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Katie Hellett
MIS 220
New To The Touch
1. What problems does multitouch technology solve?
An important hurdle multitouch technology helped overcome was with an autistic
student. After being unable for 14 years, TouchSmart computing helped the student to
speak and communicate for the first time (Laudon 179). It also simply solves the
difficulty of using a mouse and a keyboardsome users cannot use or physically
grasp a mouse and the multitouch enables those users to still use computers in
todays society (Laudon 178).
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multitouch interface? How
useful is it? Explain.
The key advantage of the multitouch interface is that you can peruse the Internet,
swipe through photos, shuffle applications around, zoom in & out, and save files and
all with just your fingers (Laudon 178). Personally, I enjoy that I can swipe my apps
around on my iPhone 5it allows me to organize where I want my games, e-mail,
music, and so on, not to mention it lets me move my apps into folders and then slide
the folders around for the ultimate organized experience. TouchSmart makes using
computers as easy as possible. Most multitouch interfaces are much more mobile than
those that are not (the iPad or a tablet PC for instance)even in the home you can
carry the devices around with you and listen to music anywhere or pull up directions
and zoom in on a map as youre walking through your living room and out the door
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(Laudon 178). I love being able to walk everywhere with my iPad and having the
capability to run multiple music applications and go back and forth between
streaming from SoundCloud and then swiping to a playlist I created in seconds.
Another advantage is the easy-to-use aspect to children. TouchSmart technology
is a simple computer that elementary level students can use (Laudon 179), not too
mention kids love the touch interfaces. Whether Im babysitting or simply around
children, they seem to love playing with the iPads and iPhones. Kids are becoming
increasingly tech-savvy thanks to the touch screens because its so easy for them to
use. An even more positive note from that is that kids enjoy playing education games
on the devices like WordSearch and gives them access to dictionaries and calculators
in a pinch.
Lastly, advantage wise, the TouchSmart tech is becoming exponentially useful in
the business arena. Co-workers can hold video chats with one another, message, e-
mail, manage contacts, update calendars, send photos, and many more, all without a
mouse or a keyboard (Laudon 179).
Touch technology has multiple advantages but few disadvantages. The main issue
is that some devices are more touch sensitive that others. For example, when I use an
iPad or an iPhone, I cant wear gloves or anything that covers my fingers in the
slightest. So when its below subzero outside and you need to use your iPhone, you
either need those fingerless gloves or your hands will freeze. Another disadvantage
would be if you were big on typing, therefore having a touch keypad might not be
Bellett S
3. Describe three business applications that would benefit from a multitouch
A beneficial multitouch application would be electronic signature software, like
the Square app. Businesses can easily sign the multitouch devices with their finger [or
a stylus]something important for businesses that are mobile or completely
immersed in the digital world and heavily rely on touch devices for the success of
their business. Another beneficial business app would be collaborative work apps like
e-mail, messaging, google docs, or even doodle docs. Employees can communicate
with one another incredibly fast by swiping through their touch devices and they can
easily view photos and documents or even projects like full PowerPoint presentations.
For example, when I was working on a crucial group project for a French Literature
class and my partner was having trouble with her laptops keyboard, I opened the
PowerPoint presentation on my iPhone and scrolled incredibly fast through itgoing
back & forth between slides in a flashand we were able to finish preparing for our
presentation hassle free.
Lastly, tax applications. Many businesses are on the go and are under a time
crunch, they need to be able to keep track of things like deductible expenses
for taxes and multitouch interfaces are great for that. Employees can
download apps like Slice, that manage your receipts, or Expensify, to keep
track of deductible expenses like car mileage or meals on business trips
(Pinola). Using the multitouch interface, personnel can easily swipe between
the applications and input their data quickly and easily, especially if theyre
on a plane or walking out of a hotel (i.e. on a tablet or touch phone).
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4. What management, organization, and technology issues must be addressed if
you or your business was considering systems and computers with multitouch
Issues that must be addressed if a business were to make the switch to multitouch
devices are things like employees who arent tech-savvy and employees who are
resistant to change. Being a 21-year-old college student, I am well versed in the world
of technology and multitouch interfaces so if I were to work for a company that made
the switch, I would be able to adapt, however, there are corporations that are
compromised of older faculty members. Some of these older faculty members have
trouble understanding how to use todays technology especially, multitouch
technology. Classes would have to be held to teach all employees to use the new
interfaces and to inform them of why its important to make the changefor those
resistant to change, enlighten them with facts.

Bellett S
MIS In Action
1. Describe what you would do differently on your PC if it had multitouch
capabilities. How much difference would multitouch make in the way you use
your computer?

If my PC had multitouch capabilities I would download countless virtual DJ
software. The [laptop] PC I have now is barely mobile and constant clicking
internally and externally (program wise) makes mixing and playing music through
most software pretty difficult. And now companies are releasing DJ software
exclusively for multitouch interfaces to seamlessly crossfade and mix music. It would
make an incredible difference in the way I use my computer because I mainly use my
computer for musical purposes; I would have so much more potential in the way I
engaged in DJ software.
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