Recycling Tips: Make double-sided copies Make scratch pad from used paper Use e-mail or quick

phone call Return unneeded catalogs, brochures, etc. Use spell check and print preview
Bobby Waddell, General Manager Traves Freeland, Residential Life Manager Brian Siler, Facilities Manager

Use rags rather than paper products Common Recycling Mistakes: Not empting bottles and containers Boxes dirty with food are not recyclable Sanitary papers not are recyclable CD’s DVD’s are not recyclable Napkins and plastic silverware Other Green Initiatives at Purdue: Purdue has a high concern for going green. Many programs have been developed and sustainability is a big part of the Purdue culture. The most notable ones are: Boiler Green Initiatives, Net Impact, Purdue Energy Club, and Roots & Shoots.

What To Know about living GREEN at Hilltop Apartments

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HillTop Office
23-5 Hilltop Drive West Lafayette, IN 47906-4206
 Tel: (765) 494-2391

Why Recycle?
 For every ton of waste paper

Help Make Purdue and Hilltop apartments a more GREEN place to live!!

List of recyclable items:
 Cardboard (flattened)  Business Envelopes  Business Forms  Cereal/Detergent/Shoe Boxes  Computer/Copy/Fax/Taping  File Folders

recycled 3.3 cubic yard of landfill space is saved.

Recycling helps extend the life of existing landfill sites and reduces the need to cre ate new landfills. paper saves 380 gallons of oil.

Hilltop Apartments have developed a great recycling program through out the years. The main goal of the program is to reduce waste. By recycling potentially useful materials. Reducing the use of energy, reducing air and water pollution. How to recycle at Hilltop? Follow these 3 easy steps: 1. Separate recyclable items in your room. 2. Bring it to recycling stations. 3. Let us take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

 Every ton of recycled office

 Junk Mail  Ledger/Scratch Paper  Magazine  Manila Envelopes  Newspaper  Sticky Notes

 The energy saved from recy-

cling one glass bottle will light a 100 watt bulb for four hours.
 The energy saved from one

 One aluminum can will oper-

ate a television set for 3 hours.
 It takes 95% less energy to

 Food and beverage containers

Where are recycling stations located:? The main location is in front of the hilltop office but there is other small station in front of building …. ENGL421 Client-Based Project Designed by Team MJC Recycling Corp Maximo Kopp Cody Ring-Rissler Jin Jang

 Green, brown, black bottles  Jars up to 1 gallon in size  Plastic:  Milk bottles  Shampoo/ mineral water/ squash

 Aluminum from scrap than

from virgin materials.
 Recycling helps to keep col-

lection cost down.
 Reusing material reduces

 Yogurt cups/ fish, meat trays  Carrier bags and bin liners  Margarine tubs, microwaveable

operational cost.