the events in August we drafted a new Team Guidelines and everyone signed them. d. 0ll behavior (ill be dealt (ith according to the +ollege 1rievance ,olic& in .eam 1uidelines e. 0ll behavior that has been reported as harassment (ill be for(arded to relevant college personnel. -. ,lace an anon&mous comment'complaint box on *evin2s door a. We have a safe space during all team meetings to have an open forum where anyone who wants to can come forward right now without fear of retaliation b. 3e (ill have a safe space (here *evin presents an& and all submitted complaints during the (ee"l& team meeting. c. 4e/uire all members of the team including coaches% to agree that an& form of retaliation (ill not be tolerated and (ill result in immediate conse/uences, including possibilit& of expulsion from the team 5. 6eadphones in the prep room. a. 0ll music pla&lists sans headphones must be cleared (ith all present parties. b. 3e (ill use headphones (hen listening to music that might be perceived as offensive c. 0ll team members (ill be sensitive to concerns about l&rics that reflect violence, sexism or racism 7. Institutionali8ed mentoring a. ounger students have indicated that they feel supported by the current team environment and we intend to continue positive support b. 3e (ill institute a mutual preference s&stem (here more and less experienced members of the team (ill be matched in a formal mentoring s&stem. 9. ,romotion of dr& social events. a. !oaches and students have begun game nights as a means to alter the predominant alcohol culture b. 3e (ill continue and publici8e these events to all team members as opportunities for safe communit& building c. :fficial and unofficial team events should be constructed to support responsible alcohol consumption c.i. .his means creating a culture (here choosing not to drin" is a supported choice and (here no one feels pressured to drin" at an& point b& an& team member c.ii. There is not" and will not be" any official team events during which any member of the team will be drinking ;. 0dvocate on issues of discrimination and harassment in debate a. # Team members have been nominated to take part in the $orthwest %ebate &thics and &'uity group. b. We will be giving a lecture on women in debate at the high school tournament

,articipation in tournaments provides an avenue for the 3hitman team to be a positive force (ithin the communit&, and is a mantle (e (ill ta"e up as soon as possible d. 3or"ing to advocate on these issues (ithin the 3hitman communit& e. 0s" <arbara )ax(ell to spea" to the team about safe learning environments and the 1reen Dot program f. 0s" =aundra to do a (or"shop on .itle I> concerns and inclusivit& ?. 4ecruit ne( team members, particularl& among under-represented groups. a. (ur first) and second)year classes include record rates of participation by women" and we hope to further encourage such participation via attending the Weber tournament" which was added to the schedule primarily for younger policy debaters. b. Amended the scholarship application to include a personal statement from each applicant about what a nurturing team environment means to and for them. @. Emphasi8e team guidelines for ne( recruits and future members of the team. a. Discuss team polic& (ith each incoming team member in an environment (here /uestions and concerns can be aired openl& A in con!unction (ith the mentoring program b. =et aside specific times in the Ball and =pring prep sessions to reflect and discuss team environment c. Do a regular anon&mous surve& of team culture and the coaches c.i. We*ve already done one installment of this survey c.ii. Discuss the results of this surve& and develop further policies to stop the harassment and prevent it from reoccurring


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