Why the CGM?

Out of 155 CGM recipients since 1776, only one has been a Latino-American (Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente). As the nation’s largest minority group, it is important to memorialize Hispanic contributions for future generations and to leave an enduring legacy.

Let’s honor them while they are still with us!!!

Do your part!!! Contact your US House members & US Senators & urge them to Co-Sponsor House Bill H.R.1726 and Senate Bill S.1174

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance
65th Infantry Regiment, Puerto Rico

Here are some key reasons:

Honors the Borinqueneers while they are still with us!! The youngest of them are in their mid-80s and are passing off to glory. Stages Hispanic Veterans issues to the national spotlight and forefront. Promotes Hispanic contributions & advances the Latino image amidst society’s contemporary negative perceptions of Latinos.

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To award the nation’s highest civilian honor to a valiant and unique group of veterans in our country’s history.

The CGM has been rightfully bestowed to other minority veterans who served in segregated units, including:

65th Infantry Regiment Great Facts!

Tuskegee Airmen

Only hispanic-segregated active-duty military unit EVER in the US Armed Forces. Last segregated US military unit to integrate. General (Ret) Richard Cavazos, the first and only Latino to become a 4-Star Army general is a Borinqueneer. Gen. Cavazos is MexicanAmerican and earned the Army’s highest decoration with the 65th Infantry Regiment. Last recorded regimental-sized bayonet assault charge against enemy forces. Defended the rear-guard of one of the epic military withdrawals in the Korean War and allowed the Marines to evacuate. During the Korean War, the 65th Infantry was one of the most ethnically diverse combat units; consisted of Mexican-Americans, Philippines, African-Americans, VirginIslanders, and many more. One of the best equipped military units upon entering the Korean War.

Nisei Japanese Soldiers
Navajo Code Talkers Montford Point Marines

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65th Infantry Regiment
As mandated by Congress in 1899, the 65th Infantry Regiment, from Puerto Rico, was the only Hispanic-segregated, Active-Duty unit ever in our U.S. Armed Forces that played a prominent role in our American military history participating in three U.S. wars.

It would be an honor to include the Borinqueneers on this list! But, we need your help!

How you can help:
 Call and Write to your congressional officials and urge them to co-sponsor bills: H.R.1726 and S.1174. Find our LIVING 65th Infantry Veterans. Help us spread the word around the nation!

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 Of all the honors Congress can bestow, the awarding of a Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) is the most distinguished. The congressional honor affirms that the “Borinqueneers” are American heroes who served their country with distinction, fighting bravely even while enduring the additional hardships of segregation and discrimination.