AROMATHERAPY COURSE: First Aid Cures By AbdessSalaam Attar

Who is this course designed for? This course is desi !ed "or those #ho are loo$i! "or a sa"e% !atural alter!ati&e to cure commo! health 'roblems% sim'ly by usi! a "e# esse!tial oils( Ma!y ailme!ts are able to be resol&ed usi! esse!tial oils i!stead o" relyi! o! doctors% hos'itals% a!d 'harmaceuticals% #hich o"te! ha&e !e ati&e side e""ects a!d o!ly treat the sym'toms% !ot the root o" the 'roblem( This course is also mea!t "or established health 'ractitio!ers #ho #ould li$e to o""er a!other thera'y to be!e"it their 'atie!ts% a!d as #ell e)'a!d their $!o#led e i! the "ield o" aromathera'y( The e)celle!t results that aromathera'y ca! bri! are illustrated o! my blo % #here * docume!ted some o" my e)'erie!ces i! Timbu$tu( htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0the0earache+ htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0ri! #orms0a!d0other+ htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0tric$s0a!d0reci'es0the0toothache+ This course sy!thesi1es ,2 years o" e)'erie!ce *3&e had usi! aromathera'y daily( IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE The MOST *MPORTA4T sa"ety 'recautio! "or those usi! esse!tial oils is the da! er "or the eyes( E&e! a &ery small amou!t #ill bur! a!d cause 'ai!( 4E5ER USE 6ATER to #ash esse!tial oils out o" the eyes% as you #ill 7ust s'read it e&e! more( Use oli&e oil or a!y oil% "at% butter% etc( Oils a!d "ats dilute the esse!ces% as #ell as ho!ey( Esse!ces 8O 4OT mi) #ith #ater(

Similarly% some esse!ces are &ery harm"ul "or the s$i! 9ci!!amo!% thyme% ore a!o% lemo! rass% etc(:( They #ill bur! &ery delicate s$i! ty'es( *" this ha''e!s% rub oil or "at immediately o! the s$i! to dilute their a ressi&e 'o#er( Fortu!ately% !o!e o" the ; esse!ces i! the basic $it ha&e a! irritati! e""ect o! the s$i!( Aro !ther!"#

Aromathera'y has bee! arou!d "or a "e# decades i! Euro'e% ho#e&er the Arabs a!d *!dia!s #ere the "irst to use the distillatio! 'rocess a!d ha&e bee! usi! 'er"umes "or much lo! er( Aromathera'y is &ery similar to our traditio!al alter!ati&e medici!e because a ma7or 'art o" it co!sists o" aromatic 'la!ts( Essenti!$ Oi$s There are ma!y di""ere!t ad&a!ta es to usi! the esse!ces i!stead o" actual 'la!ts( The co!ce!tratio! o" the esse!ces co!tai!s hu!dreds o" $ilos o" medici!al 'la!ts i! a small &olume% a!d it has a much lo! er shel" o" li"e tha! the "resh or dried 'la!t( The esse!ces ha&e a much stro! er e""ect tha! the 'la!t% because o" the chemical 'urity o" the acti&e 'ri!ci'les% a!d there"ore ca! be used 'ure i" !ecessary or diluted i! order to re'roduce the e""ect o" the 'la!t itsel"( Additio!ally% the esse!ce% the 'la!t3s most ethereal ma!i"estatio!% allo#s its <s'iritual= or <&ibratio!al= dime!sio! to 'o#er"ully i!"lue!ce the body3s &ital "orce( Effects The "ast a!d 'o#er"ul actio! o" the esse!ces% #ithout side e""ects% ma$es aromathera'y i!com'arable to other thera'ies "or the treatme!t o" acute ill!esses a!d emer e!cies( E!s# to %se The Aromathera'y First Aid >it is &ery easy to use because it ca! sol&e almost all commo! disturba!ces #ith 7ust a "e# !umber o"

inger+ Ment!$ S"ort+ Anti-Sh!r. esse!ces chose! i! the $it:( *t is also e)tremely i!tuiti&e a!d * o"te! disco&er !e# 'ro'erties o" the esse!ces either by usi! them to cure my o#! aches a!d 'ai!s% or throu h the i!tuitio! o" other 'eo'le #ho use these . esse!ces alo! #ith the 'rese!t uide "or this course( T&E SI' ESSENCES IN T&E AROMAT&ERAPY (IT )!*ender+ Mint+ Incense+ . /0 1 )AVENDER: Pro"erties2 !nt "oison+ diuretic+ !ntico!gu$!nt+ !n!$gesic+ cic!tri3es Affinit# org!n: Kidneys Pro"erties: neutralizes poisons S# "to s2 Whenever you do not know what to use This is the mother o" all esse!ces( You ca! !e&er o #ro! #ith usi! la&e!der to cure a!y 'roblem( *" * had to choose o!ly o!e esse!ce it #ould be la&e!der( This humble "lo#er 'ossesses the 'o#er o" humility( Humility ca! mo&e mou!tai!s: it ca! tur! situatio!s u'side do#! #ithout direct actio!% 7ust by its 'rese!ce( ?a&e!der is a s'ecial i"t "or childre! a!d old 'eo'le( The first i "ort!nt "ro"ert# of $!*ender is to stimulate the re e!eratio! o" the tissue( 6he! somethi! is dama ed duri! i!7ury i! our body% our &ital "orce #ill re'air the dama e a!d the tissues #ill be reco!structed( ?a&e!der #ill add its o#! &ital "orce to ours% a!d #ou!ds #ill heal i! &ery short time( *t #ill hel' bro$e! bo!es% bum's% cuts% etc( heal &ery @uic$ly( This is the reaso! #hy it is 'articularly use"ul "or the last third o" our li"etime% #he! our &ital "orce becomes #ea$e!ed( .esse!ces% #ithout a!y de ree o" da! er 9the .

dro's o! the area i! 'ai! a!d let it 'e!etrate(: E)'erie!ce su ests that the a!al esic e""ect o" la&e!der is more use"ul "or 'ro"ou!d 'ai!% u!der the s$i!% "or the muscles% as #ell as rheumatic 'ai! or i!tercostal 'ai!s a!d less use"ul "or locali1ed s$i! discom"ort( This @uality seems to be i! some #ays com'leme!tary to .For bro$e! bo!es% use ?a&e!der mi)ed #ith Fra!$i!ce!se% #hich has the 'ro'erty o" @uic$ly hel'i! the "i)atio! o" calcium i! the bo!es( The second "ro"ert# of $!*ender is that it is a! a!ti0 coa ula!t a!d this is 'articularly e&ide!t o! hematomas( *" you 'ut it o! a !e# #ou!d% it #o!3t s#ell or tur! i!to a bruise( *" you 'ut it o! a bruise% it #ill disa''ear much "aster tha! !ormal( *ts a!ticoa ula!t e""ect is also e&ide!t i! the ability o" this oil to remo&e hemosideri! de'osits 9those s'ots o" color that ra! e "rom blac$ to blue a!d usually accom'a!y &aricose &ei!s es'ecially i" 'hlebitis is 'rese!t:( This 'ro'erty is also ty'ical o" the cy'ress% #hich is the esse!ce i!dicated "or &aricose &ei!s( C!ution2 8O 4OT 'ut ?a&e!der o! bleedi! #ou!ds( *t is a!ti0 coa ula!t( Use it #he! bleedi! has sto''ed% as its re e!erati! 'o#er #ill reco!struct the tissue a!d e&e!tual scars #ill be much smaller( *" your childre! o"te! comes to you #ith bleedi! #ou!ds% you should al#ays ha&e ho!ey ready( Pour a little o! the #ou!d a!d it #ill sto' the bleedi! immediately( )!*ender4s fr!gr!nce h!s ! co forting !nd c!$ ing effect % e&e! 7ust "rom smelli! it( A"ter usi! it a "e# times o! your childre!% as soo! as you o'e! the bottle to cure them they #ill sto' cryi! ( *t is also &ery ood "or childre! #ho ha&e slee'i! di""iculties a!d+or a!)iety or !er&ous!ess( )!*ender is ost usefu$ for e$der$# "eo"$e because their &ital "orce is less 'o#er"ul a!d a!y dama e #ill ta$e a lo! er time to heal( ?a&e!der #ill hel' them to heal @uic$ly by addi! its o#! &ital "orce to theirs( ?a&e!der is a s'ecial i"t "or old a e( )!*ender is !$so !n !n!$gesic( *t is &ery e""ecti&e to'ically "or #ome!3s me!strual 'ai!s( 9A''ly ..-0.

dro' o" la&e!der #ith oli&e oil to calm 'ai!:% s#elli! 9le s% #ater rete!tio! #ith lym'hatic massa e:% headaches% co!&alesce!t 'eo'le "rom trauma% "rom sur ical o'eratio!s% #ou!ds% hair loss 9a "e# dro's o" it #ith oli&e oil or 'ure o! the hair a"ter #ashi! #he! still #et% stomach 'ai! "or babies 9massa e the belly #ith .0B dro's 'ure:% me!ses 'ai!% 'a!ic attac$s 9actors% be"ore 'er"orma!ces% 'ut o! chest to be calm:% 'er"ume the bed o" the child to slee' ood% a ai!st i!sects% rela)i! 9massa es:( Reco end!tion2 Choose la&e!der "or a!y 'roblem that you are !ot sure ho# to treat( 501 PEPPERMINT Pro"erties2 E)'ectora!t% a!al esic% a!ti'yretic% a!ti0emetic 9!ausea: Affinit# org!n2 lu! s% i!testi!e Fe!tures2 'uri"ies #ater S# "to s2 Heat Mi!t is o!e o" the most 'o#er"ul esse!ces( *t3s i!com'atible #ith homeo'athyC .idne#s0 *t is a diuretic( For $id!ey sto!es% a''ly the esse!ce o! the bac$ arou!d the area o" the $id!eys a!d ma$e a aromatic 'er"usio! 9see a''e!di):( INDICATIONS: bum's% hematomas% a!y $i!ds o" 'oiso!ous bites a!d 'oiso!ous 'la!ts% ear i!"ectio! 9.'e''ermi!t esse!ce i! the mi) <Me!tal S'ort= "or the treatme!t o" 'ai!( ?a&e!derAs 'ro'erty o" diluti! the blood is also ood "or headaches( For stretch mar$s% oli&e oil mi)ed #ith la&e!der is "a!tastic but e&e! 7ust oli&e oil alo!e #ill 're&e!t stretch mar$s( An other i "ort!nt "ro"ert# of )!*ender is that it is a!ti 'oiso!ous% that is% it3s ca'able o" !eutrali1i! a!imal+i!sect &e!om( The molecules o" la&e!der combi!e #ith the &e!om to !eutrali1e it( )!*ender h!s ! s"eci!$ !ffinit# for the .

8o !ot use the mi!t o! the body o" the !e#bor!% a!d dilute it i! oli&e oil "or small childre!( The smell o'e!s your lu! s( Mi!t is be!e"icial "or all ty'es o" res'iratory 'roblems% breathi! di""iculties a!d o'e!s a bloc$ed !ose( *t i&es "resh!ess a!d de'th o" breathi! a!d soothes irritated lu! s( Mi!t is the ideal remedy "or a !octur!al cou h caused by i!cessa!t irritatio! o" the bro!chi 9Fra!$i!ce!se oil may ha&e the same medici!al 'ro'erties i! the case o" to!sillitis a!d lary! itis:( Use a dro' o" mi!t o! a lum' o" su ar "or childre!% or 'ut a small amou!t o! the ti' o" your "i! er a!d a''ly it u!der your to! ue( Smo$ers #ho use it i! this #ay #ill breathe better duri! the !i ht a!d e)'el the mucus i! the mor!i! % elimi!ati! some o" the 'oiso! they i!haled duri! the day( O! the other ha!d% i! the case o" short!ess o" breath associated #ith a!)iety% mi!t i&es de'th a!d a !e# rhythm i! breathi! ( Mi!t is the $i! o" remedies "or headaches( Headaches are o"te! associated #ith three disorders: !ec$ a!d shoulder 'ai!% stomach 'ai! #ith or #ithout !ausea% a!d si!usitis( Ho#e&er it is less e""ecti&e "or other ty'es o" headaches% such as cluster% tri emi!al% etc( Al#ays use the mi!t "or all ty'es o" headaches% deali! #ith the 'ai! by a''lyi! it #here&er it is located 9!ec$% to' o" the head% side o" the head or "ace:( You ca! the! treat the other a""ected areas% massa i! the shoulders #ith the esse!ce a!d% i" the stomach is i!&ol&ed #ith 'ai! or !ausea% 'our B dro's 9o!ly o!e dro' "or small childre!: o! a su ar cube% or a s'oo! o" "ructose or a small 'iece o" bread the! s#allo# a!d ha&e a si' o" #ater( *t #ill be!e"it immediately the headache as #ell as ma$i! breathi! better a!d dee'er because #he! #e ha&e headaches #e te!d to close oursel&es u' i!side a!d shorte! our breathi! ( The mi!t also be!e"its si!usitis% !ot o!ly o" the headaches caused by this disease( DA''ly it i! the 'ure "orm o! the "orehead% es'ecially at .

!i ht be"ore bed( *t #ill clea!se the ca&ities o" the "ace co! ested #ith mucus% you #ill e)'el it i! the "ollo#i! mor!i! ( For childre! si!usitis% #et the ti' o" your "i! er #ith a little esse!ce a!d 'lace o! the "orehead abo&e the eyebro#s( Be care"ul o" the eyes( The! at !i ht #he! they are aslee'% #et the ti' o" your "i! ers a!d clea! them o! the "abric close to #here they are breathi! ( *t #ill hel' them breathe better% a!d hel' them to u!loc$ their !ose( Pe''ermi!t is a &ery stro! a!al esic #ith a lo! 0term e""ect% more durable tha! that o" la&e!der o! a!y ty'es o" 'ai!( For e)am'le% i! case o" sti! s "rom i!sects or bur!s% la&e!der i&es 'ai! relie" "or .mi!utes% a"ter #hich youAll !eed to 'ut more% #hile to ether #ith mi!t 9Me!tal S'orts: it has lasti! e""ects "or u' to . hours( *t is also e""ecti&e "or a toothache% i" you do!3t ha&e clo&e oil( The mi!t has the ability to rela) the muscles% a!d "or this reaso! it is used i! all the massa e oils "or athletes( 9See EMe!tal S'ortE: Mi!t is the best esse!ce a ai!st the Estomach ache(E 5ery o"te! the stomach ache is due to the co!tractio! o" the muscles o" the 'ylorus astric s'ecies% the actio! o" the muscle rela)a!t i! mi!t 'lays a! im'orta!t role as a! acid0re"lu)% di esti&e% a!d stomach 'ai! relie&er( Three dro's o" mi!t o! a lum' o" su ar or a 'iece o" bread% "ollo#ed by a si' o" #ater% #ill sto' all ty'es o" stomach aches @uic$ly 9B mi!utes:( The use o" this esse!tial oil is to 'rotect us "rom a!aemia associated #ith the use o" a!tacids a!d too o"te! u!reco !i1ed( Mi!t is the best esse!ce a ai!st !ausea a!d the best remedy "or mor!i! sic$!ess duri! 're !a!cy( 9Fust #et your "i! er #ith a little Ao" esse!ce% a!d i&e a little touch u!der your to! ue:( A!d Ai! "act Mi!t a!d ?emo! are the o!ly sce!ts that 're !a!t #ome! #ill e!7oy at all times( 5ery rarely #ill 'eo'le "i!d mi!t dis usti! % but i! this case you ca! use A!ise esse!tial oil i!stead o" mi!t "or u'set stomach% as #ell as astroeso'ha eal re"lu) a!d !ausea( Mi!t #ill lo#er the "e&er( .

in+ ucous e fi7!ti*e+ disinfect!nt 8r!nes+ 8ones .2 mi!utes the "e&er should dro's( 6he! "e&er ma$es the 'erso! "eels cold% the! use the esse!ce o" i! er% i!stead o" mi!t( Fe&er i! childre!: a&oid dru s to lo#er "e&er i" !ot absolutely !ecessary% because the "e&er is i! itsel" a de"e!ce a!d 'uri"icatio! o" the body as #ell as a! im'orta!t sym'tom that ca! i&e us &aluable i!"ormatio! o! the 'ro ress o" the course o" ill!ess( Fust $ee' the "e&er u!der co!trol% but do !ot try to sto' it( <U!der co!trol= mea!s that it should !ot be allo#ed to rise too hi h( Firstly remo&e bla!$ets a!d clothes% a!d a''ly ice or a s'o! e( Mi!t a!d i! er are also used to co!trol "e&er( Mi!t is the best esse!ce to 'uri"y #ater #he! you are tra&elli! #he! you thi!$ that the #ater is !ot 'ure( Add a dro' o" 'e''ermi!t 'er litre o" #ater% a!d sha$e #ell( The taste is delicious% it is e)tremely re"reshi! % thirst0@ue!chi! % a!d elimi!ate all harm"ul micro0 or a!isms that may be 'rese!t i! the #ater( APP?*CAT*O4S: "e&er #ith heat se!satio!% di""iculty i! breathi! % stomach 'ai!% muscle te!sio! 9#ith massa e:% all $i!ds o" headaches% acute 'ai! #ell locali1ed% si!usitis% !ausea% &omiti! % di11i!ess% &erti o% me!tal co!"usio!% !er&ous cou h% bro!chial cou h% #ater 'uri"icatio!( A touch o" mi!t u!der the to! ue is o"te! *MME8*ATE?Y e""ecti&e i! crises o" lary! os'asm% asthma% cou h% !ausea a!d &omiti! % sometimes 7ust smelli! it is e!ou h to sol&e some acute sym'toms( 9A ty'ical e)am'le is the !ausea o" 're !a!t #ome!:( B(FRAN(INCENSE Pro"erties2 &e!$ing of 6ounds+ c!$ciu Affinit# org!n2 the s. to 2 dro's o" mi!t( *! .There are .-0. ty'es o" "e&ers: i" the 'erso! "eels cold a!d #he! the 'erso! "eels hot( Mi!t is used "or the ty'e o" "e&er that ma$es you "eel hot% because it is cool a!d re"reshi! ( Massa e the "eet o" the 'erso! #ith .

+B times a day or more% this is the #ay #e #ill use it( Put the su ar i! the mouth a!d "ollo# #ith hot tea( *" the cou h is dry% #ith i!ce!se the mucus #ill li@ue"y a!d this #ill hel' to e)'el it "rom the lu! s a!d !ose( Also mi) it #ith oli&e oil a!d rub it o! the chest o" childre! #ho are cou hi! a!d ha&e cau ht a cold( The incense h!s "s#chic "ro"erties( 6ear it as a 'er"ume% s'read it o! the chest% a!d it #ill act as a 'rotectio! a ai!st the !e ati&e i!"lue!ces o" the 'eo'le( * $!o# that ma!y thera'ists a!d .Fe!tures2 !n7iet#+ night !res S# "to s2 6ounds Fra!$i!ce!se is the medici!e o" the Arabs( This substa!ce comes "rom a desert tree( The resi! s'routs #he! cuts are i!"licted o! the tru!$ a!d bra!ches( *t has the "u!ctio! o" 'rotecti! the #ou!d a ai!st a! attac$ o" bacteria a!d "u! us( *! biblical times Fra!$i!ce!se #as #orth its #ei ht i! old !ot because o" its !ice smell but rather because it is a li"esa&i! remedy( The 'roductio! o" Fra!$i!ce!se o! the 'la!et is &ery limited( Somalia a!d Oma! are 'roduci! most o" that small @ua!tity a!d it is @uic$ly sold a!d co!sumed( There"ore the 'rice o" Fra!$i!ce!se is rather hi h( The first "ro"ert# of incense is its ability to heal #ou!ds( You ca! use it success"ully "or all those #ou!ds that are di""icult to heal% such as ulcers o" the di esti&e tract% a!al "istulas% 'ressure sores a!d bur!s( The second "ro"ert# of incense is to treat the "lu% colds a!d i!"ectious diseases a!d all their sym'toms: cou h% sore throat% lary! itis% to!sillitis( The Arabs use to boil the resi! i! #ater a!d to dri!$ it "or all these 'roblems( Three dro's o" esse!tial oil o! a lum' o" su ar% .

in a!d has a re7u&e!ati! e""ect( For this 'ur'ose% you ca! use it as Cleo'atra did thousa!ds o" years a o( To ma$e your o#! re7u&e!ati! cream 7ust #ash your ha!ds #ith #ater% do !ot dry them but 'our .'sychothera'ists use it "or this 'ur'ose #ith satis"actio!% "ollo#i! my ad&ice( The night !res of chi$dren !nd !du$ts #ill disa''ear #he! "ra!$i!ce!se is used o! the chest% or 'er"ume o! 'y7amas be"ore slee'( Fr!n.incense is 8enefici!$ for !ture s.IN.2 mi!utes to a&oid ha&i! your "ace reasy( APP?*CAT*O4S: #ou!d heali! % stomach ulcers% blisters i! the mouth% "lu% cou h% sore throat% lary! itis% to!sillitis% a!y 'roblems i! the mouth such as bur!s% ulcers a!d i! i&itis% ood "or the e!tire di esti&e tract% !i htmares% s$i! care( 9 . dro's o" Fra!$i!ce!se i! a 'alm% add a "e# dro's o" oli&e oil% mi) i! the 'alms o" the ha!ds% rub the 'alms o" the ha!ds a!d 'ass this oil moisturi1er o! the "ace% !ec$ a!d ha!ds( The! you ca! #ash your "ace #ith soa' a!d #ater a"ter .ER Pro"erties2 !nti"#retic+ !nt!cid Affinit# org!n2 Digestive system Fe!tures: Dry cough S# "to s2: Everything that is cold Gi! er is o!e o" the ma7or 'la!ts i! Chi!ese medici!e a!d also i! Ayur&eda% as #ell as i! Arab a!d A"rica! traditio!al herbal medici!e( *t is o"te! used as a catalyser to bri! sy!er y to mi)tures o" di""ere!t 'la!ts( The u!der rou!d 'art o" the 'la!t is used a!d des'ite this ori i! it has the @ualities o" all s'ices% #ho are a co!ce!trate o" su!li ht e!er y% Gi! er li$e all s'ices has these @ualities: heat a!d dry!ess( .

i! er o! a lum' o" su ar:( INDICATIONS Flu a!d colds% cou hi! % "e&er% sore throat The fresh ginger root is the most e""ecti&e remedy "or heartbur!( Slo#ly che# or $ee' i! your mouth a small 'iece o" "resh i! er% the bur!i! #ill disa''ear i! 2 mi!utes( Usi! it 7ust a "e# times #ill cure com'letely this 'roblem e&e! thou h the 'erso! has had it "or years( :0 MENTA) SPORT ?a&e!der% Rosemary% 'e''ermi!t% ra'e"ruit . dro's "ra!$i!ce!se% .2 mi!utes the "e&er should dro' a!d the 'atie!t "eel better( Gi! er oil is be!e"icial "or #ea$!esses i! articulatio!% rheumatism a!d arthritis% es'ecially "or the $!ees 9.-I o" the esse!tial oil i! oli&e oil: For !ec$ 'ai! that causes headaches% use i! er there a!d i! a!y achi! 'art o" the body that "eels cold u!der the ha!d cold 9bac$% "orehead% etc(:( You ca! use i! er #ith "ra!$i!ce!se "or its sy!er istic actio! es'ecially "or osteo0articular disorders related to e)'osure to cold 9. to 2 dro's o" i! er( *! .-0.S'ices are co!ce!trates o" solar e!er y a!d they i&es heat to the body a!d to the soul( The "ro"ert# th!t 6e sh!$$ !in$# use "rom i! er is its heati! 'o#er% "or disturba!ces related to cold!ess a!d humidity( Flu a!d colds% cou hi! % "e&er% sore throatH a "e# dro's o" i! er i!to a cu' o" ho!ey to eat e&ery . hours% 'ure #ith a s'oo! or #ith hot tea( *t is a! easy #ay to cure the childre! because it is delicious a!d they lo&e it( *t #ill com'lete the e""ect o" Fra!$i!ce!se( Massa e the "eet #ith a "e# dro's "or the ty'e o" "e&er i! #hich the 'erso! "eels cold( Massa e the "eet o" the 'erso! #ith .

Pro"erties2 Musc$e re$!7!nt+ !n!$gesic Affinit# org!n2 muscular system Fe!tures: .urns2 a''ly the 'ure esse!ce immediately o! bur!s% the 'ai! #ill disa''ear i! .urns+ effecti*e in !cute gout# !rthritis S# "to s2 A$$ th!t 6hich is s6o$$en The older the Rosemary 'la!t% the stro! er it becomes( *! old a e it blooms #ith "lo#ers( The esse!ce stre! the!s a!d rei!"orces the #ea$ 'arts o" our body a!d our tired mi!d( Use it to rei!"orce the $!ees% articulatio!s #ith re ular a''licatio!s% a!d also the hair( Ment!$ S"ort is *er# tonic o! the body a!d "or the mi!d( Rosemary i&e it the 'ro'erty to stre! the! the body #ho has bee! #ea$e!ed by disease or i!7ury% Pe''ermi!t i&es it a!al esic 'ro'erties a!d soothi! e""ect o! the muscles( ?a&e!der ma$es it heali! by hel'i! i! the re'air o" dama ed tissues( For these reaso!s it is the 8est essence to use for !ss!ging the bac$% !ec$% le s% "eet% a!d shoulders( *t ma$es muscles stro! by massa i! them% a!d also stre! the!s articulatio!s #he! a''lied o&er them( It is 8!$s! ic !nd fresh+ it refreshes hot s'ots o" the body #hich are tired a!d s#olle!( Use o! the chest as a balsamic oil duri! the !i ht #he! someo!e is cou hi! or has a cold( Me!tal S'ort is a! e)celle!t to'ical a!al esic "or the 'ai! that seems to o!ly res'o!d 'artially to mi!t or la&e!der( *! our e)'erie!ce it seems to be ideal "or out 'ai! #ith immediate a!d lo! 0lasti! e""ects( *ts actio! as muscle rela)a!t is also 'articularly e&ide!t #he! #e use it "or muscle cram's as #ell as co!tractures i! e!eral: try it to belie&e itC 4ot so use"ul i! co!tractures o" lumbar dis$s due to her!ia% it is &ery use"ul i! cases o" muscle strai! but be care"ul% i" you ha&e a muscle tear a!d you use Me!tal 'ort% the co!tracture a!d the 'ai! #ill disa''ear ra'idly% but the muscle remai!s #ea$% i! this case you should remai! at rest u!til the muscle resumes its !atural to!e% at least three #ee$s( . mi!ute a!d they #ill heal @uic$ly( .

is our ost "o6erfu$ "roduct to cure the 6idest r!nge of he!$th "ro8$e s0 It 6!s designed origin!$$# !s !n !ntidote for "oisonous insects !nd fishes0 The ma7or da! er i! 'oiso!ous bites is !ot so much the 'oiso! itsel" as the 'ossible aller y o" a 'erso!( A si! le bee ca! $ill a! aller ic 'erso!( For this reaso!% #e use )!*ender+ #hich !eutralises the to)icity o" &e!oms% a!d .S"orts !nd .# : a''ly be"ore a!d a"ter e)ercisi! the areas that #ill be strai!ed% muscles or articulatio!s( They #ill ha&e more resista!ce a!d !o side e""ects #ill sho# u' "rom too much e)ertio!% such as muscle or articulatio! 'ai!( INDICATIONS2 Te!se muscles% hard 'oi!ts% shoulders% co!tracted muscles% cram's( Stre! the!s muscles a!d articulatio!s% headaches% a!al esic% s#olle! a!$les a!d le s% bur!s% bum's% me!tal tired!ess% hel's study( < ANTI S&AR( ?a&e!der% Gera!ium% Pe''ermi!t Pro"erties2 Anti-inf$! !tor#+ !nti-!$$ergic+ !nti-"oison Affinit# org!n2 the Fe!tures2 $ife-s!*ing S# "to s2 s6o$$enness+ redness+ itching+ "!in Use"ul "or a!ythi! that causes itchi! % all si !s o" i!"ectio! or i!"lammatio!% a!d all ailme!ts that seems too serious to be treated #ith aromathera'y 9see here a!d here: Anti sh!!niu % because it has a <cortiso!e0li$e= e""ect( Pe""er int com'letes the 'roduct #ith its stro! a!al esic 'ro'erties( Al#ays use it "or a!y $i!d o" i!sect bites% sti! s% "ish% medusa% as #ell as 'la!t sti! s a!d &e!oms li$e !ettles a!d i&y( .

s ost "recious "ro"ert# is !g!inst !$$ergies 9aller y0 related s$i! 'roblems% but also res'iratory aller ies a!d "ood aller ies: A!ti Shar$s #ill alle&iate a!y itchi! due to "ood aller ies or aller ic reactio!s( ( For the &a i!al itchi! 9!ot o" aller ic ori i!:% ho#e&er% it is 're"erable to a!other 're'aratio!% s'eci"ic "or #ome!% the EBoccioli!oE( For s$i! aller ies% a''ly it to the area co!cer!ed( For res'iratory aller ies% #et your "i! er #ith a little o" esse!ce% the! touch it u!der your to! ue( For "ood aller y #ith a rash all o&er the body% cure the sym'toms o" itchi! by s'readi! a "e# dro's o&er the #hole body #hile #et 9a"ter a sho#er: a!d eat B dro's o! a su ar cube( *t does !ot lose its e""ecti&e!ess i" it is diluted to .Anti sh!r.-I i! oli&e oil% "or e)am'le o! the ty'e o" catarrhal otitis e)ter!a or her'es 1oster i! early sta e( A!ti Shar$s is a stro! a!ti0i!"lammatory a!d has the ability to 'e!etrate dee'ly% "rom the s$i! sur"ace all the #ay to the i!"lamed tissues( A!ti Shar$s ma$es i!"ectio!s heal "aster such as abscesses or sim'le 'im'les% her'es or ca!$er sores( INDICATIONS2 Re'els i!sects% cures 'oiso!ous bites a!d sti! s% 'oiso!ous "ish% li$e medusas etc(% her'es 1oster% li' her'es% i!"ectio!s% i!"lammatio!s% itchi! % red s#olle!!ess% s$i! disease% ec1ema% s$i! i!"ectio!s% ri! #orm% boils a!d 'im'les% 7u&e!ile ac!e% i!testi!e #orms% ear i!"ectio! a!d ache% all ty'es o" itchi! % all ty'es o" aller ies% res'iratory a!d s$i! aller ies( ACCESSORY ESSENCES FOR DAILY USE .

both for prevention and for pleasure and health. BOCCIOLINO Tea tree% Patchouli% ?a&e!der% Gera!ium% Clary Sa e% Myrrh% Cy'ress Pro"erties2 8isi!"ecta!t Affinit# org!n2 the uri!ary a!d e!itouri!ary system a!d the di esti&e system Fe!tures2 a'hrodisiac% a!ti"u! al% ec1ema Boccioli!o is a com'ositio! o" esse!tial oils ori i!ally desi !ed "or daily i!timate hy ie!e( *t has a! a!tise'tic% "u! icide% heali! a!d deodora!t e""ect( *t bala!ces hormo!es( You ca! use it "or daily hy ie!e a!d i!timate "ra ra!ce "or me! a!d #ome!% but use it es'ecially a"ter the me!strual "lo# to bala!ce a!d stimulate the hormo!al system( Boccioli!o ca! be used to assist the treatme!t i!: 'reme!strual te!sio!% me!o'ause% &a i!itis% % ame!orrhea% dysme!orrhoea% leucorrhoea% ec1ema% &a i!al itchi! a!d sores a!d ca! be used i! 're !a!cy( *ts tale!t 'redomi!a!tly seems to be a!tise'tic% rebala!ci! o" the bacterial "lora both i!ter!al a!d to'ical( Pro&e! e""ecti&e i! the case o" uri!ary tract i!"ectio!s a!d 're&e!tio! o" i!"ectio!s i! case o" hematuria 9blood i! uri!e: or "or treatme!t o" the sym'toms o" chro!ic 'rostatitis 9so !otoriously di""icult to eradicate by commo! a!tibiotic substa!ces:( 6e success"ully tested it as a treatme!t "or t#o ty'es o" i!testi!al i!"ectio!s: i!"ecti&e to)i!s 9&ery use"ul #he! tra&elli! : a!d those related to a!tibiotic use #ith a!ti0microbism 9such as 'seudo . They are also able to cure serious ailments in a fast and effective way and are free from side effects for diseases whose conventional treatments available otherwise often come with multiple serious side effects.Some essences are useful for so many problems that they are used daily or at least regularly.

dro's o" #ater o! #et "i! ers a!d s'reads( 5a i!al Sores: 'our or s'read directly o! the #ou!d or . tables'oo!s o" yo urt i! la&e!der i!side( Ca!dida: 2 dro's mi)ed #ith . to B dro's( .days( . dro's o! #et "i! ers #ith #ater a!d s'read #ell o! the area( For 'reme!strual te!sio!% cystitis% 'rostatitis% me!o'ause% &a i!itis% itchi! % ame!orrhea% dysme!orrhea% leucorrhea: a''ly .days( For cystitis a!d 'rostatitis also ta$e B dro's o! a lum' o" su ar t#ice a day "or a #ee$ the! o!ly i! the e&e!i! to com'lete J. hours the! ri!se B times a day% a!d this allo#s you to elimi!ate the use o" a!tibiotics a!d 'ai!$illers a"ter such sur ery( Furthermore% the heali! o" tissues occurs i! a reduced time( Bacetto addresses ma!y o" the 'roblems o" the oral ca&ity% um i!"ectio!s% 'eriodo!tal disease% bad breath% sore throat% colds a!d "lu% to!sillitis% lary! itis% a!d also cou h a!d bro!chitis( *t ca! be used i! ar li! as #ell or o! a lum' o" su ar accordi! to the case 9#ith su ar "or small childre!:( The @ua!tities i! all cases is . tables'oo!s o" yo urt i! la&e!der i!side "or J. dro's 2 dro's mi)ed #ith .ACETTO Fe!!el% Fra!$i!ce!se% Gi! er% Clo&es% Ore a!o Pro"erties2 A!ti0i!"lammatory% a!al esic% disi!"ecta!t Affinit# org!n2 the buccal ca&ity a!d 'hary!) Fe!tures2 a ai!st halitosis Bacetto #as i!itially desi !ed "or use a"ter mouth sur ery( Use it e&ery .membra!ous colitis:( *t also has a! a!ti"u! al e""ect to'ically o! the s$i! a ai!st a #ide &ariety o" "u! al i!"ectio!s( 4otes: Boccioli!o may stimulate the libido( APP?*CAT*O4S: For hy ie!e e&eryday me! a!d #ome!: a''ly .

(: Esse!ces "or s'eci"ic disturba!ces Some esse!ces * use to cure o!ly o!e ty'e o" disease or disturba!ce( They are &ery use"ul "or . reaso!s: the "irst o!e is that the disturba!ce is &ery commo! 9arthritis "or i!sta!ce:K a!d the seco!d reaso! is that the disturba!ce itsel" is &ery 'ai!"ul althou h !ot li"e e!da! eri! 9toothache "or i!sta!ce:( ARTRI' . or . dro's o! the brush% mor!i! a!d e&e!i! ( This esse!ce is also used i! the same #ay to sto' tooth decay a!d relie&e toothache( Bacetto ca! cure halitosis because o" its 'o#er"ul a!d delicious "ra ra!ce #hich is a &ery e""ecti&e oral deodora!t( Ho#e&er the cure o" this disorder is i! the actio! that the esse!ces a''ear to ha&e o! the di esti&e system #here the root o" this 'roblem lies( 6he! halitosis is caused by i!"ectio!s i! the ca&ities or i! the ums% Bacetto is also e""ecti&e( Use i! ri!si! the mouth 9. or . or .For um hy ie!e% Bacetto has disi!"ecta!t 'ro'erties a!d a!al esic 'ro'erties( *t is used "or um i!"ectio!s such as 'yorrhea% i! #hich case o!e should ri!se the mouth or 'lace . dro's: e&ery hour u!til you "eel better( APP?*CAT*O4S: 'ost0sur ery care o" the oral ca&ity% commo! cold% "lu% to!sillitis% lary! itis% sore throat% bro!chitis% um i!"ectio!s% halitosis Ha&e a mouth ri!se or ar le #ith Bacetto: 'our a "e# dro's o" the esse!ce i! your mouth% the! ta$e a si' o" #ater 7ust e!ou h to ri!se or ar le #ith 9do !ot 'our the dro's i! the lass:( For emer e!cy halitosis a!d smo$er3s breath: Pour a dro' o" the esse!ce o! the toothbrush or o! the ti' o" a "i! er a!d #i'e the ums a!d teeth . dro's: daily( Bacetto hel's 're&e!t a!d treat colds% sore throat% cou h% bro!chitis a!d i!"lue!1a( Use i! a ar le 9.

-I% there #ill be !o decrease i! its thera'eutic e""ect( This com'ou!d is e""ecti&e i! all ty'es o" arthritis "rom traumatic both acute a!d chro!ic to autoimmu!e #ith a co!sta!t a!al esic e""ect( For bo!e micro traumas% its actio! seems to be heali! a!d !ot o!ly a!al esic i! the strict se!se( E&e! co)arthrosis 9osteoarthritis o" the hi's i! older i!di&iduals: seems res'o!d 'ositi&ely to this 're'aratio! #he! a''lied o! the roi!% 're'ared at 2-I i! oli&e oil( *ts e""ecti&e actio! has a &ery lo! term( A""$ic!tions All 7oi!t diseases o" a!y $i!d a!d locatio! diluted i! oli&e oil .I( CYPRESS Pro'erties: To!ic% hormo!al &asoco!strictor A""i!ity or a!: the &e!ous system Features: haemorrhoids% &aricose &ei!s Cy'ress is e)celle!t "or relie&i! the sym'toms o" haemorrhoids% a!d o"te! @uic$ly reduces the sym'toms u!til com'lete heali! ( *ts actio! is immediate a!d stu!!i! ( .Pro"erties2 An!$gesic Affinit# org!n2 osteo!rticu$!r s#ste Fe!tures2 s !$$ doses !re sufficient S# "to s2 =oint "!in Elderly 'eo'le #ho ha&e tried this esse!ce $ee' it li$e a ood luc$ charm( 6e started to test the e""icacy o" this com'ou!d more o! the 'ai!s i! the 7oi!ts a!d A?? articulatio!s% be"ore the commo! arthritis 9sore bo!es that accom'a!y se!esce!ce% de"ormati&e arthritis o" the e)tremities: !oti! that its e""ecti&e!ess de'e!ds &ery little o! the co!ce!tratio!( By diluti! it #ith oli&e oil to ..

oo..Mi) cy'ress #ith oli&e oil% dilute a!d add L dro's o" clo&e oil( Sha$e it &ery #ell% u!til it becomes #hite( Ma$e a mouth #ash #ith o!e "ull bottle ca'( *t disi!"ects teeth% $ills bacteria a!d sto's i!"ectio!( .dro's 'er .ml o" oil( The solutio! should be a''lied o! haemorrhoids e&ery time the 'erso! oes to the bathroom% a"ter #ashi! #ith #ater 9a!d o!ly dryi! #ith toilet 'a'er:( 6he! the case is at a! ad&a!ced sta e a!d there is bleedi! % a''ly also a little "ra!$i!ce!se a!d .s2 .-.-I i! oli&e oil i! the case o" 'rostatic hy'ertro'hy #ith reductio! o" PSA &alues( The Cy'ress is use"ul "or "emale hormo!al 'roblems: irre ular me!strual cycle or its abse!ce% e)cess or scarcity o" the me!struatio!% me!o'ause a!d its sym'toms% etc(( A!y treatme!t o" aromathera'y o" these issues should start a''lyi! cy'ress a!d oli&e oil o! the outside a!d may sol&e the 'roblem strai ht a#ay( APP?*CAT*O4S: haemorrhoids% &aricose &ei!s% &aricocele% me!strual disorders( C)OVE *t is &ery im'orta!t to ha&e clo&e oil o! ha!dC Clo&e oil is your de!tist i! a bottle( *t #ill immediately calm toothaches% #ill sto' tooth i!"ectio!% a!d cure halitosis( Ta$e a small em'ty bottle such as those o" so"t dri!$s: clea! it% "ill it a third #ith #ater 9.-I i! oli&e oil( Positi&e results are comi! to us "rom usi! . dro' o" Pe''ermi!t diluted i! oil i! the same #ay( Cy'ress is use"ul i! sym'tomatic remissio! o" &aricocele 9i! "irst a!d seco!d sta es but !ot i! sur ery sta e:% a!d #or$s #ell o! &aricose &ei!s% diluted to .

-I dilutio! mea!s o" oli&e oil% or 2dro's i! hal" ou!ce o" oli&e oil( Di$ution in hone#: 're'are i! a cu' 2 small s'oo!"ul o" li@uid ho!ey% add .dro's o" esse!ce i! c!n 8e "urch!sed !t2 htt':++###('ro"umo(it+'er"ume+'rodotto(as'M'idN2-O/ You may a''ly the i!"ormatio! shared therei! "or your o#! be!e"it a!d "or curi! others% #ithout ha&i! to 'urchase our $it( You ca! ma$e your o#! <Mental sport= a!d <Anti shark”% as the i! redie!ts are #ritte! a!d !othi! is le"t out( Ho#e&er% my ad&ice is to at least 'urchase the $it o!e time i! order to ha&e a sta!dard o" @uality that #ill ma$e you able to com'are the @uality o" our esse!ces #ith that o" your su''liers( *" you "eel you are !ot able to reco !i1e the @uality o" the esse!ces by com'ari! their smells% you ca! also co!trol the @uality o" the e""ect o" such esse!ces% a!d ma$e sure that they are #or$i! 'ro'erly( The heali! 'ro'erties o" esse!ces de'e!d o! their @uality( Heali! #ith aromathera'y is &ery easy% but "i!di! ood @uality esse!tial oils is &ery di""icult( AdesSalaam Attar Com'oser Per"umer APPENDI'2 Aro !tic "erfusion2 'ut . to 2 dro's o! the i!!er 'art o" the le"t elbo# a!d massa e it #ith you ri ht #rist "or a mi!ute u!til it is all absorbed by the s$i!( Re'eat #ith the other elbo# a!d #rist( Di$ution in o$i*e oi$: o!e ram o" esse!ce is made o" about J.The Fragrant Pharmacy by 5alerie A!! 6or#ood The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Fulia ?a#less Our .to 2.dro's( A .dro's o" i! er esse!ce% mi) e!er etically u!til the ho!ey ta$es a #hitish color( .

Mouth 6!sh or g!rg$e2 Pour . dro's o" esse!ce directly i! the mouth% ha&e a si' o" #ater a!d ar le or ha&e the mouth #ash( .

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