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SMDC/ARSTRAT Future Warfare Center

Tactical Ground Station

The Tactical Ground Station (TGS) is a prototype testbed developed
• Provides Theater Tactical Command, to test and demonstrate the operational utility of Theater Command
Control, and Communications Capability and Control with Tactical Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and high altitude long
• Tactical Ground Station Supporting the endurance assets and with sensor data downlink and dissemination
Joint Tactical Satellite (TacSat) Experiment to the warfighter.
• Includes Tactical Ultra High Frequency The TGS capability prototype supports the Army’s commitment to provide
(UHF) Radio Suite a tactical ground station in support of the Joint Tactical Satellite (TacSat)

• Utilize Commercial Off the Shelf/

Experiment as directed by the Army TacSat Management Plan. This plan
Government Off the Shelf (COTS/ designates the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/ Army
GOTS) Hardware and Software to Forces Strategic Command (SMDC/ARSTRAT) Future Warfare Center
Extend Internet Protocol (IP)-based
Communications (FWC) as the Army lead for TacSat experimentation and demonstration.
Demonstrated TGS capabilities will transition to programs of record, such
as the Future Combat System (FCS) and Defense Common Ground Station-
Army (DCGS-A). TGS maximizes the use of existing Government Furnished
Equipment (GFE) assets.
U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command
TGS Future Warfare Center
Tactical Ground Station

Experiment Objective Technical Description

TGS provides the Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab a dem- • Net-centric Command and Control (C2) of Low Earth Orbit
onstration testbed prototype to develop and refine space and high (LEO) and high altitude long endurance assets
altitude long endurance material and information requirements • Tactical Satellite (TacSat) telemetry, tracking and command
and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) for theater combat (TT&C) using DoD Space Ground Link System (SGLS) via
commanders command and control (C2) of theater tactical space S-Band
and high altitude long endurance assets. • Mission downlink of on-board processed imagery products via
• Direct theater tasking of space and high altitude long UHF
endurance sensors • Integrated commercial satellite communications suite for
• Direct theater downlink of sensor data Ku-band reach back
• Net Centric planning, tasking & data dissemination to tactical • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) compliant
users • Internet-based command and control of LEO and high altitude
long endurance assets using VMOC capability demonstrated
Experiment Description and Functions at the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) Joint Space
United Kingdom Disaster Monitoring Constellation Satellite Operations Center (JSpOC)
(UK-DMC): • Provides for future support to Operationally Responsive Space
• Demonstrated remote access by theater users to task a tactical (ORS) assets, including TacSats in LEO
satellite through TGS via Virtual Mission Operations Center • Spiral development achieved through experimentation and
(VMOC) demonstration user feedback as well as Doctrine, Organiza-
• Demonstrated TGS web-enabled publish and subscribe tion, Training, Material, Leaderships, Personnel, Facilities
architecture for planning and tasking capability (DOTMLPF) analysis will ensure a capability solution
– Direct Telemetry Tasking & Command (TT&C) of
operational UK-DMC environmental satellite Benefit to the Warfighter
• Demonstrated TGS Tactical TT&C and direct downlink • Dedicates timely and tactically relevant space and high alti-
capability via trailer-mounted Air Force Space Command tude long endurance sensor information to the theater combat
Space and Missile Systems Center (AFSPC/SMC) Phased Array commander.
TT&C S-Band antenna • Cooperative effort for Joint space capabilities between the
• Demonstrated Web-enabled Internet Protocol (IP) routed with FWC Army Space & Missile Defense Battle Lab, AF Space
security controls and administration to access and operate a Command Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Air Force
tactical LEO satellite Research Lab (AFRL), and NASA.

Demonstrate TT&C and downlink of the Advanced Responsive
Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer (ARTEMIS)
payload hyperspectral imagery products.
• Utilize existing COTS/GOTS hardware and software to extend
IP-based communication
• Provide Hyper Spectral Imagery tactical products directly to
a Brigade Combat Team

High Altitude Long Endurance

Demonstrate TGS C2 of high altitude long endurance plat-
For more information, please contact:
• Command platform to maneuver
U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/
• Receive direct downlink of sensor data from Ultra High Fre- Army Forces Strategic Command
quency (UHF) radio Public Affairs Office
P.O. Box 1500
Huntsville, AL 35807-3801
Phone: 256-955-3887
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