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KENYA: Thank You Obama For The Sh10 Million, Busia Youth Say LIBERIA: Liberia Gets U.S.$360 Million For Energy, Education NIGERIA: ITF Trains Youths In Vocational Skills SOUTH AFRICA: DA Will Strengthen Youth Wage Subsidy And Will Not Allow Cosatu To Block It TUNISIA: Tunisia School Dropout Rate Rises ZIMBABWE: Book Cafe Introduces New Youth Event CANADA: Governor General To Address Youth Forum In Penticton JAMAICA: Inner-City Youth Get Training In Animation PANAMA: Casco Viejo Program For Youth At Risk USA: Youth Policy Institute's 'Promise Neighborhoods' Aims To Break Cycle Of Poverty In San Fernando Valley VENEZUELA: Poverty Seen Behind Venezuela's Rising Youth Crime BAHRAIN: International Youth Conference Urges To Community To Create Young Leaders INDIA: 1st Indian Himalayan Youth Summit Begins INDONESIA: Bali 2013 Global Youth Conference MYANMAR: Chin Youth Wins Prestigious Leadership Award AZERBAIJAN: International Youth Project Wraps Up In Baku BELARUS: CIS Intellectuals Urged To Create Platform For Uniting Younger Generation BULGARIA: Bulgaria Reshuffles Funds To Make A Small Dent In Youth Unemployment FINLAND: YFCU Vice President Trevor CoLeads Rural Youth Project To Finland IRELAND: Limerick Youth Service Heads East For Major Event AUSTRALIA: Employment For Disadvantaged Youth On The Table FIJI: Youth Activity Plans GUAM: Strides For The Cure And Guam Cancer Care Team Up To Fight Cancer In October NEW ZEALAND: Annah Mac At Youth Forum SAMOA: Empowering Samoan Youth On Climate Change



MALAYSIA: Open Doors Wide To Skilled Youths, Countries Urged

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International Day of Non-Violence International Day for Disaster Reduction World Food Day International Day for the Eradication of Poverty United Nations Day Africa Youth Development Summit

KENYA: THANK YOU OBAMA FOR THE SH10 MILLION, BUSIA YOUTH SAY Busia, 20th September 2013 - YOUTH in Busia county benefitted from the Sh10 million Obama Fund in the financial year ended March 31, an official has said. Busia County Youth Network chairman David Emeje said US President Barack Obama channelled the funds through USAid to empower African youth. Speaking during a Yes Youth Can forum at Uplands Resort in Malaba, Emeje thanked Obama for helping young people become self reliant. Emeje said 10,000 youths have been trained to raise poultry and fish. "We have also embarked on funding village youth groups to improve their livelihoods," he said. improved service delivery at county level," said Rev Moses Idewa of the ACK Katakwa diocese.

Emeje said they have The forum urged the youth initiated peace campaigns. to shun corruption and tribalism. "Corruption needs [The Star] to be tackled from the grassroots to ensure

LIBERIA: LIBERIA GETS U.S.$360 MILLION FOR ENERGY, EDUCATION Monrovia, 19th September 2013 - LIBERIA will access about US$360 million from the European Union under the Cotonou Agreement to finance Education, energy and state-building projects, Finance Minister Amara Konneh revealed Tuesday when he address the a news conference on the state national economy. continue to register high growth and significant improvement in several sectors thus indicating a solid fundamental for the economic transformation of the country following years of stagnation, Finance Minister Amara Konnah has declared. jobs created as the expansion of the economy has been driven mainly by the so-called enclave sectors - the extractive sector. These are the same drivers before the civil war with very narrow spillovers over the rest of the economy. "Real economic growth remains on a solid footing. Our revised projections for 2013 imply a real GDP growth of 8.1 percent, compared to 7.5 percent in 2012. The higher-thananticipated growth at the time of the first review is associated mainly to stronger mining activity. At the same time, non-resource real GDP growth (construction in particular), has accelerated in the first half of the year reflecting the pick-up in public investment compared to 2012, as well as robust private investment". the legislation creating the MFDP and the LRA. The passage of these laws will go a long way to bringthe much needed collaborations to the operations of governmentby eliminating current duplications and gaps in the functions of both the Ministries of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, thereby resulting in better allocation of human and financial resources and better service delivery," he said lauding legislators for effecting the reform.

Speaking on the state of the domestic economy Tuesday He said under the energy in Monrovia, Minister segment of the program, the Konneh said the money will tentatively administration of President finance a reservoir for Mt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has Coffee, extending the instituted an expansionary period of peak energy fiscal policy to stipulate the production from 6 to 12 economy via massive months thus allowing capital investment in electricity production from infrastructure. The cheap hydropower to implementation of capital continue all year to the ben- investment projects will no efit of businesses and doubt lead to the creation of households. needed jobs to address the lingering issue of The education component, unemployment, he said. he explained will support technical and vocational Minister Konneh: "On the education, training, which economy as a whole, the will provide youths with fundamentals of the practical skills to get jobs or economy still remain solid. start their own businesses, We have grown at an annual while the State-building average of 7 percent since component will boost 2003 reflecting the peace capacity in the security dividends following the end sector as UNMIL draws of a protracted civil war. down. "This will help keep the country stable and "Despite the rapid growth, secure," he said noting that the Agenda for this investment was key for Transformation (AfT) economic growth. recognizes that the main drawback from this growth The Liberian economy is the limited number of

The Minister further Explained that the establishment of the new Ministry of Finance and Development Planning will streamline the national planning and finance functions and foster increased aid coordination within the government and between our development partners, as all of our aid The Minister also coordination functions will considered the merger of now be undertaken in a the Ministry of Planning centralized unit. Better aid and Economic Affairs and management will increase the Ministry of Finance donor confidence which coupled with the creation of should contribute to greater, the Liberia Revenue more sustainable support. Authority as a milestone for the public sector management that will enhance efficiency. "Another significant milestone is the passage of

Regarding the 2013/14 National Budget the Minister said "Obviously, the most important instrument passed by the National Legislature is The National Budget Law FY 2013/2014. The passage of the National Budget by the Senate on Thursday, September 12, following an extended period of stakeholder consultations, dialogue and debate demonstrates the progress we have made in the last few years in building our democratic institutions. We salute both houses of the Legislature for the quality of their engagement during these debates and the selflessness with which they drove the national agenda, making necessary concessions and compromises in the interest of our people." He said the approximately US$582 million details the policy priorities and direction of the Government investing in key infrastructure and social programs intended to expand the economy for growth, development and job creation. "Given the size of our budget and the fiscal space with which we must navigate our development agenda, the passage comes at a very critical point in our drive to stimulate growth through increased consumer spending and execution of Public Investment Projects,". He said [The Inquirer]

NIGERIA: ITF TRAINS YOUTHS IN VOCATIONAL SKILLS Lokoja, 20th September 2013 - THE Industrial Training Fund (ITF) has trained 999 youths in various vocational skills across Kogi State. uation of trainees of the second phase of the National Industrial Skill Development Programme (NISDP) of the ITF in Lokoja. Wapmuk, who was represented by the Head of Director General of ITF ITF, Lokoja Area Office, Prof. Longmas Sambo Ibrahim Umar, said the Wapmuk disclosed this youths drawn from the three Wednesday during the grad- senatorial districts of the state were trained in acquisition," he said. carpentry, furniture making as well as welding and fabrication. "If we must [Daily Trust] address some of the social economic vices plaguing the nation, the issue of wealth creation and poverty reduction must be properly addressed through technical and vocational skills

SOUTH AFRICA: DA WILL STRENGTHEN YOUTH WAGE SUBSIDY AND WILL NOT ALLOW COSATU TO BLOCK IT Cape Town, 22nd September 2013- THE DA welcomes National Treasury's tabling of a Employment Tax Incentive Bill to introduce a Youth Wage Subsidy. We will work in the Standing Committee on Finance in Parliament to make sure a real, strong Youth Wage Subsidy is introduced as soon as possible to help young unemployed people. It is not clear, however, that Cosatu will allow this bill to be passed given that Minister Patel's Youth Employment Accord requires that any incentive needs to be "approved by all (Nedlac) constituencies". Reports in today's papers quoting the Cosatu president and spokesperson do not bode well in this regard, especially considering that their organisation has successfully blocked the Youth Wage Subsidy for three and a half years. This cannot continue. Furthermore, we are disappointed that this new version waters down the benefits of the Youth Wage Subsidy proposed three years ago: It would exclude benefits for many young people hired in entry-level jobs in sectors without minimum wages. This would leave young people who most need the help without benefits; The subsidy for existing young workers has been removed; This version negatively affects smaller labour intensive businesses with fewer managers who will not be able to claim the full benefit; and There is confusion about whether the scheme will apply for 2 or 3 years, with Treasury talking about a new "sunset clause". There are also numerous mistakes in the explanatory memorandum and the presentation to Parliament that suggest the bill was released in haste, before a long weekend, to catch Cosatu off guard. These changes raise questions about whether the tabling of a watered down bill seven months before an election - with talk of a "sunset clause" - might be a cynical election ploy by the ANC to win votes, not create jobs. We will not allow this to happen and will work in Parliament to introduce a real, strong Youth Wage Subsidy.

[Democratic Alliance]

TUNISIA: TUNISIA SCHOOL DROPOUT RATE RISES Tunis, 19th September 2013 - THE new academic year kicked off Monday (September 16th) in Tunisia. Thousands of students watched this scene from afar, however, after dropping out prematurely from school. The head of the General Union of Secondary School Teachers, Lassaad Yacoubi, warned last month of a serious crisis about to hit the education sector. Yacoubi cited alarming figures published by the education ministry. About 100,000 pupils dropped out of school in 2012, a 30 per cent increase compared to the average of previous years. parallel trade, illegal immigration, or even engagement in extremist movements," Yacoubi said on August 26th. Such extremists are even able to connect with young people on their schools' campuses, he noted. Hadi al-Saidi, the government "is in the process of conducting studies to determine the primary causes of this phenomenon and to determine ways to eliminate it altogether". But for long-time teacher Monia Ferjani, the dropout spike was no surprise. "Personally, I expected it, as the two years after the revolution were difficult for the educational system as a whole," she told Magharebia. "Students naturally were the first affected, due to their young age and lack of experience in dealing with change," she said. "I now collect and sell plastic items," he said. "They provide me with a daily income. I am not interested anymore in studies. In addition, my father refuses the burden of school expenses." The cost of materials, even at state-run schools, is a persistent problem. Earlier this month, the General Union of Secondary School Teachers protested the government's method of determining prices for school supplies and textbooks. Tunisian families this year faced "a new price increase that even reached subsidised school supplies", the Union pointed out in its September 4th statement.

"There are activities and advocacy tents organised by associations belonging to religious militant movements in front of educational institutions. These activities took place the entire last school year right in front of everyone," Yacoubi said.
"Speeches calling for extremism and hatred sent tens of young people to jihad in Syria," he added. There were also "statements condemning mixing in the schools between boys and girls", the union chief said. The student attrition rate is getting attention from all parties. According to education ministry official

"We need to accelerate the reform of the educational system and supervise Tunisian youth, who because of deteriorating standards of living and lack of a horizon, drop out of school and engage in many unsafe experiments such as

"Young men no longer consider teachers as role models, but rather football players who are bought and sold for millions," he added. "We reject any act affecting the access of people to Sixteen-year-old Mourad science and knowledge," the Yahyaoui is among the teachers' union said. young people who decided to leave school. [Magharebia]

ZIMBABWE: BOOK CAFE INTRODUCES NEW YOUTH EVENT Harare, 20th September 2013 - THE Book Caf has introduced a new youth event "World Music Shortlisted" in its October World Music Festival. The event, which takes place from October 11 to 19, will witness an audition show for emerging artistes who have been shortlisted from many nominations and applications to perform in dedicated slots during the festival. The music fiesta will coincide with Mbira and Disabilities Discussion forum in the "September Mbira Month". Seven hot young groups will feature on the musical festival and will be judged by a panel from the festival's programming committee representing the Italian Embassy, Pamberi Trust, Culture Fund of Zimbabwe and several prominent artists. Leo Bescotti Trio and Were. the annual Special Schools Arts Festival, will also take Meanwhile, on the mbira part. side, the audition show is preceded by a free public The discussion will be discussion organised by chaired by Masimba mbira player and youth Kuchera, director of the project officer Hector Mu- Centre for Disability and gani of Pamberi Trust, and Development. The October the "Mbiravolution" artistes World Music Festival 2013 initiative. follows the success of the The selected artistes will be 2012 October Jazz and elevated to a new level in The panel includes Terence World Music Festival, in their careers - the festival Nazare a disabled student at partnership with the Italian stage. Pamberi Trust Danhiko who is advocating Embassy and other programme officer Penny for music to be included in stakeholders. Young said some of the their curriculum. Ticha Mugroups to audition on the zavazi, the young poet and day will include Gwenga, mbira player who works Jam Signal, Gary Tight, with disabled African Pride, Soul Bone, children and is involved in

It has been rebranded to capture a broader range of world music (including jazz) built on cutting-edge and innovative styles and the artistes who dare to break barriers and create fresh artistic products. The festival will comprise world-class concerts at Book Caf, the Italian Club and venues across Harare, as well a film screening, workshops and public discussions. "Audience support counts, and artists' friends, fans and families are invited to come out to support their favourites while entry is free," said Young. [The Herald]

CANADA: GOVERNOR GENERAL TO ADDRESS YOUTH FORUM IN PENTICTON Penticton, 26th September 2013 - PENTICTONITES will have a rare chance to interact with Canadas Governor General Monday, when he visits the city to support a new youth initiative. Gov. Gen. David Johnston is addressing a forum with the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan and the United Way, where they are presenting the results of a collaboration with youth in the community and a new program. Its absolutely amazing that the Right Honourable David Johnston will be joining us for this important community discussion, said Aaron McRann, executive director of the CFSO, adding that there are two reasons the Governor General has chosen to attend. One is that he really believes in collaboration between organizations that we are demonstrating, said McRann, adding that youth and families, and trying to find better ways to support them, is also one of the Governor Generals goals, one of the three pillars of Johnstons vision for a smart and caring nation. So the whole concept appealed to him very directly. He will be speaking, giving closing comments at the forum, said McRann. We are very excited to launch this unique youth program. Between discussions between ourselves and the executrix of the estate we decided to focus on defining first the needs of the youth in our community, recognizing that a lot of the services provided in our community events and The forum is a milestone on health services are a path that started about a focused on older year ago, when the United populations, said McRann. Way and the CFSO both received bequests from the The first step was to hire a estate of Rohan Crompton- researcher who spent time Bell. with youth in the community as well as Crompton-Bell wanted to service providers, trying to support youth, especially identify what the real needs regarding self-esteem are. issues, explained McRann. Since the two organizations That report has been already had ties, McRann completed and we will be said they decided to get presenting the findings of together and plan how to the report on Monday. maximize the gift. There is going to be more Our partnership between that needs to be done after the Community Foundation that, said McRann. Where and the United Way is a we go from there starts on wonderful example of how Monday at this public donors can make immediate forum. We will be engaging impact and leave a in a conversation with those sustainable legacy for at the forum about what Penticton, explained Marla comes next. OBrien, executive director of the United Way. We After the forum, according have consistently heard that to McRann, the first step is youth are an underserved to establish a community group in this region and we committee. look forward to addressing the issue with proceeds That committee will sink from the bequest. their teeth into what should happen first, he said. The research report clearly indicates what direction we need to go, with three specific goals for outcomes. But how we get there and which one comes first requires more discussion. [Penticton Western News]

JAMAICA: INNER-CITY YOUTH GET TRAINING IN ANIMATION Kingston, 27th September 2013 - THE gate has been opened for 15 inner-city youth to unleash their potential in the global animation industry, which is currently valued at more than US$200 billion. These youth are taking part in the Girls' Town Professional Development Institute Animation Programme, which was launched yesterday in Kingston. do something more, and animation was, basically, the next step. In terms of expanding my creative Reginald Henclewood, one skills and what I can do, I of the participants expressed have learned how to his gratitude for being given manipulate the software, the opportunity to take part create certain images, in the programme. implement pace, motion, and to do a complete "I do computer graphics as animation, so far," he told a profession. After creating The Gleaner. flyers and logos, I wanted to "After this course, I intend on pursuing a career in animation," Henclewood added.

The project involves the establishment of an animation studio with 15 computers, office furniture, and broadband Internet service. It is a partnership among the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), the Reel Rock GSW Animation Limited, and the Professional Development Training Institute. chance to improve their lives. JSIF is impressed with the fact that the training will equip these EXCITING AREA students with skills, in a "Animation is an innovative short time, that will make and exciting area for JSIF, them immediately but we support skill sets employable in the animation that are in demand and will industry," said Andrew give young persons a Neita, general manager of infrastructure/civil works at JSIF. The project is a six-month initiative, financed at a cost of approximately $9 million. [The Gleaner]


Panama City, 8th September 2013 - A PILOT program to help San Felipe youth at risk is off to a promising start and could become a model for other communities in Panama.

on the venture so having accurate profiles allows the team to create a personalized development plan for each participant, and have a power base from which to measure progress. Besides diagnosis, the Sixteen young people are group held workshops and the initial participants in the discussions to create the venture named Esperanza rules of the next 10 weeks San Felipe of the program.

It calls on the local community to provide A proposal to be encouragement to the implemented later is to form participants to continue in a community volunteer the program when they corps named COMPAHs seem them walking in the ( body management and streets. The opportunity to maintenance of heritage ) , be accepted socially is a big It began with a retreat at a Classes are initially which would allow them to motivator for them. hotel in the mountains of focusing on what is called act in the community and Penonom with the primary The Foundation , contribute to the solution of The report concludes with a purpose of a team of punctuality , personal everyday life issues that call for volunteers willing to psychologists the hygiene , interpersonal affect them and the houses give a helping hand. There opportunity to interact one relationships , group work , in which they live. The are actually a very small on one in a neutral self-discipline and report says: We think number of youth at risk environment where and communication. COMPAHs can become a even in San Felipe , and we develop a psychological force in the neighborhood may give most of them at profile. It also includes motivational because it would facilitate least a fair chance to make activities such as tours to the link between the something of their lives. hotels to begin to see career graduates of the program Participants vary widely in opportunities while and maintain active [Newsroom Panama] age, education, history and performing daily exercises participation in other factors, says a report and self-defense classes . In neighborhood activities. USA: YOUTH POLICY INSTITUTE'S 'PROMISE NEIGHBORHOODS' AIMS TO BREAK CYCLE OF POVERTY IN SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Los Angeles, 1st September 2013 - IN a gritty corner of the northeast San Fernando Valley, where poverty and violence have been a way of life for generations, tens of thousands of families are being offered the promise of a brighter future. Thanks to a $30 million federal grant that could be matched with private donations, the nonprofit Youth Policy Institute has launched an ambitious initiative to bring hope to the so-called Promise Neighborhoods. Over the next five years, the 30-yearThere are similar signs of old organization will invest hope in east Hollywood, in education, job training where high unemployment and technology programs in and dropout rates have an effort to break the cycle created desperate conditions of poverty in those for adults and children communities once and for alike. all. "This is not just a single program, and it's not just a specific department addressing the issue," said Iris Zuniga, YPI's chief operating officer. "This involves the whole system and all its institutions." As envisioned by YPI and coordinated by Zuniga, the city and county of Los Angeles will partner with Los Angeles Unified and philanthropic groups in creating a network of 65 programs to support youths and their families in Pacoima, San Fernando and the Little Armenia area of Hollywood. There will be health-care and preschool for the youngest kids, for instance, and tutoring and enrichment programs for their older brothers and sisters. High school students will have access to academic and college counselors, with a focus on keeping them in school and on track for college or the workforce.

the weeks following the program will revolve around values , tools for daily life and eventually vocational tools including finding work.

( You can imagine a cross between Guardian Angels and the local Rotary Club ).

Parents and families will be able to take English classes, earn their high-school diploma, get job training and help in managing household finances. "There is a sense of urgency in what we're doing," said Zuniga, an Arleta native. "These are families in crisis, I want to open up the policies that are in place and see where we can create And for everyone, there will change." be a focus on wellness -from vaccines to a healthy With the goal of helping diet and exercise. 18,000 kids a year, the programs will be offered at The wide-ranging programs 19 Los Angeles Unified and were developed charter schools, including strategically during an 18the San Fernando Institute month planning process that for Applied Media, a included a poll of 1,200 technology-focused pilot residents in the low-income school that YPI opened in communities. The 2010 on the grounds of San organization found that Fernando Middle School. more than half of the adults in Pacoima lack a "This will be a laboratory of high-school diploma, and education reform, with high two-thirds of K-12 students -quality options for all of perform below grade level. our families," said YPI Nearly everyone surveyed Executive Director Dixon in the Northeast Valley Slingerland. "We will serve community said public safe- or try to serve every youth ty and gang activity were who lives in the their top concerns. neighborhood." Pacoima and San Fernando for anyone who wants to use them. "Our kids too often face gaps in the support they need because of a lack of coordination among services," said Mayor Eric Garcetti, who worked on the Promise Neighborhood grant while representing Hollywood on the City Council. "The Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood is a holistic approach that provides a full range of services -from cradle to college and career -- to help our kids and make our city more economically competitive in the future." and a "baby university," where moms can bring their kids for playtime. Much of the renovation work is being done by residents of "The Gardens," giving the young men and women a glimpse of the possibilities awaiting them. For 19-year-old Juan Reyes, it was the chance to pursue his dream to of being a "positive muralist," with a colorful project he designed entitled "Believe Yourself." Putting the finishing touches on his mural, Reyes talked about his desire to get away from The Gardens, where he said that most of his friends are "either in jail or dead. "I love doing art, painting. I believe that with art, you can change people's perspective on what they look at, and that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to give back to my community." [Los Angeles Daily News]

The Valley programs will be administered out of an office building YPI is renovating on Van Nuys Boulevard in Pacoima, not far from San Fernando YPI found out in December Services will also be offered Gardens, a public housing that it had received the at city YouthSource and project for low-income grant, and the first $6 neighborhood centers and residents. The office will million installment became dozens of satellite facilities, also house classrooms, an available in July. like the storefront computer art studio, computer lab, labs YPI operates in college-counseling center

VENEZUELA: POVERTY SEEN BEHIND VENEZUELA'S RISING YOUTH CRIME Caracas, 19th September 2013 - VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro says imports of U.S. comics and television cartoons are to blame for a continuing upsurge in youth crime, but analysts say evidence suggests otherwise. millions of unemployed youth are drawn into anti-social and criminal The government's activities, official data revolutionary preoccupation analyzed by advocacy won't matter so much if at groups indicates. the same time oil-rich Venezuela's economy could be Maduro said imported popticking over. But that isn't ular culture from North happening. Venezuela is in America, in particular the Venezuelan youth grew up a third year of United States, created false on a diet of revolutionary recession that the flow of oil idols for youth. And he rhetoric under President earnings hasn't managed to singled out Spider-Man as a Hugo Chavez, who died of end. major culprit in the cancer in March. His handcorruption of the nation's picked successor Maduro is Shortages of consumer youth. under pressure from Chavist goods, power outages and power centers in the unemployment have Pursuit of imagined political establishment and combined with everyday superhero figures from the military to keep up the urban violence to create a television programs fostered populism of Chavez's potent mix in which violent tendencies among Bolivarian revolution, analysts said. youth who appear to have little problem obtaining firearms, Maduro aides say. The government has yet to announce a credible policy for controlling proliferation of weapons. Settling of minor scores routinely results in homicide. Police data indicate Venezuela's homicide rate of more than 71 per 100,000 is three times the rate in Mexico. At least 21,692 people died in murders last year, the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence advocacy group said.

Unlike Mexico, though, Venezuela doesn't have a serious drug war on, but grinding poverty among the vast majority of Venezuelans is seen behind the spiral of crime, U.N. data show. The Venezuelan Observatory on Violence cited figures that showed Venezuela trailed behind El Salvador and Honduras in violent crime, most of it resulting from youth discontent. Maduro told Bolivian newspaper La Opinion he saw a distinct correlation between youth violence and superhero idolization that negates cherished values. He arrived at the conclusion, he said, after watching "Spider-Man 3," a 2007 movie directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace and Thomas Haden Church. "From the beginning until the end there are more and more dead," Maduro said. "And that's one of the series small children love most ... because it's attractive, it's from comics that are attractive, the figure, the colors and movements ... so much so that we finished watching it at four in the morning." Criminal violence has come dramatically to the forefront in contemporary Latin America, to the extent it is widely considered the critical social concern of the present day, a 2009 study by Gareth Jones and Dennis Rodgers says. "Youth are among the principal victims but also the primary perpetrators of this new panorama of brutality," says the study. "At the same time, the youth violence phenomenon remains profoundly misunderstood, as sensationalist myths and stereotypes abound." Venezuelans have been voicing frequent protests, including street marches, over youth violence that exacerbates suffering under shortages of consumer goods. The government this week countered criticism over shortages, saying it was fighting an "economic war" being waged by the business community, El Universal reported. [United Press International]

BAHRAIN: INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE URGES TO COMMUNITY TO CREATE YOUNG LEADERS Manama, 25th September 2013 - PARTICIPANTS in the International Youth Conference urged the international community to create young leaders who are able to serve as peace ambassadors. This was one of several recommendations announced yesterday on the final day of the conference, which was hosted in Bahrain over the past four days. promote the concepts of peace among the youth, while stressing the importance of moving away from conflicts and disputes in order to bring development to where it should be. qualities of good sportsmanship in the youth. Hisham Mohammed Al Jowder honoured the media parties which have He focused on the youth of contributed in covering the peace and sportsmanship, conference, in addition to which represents a powerful the working committee in tool to strengthen ties and appreciation to their efforts promote the ideals of peace. in making this international gathering an all-round His speech was followed by success. a panel discussion, which included Orlando Predators More than 500 participants, Head Coach Doug Plank, coming from 36 nations Bahrain Marshals Club from all over the globe president Fayez Ramzy and attended the conference. Dubai Sports Council general secretary Dr Ahmed Delegations attending the Al Sharif. conference were from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Further discussions Emirates, Qatar , Kuwait, involved member of the Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Advisory Committee of the Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Ministry of Justice Shaikh Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Ali Mattar, Psychological Libya and Morocco. consultant to the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs Other participants and and Endowment Dr Abdulla speakers have come from Al Maqabi, Anglican India, Pakistan, Thailand, Church priest Hani Aziz, Bangladesh , the Shura Council Member Philippines , Malaysia , Nancy Khedouri and United China , Japan , Indonesia, Nations advisor Ibrahim Al Sri Lanka, Korea, the UK, Dabal. France, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the US. The conference concluded with the Goys president [Bahrain News Agency]

This first-of-its-kind event in Bahrain was organised by the General Organisation for Youth and Sports under the patronage of Supreme Council for Youth and Young participants from all Sports chairman and around the world also called Bahrain Olympic on to encourage small Committee president Shaikh businesses and support it in Nasser bin Hamad Al Khaorder to boost the nation lifa. economy.They also urged to educate youngsters on the High-ranking officials from principles of peace no Bahrain and abroad have matter how different their been involved in religions and cultures are, discussions about different for its great importance in issues related to peace and the continuity of the peace its role in the development process without having bad of nations. influence on this young generation in the future. The concluding day program started the final Other recommendations session of the conference, in were to adopt a positive which ICHPER-SD dialogues based on Honourary president Dr accepting all opinions, Dong Ja Yang stressed the convergence of views to importance of instilling the

INDIA: 1ST INDIAN HIMALAYAN YOUTH SUMMIT BEGINS Dimapur, 23rd September 2013 - TO address issues of environment and sustainable development of mountain States, youths from 11 Indian Himalayan States, including Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and West Bengals hill district Darjeeling, have gathered here for the 1st Indian Himalayan Youth Summit. The two-day Summit got underway at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama on Sunday. Nagaland Sports & Youth Resources Minister Merentoshi R Jamir, addressing the inaugural programme, termed the occasion as a path breaking event where the youth are given a platform to have a hand in the efforts of the elder generation towards building a sustainable development of the mountain region. exist. The Himalayas are the biggest source of fresh water as also the custodians of the biodiversity that we all need so much to survive, Jamir added. He said the Indian Mountain Initiatives (IMI) Sustainable Mountain Development Summits (SMDS) are the need of the hour not only for discussion and understanding of what the mountains are all about He said the great Himalayas but also to spread the contribute largely towards message of how to take care the cooling down of the of them and make them planet, creating a conducive sustainable for the benefit atmosphere for life forms to of all mankind. MLA and chairman, MARCOFED Nagaland, Mmhonlumo Kikon delivered the keynote address of the Summit based on striving towards one ecological citizenship. Climate disasters over the past few years in the mountain and hill States of India have only served to reinforce the notion that we share one ecological space and hence we must share the duties and responsibilities of one ecological citizenship, he said.

The Summit is being organised jointly by Sustainable Development Forum of Nagaland (SDFN), YouthNet, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Leadership for Environment And Development (LEAD) India. The event is a part of IMIs SMDS-III (Kohima Summit 2013). [The Assam Tribune]

INDONESIA: BALI 2013 GLOBAL YOUTH CONFERENCE Canggu, 9th September 2013 - WHILE APEC delegates from more than 20 countries arrive on the Island of Bali, school students from Bali and the region will be spending three days participating in motivational and educational experiences created to foster deeper understandings of community action on behalf of environmental and humanitarian concerns, The Bali 2013 Global Youth Conference (Global Initiatives Networking Conference) will be held October 5-6, 2013 at the Canggu Community School. Students from Bali and the region will meet with each other and Malacca, 15th September 2013 - ALL the government in the world must open their doors widely for highskilled youths to migrate into or out of a country in search of better living, said World Assembly of Youth (WAY) secretary-general Ediola Pashollari. international leaders to mutually inspire and motivate. Students will be given the chance to learn, create, and join together in group activities that seek to achieve shared understandings on the challenges faced in the modern world. In the end, they will acquire practical approaches to major challenges to be shared with their home communities. they have an interest where, through skill enhancement, they will discover ways to help others in their community. skateboarder Rob Dyer from Skate for Cancer (SC4). Scott Hammell a professional stunt man who shares the power of personal belief and conviction. Indonesia's Nila Tanzil who runs Taman Bacaan Pelangi - an Indonesia-wide literacy program. Martyn Denis a young intern working with the United Nations in East Timor. Robi Navicula an environmental activist and front man of the indie Balinese Rock Band Navicula. [Bali Discovery Tours]

Solutions explored might include creating a fundraising sports tournament or setting up a reading group with local school children using their love of ocean to raise environmental awareness.

The Bali 2013 Global Youth Conference seeks to Among the diverse motivate and educate, build activities planned during the networks and prepare the two days are skateboarding, coming generations for the surfing, farming, challenges ahead. environment studies, literacy, health and human Speaking the conference rights issues. Students sign will be: up for the groups in which Canadian champion

MALAYSIA: OPEN DOORS WIDE TO SKILLED YOUTHS, COUNTRIES URGED I truly appeal to all people of the world not to look at youth-migration as a negative thing. Please dont keep your youth in the country if you cant give them the opportunity to live better, she told Bernama on the sideline of the 13th Melaka International Youth Dialogue themed, Youth She said the migration will Migration: A Step From benefit both the government Heaven. and the youths by providing highly-skilled workers for The three-day dialogue, the country and better which ended yesterday, was standard of living for the organised by WAY and youths. attended by about 100 participants from 10 The government must countries including South make it easier for highAfrica, the United States, skilled youths to migrate by Singapore, and Brunei. implementing simple but efficient immigration When asked about the procedure and removing the countrys loss if highinternational discrimination skilled youths were to barriers such as skin colour. migrate elsewhere, Pashollari said the country must give better opportunities and better standard of living if they wanted to retain their highskilled youths in the country. She also reminded the youths to migrate legally and choose the migration opportunity wisely so that they would not become victims of crime such as human trafficking.

Malaysia is a very good role model where the government had given a lot of opportunities to its high skilled youths to grow and develop a better living for themselves. From what we see, more and more youths choose to stay in the county because of this.
I also praise Malaysias effort to lure back its high skilled youths. So, people of the world must see how Malaysia do this and not keep their high-skilled youths in the country by force, she said.

It looks easier to migrate illegally then to go through the time-consuming migration procedures. But trust me, it is not worth a dime to migrate illegally because they are easier exposed to crime and the better living they searched for, wouldnt last, she said.

MYANMAR: CHIN YOUTH WINS PRESTIGIOUS LEADERSHIP AWARD Chin, 25th September 2013 A CHIN activist from Myanmar has been recognized as one of 30 most inspiring young leaders in the world working to promote democracy by the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Salai Ceu Bik Thawng, 29, was honoured alongside 30 other young leaders from more than 20 different countries around the world. All of the recipients are under 30. Salai Ceu Bik Thawng who is also the general secretary for the Chin National Party (CNP) was thrilled when found out his work in Chin state was being recognized by the worlds leading democracy endowment group. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the organization that was created by the United States Congress in 1983 and operates out of 100 different countries. happy to promote the people who are facing many challenges in religious, ethnicity and other reformatory areas. It shows that the world has already recognized Chin people and ethnics in Myanmar. Although our work is not big enough, the world has acknowledged what we have done and our feelings, he said. Some of the other recognized young leaders came from some of the worlds most troubled regions: Zimbabwe, Belarus, Afghanistan, North Korea, Liberia and Kyrgyzstan. Concerned about human trafficking the Chin state government held a special meeting in the Hakha Town Hall on Sept. 12 to find ways to prevent and protect people from trafficking in Myanmar. trafficking protection group that runs from 2012-16 is made up of 12 state-level committee members and 12 from district and township levels. [Burma News International]

During the meeting, Chief Minister Pu Hung Ngai discussed about the dangers In a country faced with of human trafficking. Its numerous challenges to its estimated that 26 million democratic progress, people are being trafficked Thawng is a dynamic young globally. Many women are ethnic leader and a model being forced into sex trade, for all of Burma, said the or as house maids. Other NEDs website. cases involve hard labour. The government has Thawng explained his views projects to eliminate illegal on the reform process in human trafficking. They Burma to Khonumthung also made agreements with News. neighboring countries like China and Thailand to preTransforming the country vent human trafficking. from military dictatorship to democracy is but one The Human Trafficking challenge. We need to think Protection Chairman for about the broader and more Chin state U Myint Aung substantive issue of how we Chin spoke about a recent can achieve harmony and agreement with the US to realize peaceful coexistence monitor human trafficking in a country that is so in Myanmar. diverse in terms of religion and ethnicity...Im very The Chin state human

AZERBAIJAN: INTERNATIONAL YOUTH PROJECT WRAPS UP IN BAKU Baku, 25th September 2013 - AN international "StartChange-Develop" project, implemented within the European Union's Youth in Action programme, has ended in Baku on September 23. About 30 youngsters from Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Hungary, Moldova, The project was organized Ukraine, Malta, Turkey, by the Ireli Public Union. Georgia, Belarus, and the During the meetings, they Czech Republic came Several meetings were held were informed about together in Baku to use with the project Azerbaijani achievements in various tools as workshops, participants, including at the the last years, successful group and peer works, "Start-Change-Develop" is Center for Strategic Studies youth policies pursued in outdoor activities, media, an international youth under the President of the country, "Azerbaijan challenge games that project for rising youth Azerbaijan, as well as at the 2020: A Look into the increase creativity and participation in creating Azerbaijan Diplomatic Future" Development entrepreneur skills. healthy society in the future. Academy. Concept, as well as The project puts creative Armenia-Azerbaijan [AZERNEWS] approaches in the field of The project participants also Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. entrepreneurship to promote held meetings with BELARUS: CIS INTELLECTUALS URGED TO CREATE PLATFORM FOR UNITING YOUNGER GENERATION Minsk, 25th September 2013 - THE older generation of the CIS intellectuals should create a platform to unite the youth, Chairman of the Board of the CIS Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund Polad Bulbuloglu told reporters on 24 September, BelTA has learnt. Fund. youth to take part in the forum. and academic intellectuals in education, culture, healthcare, ecology and The participants of the joint environmental protection, session approved the mass media, and initiative of Rector of the humanitarian field. Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor The forum will run through Sadovnichy to establish a 26 September. The CIS think tank that will deal organizers of the forum are with relevant issues facing the CIS Interstate the CIS member states. Humanitarian Cooperation Fund, the Government of The 8th Forum of Creative Belarus under the auspices and Academic Intellectuals of the President of Belarus, of the Commonwealth of the CIS Executive Independent States is held Committee, the National under the motto 2013 is the Academy of Sciences of Year of Ecological Culture Belarus, the Minsk City and Environmental Hall. Protection in the CIS. Partaking in the event are [Belarusian Telegraph delegations from ten CIS Agency] member states: representatives of creative leadership among youth with different backgrounds. representatives of Ireli PU and Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF).

The joint session is among the numerous events that will be held in Belarus during the 8th Forum of Creative and Academic Intellectuals of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The participants of the session The older generation of the took stock of the activities creative and academic in 2013. They discussed the intellectuals knows each elaboration of the CIS other well. Therefore we humanitarian cooperation should create a platform to strategy and plans for 2014. enable the younger In this connection Chairman generation to communicate of the Humanitarian closely with each other, Cooperation Council, Polad Bulbuloglu said prior Belarus Information to the joint session of the Minister Oleg Proleskovsky Humanitarian Cooperation emphasized that one of the Council and the Board of major goals facing the the CIS Interstate creative and academic Humanitarian Cooperation intellectuals is to engage the

BULGARIA: BULGARIA RESHUFFLES FUNDS TO MAKE A SMALL DENT IN YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT Sofia, 11th September 2013 - THE Bulgarian government said on September 11 that it was granting a further 104,000 leva (about 52 000 euro) to counter youth unemployment by assisting employers who hire people younger than 29 a step that it claims will create 300 education, must not have jobs for young people by been employed previously. the end of 2013. The period that the subsidy will be paid is from six to But the deal is not without 18 months. its strings, because those hired, while having the The decision was approved appropriate qualifications by the cabinet on September and secondary or higher 11, amending the 2013 National Action Plan for Employment. According to the government, the changes would mean jobs for 300 young people by the end of the year.

Labour bureau figures say that this year, of people up to the age of 24 who were unemployed, just less than eight per cent were university graduates. As at the end of July 2013, a total of 34 412 young people were registered as unemployed, according to official figures. Of these, 63.6 per cent had no qualifications, official figures said. Bulgaria earlier this year amended the Employment Promotion Act, introducing new incentives to support youth employment, in response to an EU Council recommendation on creation of a Youth Guarantee. the cabinet on September 11 is the result of reallocating reserves in the National Plan for Employment. Unemployment among men in this age bracket was 21.7 per cent and among women 21 per cent. Unemployment among women from 15 to In mid-August, the National 29 was three percentage Statistical Institute (NSI) points higher in Q2 2013 said that unemployment than in Q2 2012, while among Bulgarians aged 15 among men, it had dropped to 29 was 21.4 per cent in by one percentage point, the second quarter of 2013, according to the NSI. up 0.7 percentage points from Q2 2012. [Independent Balkan News Agency]

The funding for the amendments approved by

FINLAND: YFCU VICE PRESIDENT TREVOR CO -LEADS RURAL YOUTH PROJECT TO FINLAND Pori, 13th September 2013 WORKING in partnership with Antrim District Council and GROW (Generating Rural Opportunities Within South Antrim) the YFCU were recently involved in a second Rural Youth Project. YFCU Vice President Trevor Wilson, (Lisbellaw YFC), was team leader in the youth trip to Pori in Finland. This is his report: pigs. After visiting the farm we travelled to Yyerti Beach to go swimming in the Baltic Sea, then we went shopping in Pori and had dinner in Hesburger which is Finlands own version of McDonalds. To experience nature we One day we welcomed went for a hike through the members from Porin forest which ran from the kameraseura (Pori camera school at Kullaa up to a club) who shared their campsite beside a lake wealth of knowledge about where members of Pori photography, giving us tips Scouts helped us erect the The first week in August on how changing simple tents for the nights camping. saw 10 teenagers and three settings on a camera can However the leaders leaders from GROW South make flattering changes to a decided that the participants Antrim and Young Farmers photograph. We were also would prefer not to have Clubs of Ulster travel to shown how we can use leaders in the tents with Kullaa School of Forestry different objects to enhance them, so the leaders slept in near Pori in Western Finour photographs; however the comfortable beds in the land for a Rural Youth for some of us it may take a log cabins! Workshop with participants few more lessons. also from Estonia, France After the workshop was and Finland. The workshop We also had the opportunity over, the group from was delivered by Satkunta to visit an open farm where Northern Ireland had an 4H and the theme was we were able to experience afternoon in Helsinki where Nature and Photography. the day to day life of living we could sightsee in some on a farm in Finland, like of the historic parts of the While at Kullaa, the milking cows and feeding city before having dinner in participants got to make lots of friends from each of the countries by taking part in group activities which encouraged them to communicate with each other and find out about each others way of lives. the Hard Rock Caf. During the week it was great to see all the youth participants develop friendships and as a leader I can now see how important trips like these are, as by the end of the week the participants had become a lot less shy and a lot more comfortable in a strange environment. The participants and leaders would like to thank GROW South Antrim and YFCU for the opportunity to be involved in such a workshop. I really hope that the friendships made at this workshop will last for years to come and I encourage anyone that gets the opportunity to be a participant in such an event, to embrace the opportunity. [Farming Life]

IRELAND: LIMERICK YOUTH SERVICE HEADS EAST FOR MAJOR EVENT Limerick, 17th September 2013 - MEMBERS of the Limerick Youth Service joined more than 700 youngsters from 62 countries at a youth summit in the Ukraine. They were invited to attend the International Youth Summit at the Artek International Childrens Centre in the Crimea region of the Eastern European state. girl Chloe Gallagher, and South Circular Road lad Jacob Woulfe were part of Irelands first delegation at the summit, now in its 12th year. and discrimination by getting young people to experience and understand different nations and cultures at an early age.

Limerick youth worker The aim of the event was to Claire Donaldson, Askeaton tackle the issue of racism

Claire said despite the various language barriers, they struck up friendships with people from across the world. It was an amazing experience both for the young people and myself. We spent time a lot with young people and leaders from Andorra, India, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan; where else would you get that? she asked. Away from the workshops each country had a national days where they displayed aspects of their own culture through cuisine, music, dance and dress. Claire, Chloe and Jacob performed a live Irish gig - which aired live on Ukranian television. The young people also explored internet safety and the relationships between youngsters and the police in different countries. [Limerick Leader]

AUSTRALIA: EMPLOYMENT FOR DISADVANTAGED YOUTH ON THE TABLE Sydney, 16th September 2013 - NOT for Profits, business leaders, government decisionmakers and education providers will meet in Sydney to discuss solutions and strategies to increase youth employment especially for disadvantaged youth. unstable, low paid employment for the rest of their lives, he said. Thats not good for the young people, and its not good for our economy. Weve set out actions to equip all Australians with the right skills and education to boost participation, create more productive and innovative workplaces and foster better relationships between employers and employees. Another speaker at the conference is Employment and Social Policy Consultant Toni Wren who believes its important to understand one of the main causes of rising youth unemployment is the loss of full-time jobs for young people due to structural changes in the labour market over the past 20 years. In 1990, two-thirds of teenagers who had left fulltime education held a fulltime job. Now, less than half do, Wren said. We cant bring those jobs back but we need to better equip our young people for the jobs that are available now and in the future. That means more effective education and training opportunities and support for those who are at risk of dropping out. Solutions are needed. One of them might be found in a better understanding of the corporate sectors needs and the implementation of the corresponding training to work transitions for young people. Smart strategies are needed to keep young people in school but also to re-engage in education those who have left prematurely so they can gain the skills they need for the jobs that are available. I believe that system needs to be more demand-led. That means starting with employers and working backwards to develop a pipeline of qualified job seekers. [Pro Bono Australia News]

One speaker will be Business Council of Australia (BCA) Chief Executive Jennifer Investing in Youth Westacott who will talk Employment Conference about the BCAs work to will run from September 19 bring together economic -20 and will include guest and social policy so that speakers and two youth groups of Australians dont panels who will give their get left behind. opinions and advice on employment issues. In developing our Action Plan for Enduring Michael Coffey, the CEO of Prosperity the BCA felt that the peak body for youth we needed to re-prosecute homelessness sector in the case that without NSW - Yfoundations, said economic growth Australia youth unemployment is a will not be able to solve complex and stubborn many of the social problems problem, which cannot be that our society faces, in solved by simplistic particular unemployment, interventions. Westacott said. If young people dont get the experiences and exposure they need early on, they are statistically more likely to remain in Suva, 27th September 2013 ONE of the government's strategic directions for 2014 is to strengthen the partnership between the Youth and Sports and Social Welfare ministries to create new platforms for youth empowerment. One of the aspirations we spell out in the plan is for Australia to have the most skilled and educated workers in the world.

FIJI: YOUTH ACTIVITY PLANS inculcate the positive change in the mind-sets of youths today, to empower them to become self-reliant and gender-sensitive," he said. "The youths of this nation are our investment for the future and it is equally important to equip the youths towards ensuring socioeconomic development sustainability." In addition, Mr Sania said in the quest to achieve excellence in its service delivery, the meeting enabled executive staff to put together a consolidated effort to refine and project the strategic direction for 2014. "The mainstreaming of excellence within the ministry, irrespective of levels of operation, will ensure we truly embrace and practise what we preach. "The Ministry of Youth and Sports, together with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Women, are both classified under government's social sector and connect in many defined and informal ways; these include gender equality and empowerment, poverty alleviation and social justice." [The Fiji Times Online]

"The Ministry of Youth and Sports further anticipates on addressing reproductive This was the proposition by health services at the Youth and Sports Ministry community level through permanent secretary Joseva maximum utilisation of the Sania at the closing of a existing women's networks strategic planning exercise and mechanisms of the to scrutinise the annual Ministry of Women as well corporate plan meeting for as the established youth 2014. network at divisional and district levels. "A key strategy is to

GUAM: STRIDES FOR THE CURE AND GUAM CANCER CARE TEAM UP TO FIGHT CANCER IN OCTOBER Hagatna, 20th September 2013 - OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's going to start with a lot of pink this year for Guam! independent and focusing on educating the youth of Guam. This year, we're teaming up with Cancer Care and we're becoming one unit to focus on educating the youth to Strides for the Cure and prevent the rise of cancer on Guam Cancer Care are Guam," stated Founder of teaming up this year with Strides for the Cure Donna events underway such as the Baker. 12th Annual 2K and 5K Run/Walk, 2nd Annual Get So far reaching 1500 Your Pink On & Join the students, the two Fight Wave, and ending it organizations have been with a health fair. targeting the public schools' 3rd and 4th graders with "We're joined together. That their "Koko Challenge", was the big announcement which promotes exercise this year. Strides for the among the students. Baker Cure has always been explained, "It challenges the children to compete against each other in races, relays, games and different activities while educating them that a healthy lifestyle will deter their chances of getting cancer, diabetes and heart diseases which are the top three killers of people on Guam." Terry Cuabo, Executive Director of Guam Cancer Care, stated, "Teaming up with Donna from Strides for the Cure was a response to the fact that majority of our clients are coming in later stages of cancer and that's why we think Guam has to take a more proactive approach in the fight against cancer." They both say that the goal is to take a more proactive approach by changing the mindset of the youth and raising awareness to knock out cancer right before it starts. [Pacific News Center]

NEW ZEALAND: ANNAH MAC AT YOUTH FORUM Winton, 27th September 2013 - SOUTHLAND singer Annah Mac and actor Tim Foley worked with youth in Winton today at a Southland District Youth Council forum. from rural backgrounds. Today Waiau Area School, Northern Southland College, Aparima College and Central Southland College students were treated to a morning of workshops with Annah Mac, Tim Foley and James Beck. who has singles in the top 40 charts. New Zealand actor Tim Foley is known for his role on Shorthand Street and has recently landed a gig in Hollywood produced film Jack and The Beanstalk. social issues with secondary school students. []

The forum, 'Follow Your Dreams' gives senior high school students the James Beck is a opportunity to talk with Annah Mac is a local spokesperson from Attitude successful actors, musicians Southland singer/songwriter for Schools which explores SAMOA: EMPOWERING SAMOAN YOUTH ON CLIMATE CHANGE

Apia, 2nd September 2013 SAMOAN youth in Apia are getting ready to speak out about climate change.
30 students from three schools are taking part in a training workshop for the Action Against Climate Change initiative. For the next three months they will work on creating TV-documentaries, radio programs or newspaper stories about climate change and its impacts on the country.

Joelle Auffray is the co-founder of Apidae Development Innovations, the organisation leading the initiative.
She says it will give the youth an opportunity for their voices to be heard by the community and key decision makers. [ABC Radio Australia]






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