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33" #anuary 2$: Cora%on &Cory' Co(uan)*o Aquino is +orn in Tarla*" the si,th o- ei)ht *hildren o- #ose Co(uan)*o and Demetria .umulon) Co(uan)*o/ 1!01: Cory lea2es 3ith her -amily -or the nited .tates 3here she pursues her hi)h s*hool and *olle)e edu*ation/ .he studied earlier at .t/ .*holasti*a4s Colle)e and Assumption Con2ent in 5anila/ 1!$3: .he -inishes her 6a*helor o- Arts de)ree" ma(or in Fren*h and minor in 5athemati*s" at 5t/ .aint 7in*ent Colle)e in 8e3 9or:/ .he is a mem+er o- ;appa <amma Pi" the 8ational =onor .o*iety o- >omen in Ameri*an Catholi* Colle)es/ .he returns to 5anila to study la3/ 1!$0" ?*t/ 11: Cory marries 6eni)no &8inoy' Aquino" #r/ They ha2e -i2e *hildren: 5aria @lena" Aurora Cora%on" 6eni)no &8oynoy' III" 7i*toria @lisa and ;ristina 6ernadette/ 1!$$: 8inoy is ele*ted youn)est mayor o- his hometo3n in Con*ep*ion" Tarla*/ 1!13: 8inoy is ele*ted )o2ernor o- Tarla* pro2in*e and is du++ed the &>onder 6oy oPhilippine Politi*s/' 1!1A: 8inoy is ele*ted the youn)est senator o- the Philippines at 3$ years old/ As the lone opposition BCi+eral PartyD *andidate to sur2i2e the ele*tion s3eep +y then President Ferdinand 5ar*os4s 8ationalista Party" he +e)ins to +e seen as a &presidential tim+er/' 1!A1: 8inoy is 2oted 5an o- the 9ear +y the Philippine Free Press" 3ho *ited him -or the leadership he sho3ed 3hen his party4s leadership 3as +om+ed in Pla%a 5iranda/ =e leads his party4s *ampai)n &3ith *oura)e" 3ith distin*tion' despite threats to arrest him +y 5ar*os/ Quiet profile 8o2em+er: 8inoy leads the Ci+eral Party BCPD to a 1E2 2i*tory in the senatorial ele*tions/ =is -iery e,posFs at the .enate on the a+uses o- 5ar*os *atapult him to +e*ome the 8o/ 1 presidential *ontender in the 1!A3 ele*tions/ Cory *ontinues to :eep a quiet pro-ile" the supporti2e house3i-e 3ho pre-ers to stay in the +a*:)round" happily *ontent to ser2e *o--ee to the stream o- 2isitors in the Aquino home/ 1!A2" .ept/ 21: 5ar*os de*lares martial la3 and 8inoy is amon) the -irst to +e arrested/ =e is detained and imprisoned -or se2en years and se2en months" mostly in solitary *on-inement/

-raud" 2iolen*e and disen-ran*hisement o.2oters/ Fe+/ 11: Cory disputes the 6atasan) Pam+ansa4s pro*lamation o.tates and )o into e.nap ele*tions are held -or president and 2i*e president amid reports o.al2ador Caurel are o--i*ially pro*laimed opposition *andidates -or president and 2i*e president/ They 2o3 to end the 20EyearEold rule o.Cory and Caurel 3hen an estimated t3o million *heerin) and -la)E3a2in) supporters attend their *ulminatin) *ampai)n rally at Cuneta Par: in 5anila/ Fe+/ A: .5ar*os as 3inner and leads the Ta)umpay n) 6ayan BPeople4s 7i*toryD rally at Cuneta/ 6e-ore an estimated t3o million supporters" she 2o3s to lead a *i2il diso+edien*e *ampai)n and +oy*ott o.*ronyEo3ned *ompanies and produ*ts to -or*e 5ar*os do3n/ Edsa Revolution Fe+/ 2$: Cory is s3orn in as president durin) the histori* @dsa People Po3er Ie2olution" endin) the 5ar*os di*tatorship/ Fe+/ 28: Ful-illin) a *ampai)n promise" Cory announ*es the release o.5ar*os" 3ho is runnin) -or reele*tion/ Fe+/ 0: People po3er is demonstrated durin) the mitin) de a2an*e o.en/ .ile/ Cory and her *hildren (oin 8inoy in the nited .tates to en(oy 3hat then 12EyearEold .the antiE 5ar*os opposition/ Snap election 1!8$" 8o2em+er: 5ar*os *alls -or a snap ele*tion/ 8e3spaperman Chino Io*es leads hundreds o.2olunteers in a *ampai)n to )ather one million si)natures to persuade Cory to run a)ainst 5ar*os in the snap ele*tion/ De*/ 1$: Cory and -ormer .he also *reates the Presidential Commission on <ood <o2ernment" 3hi*h is tas:ed 3ith in2esti)atin) and re*o2erin) 5ar*os4s illE)otten 3ealth/ Ieports estimate 5ar*os4s &hidden 3ealth' at J10 +illion/ .to/ Domin)o Chur*h in Gue%on City to 5anila 5emorial Par: in ParaHaque City *o2ers 32 :ilometers in 11 hours the &lon)est -uneral mar*h in 3orld4s history' as around t3o million people (oin the -uneral/ A-ter 8inoy4s tra)i* death" Cory emer)es as her o3n person/ The shy 3ido3 &3earin) yello3 and -lashin) the Ca+an si)n' has +e*ome the uni-yin) sym+ol -or the di2erse -or*es o.*eption/' .politi*al detainees &3ithout e.1!80: 8inoy su--ers -rom heart atta*: in prison/ 5ar*os then allo3s him to under)o heart sur)ery in the nited .ris *alled as three &super happy years' as a -amily/ 1!83" Au)/ 21/ p/m/: 8inoy is assassinated at the 5anila International Airport se*onds a-ter disem+ar:in) -rom a China Airlines (et -rom Taipei/ Au)/ 31: 8inoy4s -uneral mar*h -rom .

all types oa)ri*ultural lands" in*ludin) =a*ienda Cuisita" to landless tenant -armers in a +old mo2e to 3ipe out rural po2erty and *ommunist insur)en*y/ In Pro*lamation 8o/ 131" she also ma:es the CAIP &a ma(or pro)ram o..her spee*h" she is )i2en a sustained and rousin) applause that some ha2e des*ri+ed as &the lon)est the .them soldiers" are :illed/ 5ore than a hundred others are in(ured" one o.ept/ 13: Cory si)ns Iepu+li* A*t 8o/ 11A$ or the <eneri*s A*t" 3hi*h pro2ides -or the use o)eneri* names in pres*ri+in) and produ*in) medi*ines to promote dru) sa-ety and ensure the adequate supply o.her residual po3ers under the Freedom Constitution B(ust days +e-ore the openin) o.dru)s at the lo3est possi+le *ost/ Bloodiest coup try .human ri)hts/ 5ar*h 2$: Cory pro*laims a pro2isional )o2ernment and promul)ates a &Freedom Constitution"' 3hi*h a+olishes the 6atasan) Pam+ansa" )rants le)islati2e po3ers to her until a-ter a ne3 *onstitution is dra-ted and pro2ides -or the -ormation o.une.them 8oynoy" the only son o.3it%erland" the -irst 3oman *hie.state to address the distin)uished *on-eren*e/ . Con)ress had )i2en to a -orei)n di)nitary/' 1!8A" #an/ $: Cory is on the *o2er o.plained disappearan*es" &sal2a)in)"' massa*res" tortures" hamlettin)" -ood +lo*:ades and other 2iolates o.the )o2ernment' 3ith P$0 +illion set -or the -irst -i2e years o.the 9ear 1!81/ BA+out 20 years later" Time also *ited Cory as one o.a $0Emem+er *ommission to dra-t a ne3 Charter 3ithin 10 days/ . Con)ress" 3hose mem+ers in a sho3 o.CAIP" plus another P2/A +illion -or -inan*in) support/ Au)/ 28: The most serious attempt yet to topple the 18EmonthEold Aquino administration led +y Ct/ Col/ <re)orio =onasan" a -ormer aide o.e*retary #uan Pon*e @nrile is *rushed some 20 hours a-ter it 3as laun*hed/ 5ore than $$ people" at least 00 o.Con)ress 3hen her la3ma:in) po3er 3ould endD" Cory si)ns la3 pro2idin) -or a *omprehensi2e a)rarian re-orm pro)ram BCAIPD" 3hi*h *alls -or the trans-er o.De-ense .support -or Cory" Filipinos 2ote an o2er3helmin) &yes' to the 1!81 *onstitution in a ple+is*ite mar:ed +y a hi)h 8$ per*ent turnout/ #uly 22: 6y 2irtue o.5ar*h 10: Cory is 8e3s3ee:4s >oman o.o.10 Asian =eroes in 2001D/ Yes to Constitution Fe+/ 2: In a *ru*ial sho3 o.Time 5a)a%ine and is hailed >oman o.the International Ca+or ?r)ani%ation in <ene2a" .support -or Cory 3ear yello3 ties and Cory dolls or yello3 roses on their lapels/ At the end o.the President/ 1!88" #une: Cory addresses the A$th Annual Con-eren*e o.ept/ 18: Cory addresses the (oint session o.the 9ear/ 5ar*h 1$: Cory *reates the Presidential Commission on =uman Ii)hts to in2esti)ate the *omplaints o.

ept/ 21: Pri2ate Citi%en Cory *ontinues to +e a moral and politi*al leader/ >ith Ar*h+ishop #aime Cardinal .the Philippines" aimed at the o2erthro3 o.a)ri*ultural lands in Central Cu%on/ Typhoon & rin)' in 8o2em+er 1!!1 *aused massi2e -loodin) in ?rmo* City" lea2in) around 8"000 dead in 3hat 3as the deadliest typhoon in Philippine history/ Ramos sworn in 1!!2" #une 30: Cory 3itnesses the s3earin) in o.national emer)en*y to )i2e the )o2ernment the po3er to ta:e o2er or dire*t operations o.the re+els 3ho hold 22 +uildin)s in 5a:ati/ From 1!81 to 1!8!" Cory sur2i2ed se2en *oup attempts mostly insti)ated +y the Ie-orm the Armed For*es 5o2ement" Armed For*es o.her su**essor Fidel Iamos at inau)ural rites held at Cuneta *ompletin) the tas: o.1!8!" De*/ 1: Ie+el -or*es +om+ 5ala*aHan)" startin) the +loodiest *oup attempt durin) Cory4s administration/ De*/ 1: Cory pla*es the entire *ountry under a state o.$A$ o--i*ers and 0"3A1 enlisted men" had +een *aptured or had surrendered +y the end o.the de2astatin) natural disasters -a*ed +y the Cory administration/ In 1!!1" the lon)Edormant 5ount Pinatu+o erupted" the se*ond lar)est 2ol*ani* eruption o.insurin) an ele*ted su**essor and the orderly trans-er opo3er a-ter 20 lon) years/ 1!!A" .more than 100"000 at Ii%al Par: a)ainst the proposed Charter *han)e/ Cory is also at the -ore-ront o.her term/ 1!!0" #uly 11: A :iller earthqua:e measurin) A/8 in the Ii*hter s*ale de2astates the *ities o6a)uio and Da)upan" and the rest o.the mo2ement to empo3er people +y promotin) +etterEmana)ed" +usinessE3ise *ooperati2es/ 1!!8" Au)ust: Cory 3ins the 1!!8 Iamon 5a)saysay A3ard -or international understandin) -or inspirin) stru))les a)ainst di*tatorships 3orld3ide/ 2001: Cory is amon) the -i)ures 3ho supported @dsa II" 3hi*h ousted President #oseph @strada -rom po3er/ 200$" #uly: Cory (oins *alls on President <loria 5a*apa)alEArroyo to step do3n a-ter the &=ello <ar*i' tape s*andal tri))ered alle)ations that 5s Arroyo *onspired 3ith @le*tion Commissioner 7ir)ilio <ar*illano to ri) the results o.in" she leads a rally o.the )o2ernment/ A+out $"000 military re+els" *onsistin) o.the 20th *entury" and :illed around 300 people and *aused 3idespread lon)Eterm de2astation o.the 2000 polls/ 200!" Au)/ 1: Cory dies a-ter a 11Emonth +attle 3ith *olon *an*er" unitin) the nation in mournin)/ Thousands line up to pay their respe*ts to her/ .northern Cu%on and lea2es around 1"100 dead/ The :iller qua:e 3as one o.pri2atelyEo3ned utilities or +usinesses to deal 3ith the *risis *aused +y the De*/ 1 puts*h/ De*/ A: The *oup ends 3ith the surrender o.

u*at" ParaHaque" a-ter a nineEhour -uneral pro*ession that dre3 thousands upon thousands o.Au)/ $: Cory is laid to rest +eside 8inoy at 5anila 5emorial Par: in .Filipinos" reminis*ent o8inoy4s mammoth -uneral/ Days a-ter the -uneral" *alls mount -or 8oynoy to run -or president/ Minerva Generalao and Kate Pedroso. Inquirer Research .

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