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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah (SWT), the Almighty. We all praise Him, seek His Help, and ask His Forgiveness. We seek refuge with Him from the evil of our souls, and from our sinful deeds. He whom Allah (SWT) guides, no one an misguide him, and whoever Allah (SWT) misguides, no one an guide him. ! "ear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship "ut Allah (SWT), and ! "ear witness that #uhammad (p"uh) is truly His servant and #essenger. This F$%% "ooklet was produ ed with the hum"le intention of &Sada'ah (aariah) ( ontinuous harity). *lease take part in this no"le work "y giving feed"a k on the "ooklet and whether or not it "enefited you. !f you have any suggestions as to how to improve this "ooklet or ome a ross any faults+ orre tions (grammati al or other) please e,mail the team at islamic_knowledge hotmail!com so the ne essary steps an "e taken to improve the pu"li ation. !f you re'uire F$%% opies of this "ooklet, then please e,mail islamic_knowledge hotmail!com with your full address (please in lude name of ountry) and the re'uired num"er of "ooklets will "e forwarded to you, !nsh)Allah. *lease let us know if you would like a F$%% opy of our other pu"li ation -How to make the most of $A#A.A/0. "#EA$E DO %O& DE$&RO' &(I$ BOO)#E&, rather, please pass onto others who an "enefit from it. We pray to Allah (SWT) for guidan e and help. Surely, He is over all things *owerful. #ay Allah (SWT) a ept our effort and put it on our s ale of good deeds on the .ay of $esurre tion to outweigh the evil deeds. Aameen. I$#AMI*_)%OW#ED+E &EAM

,When M- ser.ants ask -ou a/out Me, I am alwa-s near! I answer their 0ra-ers when the- 0ra- to Me! &he 0eo0le shall res0ond to Me and /elie.e in Me, in order to /e guided1! 2Al34ur5an 6789:;

A selection of

From Al34ur5an and Authentic (adith

5. D<A D<RI%+ &(E MO%&( OF RAMADA% The Prophet (SAW) said, When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of mercy are opened, and gates of Hell are locked and devils are chained ! ("#slim $ook %, &o! '(%))

5. A &RA=E##ER5$ A%D A "ARE%&5$ D<A The Prophet (SAW) said, three d#as are ans*ered, there +eing no do#+t a+o#t them, that of a father, that of a traveller and that of one *ho has +een *ronged!
(A+# -a*#d $ook ., &#m+er )/()) 1uli allahumma malika almulki tutee almulka man tashao watan2iAAu almulka mimman tashao watuAAi22u man tashao watuthillu man tashao "iyadika alkhayru innaka AAala kulli shayin 'adeerun Say: "O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and you Take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. n Your hand is all good. !erily, You are a"le to do all things#. $%ur&aan: ':()* *rophet #uhammad (SAW) was instru ted to make this dua. This verse refers to the situation of the !sraelites. They had the kingdom, and Allah took it away. !srailites, who were a living nation, are turned into a spiritually dead ommunity. Ara"s, who were spiritually at the a"yss, are now "ustling with life with the message of !slam "rought "y the *rophet (p"uh). Allah (SWT) made them spiritually dead, politi ally and finan ially "ankrupt, 3ust "e ause these people went away from Truth. +O Allah, none ,an "ring goodness e-,e.t You and none ,an remove evil e-,e.t You/ and there is no .ower and strength e-,e.t with Your hel.#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook (2, 3o. '242* Huwa Allahu allathee la ilaha illa huwa almaliku al'uddoosu alssalamu almuminu almuhayminu alAAa2ee2u al3a""aru almutaka""iru su"hana Allahi AAamma yushrikoona +Allah is 5e, than 6hom there is no other god7 the Sovereign, the 5oly One, the Sour,e of Pea,e $and Perfe,tion*, the 8uardian of 9aith, the Preserver of Safety, the :-alted in ;ight, the rresisti"le, the Su.reme: 8lory to Allah. $5igh is 5e* a"ove the .artners they attri"ute to 5im#. $%ur&aan: <2:('* *age 4 *age 5 2. A% (O<R O% FRIDA' The Prophet (p+#h) said, 01n 2riday there is a partic#lar time! 3f a "#slim happens to +e praying and invoking Allah for something good d#ring that time, Allah *ill s#rely f#lfill his re4#est!0 The Prophet (p+#h) pointed o#t *ith his hand! We tho#ght that he *anted to ill#strate ho* short that time *as! ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er 789 ) The Prophet (p+#h) said: Seek the time in *hich hope is placed on 2riday from after the afternoon prayer till s#nset!0 (Al;Tirmidhi Hadith )(%8) >! &(E D<A OF A M<$#IM FOR (I$ M<$#IM BRO&(ER OR $I$&ER The Prophet (p+#h) said He *ho s#pplicates for his +rother +ehind his +ack (in his a+sence), the Angel commissioned (for carrying d#a to his <ord) says: Ameen, and it is for yo# also ! ("#slim, $ook 8(/, &#m+er %/.9) .ua (suppli ation) in !slam is one of the most "eautiful and profound aspe ts of worship. !t is a dire t hannel to ommuni ate personally with your 6reator, Who is ever *resent, and ever ready to $espond. There are ertain times .ua is more likely to "e a epted "y Allah (SWT) as mentioned "y *rophet (p"uh). Some of these times are as follows7 0Those *ho +elieve = *hose hearts find satisfaction in remem+rance of Allah for *itho#t do#+t in remem+rance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction ! (>#r?aan: )(:'.) The Prophet (p+#h) said that Allah, the @Aalted and Blorio#s, th#s stated: 3 am near to the tho#ght of "y servant as he thinks a+o#t "e, and 3 am *ith him as he remem+ers "e! And if he remem+ers "e in his heart, 3 also remem+er him in "y Heart, and if he remem+ers "e in assem+ly 3 remem+er him in assem+ly, +etter than his (remem+rance), and if he dra*s near "e +y the span of a palm, 3 dra* near him +y the c#+it, and if he dra*s near "e +y the c#+it 3 dra* near him +y the space (covered +y) t*o hands! And if he *alks to*ards "e, 3 r#sh to*ards him ! ("#slim, $ook 8(/, &#m+er %76)) 8! &(E #A$& &(IRD OF &(E %I+(& The Prophet (p+#h) said: 0When it is the last third of the night, o#r Allah (SWT), the $lessed, the S#perior, descends every night to the heaven of the *orld and says, C3s there anyone *ho invokes "e (demand anything from "e), that 3 may respond to his invocation, 3s there anyone *ho asks "e for something that 3 may give (it to) him, 3s there anyone *ho asks "y forgiveness that 3 may forgive himD ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er ((() 2. &(E %I+(& OF ?4ADR? 2DE*REE; This night in Ramadan is the greatest night of the year! The Almighty Allah (SWT) said a+o#t it, 0The night of Al;>adar (-ecree) is +etter than a tho#sand months!0 (>#r?aan 96:()

D<A 2$<""#I*A&IO%;
&(E MERI& OF MA)I%+ D<?A
Then do remem+er "e, 3 *ill remem+er yo#! $e gratef#l to "e, and reEect not 2aith ! (>#r?aan: ':)/')

BE$& &IME$ &O MA)E D<A

&R<$& I% A##A(
!nnee tawakkaltu AAala Allahi ra""ee wara""ikum ma min da""atin illa huwa akhithun "inasiyatiha inna ra""ee AAala siratin musta'eemin " .ut my trust in Allah, ;y =ord and your =ord! There is not a moving ,reature, "ut 5e has gras. of its fore7lo,k. !erily, it is my =ord that is on a straight Path#.

$%ur&aan: >>:<)* 1ul huwa alrrahmanu amanna "ihi waAAalayhi tawakkalna fasataAAlamoona man huwa fee dalalin mu"eenin Say: "5e is $Allah* ;ost 8ra,ious, 6e have "elieved in 5im, and on 5im have we .ut our trust. So, soon will you know whi,h $of us* it is that is in manifest error." $%ur&aan:)?:(2* Fa'aloo AAala Allahi tawakkalna ra""ana la ta3AAalna fitnatan lil'awmi alththalimeena Wana33ina "irahmatika mina al'awmi alkafireena They said: " n Allah do we .ut our trust. Our =ord! ;ake us not a trial for those who .ra,tise o..ression. And save us "y Your ;er,y from those who dis"elieve." $%ur&aan: >4:@<7@)* 8ismillaahi, tawakkaltu &alallaahi, wa laa hawla wa laa 'uwwata ilaa "illaah. " n the name of Allah, trust in Allah/ there is no might and no .ower "ut in Allah.@ $A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4?)* The Prophet (SA3" said, say <aa ha*la *a laa 4#**ata illa +illah, for it is one of the treas#res of Paradise!0 ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er (9() *age 9 Waith taaththana ra""ukum lain shakartum laa2eedannakum walain kafartum inna AAatha"ee lashadeedun And remem"er! Your =ord ,aused to "e de,lared $.u"li,ly*: " f you are grateful, will add more $favours* unto you, 1ut if you show ingratitude, truly ;y .unishment is terri"le indeed." $%ur&aan >A:?* Alhamdu lillahi allathee hadana lihatha wama kunna linahtadiya lawla an hadana Allah "Praise "e to Allah, who has guided us to this $feli,ity*, never ,ould we have found guidan,e, had it not "een for the guidan,e of Allah." $%ur&aan: ?:A'*

&(A%)I%+ A##A(

Hatha min fadli ra""ee liya"luwanee aashkuru am akfuru waman shakara fainnama yashkuru linafsihi waman kafara fainna ra""ee ghaniyyun kareemun "This is "y the 8ra,e of my =ord! To test me whether am grateful or ungrateful! And if any is grateful, truly his gratitude is $a gain* for his own soul, "ut if any is ungrateful, truly my =ord is 9ree of all 3eeds, Su.reme in 5onour !" $%ur&aan: (?:A4* $a""i aw2iAAnee an ashkura niAAmataka allatee anAAamta AAalayya waAAala walidayya waan aAAmala salihan tardahu waadkhilnee "irahmatika fee AAi"adika alssaliheena "O my =ord! So order me that may "e grateful for Your favours, whi,h you have "estowed on me and on my .arents, and that may work the righteousness that will .lease You: And admit me, "y Your 8ra,e, to the ranks of Your righteous Servants." $%ur&aan: (?:>2* *age :

Allaahumma salil &alaa #uhammadin wa &alaa a2waa3ihi wa thur,riyatihi. kamaa sallaita &alaa aali !"raaheema. Wa "aarik &alaa #uham ,madin wa &alaa a2waa3ihi wa thur,riyatihi, kamaa "aarakta &alaa aali !"raaheema. !nnaka Hameedum,#a3eed. #Oh Allah, "estow Your favor on ;uhammad and u.on his wives and .rogeny as You have "estowed Your favor u.on the family of "rahim. And "less ;uhammad and his wives and .rogeny as You have "lessed the family of "rahim, You are full of .raise,

;ost 8lorious#.

$;uslim, 1ook 44A, 3um"er 4@4?*

"RO&E*&IO% FROM $(A'&AA%

Wa'ul ra""i aAAoothu "ika min hama2ati alshshayateeni WaaAAoothu "ika ra""i an yahdurooni And say "O my =ord! seek refuge with You from the whis.erings $suggestions* of the Shayatin $devils* "And seek refuge with You, ;y =ord! lest they should ,ome near me." $%ur&aan: (':2?* A&uthu "i kalimaatil,laahit,taam,maati min ghadha"ihi wa &i'aa"ihi, wa sharri &i"aadihi. wa min hama,2aatish,shayaateeni wa an yahdhuroon. # seek refuge in the Perfe,t 6ords of Allah from 5is anger and 5is .unishment, from the evil of 5is slaves and from the taunts of devils and from their .resen,e#. $A"u 0awud, 1ook (@, 3um"er '@@A* A&uthu "i kalimaatil,laahit,taammaati min sharri maa khala'a. " seek refuge in the Perfe,t 6ord of Allah from the evil of what 5e has ,reated," 2;uslim, 1ook 4'<, 3um"er )<A>* *age ; *age < Allahumma $a""a hadhihi,d,da= watit,tammati was,salatil 'a=imati, ati #uhammadan alwasilata wal,fadilata, wa"= athhu ma'aman mahmudan,il,ladhi wa= adtahu (innaka laa tukhliful,mee)aad). +Oh Allah, =ord of this .erfe,t ,all and esta"lished .rayer. 8rant ;uhammad the inter,ession and favor, and raise him to the honored station You have .romised him, $verily You do not negle,t .romises*#. $1ukhari, !olume >, 1ook >>, 3um"er <@@* 1uli allahumma fatira alssamawati waalardi AAalima alghay"i waalshshahadati anta tahkumu "ayna AAi"adika fee ma kanoo feehi yakhtalifoona Say: "O Allah. Breator of the heavens and the earth! Cnower of all that is hidden and o.en! t is You that will Dudge "etween Your Servants in those matters a"out whi,h they have differed." $%ur&aan: '2:A)* !nnee wa33ahtu wa3hiya lillathee fatara alssamawati waalarda haneefan wama ana mina almushrikeena "9or me, have set my fa,e, firmly and truly, towards 5im 6ho ,reated the heavens and the earth, and never shall give .artners to Allah." $%ur&aan: ):?2* The Prophet (SAW) said: He *ho +lesses me once, Allah (SWT) *o#ld +less him ten times! ("#slim, $ook 887, &#m+er 8.8.)

DE"E%DA%*E O% A##A( B#E$$I%+$ O% "RO"(E& M<(AMMED 2$AW;

1ul aAAoothu "ira""i alnnasi. #aliki alnnasi. !lahi alnnasi. #in sharri alwaswasi alkhannasi. Allathee yuwaswisu fee sudoori alnnasi. #ina al3innati wa alnnasi. Say: + seek refuge with the =ord and Bherisher of ;ankind, The Cing $or Euler* of ;ankind, from the evil of the 6his.erer $devil who whis.ers evil in the hearts of men* who withdraws $from his whis.ering in one&s heart after one remem"ers Allah* who whis.ers into the hearts of ;ankind,7 among Finns and among men#. $%ur&aan: >>A:>7)*

Whenever the Prophet (SAW) *ent to +ed, he #sed to recite S#rat;al;3khlas, S#rat;al;2ala4 and S#rat;an;&as and then +lo* on his palms and pass them over his face and those parts of his +ody that his hands co#ld reach! And *hen he fell ill, he #sed to order Aisha (his *ife) to do like that for him! ($#khari, 5ol#me 6, $ook 6), &#m+er %77) Whenever Allah (SWT)Cs Apostle +ecame ill, he #sed to recite the last t*o S#rahs of the >#rCan and then +lo* his +reath and passed his hand over himself! ($#khari, 5ol#me /, $ook /9, &#m+er 6)7)

I% DI$&RE$$

>a ilaha illa anta su"hanaka innee kuntu mina alththalimeena +There is no god "ut You: 8lorified are You: Truly have "een of the wrongdoers!" $%ur&aan: (>:@?* This verse is known as Ayatul ?arimah, the -glorious verse0. This dua was re ited "y *rophet @unus (p"h) when he found himself in the dark "elly of a "ig fish, who swallowed him alive. $a""i innee lima an2alta ilayya min khayrin fa'eerun "O ;y =ord! Truly am in $des.erate* need of any good that You "estow on me!" $%ur&aan: (@:(A* *rophet #usa (p"uh) was travelling to the dessert of #adyan and found some men were watering their animals and two women were standing helpless. #usa (p"uh) helped these women with water, and then returned to the shade of a tree. At this time, he made this dua. Allah (SWT) responded to this dua. As a result, one of these women ame to him with an invitation from her old father. The old man was kind to #usa (p"uh), offered him shelter and gave one of the two daughters in marriage to #usa (p"uh). *age A *age B +O :arth, your =ord and my =ord is Allah $therefore* seek 5is .rote,tion from your mis,hief and the mis,hief of what 5e has ,reated within you and the mis,hief of what walks on you. And! seek Allah&s .rote,tion against lions, "la,k ,o"ras, snakes, s,or.ions. And seek 5is .rote,tion from the inha"itants of this town and from every father and what he has sired#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook >A, 3um"er (<2?* Allaahumma &Aalimal,ghai"i wash,shahaadati faatiras,samaa,waati wal,ardhi, $a""a kulli shai)in wa maleekahu, ash,hadu allaa ilaaha illa Anta, a&uthu "ika min sharri nafsee, wa min sharrish shaitaan wa shirkihi, wa an a'tarifa &alaa nafsee soo)an, aw a3urrahu ilaa #uslimin. #Oh Allah, Cnower of the unseen and the evident, ;aker of the heavens and the earth, =ord of everything and its Possessor, "ear witness that there is none worthy of worshi. "ut You. seek refuge in you from the evil of my soul and from the evil of Satan and his hel.ers. $ seek refuge in You* from "ringing evil u.on my soul and from harming any ;uslims#. $A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4)<* C)eethukumaa "ikalimaatil,laahit,taam,mati min kulli shaitaanin wa haam,matin, wa min kulli &ainin laammatin. + seek .rote,tion for you in the Perfe,t 6ords of Allah from every devil and every "east, and from every envious "lameworthy eye.# $1ukhari, !olume A, 1ook <<, 3um"er <24* 1ul aAAoothu "ira""i alfala'i. #in sharri ma khala'a. Wamin sharri ghasi'in itha wa'a"a. Wamin sharri alnnaffathati fee alAAu'adi. Wamin sharri hasidin itha hasada. Say: + seek refuge with the =ord of the 0awn. 9rom the evil of what 5e has ,reated/ 9rom the evil of 0arkness as it overs.reads, 9rom the evil of those who .ra,tise wit,h,rafts when they "low in the knots, And from the evil of the envier when he envies#. $%ur&aan: >>'7>7<*

*age D Allaahumma innee a)uthu "ika minal,hammi wal,ha2ani wal&a32i wal,kasali wal,"ukhli wal,3u"ni wa dhala)id,daini wa ghala"atir ri3aali #Oh Allah, seek refuge in you from grief and sadness, from weakness and from laGiness, from miserliness and from ,owardi,e, from "eing over,ome "y de"t and from "eing over.owered "y men $i.e. other .eo.le*# $1ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '@4* Annee massaniya alddurru waanta arhamu alrrahimeena "Truly distress has seiGed me, "ut You are the ;ost ;er,iful of those that are ;er,iful." $%ur&aan: (>:@'* FaAllahu khayrun hafithan wahuwa arhamu alrrahimeena +1ut Allah is the "est to take ,are $of them*, and 5e is the ;ost ;er,iful of those who show mer,y!" $%ur&aan: >(:)A* This dua was re ited "y the people of the ave, known as ashaa"ul kahf, when they heard the sound of advan ing soldiers, while running away from the army of the ruel king, who wanted to kill them "e ause they, as true "elievers, refused to worship idols. This dua was re ited "y *rophet Ayyu" (p"uh). Allah (SWT) put him through severe trials "y taking away his wealth, health and hildren. His father, a des endant of !sha', was a very ri h man. Although poor health, disease and poverty made him weak and misera"le, he never omplained or showed despair. His patien e and enduran e "e ame a "yword for oming generations till now. $a""ana ikshif AAanna alAAatha"a inna muminoona "Our =ord! remove the Penalty from us, for we do really "elieve!" $%ur&aan: AA:>(* $a""ana atina min ladunka rahmatan wahayyi lana min amrina rashadan "Our =ord! "estow on us ;er,y from Yourself, and dis.ose of our affair for us in the right way!" $%ur&aan: >@:>4*

Allatheena itha asa"athum musee"atun 'aloo inna lillahi wainna ilayhi ra3iAAoona 6ho say, when affli,ted with ,alamity: "To Allah 6e "elong, and to 5im is our return". $%ur&aan: (:><)*

Has"una Allahu waniAAma alwakeelu "Allah is Suffi,ient for us, and 5e is the 1est 0is.oser of affairs".

$%ur&aan: ':>?'*

Allaahum,mahdinee fiman hadaita, wa &aafini fiman &aafaita, wa tawal,lani fiman tawallaita, wa "aarik lee fimaa a &ataita, wa 'inee sharra maa 'adhaita, fa innaka ta'dhee wa laa yu'dhaa

&alaika, innahu laa yathillu man waalaita, (walaa ya)i22u man &aadaita), ta"aarakta $a""anaa wa ta &aalaita. #Oh Allah, guide me with those whom You have guided, and strengthen me with those whom You have given strength. Take me to Your ,are with those whom You have taken to Your ,are. 1less me in what You have given me. Prote,t me from the evil You have ordained. Surely You ,ommand and are not ,ommanded, and none whom You have ,ommitted to Your ,are shall "e humiliated $and none whom You have taken as an enemy shall taste glory*. You are 1lessed, Our =ord, and :-alted#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er >A(4*

>a ilaha illal,lahu al,=A2im, al,Halim, la,ilaha il,lallah $a"ul, Arsh,al,A2im, >a ilaha,il,lallah $a"us , Samawati $a",ul,ArdE wa $a",ul,Arsh Al,?arim. +There is none worthy of worshi. "ut Allah the ;ighty, the 9or"earing. There is none worthy of worshi. "ut Allah, =ord of the ;agnifi,ent Throne. There is none worthy of worshi. "ut Allah, =ord of the heavens and =ord of the earth, and =ord of the 3o"le Throne#. 21ukhari, !olume 2, 1ook 2', 3um"er <(' and !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '<)*

The Prophet (SAW) #sed to invoke Allah (SWT) at the time of distress! ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er (/6)

*age 5F

Allaahumma innee a&uthu "i ridhaaka min sakhatika, wa "i mu)aa,faatika min &u'oo"atika, wa a&uthu "ika minka, laa uhsee thanaa&an &alaika, Anta kamaa athnaita &alaa nafsika. +O Allah, seek refuge in Your .leasure from Your anger, and in Your forgiveness from Your .unishment, and seek refuge in Thee from Thee $Your anger*. ,annot ,ount Your .raises, You are as You have .raised Yourself." $;uslim, 1ook 44A, 3um"er 42@)* Allaahuma ahyinee maa kaa na til hayaata khairan lee wa tawaffanee itha kaa na til wafaata khalran lee +O Allah! =et me live as long as life is "etter for me, and take my life if death is "etter for me#. 21ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er ')(* GAllahumma aslamtu wa3hi ilaika, wa fauwadtu amri ilaika, wa al3a=tu Hahri ilaika ragh"atan wa rah"atan ilaika. >a #al3a= wa la man3a minka illa ilaika. Allahumma amantu "ikita"ika,l,ladhi an2alta wa "ina,"iyika,l ladhi arsaltaG +O Allah! surrender to You and entrust all my affairs to You and de.end u.on You for Your 1lessings "oth with ho.e and fear of You. There is no fleeing from You, and there is no .la,e of .rote,tion and safety e-,e.t with You O Allah! "elieve in Your 1ook $the %urHan* whi,h You have revealed and in Your Pro.het ;uhammad $SA6* whom You have sent#. 21ukhari, !olume >, 1ook A, 3um"er (A?* The Prophet (SAW) said 0Whenever yo# go to +ed perform a+l#tion like that for the prayer, lie on yo#r right side and say this d#a, then if yo# die on that very night, yo# *ill die *ith faith (i!e! or the religion of 3slam)! ($#khari, 5ol#me ), $ook 7, &#m+er '76) $a""ana atina fid,dunya hasanatan wa fil =akhirati hasanatan wa'ina =adha"an,nar. +Our =ord! 8ive us in this world that whi,h is good and in the 5ereafter that whi,h is good, and save us from the torment of the 9ire!# $%ur&aan: (:(4>* *age 54 *age 55 Allaahumma rahmataka ar3oo falaa takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata &ainin, wa aslih lee sha&nee kullahu, laa ilaaha lila Anta. #Oh Allah, ho.e for Your mer,y. 0o not leave me to myself even for the "linking of an eye $i.e. a moment*. Borre,t all of my affairs for me. There is none worthy of worshi. "ut You# 2A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4?>* Wa'ul ra""i adkhilnee mudkhala sid'in waakhri3nee mukhra3a sid'in wa i3AAal lee min ladunka sultanan naseeran Say: "O my =ord! =et my entry "e "y the 8ate of Truth and 5onour, and likewise my e-it "y the 8ate of Truth and 5onour/ and grant me from Your Presen,e an authority to aid $me*." $%ur&aan: >?:@4* 1ala ra""i ohkum "ialha''i wara""una alrrahmanu almustaAAanu AAala ma tasifoona Say: "O my =ord! Dudge Thou in truth!" "Our =ord ;ost 8ra,ious is the One 6hose assistan,e should "e sought against the "las.hemies you utter!" $%ur&aan: (>:>>(* *rophet #uhammad (SAW) made this dua. This dua onfirms Allah (SWT) as the ultimate (udge of truth and that He alone will prote t us against "lasphemies uttered "y non,"elievers. "O Allah! "eg of You "lessings of entering and leaving. 6ith Allah&s name do we enter and with Allah&s name do we leave and u.on Allah, our =ord do we rely." 2A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4??*

+E%ERA# WE## BEI%+

Allahumm,aslih li diniyalladhi huwa ismatu amri, wa aslih li dunyaya,llati fiha ma=ashi, wa aslih li akhirati,llati fiha maIadi, wa3Ialil,hayata 2iyadatan li fi kulli khair, wa3Ialil,mauta rahatan li min kulli sharrin +O Allah, set aright my religious life whi,h is a safeguard in all my affairs, set aright my wordly life whi,h is a sour,e of my maintenan,e, set aright my life of the hereafter unto whi,h am "ound to return, and make my life a sour,e of earning more and more good and make my death a refuge against all trou"les." 2;uslim, 1ook 4'<, 3um"er )<)<* +=ord, do hel. me and do not hel. anyone else against me, grant me su,,ess and do not ena"le my enemy to get the "etter of me, do su..ort me "y Your hidden manoeuvring and do not favour my o..onents in similar manner against me/ grant me guidan,e and make it easy for me to .ursue the right .ath and hel. me in the event of an enemy rising against me. ;y =ord,& grant me that remem"er and remain grateful to You intensely andIear and o"ey You thoroughly and make me one who,ates to You .rofoundly and make me one who is o"edient to You and make me one who ,ontem.lates a"out You with in,essant tears and devotion. ;y =ord, a,,e.t my re.entan,e, wash off my sins, grant my .rayer, strengthen my argument, straighten my,h, guide my heart aright and Juen,h its irritation#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><4<* "O Allah, seek your .rote,tion from useless knowledge, from a heart whi,h is not dis.osed to fear you, from insatia"le desire, from a .rayer whi,h is not answered and seek Your .rote,tion from all the four said evils." $A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A'* *age 59 *age 5: As"ahnaa wa as"ahal,mulku liilaahi $a""il,)aalameen, Allaahumma unnee as)aluka khaira haathal,yawmi7 Fat,hahu wa nasrahu wa noorahu, wa "arakatahu, wa hudaahu, wa a &uthu "ika min sharri maa feehi wa sharri maa "a &dahu. #6e have entered a new day and with it all the dominion whi,h "elongs to Allah, =ord of all that e-ists. Oh Allah, ask You for the goodness of this day, its vi,tory, its hel., its light, its "lessings, and its guidan,e. seek refuge in You from the evil that is in it and from the evil that follows it#. $A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4)<* Allaahumma innee a&uthu "i ridhaaka min sakhatika, wa "i mu)aa,faatika min &u'oo"atika, wa a&uthu "ika minka, laa uhsee thanaa&an &alaika, Anta kamaa athnaita &alaa nafsika. +O Allah, seek refuge in Your .leasure from Your anger, and in Your forgiveness from Your .unishment, and seek refuge in Thee from Thee $Your anger*. ,annot ,ount Your .raises, You are as You have .raised Yourself." $;uslim, 1ook 44A, 3um"er 42@)* $a""i,ghfir,li ?hati =ati wa 3ahli wa israfi fi amri kullihi, wa ma anta a=lamu "ihi minni. Allahumma ighfirli khatayaya wa =amdi, wa 3ahli wa 3iddi, wa kullu dhalika=indi. Allahumma ighrifli ma 'addamtu wa ma akhartu wa ma asrartu wa ma a=lantu. Anta,l,mu'addimu wa anta,l,mu=akhkhiru, wa anta =ala kulli shai=in 'adir. +O Allah, forgive all my faults and sins. O Allah, grant me reveren,e, a .leasant life, lawful sustenan,e and guide me to do virtuous deeds and to have good ,hara,ter. Surely, none ,an guide to do good deeds and have good ,hara,ter e-,e.t You and none ,an .revent from "ad deeds and evil ,hara,ter e-,e.t You#. 21ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er A4?* $adheetu "ilaahi $a""an, wa "il,!slaami deenan, wa "i #uhammadin (Sallallaahu &alaihi wa sallam) /a"iyyan. + am .leased with Allah as ;y =ord, with slam as my religion and with ;uhammad as my Pro.het#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4<A*

*age 5< ,O Allah, unite our hearts and set aright our mutual affairs, guide us to the 0ath of 0eace, li/erate us from darkness /- 'our light, sa.e us from o/scene 0ractices whether hidden or o0en, /less us in our ears, e-es, hearts, and children and acce0t our re0entanceA .eril- 'ou are Oft3returning, MercifulA and grant us that we ma- /e grateful to 'ou and full of 0raise for 'ou for 'our /ount- and that we ma- welcome it and /e 0leased to fulfill 'our /ount- for us1! $A"u 0awud, 1ook ', 3um"er 42)A* +3one is worthy of worshi. "esides You. You have no .artner. You are Pure. O Allah! seek forgiveness from You for my sins and seek Your mer,y. O Allah! n,rease me in my knowledge and let not my heart deviate after You have guided me and grant me s.e,ial mer,y from Your .resen,e for You are the one who grants "ounties without measure#. $A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4A'* +O Allah, seek Your .rote,tion from a,ute hunger, for it is an evil ,om.anion and from dishonesty as it indi,ates a "ad nature." 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A(* +O Allah, seek your .rote,tion from vi,ious manners and a,tions, evil desire and diseases." 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A2* +O Allah. "eg of You guidan,e, .iety, ,hastity and inde.enden,e $from your ,reation*." $;uslim, 1ook 4'<, 3um"er )<))*

Amana alrrasoolu "ima on2ila ilayhi min ra""ihi waalmuminoona kullun amana "iAllahi wamalaikatihi wakutu"ihi warusulihi la nufarri'u "ayna ahadin min rusulihi wa'aloo samiAAna waataAAna ghufranaka ra""ana wailayka almaseeru >a yukallifu Allahu nafsan illa wusAAaha laha ma kasa"at waAAalayha ma iktasa"at +The ;essenger "elieves in what has "een revealed to him from his =ord, as do the "elievers. :a,h one $of them* "elieves in Allah, 5is Angels, 5is 1ooks, and 5is ;essengers. "6e make no distin,tion $they say* "etween one and another of 5is ;essengers." And they say: "6e hear, and we o"ey: $6e seek* Your 9orgiveness, our =ord, and to You is the return $of all*." $%ur&aan: (7(@<*

>a yukallifu Allahu nafsan illa wusAAaha laha ma kasa"at waAAalayha ma iktasa"at ra""ana la tuakhithna in naseena aw akhtana ra""ana wala tahmil AAalayna isran kama hamaltahu AAala allatheena min 'a"lina ra""ana wala tuhammilna ma la ta'ata lana "ihi waoAAfu AAanna waighfir lana wairhamna anta mawlana faonsurna AAala al'awmi alkafireena +On no soul does Allah .la,e a "urden greater than it ,an "ear. t gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. $Pray:* "Our =ord! Bondemn us not if we forget or fall into error/ our =ord! =ay not on us a "urden =ike that whi,h You did lay on those "efore us/ Our =ord! =ay not on us a "urden greater than we have strength to "ear. 1lot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. 5ave mer,y on us. You are our Prote,tor/ 5el. us against those who stand against faith". $%ur&aan: (:(@)*

The Prophet (SAW) said, 3t is s#fficient for one to recite the last t*o 5erses of S#rat;al;$a4ara

(':'./;'.%) at night!0

($#khari, 5ol#me /, $ook /9, &#m+er (7/)

Su"haan Allaahi, Wal hamdu >illaahi, Wallaahu Ak"ar +Allah is 8lorified, The .raise is for Allah, Allah is the 8reatest# The Prophet (SAW) then said, 0Shall 3 not tell yo# of a thing *hich is +etter for yo# than a servantD When yo# (+oth) go to yo#r +eds, say CAllah# Ak+arC thirty;fo#r times, and CS#+han AllahC thirty; three times, CAlhamd# CillahC thirty;three times, for that is +etter for yo# than a servant!0 3+n Sirin said, 0S#+han AllahC (is to +e said for) thirty;fo#r times!0 ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er ((8)

*a ge 5 ;


$a""i 2idnee ilma +;y =ord! n,rease me in knowledge#. $%ur&aan: (4:>>A* This dua is taught "y #uhammad (SAW) "y Allah (SWT) Himself. The verse relates to an instru tion not to hasten with 1ur)aan "efore it is ompletely revealed. While revelation of the 1ur)aan was in omplete, our *rophet (SAW) was instru ted to make this dua. !n our situation, when our knowledge is limited a"out 1ur)aan, we should always make this dua to understand 1ur)aan more. $a""i ha" lee hukman waalhi'nee "ialssaliheena ";y =ord! 1estow wisdom on me, and Doin me with the righteous#. $%ur&aan: ():@'* *rophet !"rahim (p"uh) made this dua. !"rahim (p"uh) was making dawah to his father A2ar and his people. The people were dis"elievers. !"rahim (p"uh) while eJplaining to the people a"out the truth and "enefits of o"eying Allah (SWT), made this dua. This dua stresses that our knowledge should guide us to "e righteous. We are to "e righteous, not "lindly, "ut "ased on sound knowledge and wisdom.

$EE)I%+ +<IDA%*E
>ain lam yahdinee ra""ee laakoonanna mina al'awmi alddalleena +Knless my =ord guide me, shall surely "e among those who go astray#. $%ur&aan: ).??* AAasa ra""ee an yahdiyanee sawaa alssa"eeli " do ho.e that my =ord will show me the smooth and straight Path." $%ur&aan: (@.((* $a""ana la tu2igh 'uloo"ana "aAAda ith hadaytana waha" lana min ladunka rahmatan innaka anta alwahha"u "Our =ord! =et not our hearts deviate $from the truth* after You have guided us, "ut grant us mer,y from You. You are the 8rantor of "ounties without measure#. $%ur&aan: ':@* *age 5A


*age 5B Allahu la ilaha illa huwa alhayyu al'ayyoomu la takhuthuhu sinatun wala nawmun lahu ma fee alssamawati wama fee alardi man tha allathee yashfaAAu AAindahu illa "iithnihi yaAAlamu ma "ayna aydeehim wama khalfahum wala yuheetoona "ishayin min AAilmihi illa "ima shaa wasiAAa kursiyyuhu alssamawati waalarda wala yaooduhu hifthuhuma wahuwa alAAaliyyu alAAatheemu +Allah. There is no god "ut 5e, the :ver =iving, the One 6ho sustains and .rote,ts all that e-ists. 3either slum"er nor slee. overtakes 5im. To 5im "elongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. 6ho is he that ,an inter,ede with 5im e-,e.t with 5is PermissionL 5e knows what ha..ens to them $5is ,reatures*in this world, and what will ha..en to them in the 5ereafter. And they will never ,om.ass anything of 5is Cnowledge e-,e.t that whi,h 5e wills. 5is Throne e-tends over the heavens and the earth, and 5e feels no fatigue in guarding and .reserving them for 5e is the ;ost 5igh, the ;ost 8reat#. $%ur&aan: (:(<<* TheProphet(SAW)said,0Whoeversays,CS#+hanAllah*a+ihamdihi,Coneh#ndredtimesaday ,*il +eforgivenallhissinsevenifthey*ereasm#chasthefoamof thesea! ($#khari,5 ol#me., $ook6/,&#m+er7)7) Su"haan Allaahi wa "i hamdihi, Su"haan Allaahil Adheem +8lorified is Allah and .raised is 5e, 8lorified is Allah the ;ost 8reat#. $1ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3o. A><* The Prophet (SAW) said, 0There are t*o eApressions *hich are very easy for the tong#e to say, +#t they are very heavy in the +alance and are very dear to The $eneficent (Allah), and they are, CS#+han Allah Al;CAFim and CS#+han Allah *a +ihamdihi! ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &o! 7)/) The Prophet (SAW) said, 0CWhenever yo# go to yo#r +ed, recite the 5erse of 0Al;G#rsi0 ('!'//) for then a g#ardian from Allah (SWT) *ill +e g#arding yo#, and Satan *ill not approach yo# till da*n ! ($#khari, 5ol#me 7, $ook /7, &#m+er 79/) +O Allah, seek Your .rote,tion from o"stina,y, hy.o,risy and all "ad manners." 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A>*

*age 5D

Fatira alssamawati waalardi anta waliyyee fee alddunya waalakhirati tawaffanee (#usliman waalhi'nee "ialssaliheena "You Breator of the heavens and the earth! You are my Prote,tor in this world and in the 5ereafter. Take You my soul $at death* as one su"mitting to Your will $as a $;uslim*, and unite me with the righteous." $%ur&aan: >(:>4>* *rophet @usuf (pea e "e upon him) made this dua after he "e ame the ruler of %gypt, and he met with his parents. The parents prostrated to Allah (SWT) and @usuf (pea e "e upon him) realised his dream of eleven stars and the sun and the moon making o"eisan e to Allah (SWT).

Allaahumma innee a&uthu"ika an adhilla, aw udhalla, aw a2illa, aw u2alla, aw adhlima, aw udhlama, aw a3hala aw yu3hala &alayya. #Oh Allah, seek refuge in You lest misguide others, or am misguided "y others, lest ,ause others to err or am ,aused to err, lest a"use others or "e a"used, and lest "ehave foolishly or meet with the foolishness of others#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4?<*

Allaahumma innee as)alukal, &afwa wal, &aafiyata fid,dunya wal, aakhirati Allaahumma innee as)alukal, &afwa wal &aafiyata7 Fee deenee wa dunyayaa wa ahlee, wa maalee, Allaahum,mastur &auraatee, wa aamin rau)aatee, Allaahum,mahfadhni min "aini yadayya, wa min khalfee, wa &an yameenee, wa &an shimaalee, wa min faw'ee, wa a)uthu "i)adhamatika an ughtaala miii tahtee +Oh Allah, seek Your forgiveness and Your .rote,tion in this world and the ne-t. Oh Allah, seek Your forgiveness and Your .rote,tion in my religion, in my worldly affairs, in my family and in my wealth. Oh Allah, ,on,eal my se,rets and .reserve me from anguish. Oh Allah, guard me from what is in front of me and "ehind me, from my left, and from my right, and from a"ove me. seek refuge in Your 8reatness from "eing stru,k down from "eneath me#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4<)*

$EE)I%+ "RO&E*&IO%

$a""i law shita ahlaktahum min 'a"lu waiyyaya atuhlikuna "ima faAAala a lssufahao minna in hiya illa fitnatuka tudillu "iha man tashao watahdee man tashao anta waliyyuna fa ighfir lana wairhamna waanta khayru alghafireena "O my =ord! f it had "een Your will You ,ould have destroyed, long "efore, "oth them and me: would You destroy us for the deeds of the foolish ones among usL This is no more than Your trial: 1y it You ,ause whom You will to stray, and You lead whom You will unto the right .ath. You are our Prote,tor: so forgive us and give us Your mer,y/ for You are

the "est of those who forgive. $%ur&aan: ?:><<* .uring the a"sen e of *rophet #usa (p"uh), the !sraelites took a alf as an o"3e t of worship. When #usa (p"uh) returned to his people, he was angry and sad at this development. Then #usa (p"uh) sele ted BF men of unsound faith for Allah (SWT))s tryst. These people of du"ious faith were overtaken "y an earth'uake. At that time #usa (p"uh) made this dua to res ue the people who were not at fault. !nna waliyyiya Allahu allathee na22ala alkita"a wahuwa yatawalla alssaliheena "9or my Prote,tor is Allah, 6ho revealed the 1ook $from time to time*, and 5e will ,hoose and "efriend the righteous#. $%ur&aan: ?:>2)* +O Allah, seek Your .rote,tion from "eing "uried alive $under the de"ris of a "uilding falling down* and from falling down $from the roof of a "uilding*, from "eing drowned and from "eing "urnt, and from evil old age/ and .ray to "e saved from the de,eit of the devil at the time of death, from dying in holy war with my "a,k to the enemy $i.e. while l am fleeing from "attle* and from death ,aused "y the "iting of venomous animals#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A?* *age 4F

the "a,k of me, in front of me, a"ove me and "eneath me. O Allah! 8rant me light#. $1ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '(@*

$EE)I%+ "A&IE%*E A%D "ER$E=ERA%*E

"O Allah, seek Your .rote,tion from the mis,hief of my ears, eyes, tongue, heart and semen" $i.e. se-ual .assion*. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook @, 3um"er ><A)*

$a""ana afrigh AAalayna sa"ran watawaffana (#uslimeena +Our =ord! .our out on us .atien,e and ,onstan,y, and ,ause us to die as $;uslims#. $%ur&aan: ?:>()*

Wama lana alla natawakkala AAala Allahi wa'ad hadana su"ulana walanas"iranna AAala ma athaytumoona waAAala Allahi falyatawakkali almutawakkiloona "3o reason have we why we should not .ut our trust on Allah. ndeed 5e 5as guided us to the 6ays we $follow*. 6e shall ,ertainly "ear with .atien,e all the hurt you may ,ause us. 9or those who .ut their trust should .ut their trust on Allah." $%ur&aan: >A:>(*

$EE)I%+ (EA#&(

Allaahumma3)al fee 'al"ee nooran, wa fee lisaanee nooran, wa3)al fee sam&ee nooran, wa3)al fee "asaree nooran, wa3)al min khalfee nooran, wa min amaamee nooran,wa3)al min fau'ee nooran, wa min tahtee nooran, Allaahum,ma a)tinee nooran. "Oh Allah, .la,e light in my heart, and on my tongue, in my ears, in my eyes, and shed it at

Allaahumma &aafinee fee "adanee, Allaahumma &aafinee fee sam&ee, Allaahumma &aafinee fee "asaree, laa ilaaha lila Anta. Allaahumma innee a&uthu "ika minal,kufri wal,fa'ri wa a &uthu "ika min &athaa"il,'a"ri laa ilaaha illa Anta. *age 45 AllKthi,?hKlK'Kni,FKhowK,@Khdeen. Wallathi HowK@ut6imoni WayKs'een. Wa)itha,#KridtL, FKhowK,@Kshfeen. WKllKthi,@umeetoniThummK,@Lhyeen. WKllKthi,AtmK L,Ay,@Kghfira,>i, ?hKtee)Kti@KwmKd,din +6ho ,reated me, and t is 5e who guides me/ 6ho gives me food and drink, And when am ill, t is 5e who ,ures me/ 6ho will ,ause me to die, And then to live $again*/ And who, ho.e, 6ill forgive me my faults On the 0ay of Fudgment#. $%ur&aan: ():?@*

*age 44

#Oh Allah, make me healthy in my "ody. Oh Allah, .reserve for me my hearing. Oh Allah, .reserve for me my sight. There is none worthy of worshi. "ut You. Oh Allah, seek refuge in You from dis"elief and .overty and seek refuge in You from the .unishment of the grave. There is none worthy of worshi. "ut You#. $A"u 0awud, 1ook A>, 3um"er <4?>*

Adhhi"al,"as, $a"",annaas, ishfi wa Anatal Shaafi, la shaafi illa anta +Eemove all harm, O the =ord of the .eo.le! 8ive ,ure for You are the Burer. There is none that gives ,ure e-,e.t you." 21ukhari, !olume ?, 1ook ?4, 3um"er <?2*

Wa'ihimu alssayyiati waman ta'i alssayyiati yawmaithin fa'ad rahimtahu wathalika huwa alfaw2u alAAatheemu "And .reserve them from $all* ills/ and any whom You do .reserve from ills that 0ay, on them will You have "estowed ;er,y indeed: and that will "e truly $for them* the highest A,hievement". $%ur&aan: A4:2*

$EE)I%+ WEA#&(

Allaahumma innaa nas)aluka fee safarinaa hathal,"irra wat,ta'waa, wa minal,&amali maa tardhaa, Allaahumma hawwin &alainaa safaranaa haatha watwi &annaa "u)dahu, Allaahumma Antassaahi"u fis,safari wal,khaleefatu fil,ahli, Allaahumma innee a&uthu "ika min wa)thaa &is,safari wa kaa"atil mandhari, wa soo)il mun'ala"i fil,maali wal,ahli #Oh Allah, we ask you on this our Dourney for goodness and .iety, and for works that are .leasing to You. Oh Allah lighten this Dourney for us and make its distan,e easy for us. Oh Allah, You are our Bom.anion on the road and the One in 6hose ,are we leave our family. Oh Allah, seek refuge in you from this Dourney&s hardshi.s, and from the wi,ked sights in store and from finding our family and .ro.erty in misfortune u.on returning.# 2;uslim, 1ook 44?, 3um"er '>>'*

Wa'ala irka"oo feeha "ismi Allahi ma3raha wamursaha inna ra""ee laghafoorun raheem un So he said: ":m"ark ye on the Ark, n the name of Allah, whether it move or "e at rest! 9or my =ord is, "e sure, Oft79orgiving, ;ost ;er,iful!" $%ur&aan: >>:A>* *rophet /uh (p"uh) made this dua after he loaded a pair of animals in his ark, eJ ept his un"elieving son. This dua helped /uh (p"uh), the "elievers and the ne essary animals in the Ark sail through the deluge till the water su"sided.

Waith 'ala i"raheemu ra""i i3AAal hatha al"alada aminan wao3nu"nee wa"aniyya an naAA"uda alasnama +O my =ord! ;ake this ,ity one of .ea,e and se,urity: and .reserve me and my sons from idols#. $%ur&aan:>A:'<*

This is the dua of *rophet !"rahim (p"uh), whi h he re ited to "ring pea e to the ity of #akkah and to keep him and his des endants safe from worshipping any other god eJ ept the one and only Allah (SWT). *age 49

WaAllahu khayru alrra2i'eena +Allah is the 1est to .rovide $for all needs*".

$%ur&aan: )(:>>*

!nna alfadla "iyadi Allahi yuteehi man yashao waAllahu wasiAAun AAaleemun "All "ounties are in the hand of Allah. 5e grants them to whom 5e .leases, And Allah ,ares for all, and 5e knows all things." $%ur&aan: ':?'*

Allahumma ra""ana an2il AAalayna maidatan mina alssamai takoonu lana AAeedan liawwalina waakhirina waayatan minka waor2u'na waanta khayru alrra2i'eena +O Allah our =ord! Send us from heaven a ta"le set $with viands*, that there may "e for us for the first and the last of us 7 a solemn festival and a sign from You, and .rovide for our sustenan,e, for you are the "est Sustainer $of our needs*#. $%ur&aan: <:>>A*

W(E% &RA=E##I%+

Su"hanalla,thee sakh,khara,lana haatha wa,ma kun,na lahoo mu'rineena wa inna ila $a""ina la, mun,'ali,"oon. +8lory "e to 5im $Allah* 6ho has "rought this $vehi,le* under our ,ontrol though we were una"le to ,ontrol it. Sure, we are to return to our =ord#. $%ur&aan: A':>'*

Waith 'ala i"raheemu ra""i i3AAal hatha "aladan aminan waor2u' ahlahu mina alththamarati man

amana minhum "iAllahi waalyawmi alakhiri 'ala waman kafara faomattiAAuhu 'aleelan thumma adtarruhu ila AAatha"i alnnari wa"isa almaseeru And remem"er A"raham said: ";y =ord, make this a Bity of Pea,e, and feed its .eo.le with fruits,7su,h of them as "elieve in Allah and the =ast 0ay." 5e said: "$Yea*, and su,h as reDe,t 9aith, for a while will grant them their .leasure, "ut will soon drive them to the torment of 9ire, an evil destination $indeed*!" $%ur&aan: (:>()* *age 4:

*age 4; $a""i la tatharnee fardan waanta khayru alwaritheena "O ;y =ord! =eave me not ,hildless, though You are the 1est of the inheritors." $%ur&aan: (>:@2* *age 4< Allahumma lakal hamdu kama kasauw, tanihi, as,aluka khayrahu wa,khayra ma,suni=a lahu waa=u, dhu "ika min sharrihi wa,sharri ma,suni=a lahu. "Oh Allah, all .raise and thanks to You for ,lothing me with this $garment*. ask You for the good of it and the good of what it was made for, and ask Your .rote,tion from the evil of it and the evil of what it was made for." 2A"u 0awud 1ook '(, 3um"er A442: Tirmidhi $<2* 5adith 3um"er ?* *rophet #usa (p"uh) made this dua while pro eeding to the ourt of Firawn for the arguments. !n this dua, there is a re'uest to in rease one)s knowledge "ase M an important re'uirement for arguments. The se ond re'uest is to remove physi al limitations or limitation of resour es. The third re'uest is to allow him make lu id, easy to understand arguments. As we know, #usa (p"uh) was su essful in the Firawn)s ourt and the wise men in the ourt had a epted the truth. This is a dua made "y *rophet !"rahim (p"uh). He had offered this dua for prote tion from Hellfire. This is an eJtraordinary dua where !"rahim (p"uh) is not only asking for him and his parents, "ut for all the "elievers. This should "e an eJample for us to in lude other "elievers in our duas so that Allah (SWT) grants His mer y to all #uslims. 1ala ra""i ishrah lee sadree. Wayassir lee amree. Waohlul AAu'datan min lisanee. @af'ahoo 'awlee +Oh ;y =ord! O.en for me my ,hest $grant me self7,onfiden,e, ,ontentment, and "oldness*. And ease my task for me/ And loose the knot $the defe,t* from my tongue, That they may understand my,h# $%ur&aan: (4:()* $a""ana ighfir lee waliwalidayya walilmumineena yawma ya'oomu alhisa"u "O our =ord! 9orgive me and my .arents, and $all* 1elievers, on the 0ay that the Ee,koning will "e esta"lished!# $%ur&aan: >A:A>* $a""i irhamhuma kama ra""ayanee sagheeran ";y =ord! 1estow on them Your ;er,y as they did "ring me u. when was young." $%ur&aan: >?:(A*

D<A$ FOR $"EE*( D<A$ FOR "ARE%&$ WEARI%+ %EW +ARME%&

$a""i aw2iAAnee an ashkura niAAmataka allatee anAAamta AAalayya waAAala walidayya waan aAAmala salihan tardahu waaslih lee fee thurriyyatee innee tu"tu ilayka wainnee mina al(#uslimeena "O ;y =ord! grant me that should "e grateful for Your favor whi,h You have "estowed on me and my .arents, and that should do good su,h as You are .leased and do good to me in res.e,t of my offs.ring/ surely turn to You, and truly su"mit $toYou* in slam." $%ur&aan: A):><* $a""i ighfir lee waliwalidayya waliman dakhala "aytiya muminan walilmumineena waalmuminati wala ta2idi alththalimeena illa ta"aran "O my =ord! 9orgive me, my .arents, all who enter my home as a "eliever, and $all* "elieving men and "elieving women: and to the wrong7doers grant You no in,rease "ut destru,tion!" $%ur&aan: ?>:(@*


$a""i ha" lee mina alssaliheena +O my =ord! 8rant me $offs.ring* from the righteous" $%ur&aan: '?:>44* $a""ana wai3AAalna (#uslimayni laka wamin thurriyyatina ommatan (#uslimatan laka waarina manasikana watu" AAalayna innaka anta alttawwa"u alrraheemu "Our =ord! ;ake of us $;uslims, "owing to Your $6ill*, and of our offs.ring a nation su"missive unto You, and show us our ;anasik $all the ,eremonies of .ilgrimage M 5aDD and Kmrah* and a,,e.t our re.entan,e. Truly You are the One 6ho a,,e.ts re.entan,e, the ;ost ;er,iful#. $%ur&aan: (:>(@*

D<A$ FOR $"O<$E$

1ul in kuntum tuhi""oona Allaha faitta"iAAoonee yuh"i"kumu Allahu wayaghfir lakum thunoo"akum waAllahu ghafoorun raheemun Say: " f you do love Allah, 9ollow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: 9or Allah is Oft79orgiving, ;ost ;er,iful." $%ur&aan: ':'>* !nna allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati saya3AAalu lahumu alrrahmanu wuddan +On those who "elieve and work deeds of righteousness, will $Allah* ;ost 8ra,ious "estow love#. $%ur&aan: >2:2)* $a""ana ha" lana min a2wa3ina wathurriyyatina 'urrata aAAyunin wai3AAalna lilmutta'eena imaman "Our =ord! 1estow on us wives and offs.ring who will "e the ,omfort of our eyes, and make us leaders of the ;uttaJun $the righteous*." $%ur&aan: (<:?A* Waallafa "ayna 'uloo"ihim law anfa'ta ma fee alardi 3ameeAAan ma allafta "ayna 'uloo"ihim walakinna Allaha allafa "aynahum innahu AAa2ee2un hakeemun +And $moreover* 5e has .ut affe,tion "etween their hearts: not if you had s.ent all that is in the earth, ,ould You have .rodu,ed that affe,tion, "ut Allah has done it: for 5e is :-alted in might, 6ise# $%ur&aan: @:)'*

A& BE+I%%I%+ OF $EB<A# I%&ER*O<R$E

8ismillah, Allahumma 3anni"na,sh,shaitan, wa 3anni"i,sh,shaitan ma ra2a'tana + n the name of Allah. O Allah! Prote,t us from Satan and also .rote,t what you "estow u.on us#. 21ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '2?* *age 4A *age 4B As a parent of !smail and !sha', *rophet !"rahim (p"uh) suppli ated to Allah (SWT) to make him steadfast in his Salaat. He also asked to make his offspring steadfast in their Salaat. *rophet Hakariya (p"uh) made this dua. #aryam was entrusted with Hakariya as a guardian. When #aryam grew up in purity and devoutness, Hakariya longed for su h a hild for himself, a hild who would "e pure, virtuous and honoura"le as #aryam. Wainnee khiftu almawaliya min waraee wakanati imraatee AAa'iran faha" lee min ladunka waliyyan "3ow fear $what* my relatives $and ,olleagues* $will do* after me: "ut my wife is "arren: so give me an heir as from Yourself#. $%ur&aan >2:<* Su"hana allathee khala'a ala2wa3a kullaha mimma tun"itu alardu wamin anfusihim wamimma la yaAAlamoon a +8lory to Allah, 6ho ,reated in .airs all things that the earth .rodu,es, as well as their own $human* kind and $other* things of whi,h they have no knowledge#. $%ur&aan: '):')* $a""i i3AAalnee mu'eema alssalati wamin thurriyyatee ra""ana wta'a""al duAAai +O my =ord! ;ake me one who esta"lishes Prayer $ Jamat7as7Salat* and also $raise su,h* among my offs.ring O our =ord! And a,,e.t our dua#. $%ur&aan: >A:A4* $a""i ha" lee min ladunka thurriyyatan tayyi"atan innaka sameeAAu aldduAAai "O my =ord! 8rant unto me a good offs.ring. You are indeed the All75earer of dua!# $%ur&aan: ':'@*

D<A$ FOR FI%DI%+ A $<I&AB#E $"O<$E

Wama kana 'awlahum illa an 'aloo ra""ana ighfir lana thunoo"ana waisrafana fee amrina watha""it a'damana waonsurna AAala al'awmi alkafireena +Our =ord! 9orgive us our sins and our transgressions $in our duties to You*, esta"lish our feet firmly, and give and give us vi,tory against those who deny the truth#. $%ur&aan: ':>A?* Allaahumma mun2ilal,kitaa"i, saree)al,hisaa"i ih2imil,ah2aa"a, Allaahumma ih2imhum wa 2al2ilhum. #Oh Allah, Eevealer of the 1ook, Swift to a,,ount, defeat the grou.s $of dis"elievers*. Oh Allah, defeat them and shake them#. $1ukhari, !olume 2, 1ook 2', 3um"er <@>*

$EE)I%+ FOR+I=E%E$$

Allatheena ya'ooloona ra""ana innana amanna faighfir lana thunoo"ana wa'ina AAatha"a alnnari "Our =ord! 6e have indeed "elieved: forgive us our sins, and save us from the .unishment of the 9ire" $%ur&aan: ':>)* $a""ana ighfir lana waliikhwanina allatheena sa"a'oona "ialeemani wala ta3AAal fee 'uloo"ina ghillan lillatheena amanoo ra""ana innaka raoofun raheemun "Our =ord! 9orgive us, and our "rethren who ,ame "efore us into the 9aith, and .ut not in our hearts any hatred against those who have "elieved. Our =ord! You are indeed full of Cindness, ;ost ;er,iful." $%ur&aan: <2:>4* Wa'ul ra""i ighfir wairham waanta khayru alrrahimeena So say: "O my =ord! grant You forgiveness and mer,y for You are the 1est of those who show mer,y!" $%ur&aan: (':>>@* *age :F Amantu "ima an2ala Allahu min kita"in waomirtu liaAAdila "aynakum Allahu ra""una wara""ukum lana aAAmaluna walakum aAAmalukum la hu33ata "aynana wa"aynakumu Allahu ya3maAAu "aynana wailayhi almaseeru " "elieve in the 1ook whi,h Allah has sent down/ and am ,ommanded to Dudge Dustly "etween you. Allah is our =ord and your =ord: for us $is the res.onsi"ility for* our deeds, and for you for your deeds. There is no des.ute "etween us and you. Allah will "ring us together, and to 5im is $our* 9inal 8oal#. $%ur&aan: A(:><* AAasa Allahu an ya3AAala "aynakum wa"ayna allatheena AAadaytum minhum mawaddatan waAllahu 'adeerun waAllahu ghafoorun raheemun + t may "e that Allah will grant love $and friendshi.* "etween you and those whom you $now* hold as enemies. 9or Allah has .ower $over all things*/ And Allah is Oft79orgiving, ;ost ;er,iful#. $%ur&aan: )4:?* When Talut (Saul) mar hed with his soldiers to onfront (alut (Noliath), the small for e of Talut in luding .awud made this dua. (alut)s army was larger than Talut)s. 8ut on Talut)s side was Allah (SWT) sin e Talut was mar hing to esta"lish a kingdom in the name of Allah (SWT). !n the war, Talut)s for es fought with the authority of Allah (SWT), in a response to this dua. .awud killed (alut, and Allah (SWT) gave .awud the kingdom and wisdom. Walamma "ara2oo li3aloota wa3unoodihi 'aloo ra""ana afrigh AAalayna sa"ran watha""it a'damana waonsurna AAala al'awmi alkafireena +Our =ord! 1estow on us .atien,e and set firm our feet and make us vi,torious over the dis"elieving .eo.le#. $%ur&aan: (:(<4*

$OR&I%+ O<& DIFFERE%*E$ $EE)I%+ =I*&OR' O=ER E%EMIE$

1ala ra""i onsurnee AAala al'awmi almufsideena +O my =ord! 5el. You me against .eo.le who do mis,hief!# $%ur&aan: (2:'4* *age 4D

*age :5 $a""ana faighfir lana thunoo"ana wakaffir AAanna sayyiatina watawaffana maAAa ala"rari +Our =ord! 9orgive us our sins, "lot out from us our iniJuities, and take to Yourself our souls in the ,om.any of the righteous#. $%ur&aan: ':>2'* 1ala ra""i innee aAAoothu "ika an asalaka ma laysa lee "ihi AAilmun wailla taghfir lee watarhamnee akun mina alkhasireen a 3oah said: "O my =ord! do seek refuge with You, lest ask You for that of whi,h have no knowledge. And unless You forgive me and have ;er,y on me, should indeed "e lost!" $%ur&aan: >>:A?* *rophet /uh (p"uh) had re'uested Allah (SWT) to save his sinner son at the tie of Nreat .eluge on the preteJt of he "eing a mem"er of his family. He had made this re'uest out of fatherly love for his son. 8ut the son "eing a sinner and re3e tor of faith, was not to "e saved. Allah (SWT) admonishes /uh (p"uh) not to ask a"out whi h he has no knowledge. This dua is to "e made to show humility in our mind and seek forgiveness and guidan e from Allah (SWT). $a""ana la ta3AAalna fitnatan lillatheena kafaroo waighfir lana ra""ana innaka anta alAAa2ee2u alhakeemu "Our =ord! ;ake us not a $test and* trial for the dis"elievers, "ut forgive us, our =ord! !erily, You, only You, are the All7;ighty, the All76ise." $%ur&aan: )4:<* 1ala ra""ana thalamna anfusana wain lam taghfir lana watarhamna lanakoonanna mina alkhasireena +Our =ord! 6e have wronged our own souls: f you forgive us not and "estow not u.on us Your ;er,y, we shall ,ertainly "e lost#. $%ur&aan: ?:('* $a""ana AAalayka tawakkalna wailayka ana"na wailayka almaseeru +Our =ord! n You we have .la,ed our trust, and to You do we turn in re.entan,e, for unto You is the end of all Dourneys#. $%ur&aan: )4:A* *age :4 Allahumma, "a=id "aini wa "aina khatayaya kama "a=adta "aina,l,mashri'i wa,l,maghri". Allahumma, na''im min khatayaya kama yuna''a,ththaw"u,l,a"yadu mina,ddanas. Allahumma, ighsil khatayaya "il,ma=i wa,th,thal3i wal,"arad +Oh Allah, se.arate me from my sins as You have se.arated the :ast from the 6est. Oh Allah, ,leanse me of my transgressions as the white garment is ,leansed of stains. Oh Allah, wash away my sins with i,e and water and frost#. $Bukhari, !olume >, 1ook >(, 3um"er ?>>* Allahumma aghfirlee maa 'addamtu, wa maa akhkhartu, wa maa asrartu, wa maa a)lantu wa maa anta a)lamu "i hi inni laa ilaaha illa Anta. +Oh Allah, forgive me for those sins whi,h have already ,ommitted and whi,h may ,ommit and whi,h have ,ommitted se,retly or o.enly and those whi,h You know more than me/ there is none worthy of worshi. e-,e.t You#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook ?, 3um"er >A4<* Allaahum ,magh fir lee than"ee kuliahu, di''ahu wa 3illahu, wa awwalahu wa aakhirahu wa &alaaniyatahu wa sirrahu. #Oh Allah, forgive me all my sins, great and small, the first and the last, those that are a..arent and those that are hidden#. 2;uslim, 1ook 44A, 3um"er 42@4* Allaahumma innee dhalamtu nafsee dhulman katheeran, wa laa yaghfiruth,thunoo"a illa Anta, faghfir lee magh,firatan min &indika warhamnee innaka Antal,Nhafoorur,$aheem. #Oh Allah, have greatly wronged myself and no one forgives sins "ut You. So grant me forgiveness and have mer,y on me. Surely You are 9orgiving, ;er,iful#. 21ukhari, !olume >, 1ook >(, 3um"er ?2)* Allaahum,maghfirlee warhamnee walhi'nee "ir,$afee'ila)laa. N#Oh Allah, forgive me and have mer,y u.on me and Doin me with the ;ost 5igh Bom.anion $i.e. Allah 5imself*#. 21ukhari, !olume ?, 1ook ?4, 3um"er <?@*


=Allahumma anta $a""i la ilaha illa anta, Anta ?hala'tani wa ana a"duka, wa ana =ala ahdika wa wa=dika mastata=tu, A=udhu "ika min Sharri ma sana=tu, a"u=u >aka "ini=matika =alaiya, wa A"u >aka "idhan"i faghfirli innahu la yaghfiru adhdhunu"a illa anta.G +Oh Allah, You are my =ord, there is none worthy of worshi. "ut You. You ,reated me and am your slave. kee. Your ,ovenant, and my .ledge to You so far as am a"le. seek refuge in You from the evil of what have done. admit to Your "lessings u.on me, and admit to my misdeeds. 9orgive me, for there is none who may forgive sins "ut You#. 21ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '>@* Waallatheena ya'ooloona ra""ana isrif AAanna AAatha"a 3ahannama inna AAatha"aha kana gharaman +Our =ord! Avert from us the 6rath of 5ell, for its 6rath is indeed an affli,tion grievous :vil indeed is it as an a"ode, and as a .la,e to rest in#. $%ur&aan: (<:)<* The Prophet (SAW) said 0The most s#perior *ay of asking for forgiveness from Allah (SWT) is this d#a! 3f some+ody recites it d#ring the day *ith firm faith in it, and dies on the same day +efore the evening, he *ill +e from the people of Paradise, and if some+ody recites it at night *ith firm faith in it, and dies +efore the morning, he *ill +e from the people of Paradise! ($#khari, 5ol#me ., $ook 6/, &#m+er ().) $a""ana wasiAAta kulla shayin rahmatan waAAilman faighfir lillatheena ta"oo waitta"aAAoo sa"eelaka wa'ihim AAatha"a al3aheemi "Our =ord! You ,om.rehend all things in ;er,y and Cnowledge. 9orgive, then, those who turn in Ee.entan,e, and follow Your Path/ and save them from the torment of the 1laGing 9ire!# $%ur&aan: A4:?* Allaahum,maghfir lihayyinaa, wa mayyitinaa, wa shaahidinaa, wa ghaa,&i"inaa, wa sagheerinaa wa ka"ee,rinaa, wa thakarinaa wa unthaanaa. Allaahumma man ahyaitahu minnaa fa ahyihi &alal!slaami, wa man tawaf,faytahu minnaa fatawaffahu &alal,imaani, Allaahumma laa tahrimnaa afrahu wa laa tudhillanaa "a) dahu. #Oh Allah forgive our living and our dead, those who are with us and those who are a"sent, our young and our old, our menfolk and our womenfolk. Oh Allah, whomever you give life from among us give him life in slam, and whomever you take way from us take him away in 9aith. Oh Allah, do not for"id us their reward and do not send us astray after them#. 2A"u 0awud, 1ook (4, 3um"er '>2<* $a""ana waadkhilhum 3annati AAadnin allatee waAAadtahum waman salaha min a"aihim waa2wa3ihim wathurriyyatihim innaka anta alAAa2ee2u alhakeemu "And grant, our =ord! that they enter the 8ardens of :ternity, whi,h You hast .romised to them, and to the righteous among their fathers, their wives, and their .osterity! 9or You art $5e*, the :-alted in ;ight, 9ull of 6isdom#. $%ur&aan: A4:@* Allahumma anta $a""i la ilaha illa anta, Anta ?hala'tani wa ana a"duka, wa ana =ala ahdika wa wa=dika mastata=tu, A=udhu "ika min Sharri ma sana=tu, a"u=u >aka "ini=matika =alaiya, wa A"u >aka "idhan"i faghfirli innahu la yaghfiru adhdhunu"a illa anta. +O Allah! You are my Bherisher. There is no deity e-,e.t You. You have ,reated me and am Your servant and as far as .ossi"le, a"ide "y my solemn .romise and ,ovenant $whi,h made to You*. seek Your .rote,tion against the ,onseJuen,es of my wrongdoings fully a,knowledge the gra,e You have "estowed u.on me and! ,onfess my faults. So .ardon me as none "esides You ,an .ardon sins#. 21ukhari, !olume @, 1ook ?<, 3um"er '>@* Allaahumma innee a)uthu "ika min athaa"il,'a"ri, wa min &athaa"i 3ahannama, wa min fitnatilmahyaa wal,mamaati, wa min sharri fitnatil,maseehid,da33aal. +Oh Allah, seek refuge in You from the .unishment of the grave, and from the .unishment of 5ell7fire, and from the trials of life and death, and from the evil of the trial of 0aDDaal#. 21ukhari, !olume ), 1ook )4, 3um"er ('4* *age :9 *age ::

Allahumma lakal,hamd. Anta 'aiyimus,samawati wal,ard wa man fihinna. Walakal,hamd, >aka

mulkus,samawati wal,ard wa man fihinna. Walakal,hamd, anta nurus,samawati wal,ard. Walakalhamd, anta,l,ha' wa wa=duka,l,ha', wa li'a=uka Ha', wa 'ualuka Ha', wal,3annatu Han wan,naru Ha' wanna"iyuna Ha'. Wa #uhammadun, sallal,lahu=alaihi wasallam, Ha', was,sa=atu Ha'. Allahumma aslamtu >aka wa"ika amantu, wa =Alaika tawakkaltu, wa ilaika ana"tu wa "ika khasamtu, wa ilaika hakamtu faghfir li ma 'addamtu wama akh,khartu wama as,rartu wama=a lantu, anta,l,mu'addim wa anta,l,mu akh,khir, la ilaha illa anta (or la ilaha ghairuka). +O Allah! All the .raises are for you, You are the 5older of the 5eavens and the :arth, And whatever is in them. All the .raises are for You/ You have the .ossession of the 5eavens and the :arth And whatever is in them. All the .raises are for You/ You are the =ight of the 5eavens and the :arth And all the .raises are for You/ You are the Cing of the 5eavens and the :arth/ And all the .raises are for You/ You are the Truth and Your Promise is the truth, And to meet You is true, Your 6ord is the truth And Paradise is true And 5ell is true And all the Pro.hets $Pea,e "e u.on them* are true/ And ;uhammad is true, And the 0ay of Eesurre,tion is true. O Allah ! surrender $my will* to You/ "elieve in You and de.end on You. And re.ent to You, And with Your hel. argue $with my o..onents, the non"elievers* And take You as a Dudge $to Dudge "etween us*. Please forgive me my .revious And future sins/ And whatever ,on,ealed or revealed And You are the One who make $some .eo.le* forward And $some* "a,kward. There is none to "e worshi..ed "ut you . Sufyan said that HA"dul Carim A"u Kmaiya added to the a"ove, H6ala haula 6ala Juwata illa "illahH $There is neither might nor .ower e-,e.t with Allah*#. 21ukhari !olume (, 1ook (>, 3um"er ((>*

*age :<


Allaahuma innee astakheeruka "u,ilmika, wa asta'diruka "i'udra,tika, wa as)aluka min fadhlikal Adheem, fa innaka ta'diru wa laa a'diru, wa ta)lamu, wa laa a)lamu, wa Anta &Allaamul Nhuyoo"iE Allaahumma in kunta ta &lamu anna haathal,amra,, O (then mention the thing to "e de ided) ?hairun lee fee deenee wa ma&aashee wa &aa'i"ati amree O (or say)O Aa3ilihi wa aa3lihi. Fa'durhu lee wa yassirhu lee thumma "aarik lee feehi wa in kunta ta&lamu anna haathal amra sharrun lee fee deenee wa ma&aashee wa &aa'i"ati amree O (or say) O &Aa3ilihi wa aa3ilihi. Fasrifhu &annee wasrinee &anhu wa'dur liyal,khaira haithu kaana thumma ardhinee "ihi. +Oh Allah, seek the ,ounsel of Your knowledge, and seek the hel. of Your omni.oten,e

and "esee,h You for Your magnifi,ent gra,e. Surely You are Ba.a"le and am not. You know and know not, and You are the Cnower of the unseen. Oh Allah, if You know that this matter $then mention the thing to "e de,ided* is good for me in my religion and in my life and for my welfare in the life to ,ome, O $or say: in this life and the afterlife* O then ordain it for me and make it easy for me, then "less me in it. And if You know that this matter is "ad for me in my religion and in my life and for my welfare in the life to ,ome, $or say: in this life and the afterlife* then distan,e it from me, and distan,e me from it, and ordain for me what is good wherever it may "e, and hel. me to "e ,ontent with it.# $1ukhari !olume (, 1ook (>, 3um"er ()'*

The *rophet (SAW) taught the way of doing !stikhara (!stikhara means to ask Allah (SWT) to guide one to the right sort of a tion on erning any 3o" or a deed), in all matters He said, G!f anyone of you thinks of making any de ision he should offer a two $akat prayer other than the ompulsory ones and re ite this dua after the prayer.

*ag e :;