Interim Crit Presentation 8th November 2013

Project Summary
Minor Project All Characters Designed, Modelled and Production Ready Final Script and Production Quality Storyboard and Animatic Voiceover’s Recorded Advertisements Created Major Project Environment Design, Modelling and Texturing Prop Design, Modelling and Texturing Foley Recording Animating

Story Synopsis
Act One A lonely and outdated home maintenance Robot inhabits the basement of an old electronics store, stocked with a plethora of obsolete and redundant technology. The Robot follows commands recorded to a series of Cassette Tapes. The Robot has only one companion, an old Television Set who does his best to lift the spirits of the lonesome automaton. One day, a new addition to the store plummets from above, in the form of another Robot. Act Two The new addition is revealed to be an upgraded model of the maintenance Robot, branded as Tidy-Heidi, with the Cassette Tapes having been replaced with Compact Discs. The Robot, having not seen another of his kind in such a long time, attempts to communicate with her. After a series of failed attempts and relentless encouragement from the Television Set, the Robot finally stumbles on a means of communicating with Tidy-Heidi. Act Three After discovering an unusual form of Cassette Tape, the Robot and Tidy-Heidi begin to develop a connection. The two Robot’s discover that they have a common language after all, through music and sound.

Script Development
Version Four! Version One!

The General Idea

Exploring the Limitations of the Male Robot
Version Five!

Version Two!

Introduced the Television Set Sidekick
Version Three!

Introduced Advertisements
Version Six!

Expanding the Role of the Television Set

Final Draft (Hopefully…)

Overall Influences

Draft Storyboard

Act One

Act Two

Act Two

Character Development

Male Character Bio

A common sight in homes all over the world during the 1970s and 80s. This Robot was a common sight in homes all over the world during the 1970s and 80s. The Robot was developed as a means of assisting the common consumer in everyday tasks.!! It was state of the art in its inception, sporting an inset Tape Deck as a means of data storage and executing particular actions, something which had never been seen before. Eventually, as with all technology, the Robot became obsolete, with more advanced technology surpassing it and leaving it more or less redundant.

Multiple Functions Chef (Frying Pan, Electric Whisk) Janitor (Cleaning, Repairing Appliances, Etc) Babysitter (Rattle, Head Mounted Mobile) Gardener (Housepipe, Hedgeclippers, Etc)! Waiter (Towel, Plate, Pepper Mill) Doctor (Stethoscope, Head Mirror) Educator! Entertainer Butler Hairdresser Delivery man Masseuse

Male Character Influences

Male Character Development

Male Character Turnaround Progress

Dyson Cyclone

Tomy Omnibot

Sinclair C5

Tidy-Heidi Bio

A common sight in homes all over the world during the 1990s Tidy-Heidi is the vastly updated version of the Male Robot, retaining the same functionality as the previous model, just more efficiently!! The most notable update is the omission of Cassette Tapes in favour of more reliable Compact Discs As with the Male Robot, Tidy-Heidi was recently retired, having been made redundant herself

Tidy-Heidi Influences

Tidy-Heidi Development

Tidy-Heidi Turnaround Progress



Dyson Vacuum Cleaner


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