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View Full Version : Azra - A Barbie Doll

Amit Shukla
04-12-2006, 06:06 PM
First let me describe myself, I am 5 8 tall, very fair complexion, smiling cute
face, well built body and thick throbbing cock of 8. During my college days every
girl looked for a chance to talk with me but at that time I was very much
attracted towards aunties due to their plump bodies, big and sexy boobs and
swinging ass oh I love to touch it and spraying my cum all over it.

Now without wasting time I am going to narrate this true incident. We are living
in one of the posh area of Lahore and our family is business oriented but my dad
is very strict person regarding relations among cousins and male female friends.
During my college days I came to know about sex world through my friends and xxx
movies. From that day I was attracted towards woman rather than young girls.

In our neighbors we have England return family and the head of the family was in
Kuwait working as computer engineer. Her wife was living there with her 2
daughters who were in class 7 and 9 respectively. Her name was Azra and she was
dead gorgeous woman and her age was not more than 32. She was like Barbie doll and
her figure was sexier than 20 year old virgin girl. Her great asset was her
swinging ass, which was bit outward than normal and when she walks it jiggles like
jelly and every man wants to eat it. I was the lucky person who got the chance to
fuck her after his husband. I always fantasize to clutch her from behind and
insert my hard cock right in the middle of her ass crack and by luck my this
fantasy came true after few months.

That was winter days and she came from England after having vacations. Her house
was in front row and there was a single street between our homes. In our area
houses are quite big and no one knows that what is happening in someones home. My
family has good terms with her family and we usually visit each other. This time
she was alone and her daughters remained there and she came for selling her home.
For this purpose she told my mom that she wants me to do this job as I have sound
contacts in area. I readily accepted this assignment and met with her in her home.
We were alone and she was telling me about her home and demand money for selling
but I was not interested in anything. I was staring at her gorgeous boobs and they
were looking like milk jugs. She also noticed it but did not say anything. Then I
got up and left her home with the hope of sucking those gorgeous melons.

Next morning she called me and told me that she received an offer from some
property dealer for her home, I said that wait for me and I am coming. I went
there after half an hour and when I entered she just came out from washroom and
water was dripping from her hairs making her silky body visible from her see
through dress. She was wearing red bra. I was stunned to see this marvelous
beauty, she was looking more sexy than before. I also saw lust and invitation in
her eyes. I thought this is the best chance to fuck this gorgeous beauty and
satisfy my thirst. She went to kitchen for making tea and I rushed towards her
room and sniffed her bra and panty, the smell made me crazy and my Lun tried to
come out from my jeans and it was really painful for me to hold it. I opened my
zip and started masturbating thinking Azras ass screwing by me. I was unaware the
fact that she was watching me from behind, when I loaded my semen in her panty I
got bit relaxed and cover myself. When I came in sitting room she was waiting for
me for having a cup of coffee. She served me coffee and I was staring her white
milky tits cuz her dress was open from boob area and her boobs were trying to come
out from her red lacy bra.

She was smiling continuously and she asked me what I was doing in her room, I
became bit shy because this was my first time in front of a woman under such
situation. I told her that I was doing nothing but she went inside and bring her
panty soaked with my semen. I became bit nervous but to my surprise she opened her
panty and tasted my cum. I was shocked to see her action, she said I always love
to eat young germs and your cum is very tasty and salty so give me more.

Hearing this I jumped at her and started to remove her dress. I kissed her and
started stripping her and she stripped me. My monster was trying to tear off my
jeans and it was becoming very painful for me. She immediately knelt and took my
cock in her mouth and started sucking as I was about to cum I stopped her, lay her
on the carpet and started kissing her from her head downwards, her lips then her
neck, then her 36B boobs, I licked and sucked for some time and then slowly my
tongue was moving downwards and I was getting her hot and impatient. I stopped for
some time at her navel and she pushed my head down towards her wet juicy and
neatly trimmed cunt. As I reached it I spread her cunt lips wide and pushed my
tongue almost halfway in her pussy, she started screaming and she pushed my head
in more, she then wanted to stop me as she was about to cum, but I wanted her
juices so I continued and she came in a spurt and I sucked her juices. Then she
took my cock in her mouth licked my balls and with most of my cock in her mouth I
started to cum, she took some of in her mouth and removed my cock and made me
spray the rest on her face.
Amit Shukla
04-12-2006, 06:10 PM
Wow this was the greatest orgasm I ever had. We relaxed for sometime then she
asked what I like the most in her body I answered that fucking your Gand is my
fantasy. Her face become blush and she said then its a chance to fulfill your
fantasy. She brought her hands under her belly and untie her shalwar and slightly
lowered it down. As I saw her sexy naked hips my lund became full erected. She
said not so soon you have to massage me first then I dipped my right hand finger
in oil and slowly placed on her hips. Her body was warm and shivering. I touched
her gand with my oily finger. Oh! Her hole was very hot. With my touch at her gand
she shivered more and sighed and caught the cushion of sofa with her hands. I
started rubbing her gand with my finger in circles. Firstly she stiffened her body
but after few minutes she relaxed. My lund was in full swing and started aching in
my trousers. With my other hand I unzipped my trousers and brought my lund out. By
now she was relaxed and was enjoying. She started moving her hips left right very
slowly. I increased pressure with me finger on her hole gradually. I noticed that
she had gripped the cushions more tightly. Slowly the tip of my finger entered in
her gand. She moaned and tightened her body. I pressed my finger more and
succeeded in entering the upper joint of my finger inside her. It was too hot. I
kept moving my finger in circles in her gand. After few minutes she again relaxed
her body and started moving her hips slowly to and fro. Then I asked her may I
apply oil deep inside? she said in a sexy voice you promised to give me maximum
pleasure I said I stand on my words I will do anything to please you I just want
to apply oil deep inside you It will hurt me and Ill feel pain she said without
facing towards me. I said Ill apply maximum oil and will do it very slowly. Ill
stop if you feel pain with thi s I stood up and removed my all clothes. My lund
was full erected, thick and very hard.

I poured oil on my lund and made it fully lubricated. She was still in the same
position. I lowered her shalwar more so that it fell down on carpet. Now her whole
hips and thighs were naked. I positioned behind her and rolled her shirt up. Now
her beautiful gand was in front of me. With both of my hands I apart her
mountains. Her hole was very tiny and pink in colour. I asked her to apart her bum
with her hands. She brought her hands at her back and apart her bums. Now it was a
very lovely view. I looked a little down at her cunt. My lund became more erected
as I love trimmed cunt. Then I poured some oil on her hole and placed my lund on
it. With the touch of my lund she shivered and stiffened her body and said please
do it slowly, dont hurt me I started moving my lund in circles on her gand. I did
it for about five minutes meantime my precum mixed with oil and made it more
lubricated. Then I felt that she had relaxed. I started pressing my lund slowly in
her hole. She tightened her body again. I kept pressure of my lund on her hole and
moved it up and down slowly. I continued it for three minutes then she relaxed her
body again. This was the chance; I pressed my lund with thumb and finger. By now
her gand had become very lubricated and as her body was relaxed my lund make a way
into her hole and its head buried in her gand. She said ooeeeeeee with pain and
removed her hands from her gand and held cushions to absorb pain. As the head of
my lund entered her tight gand, it felt very hot inside her and the view of my
lunds head buried in her gand was so sexy, I became so horny and excited that I
held her bums and apart them and gave a strong push to my lund in her gand. She
tried to tightened her gand and said no nnnnn please but she was late. As my lund
and her gand were so lubricated, my full lund entered her gand in one jerk. Oh!
She was so tight that my lund felt slight pain due to tightness of her gand. She
screamed and cry in a loud voice ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee mmmmm hi I will
die. ooeeee my gand will tear in part.

Her voice was so high that I afraid her neighbours may not heard. I tried to place
my hand on her mouth but she buried her face deep in cushions and kept crying and
saying u have tear my ass, ohhhh I will die please let this monster out from my
Gand. I slowly squeezed her huge boobs with both hands they were very hard and her
nipples were erected. Then I bowed down and kissed on her neck. My lund was
feeling her hard shit inside her gand. She again requested please I will die with
draw it. I pressed her boobs a little hard and while licking on her ears said u
demanded maximum pleasure and for this you have to pay the price

She brought her left hand towards her gand and touched my lund and said uff its
too thick, it has torn my ass and I feel its burning inside I squeezed her boobs
more tightly and licked on her ears and said is it so thick? She said not only
thick but also burning like fire I moved my lund slightly in her gand and she
screamed oh no please dont move its paining like hell, keep it inside and dont

She turned her face towards me and with her right hand she held my head and
brought closer to her face and kissed on my face and again touched my lund with
left hand and said your cock is so thick and long also my husband doesnt have such
a monster. Her filthy talks made me horny and I tried to move my lund in her gand.
Her gand was so tight that that my lund was unable to move. She shouted with pain
and said plz dont move I will die with pain keep as it is and take sometime so
that my ass will use to of this monster. I said ok I moved my hand under her belly
and placed my palm on her cunt. As she felt my touch on her cunt she shivered and
moaned and said what you say this part? I pressed her cunt and the apart outer
lips and said cunt. She turned her face and kissed and entered her tongue in my
mouth. We did a long kiss. she said it is also called as phuddy I said yes She
again kissed me After hearing this I loosed my control. I gripped her boobs very
tightly and pulled my lund out. As my half lund became out I pushed it in her with
great force. She started crying ooeee haeee no ummmm ohhhhh, please dont move this
monster but I didnt listen to her and started fucking her gand madly. She
collapsed on sofa I continued fucking without listening her and held her hips with
my hands bringing her closer to me and started more fast. During fucking my lund
was touching her hard shit inside her gand which after some time felt soft. By
then she had also controlled her pains and started moving her gand with my motion
which showed that she had started enjoying, With my jerks her shit became more
soft and it started oozing out when my lund was moving out.
Amit Shukla
04-12-2006, 06:10 PM
By then I was about to come I held her boob again with right hand and placed left
hand on her phuddi and said oh dear I am cuming She brought her hands towards my
back and held my hips and kissed me and said now its really a fun discharge inside
my gand fill my ass with that I gave few final stokes and exploded in her gand
when my lund was full inside her. She also reached her orgasm and my hand became
wet with her phuddy juices. I laid on her back for few minutes and then I pulled
my lund out. It came out with a pucch sound and her shit also came out. My lund
was fully coated with her shit. She immediately got up and rushed towards
bathroom. After few minutes I followed her and entered the bathroom.

There we took bath together and after that I was about to leave but she did not
allow me to leave. I promised to come back again. She lived there for a week and
then sold her house. I fucked her in almost all possible positions and everywhere
at home, in kitchen, bathroom, terrace, dining table and she also gave me
marvelous blow job in my car while driving. She left the place and went to UK
leaving the most sexy and memorable moments of our fucking sessions. We are still
in contact through e-mail and sms.