Saint Francis of Assisi College COLLEGE OF NURSING 045 Admiral Village Talon III, Las Pinas City BAG

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PROCEDURE Assessment 1) Assess the completeness, neatness, cleanliness & availability of the bag. 2) Determine the needs of the client on the basis of findings during the home visit. Planning 3) Prepare all the equipment needed. Implementation 4) Upon arriving at the client’s home, place bag on the table or any flat surface lined with paper lining clean side out (folded part touching the table). Put bag handles or straps beneath the bag. 5) Ask for a basin of water & a glass of water. If faucet is not available. Place these outside the work area. 6) Open the bag, take the liner/plastic lining & spread over work field area. The paper lining, clean side out (folded part out). 7) Take out hand towel, soap dish & apron. Place them on one corner of the work area (within the confines of the plastic lining). 8) Do hand washing. Wipe dry with towel. Leave the plastic wrappers of the towel in soap dish in the bag. 9) Put on apron right side out & wrong side touching the body, sliding the head into the neck strap. Neatly tie the strap at the back. 10) Put out things mostly needed for specific case (e.g., thermometer, kidney basin, cotton balls, waste paper bag) & place at one corner of the work area. 11) Place waste paper bag outside of work area. 12) Close the bag. 13) Proceed to the specific nursing care treatment. 14) After completing nursing care treatment, clean & sanitize the equipment used in the procedure. 15) Perform hand washing again. 16) Open the bag & put back all articles in their proper place. 17) Remove apron folding away from the body soiled side folded inward & the clean side outward. Place it in between the flap cover. 18) Fold the linen/plastic lining in between the flaps of the bag & close the bag. 19) Make past visit conference with mothers relevant to health acre, taking anecdotal notes for final reporting. 20) Make an appointment for the next visit either home or clinic) take note of the date, time & purpose. Evaluation 21) Reassess & evaluate the comfort of the client after the nursing care. 22) Look for other needs of client & family pertaining to their living conditions. Documentation 23) Record/document all the relevant findings in client & members of family & document all nursing care & treatment done. 24) Write an anecdotal report pertaining to the health status of other members of the family, if there is any. Comments:

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