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EME Technologies

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company

Believe in Quality

Mob. 95698-06826 92168-78188

Trainer Profile :
Why to join EME Technologies for 6 Months / 6 Weeks Industrial Training?

Er. Sunil Bhutani (Director) B.Tech(CSE), M.Tech(IT), MBA(IT) CERTIFIED : SCJP, MCPD-EA GATE Qualified : 7 Times (2007-2013) Ex. Employee: IBM, ACCENTURE E-Mail Id:

F Professional / Experienced Trainers with Best Study material to deliver the best

Industrial Training.
F Excellent Placement records in IT Companies with approx. 60-70% placements. F First 15 Days of training will be dedicated to C Language & Aptitude for written test

preparation for placements.

F Provide Interview Questions PPT related to each Technical topic. F Conduct couple of seminars on Technical Interview & HR Interview Preparations. F Conduct Technical Online Test in each Technology, to evaluate the Trainee

Performance. F Laptop Lab F E - Library Facility NOTE : We provide the following Certificate to our trainee: F 6 months Industrial Training. F 6 months Experience Certificate on LIVE projects.


EME Technologies
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company
Core Java Installation & Hello World Program Unary Operators & Control Statements Boxing & Unboxing Arrays Basics on Methods Simple Class & Object Static Variable Management (Forward Reference Issue) Memory Management-Heap/Stack Static Initialization Block(SIB) Using Static Members in different classes Instance Initialization Block(IIB) Mixing Static, Non-Static Members Inheritance Constructor Chaining this & super Keyword final keyword Packages Access Specifiers Polymorphism Auto up casting & Explicit down casting Abstract class & Interface Exception Handling Jar file CLASSPATH Javap, javadoc Enums Static imports Annotations ANT Wrapper Classes Generics Classes, Interfaces & Methods Inner Classes Command Line Arguments, Scanner Class Strings String Basics Usage of String Methods StringBuilder & StringBuffer Threads Threads-Basics Synchronization Deadlock Inter Thread Communication Thread Lifecycle Object class toString & equals hash code & clone Reflection API Collection API Collections Class List & Array List Set & Map Stack & Queue File Handling File Reader and writer Streams Customizing S.O.P APPLET Event Handling AWT SWING HTML, CSS & JavaScript SQL MySQL Installation SQL-Basic(DDL,DML,TCL,DCL) Basic Function Keys & Constraints (PK,FK,CK,SK,RIC) Joins JDBC JDBC Basics Using Type 1 & Type 4 drivers ResultSetMetaData & DataBaseMetaData Transaction Usage PreparedStatement Stored Procedure & Callable Statements JDBC 2.0 features JDBC 3.0 features
Believe in Quality

Advance Java Servlets with Tomcat Tomcat Installation Static & Dynamic Web Applications Request Parameter Management Welcome file, init parameters Servlets Life Cycle Development in eclipse with RequestDispatcher sendRedirect Request Attribute Management Session Management Hidden Form Fields url-rewriting Cookies HttpSession Filters Request Headers Response Headers Security Controller & Connection Pool JSP Java server pages (JSP) JSP Introduction JSP Life Cycle JSP Tags Implicit Objects Jsp Beans JSP with DB Cookie & Session Standard Actions Custom Tags MVC Architecture AJAX Introduction to AJAX XMLHttpRequest Object Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest AJAX in web application

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Front End: JSP Controller: Servlets with XML Backend: MySQL Architechture: MVC

Branch Office : SCF 38, 2nd Floor, Main Market, Phase-7, Mohali.

Phone No. 95698-06826 | 92168-78188

Struts 2.x HelloWorld Blank Application Resource Bundle Client Side & Server Side Validation Exception Handling Interceptors Tiles Struts Programs with DB (CRUD) State Management in Struts Hibernate Need of ORM Basics steps to dev CRUD in Hibernate Lazy Loading and Eager Loader Different types of generators Composite PK development Components Mapping Polymorphic Mappings Association Mappings EJB RMI Need for EJB Types of EJB's Developing Stateless Session Bean Developing State Full Session Bean Entity Bean Bean Managed Persistence Container Managed persistence Spring Introduction to Spring Spring Architecture Understanding about AOP, IOC & DI Spring with DB Spring with MVC

Android Basics Introduction to Android What is Android? Setting up development environment Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apkfile extension Application Structure AndroidManifest.xml Activity/services/receiver declarations Resources & Values strings.xml Layouts &Drawable Resources Activities and Activity lifecycle First sample Application Deploying sample application on a real device Emulator-Android Virtual Device Launching Emulator Editing Emulator Settings Emulator shortcuts Logcat usage Introduction to DDMS File explorer Android Debug Bridge(adb) tool Second App. : (switching between activities) Develop an app. for demonstrating the communication between Intents Basic UI Design Form widgets, Text Fields, Layouts RelativeLayout TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout Nested layouts Adapters and Widgtes Adapters : ArrayAdapters BaseAdapters Example - Efficient Adapter ListView and ListActivity Custom listview Menu Option menu, Context menu, Sub menu

Intents (in detail) Explicit Intents, Implicit intents SQLite Programming SQLite Programming SQLiteOpenHelper SQLiteDatabase Cursor Content providers Defining and using content providers Reading and updating Contacts Tabs and TabActivity Styles & Themes styles.xml colors.xml- declaring colors Drawable resources for shapes, gradients(selectors) Shapes drawablesState drawables Multimedia Using the Camera Adding Sound & Video to Application Notifications Broadcast Receivers Services and notifications Toast Alarms Advanced Topics Android Graphics (2D, Animations) Live Folders Using sdcards Reading and writing XML Parsing Including external libraries in our application Maps via intent and MapActivity GPS,Location based Services Accessing Phone Services(Call,SMS,MMS) Network Connectivity Services Sensors

Total Online Java Test approx.:25 to 30 Total Practical Program approx.: 300 to 350

Total Online Android Test approx.: 25 to 30 Total Practical Program approx.: 300 to 350

Head Office : SCO 112-113, 4th Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

E-Mail Id : Website :

C# 4.0 .NET Introduction C# 4.0 Introduction to .NET Framework Visual Studio 2010 Installation Hello World Program Unary Operators & Control Statements Boxing & Unboxing Arrays Functions / Methods Object Oriented Programming Classes & Objects Structure & Enums Static Variable Management Memory Management Heap/Stack Mixing Static, Non-Static Members Inheritance Constructor Chaining, this & base Keyword sealed Keyword Access Specifiers Polymorphism Auto Up Casting & Explicit Down Casting Abstract Class & Interface Exception Handling Multi-Threading Advanced C# Delegates Event Handling Partial Classes Collection Classes Generics Classes Feature of C# 4.0 Dynamic Programming Named Parameters Optional Parameters Covariance & Contravariance HTML, CSS & JavaScript HTML 4.01 & HTML 5 Basics Form Development CSS Implementation Form Validations Real Time Examples in JavaScript Sql Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 Installation SQL-Basic (DDL,DML,TCL,DCL) Basic Functions Keys & Constraints (PK,FK,CK,SK,RIC) Sub Queries Stored Procedure Joins Views Backup & Recovery Security Analysis Service Reporting Service Integration Service ASP.NET 4.0 using C#.NET Introduction to ASP.NET ASP.NET Standard Controls Redirect() & Transfer() Method Validation Controls Data Controls Repeater Data List Grid View Details View Form View List View Navigation Controls Menu & Tree View Site Map Path ADO.NET

Overview of ADO.NET Connection & Command Object ExecuteNonQuery(), ExecuteScalar(), ExecuteReader() SqlDataAdapter ASP.NET with DB (CRUD) Connected &
Disconnected Approach State Management Query String Cookies View State Session Application Security, Membership & Roles Authentication Authorization Web User Controls ASP.NET Application with N-Tier Architecture ASP.NET Application with MVC Architecture ASP.NET Application with XML URL Routing with ASP.NET 4.0 Assemblies

Private Assemblies Public Assemblies

Caching ASP.NET with LINQ LINQ with Object LINQ with DB LINQ with XML Crystal Reports Silverlight/WPF Deployment

ASP.NET Login Controls WebParts ASP.NET with AJAX


UpdatePanel CalendarExtender Accordion PasswordStrength Accordion

Jquery HTML Controls Master Pages File Uploading Assignments

Methods of Deploying Web Application Deploying Live Website Publishing Live Website

Total Online .NET Test approx.: 25 to 30 Total Practical Programs approx.:300 to 350

Branch Office : SCO 71, Balaji Enclave, Patiala Road, Zirakpur.

EME Technologies
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company
Web Design HTML HTML 4.01 & HTML 5 Introduction Elements, Tags, Comments Image, Links, Tables, Forms Select, Upload, Textareas Special Tags, Style, Div, Layouts, Chart W3C Validator Cross Browsing Issues CSS CSS Syntax CSS Syntax & Types of CSS CSS Id & Class Styling Backgrounds, Text, Fonts, Links, Lists, Tables CSS Grouping/Nesting JavaScript What is JavaScript? PreRequirements Creating a JavaScript file Tools Required and Validations Structure of a JavaScript Code DataTypes, Variables & Operators Looping & Conditional Statements Functions Responding to Mouse Events Libraries Overview Designing Tools Dreamweaver Creating menus, logos GIF Animator,3D Text Photoshop Flash Core PHP Introduction PHP & MySQL Benefits of using PHP & MySQL Data Types, Variables Operators, Conditional Statements, Loops Using Functions in PHP Common String Functions File, Date Functions Array Functions Types of Arrays Creating , Accessing Arrays Array Functions OOPS Classes and Objects, Access Modifiers, Inheritance, Polymorphism Abstract Class & Interfaces Exception Handling User Defined Exception Static Methods & Properties Advance PHP GET and POST Forms Handling Interacting with MySql File Uploading Session and Cookies HTTP Headers QueryString JQuery Ajax Introduction to AJAX XMLHttpRequest Object Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest AJAX in Web Application Working with MySQL Admin Working with PHP MyAdmin Creating ,Types of Databases Creating Tables in Database Altering Table and Field Names Dropping Databases and Tables SQL Queries MySQL Installation SQL-Basic (DDL, DML, TCL, DCL) Using Operators Joins & Views Basic Function Keys & Constraints (PK,FK,CK,SK,RIC)

Believe in Quality

CMS WordPress Installing a new copy of WordPress Admin / Dashboard panel basics Installing your theme Edit general settings Using categories and tags Customizing your Dashboard using Widgets. Converting HTML theme into WordPress theme Creating customized WordPress Plugin Joomla Introduction to Joomla Joomla Installation, Adding a new Article, creating a custom poll Work with Menus, categories Work with inbuilt Modules Work with inbuilt Components Customization of existing component and module Detail discussion of component module, plugin How to create component in Joomla How to create modules Converting HTML template into Joomla theme Drupal Drupal Core, Drupal Modules, Blocks in Drupal, Themes for Drupal Entering Content and Making Pages Converting HTML template into Drupal theme Creating a user defined Drupal Module Magento Sales Management: Catalog Management: Product, Product Types, Customer Management: Customer, Customer Group Marketing: Promotion, Coupon, Keywords Optimization General System Configuration

Online Php Test approx.: 25 to 30 Practical Programs approx.: 300 to 350

EME Technologies Mob. 95698-06826 | 92168-78188 EME Technologies

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company
Believe in Quality

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company

Believe in Quality

Key Benefits for Students

Discussion on different MNC's Exam Patterns (Preparation of Aptitude , Reasoning & Puzzles). 24x7 LAB FACILITIES with advanced Study Material. Course Contents as per Currents Industrial requirement. Experienced Teaching staff and guidance by Experts. Hands on resources available for the Students. 24x7 CALL INQUIRIES. 100% Syllabus Coverage. Hands on practical Training on Live Projects. Dedicated Hosting Service to each student. Active Placement Cell which have placed Candidates in major IT Companies. In House Web Hosting Service. Real-Time Environment (Well planned live projects). Classes will be from Monday to Friday; also available Backup classes on Saturday & Sunday.

Opportunities With EME Technologies


Chance to get placement in leading IT organization in the following companies:

EME Technologies OATI, Mohali Clerisy Solutions, Mohali Weexcel, Chandigarh V-Serve, Ludhiana Smart Buzz SIM Solutions Pvt. Ltd. SIPL Tech Solution (P.) Ltd. SM Solutions SMR Solutions P Limited Softech Products Softwell StarVision Labs Posist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. PragatiInfosoft Pvt. Ltd. Orbit Infotech Our Equation Net Elements& many more

EME GROUP :is established in 2006 by dedicated team of faculty members who are contributing their knowledge in Research, Industry and Education.

EME Technologies Java | ASP.NET | PHP | C | C++ | SEO | ORACLE | LINUX | ANDROID Mob.: 95698-06826, 92168-78188 E-Mail Id: Website:

ENGINEERING MADE EASY IES | GATE | PSU Mob.: 98884-78188, 92168-80451 E-Mail Id: Website:

EME Technologies
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Software Company
Believe in Quality

E-Mail Id: | Website : Branch Office : SCF 38, 2nd Floor, Main Market, Phase-7, Mohali. Head Office : SCO 112-113, 4th Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh Branch Office : SCO 71, Balaji Enclave, Patiala Road, Zirakpur.