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The State Policy Network (SPN) is an umbrella group of right-wing think tanks across the country.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) is SPNs cookie-cutter think tank for the state of Idaho. While IFF claims to be focused on issues important to the people of Idaho, it actually pushes an agenda dictated by its national right-wing funders and partners.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation actively pushes and opposes legislation on dozens of issues every session in ways that more closely resemble a full-on lobbying groupIFF has become one of the most active and influential groups in Idahos Statehouse.
[The Spokesman Review, 9/15/2013]

In September 2013, a Spokesman Review article detailed criticisms of experts who questioned IFFs nonprofit status due to the organization's extensive lobbying operations. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, IFF is limited in the amount of lobbying it can participate in, yet is seen by many legislators and policy makers as one of the most influential lobbying groups in Idaho. Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, said IFF is "abusing its lucrative tax-free status" because it "likely is underreporting its lobbying under federal tax laws." In 2013, IFF had three registered lobbyists in the state, and led the opposition to creating a stat-based health insurance exchange, in addition to rating 150 bills, writing legislation, testifying to committees, sponsoring policy lectures, and pushing agenda-driven reports. IFF Executive Director Wayne Hoffman stated he wants IFF "to be the most influential organization in the state."

Block access to affordable healthcare for Idaho families Defund and privatize Idaho public schools through vouchers and giving tax credits to corporations that fund private schools Repeal minimum wage laws

Oppose giving tax credits to Idaho citizens for using renewable energy Restrict workers' collective bargaining rights

Cut entitlement programs, and eliminate Idaho Public Television, the Arts Commission, and the Hispanic Commission

Idaho Freedom Foundation, accessed 9/19/2013

If Wayne Hoffman can call a committee chairman and have a bill pulled, thats pretty remarkable clout...They're trying to influence the outcome of legislation. Isn't that what you would consider lobbying? I do.
The Idaho Freedom Foundation is not required to disclose its donors to the public, and does not do so voluntarily. The identities of the few known funders behind IFF reveal that the think tank is largely funded by out-of-state right-wing organizations such as the Koch-funded Donors Capital Fund, known as the dark money ATM of the conservative movement, which contributed $320,000 to IFF in just two years between 2010 and 2011. Donors Capital Fund keeps its own funders anonymous, adding another layer of secrecy. Other notable funders include the State Policy Network (which contributed $260,000 to IFF between 2008 and 2009), the South Carolina-based Roe Foundation (of SPN founder Thomas Roe), the Coors Castle Rock Foundation (of Coors Brewing Company), and California-based Jaquelin Hume Foundation. All of IFF's known donors are based outside of Idaho. ID House Minority Leader John Rusche

They're pretty darn active. They're visible in every committee room I serve on...I don't view them at all as nonpartisan.
Idaho Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb