“Canopy” / Chief Echelon E1, Consistory of the Majestic, United States of America to Burisch Crain (MJ1) and McDowell Crain

(MJ8) [Decided to go ahead and post the following without first attempting to decipher. Burisch Crain (MJ1) and McDowell Crain (MJ8) continue to reassure. But I still see the chemTrails. I still see the suffering with Morgellons and other chemTrail-induced diseases. Genetically-modified organisms to include homosapiens. All of us operate on more than one level. There was a time when all I wanted was help with abductions, MILABs. The Crains couldn't help me with that, either. But that's okay. I, too, am in "good standing with the Lord." All I can ever honestly say about Dan and "Marce" is that, like the rest of us, they will judge themselves someday. For all of our sakes, I hope they are well pleased.] http://neweaglesforum.proboards.com/post/28216 SoA / Echelon said: Mrs. Ettinger, I have been chosen by straws to write this communique. We have chosen to keep the number of straws a secret. I will maintain that secret, but I choose to identify myself. Being selected I chose to write this letter myself and without the assistance or preview of the other holders of the straws. They will read this first when it becomes avialable on the public forum. Mr. White, the CIS, intervened with CQ’s as his team watched me log onto this forum. I have explained myself to him and he said he would not restrict my communique unless National Security CQ’s exceed the set of guidelines put in place by the Honorables 2 for existing conditions. Many of us join with you in the condemnation of Filforn’s comments and the place that it put

the Honorable 1 in. We know his personal life has suffered to an extent beyond simple victimization. Yet he moves forward and not diminishing the leadership of women at all but I have to say that the clear reason for the success of this man, along with his mettle, is not a good but a great woman. Without her the time past the Cycles Cross would have seen the end of Majestic. I am personally sure of that. It would have been portioned up like a meat pie and after its financial blocks would have ended in bidding and we know what would have happened next. The political wings would have been consumed by and then used as nothing more than waiters at their banquets. We have her and much more to thank for where we are! The Illuminati convinced themselves that once the Cycles Cross was done so was Majestic! They tested the honorables 1 and 8 and paid the price of the loss of almost their entire paramilitary inventory in an unprecedented coordinated 48 hours of mahem, directed by the Honorable 1 and our CSS, Mr. Stansfield. And they let the Illuminati fire first. A terrible game with a decision already made. So Sec. Sebelius is on the Hill and most of our political and finance members are watching every word, a few I know to only see some of our own Echelon personnel on CSPAN in the Senate chamber, I have chosen to input here and place CQ’s. A part of that could be misseen as complaints when they are not.

It’s interesting to me that minutes ago Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) said live on CSPAN to the ACA law equals a fraction of 1/6. He closed his statement with a face to face request for her to resign. The number 1/6 was used by Honorable 1 yesterday, about the December council, while being challenged during the 775409 debate. “1: Starting December 10th., your side of the opposition will do everything it can to not only force the people’s sway from this Hall, but it will also be very willing to have .. let me do a quick visual count .. 1: You would have at least 1/6 of the SOA side permanently restricted from this Hall!” It was not a real visual count. So let’s be clear that he knows the politics and has goals we haven’t learmed yet. We know he is a member of the RNC but live in the intrigue because he doesn’t march to orders from them. Other Echelon E1′s such as myself have attempted CQ’s through the IC port and we have been met with silence. The Honorable 1 has used words with us such as “enforcing his will” and “enforcing the will” covering December’s Supreme Council’s critical decisions about the future of Majestic itself. Maybe the forcing of us here is part of the “enforcement”? I am mindful that he is preparing for a scientific conference to be held in south Las Vegas, also in December. God bless our strong and poor knight of a man: his cup runneth over. Whose WILL exactly? That cannot stop us from pressing for facts and information.

He is bound by his own statements, held at a standard above even the POTUS these days, to answer to us his personnel. Of the other CQ’s we have is that burdened what we know, why didn’t Majestic’s CIS unit step in earlier to prevent the botched, but slowly improving roll out of the ACA’s website’s public interface? The CIS’s unit could have entered the Federal and 34 State systems and removed the security risks and operational dysfunction. Why is he, why are you Honorable 1, only acting so aggressively now? Some of the Echelon representatives are concerned that the wait could have occurred because of the ongoing relationship between both MJ1 and MJ8 with former Sec.State Clinton, a short term past Honorable 1. The suspicions point to anticipated infrastructure readjustment to her original 1993 proposals, trying to glue together that broken piece of her past. It would help enable her to win in the election of 2016. We have further CQ’s concerning the former Sec.State Clinton but I am not going to move into third party relationship questions about she and members of the American and European Illuminati. Echelon understands the decision the Honorable 1 has made to maintain and even embrace ourselves inside of a type of diplomatic relationship with them, due to the global monetary state. Some of this relationship change has allegedly leaked out into a new form to the public as a Conspiracy Theory to establish a trans-American Totalitarian State. The public reaction by the Honorable 1 to the former Sec.State Clinton’s testimony was one thing. We know that the Honorables 1 and 8 lost a personal friend, Ambassador Stevens, on September 11, 2012.

Mr. Nordstrom’s testimony about the Benghazi, Libya tragedy also shows the public face of the Honorable 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdpJXO_AyOg Outrage! The sadness by the Honorables 1 and 8 has been obvious but the face of outrage, in the opinions of several and myself, has been absent in the privacy of policy construction at the Consistory. As charges of Benghazi survivors being gagged from testimony rage on in front of the public, why is this the case from them in private? These questions to the Honorable 1 have been met with silence in the IC’s gathering places. Is the lack of outrage a function of their efforts to re-engage Saudi Arabia, using the appearance of filling the 24 hour news cycles slander of some existing leadership vacuum? Both Honorables 1 and 8 were ring leaders involved in the 2010-2011 Arab Spring, a movement which started shortly after they both halved up the First Seat. In public, people were being protected and Majestic forces were fighting for them. The Compass pointed against the use of the forces to protect the oilfields in the east, until the machinery of China entered. Those agreements are still under seal within the Honorable 1′s Office. Once those deals were done, the Honorable 1 as Commander in Chief of Majestic Combat Forces ordered the wholesale grinding to mush of the late Muammar al-Gaddafi’s fighters nearing the same oilfields. To those fighters our helicopter forces were called the “ghosts of the sands”. By that time they had very little time to live.

That order was given by the Honorable 1. I am not trying to take away from what he and his orders have done to protect people. We are all aware that he walks now with a permanent limp due to the nerve damage in his bullet ridden left leg. He puts his body in between the defenseless and people who enslave others for their own desires. To what length does he see himself as a person who enslaves others in order to fulfill global policies? Were the Libyan oilfield decisions, conversations with Saudi Arabia, and the recent private meetings between the Honorable 8 and the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, a parcel pointing at the seceding attempts in East Libya: Benghazi? The public must have smiled at the Honorable 8′s relationship with Mr. Jinping’s wife, but this is much more serious and we wouldn’t fulfill our oaths if we didn’t at least ask. It made for good Majestic press. That is not good enough. I am not releasing Mr. Jinping’s relationship to Majestic. Respect is important to the Echelon and even the Honorable V.P.’s movement away from the Seat through the called “red herring op Phantom 309″. After the old song. He was given custody of the bigger fish: E.J.S. [ E.J.S. ? ] According to the operational information he’s only the start and few of us didn’t

see the humor in the Honorable 1′s remarks in IC Maj Policy Room 1 that “E.J.S. is the exemplar of how not to create a stumbling Lazar! If the first who committed errors had the capacity to learn, they could take notes.” We can’t forget to add that the Honorable 1′s policies to protect information from terrorist and other organizations from identified genomic information. Not one of us could win an argument if they would say that he didn’t set as an “unmovable steel protector for the world’s people” the officials and clients ICG2013. It finished a few days ago, in Qingdao, China. We know that the Honorable 8 delivered the warning message to Mr. Jingping, in Malaysia, before she headed along to Saudia Arabia to negotiate what: an agreeable arrangement for Benghazi oil while still leaving some support to the Tripoli government and keeping them financially assuaged through fourth party Syrian oil deals backed by Russia? The fetching lapdog Sec.State is bouncing back and forth to the sound of that drum? In one way I and I think others want to thank the Honorable 1 for sending VPOTUS to Majestic pastures and then creating a corral for the NSA and CIA. They have been paying for their national and global evils ever since. In other thoughts I can’t help but worry that with the Illuminati actually depending on Majestic for many banking operations. If those operations didn’t exist, 2 or 3 hundred million would go hungry and the teetering worldwide econ-collapse would be the next 2 hundred years. I understand the reasons. Look at the power centralization?

I see that too. Many of the Echelon does. His apparent good standing with the Lord helps me sleep. Am I seeing a lamb or just counting sheep as a husband and wife decided to just survive and then go relax at Niagara Falls? With Deepest Majestic Respect, “Canopy”/Chief Echelon E1, Consistory of the Majestic, United States of America (opportunity for corrections reserved) +++ Honorable First Seat, we are happy to be of some service to your plans and take a degree of personal gratitude in knowing that you will be very aware of our presence during the Supreme Council’s debating process. Do you have a minute for live chat this evening? With Deepest Majestic Respect, “Canopy”/Chief Echelon E1, Consistory of the Majestic, United States of America End

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