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Assignment Two Reflection William Campbell In reflection, I would like to first say that writing papers is an area of weakness

for me. However, I have tried and will continue to prove to myself that I am capable of doing well on these assignments. This is not the first class I have taken where writing is expected as well as the main purpose of the class. As an engineering student, I know that my strengths are mostly involved with mathematics. I guess you could say I am a numbers kind of guy. I think it helps me when I am able to write about things that are familiar to me. In this paper, I found it less difficult to write because of my knowledge of musical instruments, especially guitars, as well as with the Guitar Center store where I frequently shop. I have a strong love of guitars and play as often as I can which is how I determined what subject I would write about. I always appreciate the comments I receive from others in my class. The comments help me to see and think outside the box. They also help me to understand that there is always room for improvement and that the comments are meant to help and not to criticize which makes it easier to handle at times. The comments that I found most helpful were ones such as comment W4 which stated that give examples of things you would do at this store compared to others which allowed me to elaborate my thoughts. Comment CF7 stated tie in these results of your observations to your main thesis would help both to personalize the paper and hold the readers interest helped me to see how I could lose the readers interest if I did not make and keep my point throughout the paper. Comment W12 said give details o how and why people do not feel threatened which made me realize I had not left the reader with enough understanding of my subject. I did not use the comment that stated I needed to cite items that were in parentheses. The word in parentheses was not meant as a citation, but as an abbreviation for the organization being discussed. And finally, comment W19 was just what my ego needed when it said solid conclusion. I would suggest paying attention to the introduction. I feel that I was able to give the reader interest and factual information which enticed them to finish reading the entire paper. As I said in the beginning, writing is not my strong suite, but one that I am determined to accomplish. I will strive to improve my writing with each assignment.