November 31, 2008: Sister Linda Jackson, Purevsuren Nyamaa, and Bat-Oyun Khayankhuu visited The National Archives and Mongolian Civil/Civic Records. CIVIL RECORDS: We talked with the Vice-Chairman, Bat-Erdene Jambal. He was pleased to help us with any questions or concerns we might have about Mongolian genealogy. To summarize our visit: We were given their book with all the forms in it, and price sheets for all the different records: birth, death, marriage, adoption, fetal death and still-born death records. He also told me that they are in the process of printing a pamphlet on how to research your proper TRIBE name. They will have an education program to teach the Mongolian people how to identify their proper TRIBE name which is on their National I.D. card, which they must carry with them at all times. He shared with us that only 37% of the Mongolians have identified their proper TRIBE name. They are also in the process of digitizing all the Civil records to make available on line. There needs to be however, permission granted by the government, because of privacy concerns, before they can publish them on the internet and make them available for everyone to research. ARCHIVES RECORDS: We discussed with the Vice-Director, Erdenebat Minjuur, who was most cooperative. He called in a TRIBE history professor who explained a lot about the history of

genealogy in Mongolia. The different census records, some in late 1800 and more recently 1918, 1923, 1933, and 1944 are recorded in the old Mongolian script. Records recorded after 1956 and upwards are recorded in Cyrillic. All of these census records are available for research. INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH: This is the procedure if you live in Mongolia and wish to do the Family History/Genealogy research by YOURSELF:

Go to the Archives Office in Ulaanbaatar with your National I.D. card each time. Their office is located at: Zaluuchuud Avenue 8, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar 210645, Mongolia. First pay a fee ( 3,000 T for a month’s use; you will need to make an appointment a day ahead, for each time you return during that same month for your research). Refer to the price sheet listed in FaceBook under the Archives information for various services they offer. After paying the fee, you will probably be given an appointment for the next day, at which time, you will be given the records in a private room, where you may photograph and record the information (take your own camera). Refer to the price sheet in FaceBook under the Archives information for various services. YOU WILL NEED TO SEARCH THE RECORDS YOURSELF.





HOWEVER, the Mongolian Mission Family History Center will be glad to assist you with this. We have an agreement with the Archives whereby they will request your search be performed by their researchers. Our number is 460290 ext 753. We will need you to include in your request, a telephone number or email address the Archives can notify you of the research cost and when you may pick it up at their offices.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF MONGOLIA, you may fax your Archives Request directly to our office: FAX# 976-11460290. When we receive your fax we will then call the Vice-Director of the Archives to notify him your request has been faxed to their office He will then notify the Archive researchers. If you live outside of Mongolia, please include the phone number and name of one of your relatives who can be contacted. The Archives will notify them of the research cost and when they may pick it up.

WHEREVER YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD, you can find a FH Center in your area by typing in a search: You may enter your Family History/Genealogy in a PAF computerized program; which is available FREE to everyone. If you have a computer in your home, you may download the PAF program FREE at It is available in about eight different languages. Go to the Help Menu and select the option: Lessons and make sure you are connected to the internet. The lessons are interactive and explain the different options and directions of use for the PAF program.

Mongolian Mission Family History Centers are located in both Ulaanbaatar and Erdenet. The computerized Family History/Genealogy PAF program may also be available in the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Branch or Ward FH Center in your city. Ask the local Branch President/Ward Bishop who the Family History Consultant is in your area and contact them to help you record your family’s information in the PAF computer program. They will be happy to assist you.