Post-gender feminism? What kind of mixture is this... Would it be some ‘sociologism’? A euphemism? A syllogism? Don't come with no quiz! Girls hail in this world, And soon, we’re told, We'll stand in line to vote, Like so many women anteriorly! Taken for granted, we agree. Hadn't been for long, they'd note. No sooner do we come of age, Our mothers, what sages! Shove us outside, "Go get your license, You'll set out to drive!" It makes all sense, But it was not always, That we women could so thrive! Oh, this female body... Whole bunch of stereotypes! Neither hassle-hymen nor bitchy! Marriage, no kids? Terminate? Single mother? Our decision - finally! After university - a right! We track patent career. Which we totally can steer. What'd be the fright? My grand-mother, poor dear, Could never have tried! An ambition, esteemed to fulfill, Owned propriety, a home. A humble house up in the hill, Certainly to live by oneself! Thought not for "X" chromosome... In old days, we'd be deemed, To be firmly on the shelf! So much we'd been bestowed, By the belligerent women, That came luckily before. But here's not the end of the road, There's a lot yet in foreshore, Let it be an auspicious omen! Lisa Torcato November 2013
*Image – Ellen Gry – One Woman Rising

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