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Marketing Management

Three Year Marketing Plan for Defre Robes

Executive Summary

This three year plan for the marketing of the products of this company has been designed

by the chief executive officer and also the founder in order to be able to secure more

finances for uplifting the company and to pass information about the company’s current

status and future direction tom its employees. Though this company was started this year,

it has experienced a greater demand for its products than previously anticipated and

research has indicated that the target market is increasing with sports minded individual

consumers and retailers in sports wear likely to purchase more products that what Defre

robes currently offers (Gibbon 2002). Defre Robes is also intending to extend it product

line and probably add new lines as well. Additionally, the firm plans to venture in online

opportunities by creating ecommerce tool. The market has been very receptive of the

products offered. High quality products, designer and party robes for pets coming in

trendy colours, with logos and slogans that portray outdoor enthusiasm (Hiebing &

Cooper 2003).

Company Description

Defre Robes was established this year by Defredor Ashira, who is a young and ambitious

entrepreneur. Ashira has a degree in fashion and Design from as reputable university; he

has also worked in a designer firm for two years where at a time which he did his post

graduate diploma in marketing. This company is a reflection of Ashira’s Love for outdoor

activities and especially those that involves pets and show-offs (Westwood 2006). The
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company’s original cotton robes for pets to play in are superb and convenient in games,

hiking, and other games (Kotler 2003)

Defre robes are currently stored in several retail stores across the United Kingdom; they

include areas like Camden, Warwick, Hampstead, and London. The company also intends

to increase to other place like Whitley bay and Hungerford before the end of this year.

The products have unique slogans, well coordinated colours and of greater quality. The

firm is also dedicated to conserving the environment through the support of

environmental programs. This marketing plan will outline Defre’s plan to introduce

newer products, increase distribution and venture into new markets and give back to the

society as well (Hiebing & Cooper 2003).

Business Overview

Defer robes target individual who appreciate their pets and also like outdoor activities.

Sportswear retailers will also form the second majority clients. This is in view of the fact

that people are increasingly devoting some time to take care of their pets and going with

them out for outdoor activities like hiking, normal walks, touring recreation sites their

pets. It’s been found that well dressed pets are attractive to carry around or even take

them for a walk (Okwiya 2009).

The company intends to blend these attires by opening a sports centre for the pets’

outdoor activities and games. The pricing of the prices is relatively fair with a simple

robe for a pet (smaller size) going for $40 dollars and the most expensive one is barely $
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80. The firm is still very young and most of the dales are done directly while the rest are

stored in retailer stores and few distributors. The firm also realizes that technology is

increasing and that online services will be more convenient. And as such, the firm also

intends to open online services in future and eventually start recreation activates for pets.

The firm has another compound near Warwick where it can set up a place the people can

go to relax and have good time with their pets (Gibbon 2002)

There are few competitors who manufacture pets cloths in London an major teems in UK

but this will be overcome by Defre’s strategy which includes direct selling to the clients

and organizing events like fashion shows, exhibitions and plays for pets (Okwiya 2009).

Mission and Goals

The corporate mission for Defre Robes is to be the leading producer and supplier of

personalized robes for pets to their customers and especially those who love outdoors.

The company wants to inspire people to take good care of their pets and to go for outdoor

activities more often. In a period of three years, Defre intends to achieve a lot of financial

and non-financial goals among other things. People aged 18 to 35 are likely to love their

pets and also the very elderly ones above 55 years (Gibbon 2002). The product to be

launched is the designer and sports robes for pets. There are several pets designed for the

common pets like dogs and cats. Other types of pets are also put into consideration like

the monkeys. Tourism in UK has increased and as such even the local people are

increasingly touring local sites and would like to carry (Kotler 2003)
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Financial Goals include;

1. Gaining a revenue of more than 50% each year

2. acquiring Finances to expand production capacity, increase their distribution and

to be able to introduce new products and services as well

3. to be able to donate some money each year to the environmental conservation

programs (Gibbon 2002)

Non-Financial Goals include;

1. Introduction of new products especially customized designs, logo, and colour

2. Expand to new market in areas outside London and Warwick

3. establish a successful online marketing while maintaining a strong bond with

retailers (Gibbon 2002)

4. Plat an integral part in the conservation of the environment as a way of giving

back to the community

Key Competencies

Defre robes will capitalize on its core competencies to deal with competition from those

firms which produce clothing for pets. In order to attain a sustainable competitive

advantage, Defre Robes will provide high quality products which will be customized as

well. Already, the firm is developing very strong key competency areas in 1). Providing

high quality customized robes (sports and designer robes) which are recognizable among

clients; 2). Encouraging specialization among customers who buy these products; 3)

established a reputable name among clients as a reliable supplier, delivering the specified

products on time. Defre intends to optimize on these factors by use of marketing efforts

that enhance the volume of products offered plus the distribution (Kotler 2003).
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Establishing good rapport with clients, distributors and suppliers, the firm will be able to

create a sustainable competitive advantage over other manufacturers. It will ensure that

no other company can offer with conviction to their customers what is supplied at Defre

Robes (Gibbon 2002).

Situation Analysis

The market situation for Defre Robes presents a lot of potential and overwhelming

opportunity which need to be exploited. Thought there are a number of challenges that

the firm believes can be successfully overcome. For this reason, a SWOT analysis was

conducted by the marketers of Defre Robes. The SWOT analysis is just a tip of what will

happen once the firm is established. In a period of one year, Blue Sky has established

some inspiring strengths and anticipates even more opportunities. Its committed

management, dedicated workers, and increasing number of loyal clients and good

financial planning outputs the company in a better position of growing very big(Gibbon

2002). Nonetheless, as Defre anticipates increase of its product line and spread to fresh

market, the firm will have to protect against myopia and quality slippages


1. The dedicated workers and management understand the requirements of the

customers and product

2. currently the firm has very little debt but enjoys a lot of potential for expansion

3. the products from Defre robes are receiving overwhelming acceptance in the

community and several market places

4. For maximum quality control, Defre Robes deals with few Suppliers

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1. the founder of the business can loose focus the mission and scope of t he business

2. very few clients across the country know about the products offered by Defre

3. since the firms has just begun, its financial flow is limited

4. the firm relies on few supplies and this can greatly limit production when these

few suppliers go out of market


1. Defre Robes is slowly establishing loyal customers who are likely to frequent

their stores for the new products

2. the market demands are so dynamic that they need to be filed with new products

like the invention of Defre , customized, designer and special function robes

3. Defre Has an chance to expand to other unexploited market in the UK

4. the firm can increase its client base, sales, and acquire effect transactions online


1. customers may get tired of the notion maintained by the firm for long

2. other companies dealing in clothing for pets may launch a similar product

3. sale of clothing for pets has over the years not been very consistent

4. The relationship between customers and the company may deteriorate because of

a feeling of internal competition on especially the planned internet marketing.

The Target Market

The target market fro Defre is the active clients between the ages of 18 to 45 who like

outdoor activities and value their pets going for a walk, taking a pet to places they can

play. They are in most cases not very good at what they will do but they enjoy at the end

of the day. People in this age group are very active; they could be married, single, and
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supporting families. With an average income of $ 60,000 to about $120,000 per year; the

income could be good but due to financial problems like th4e recession, people are every

conscious with pricing and consistently seek to quality in these targets. Due to age, these

clients are very active and outdoor for their pets are very suitable (Gibbon 2002).

The Marketing Mix

Basically the marketing mix will involve the concept of the 4 P’s (i.e. Price, Promotion,

Place and product).

The Product- Defre offers high quality robes fro pets specially designed fro outdoor

activities. For instanced in case of playing basket ball, or talking a walk. The firm has

established the best colour coordination (grey, cactus green, jungle green, and river rock).

The robes bear a slogan chosen by the client and the firm’s logo. Over the year to come,

Defer robes intend to expand business by introducing another production likely. This will

see the customer’s selves the loge they like fro their pets based May be based on the type

of sport the clients like of the massage he/she wasn’t to convey to the rest (Kyle 2009)

Place- this is basically related to selling of the product, the product has to arrive at the

correct place in time. Currently, Defre does its dealings with marketing stores. Several

specialty salts are found almost everywhere across the country. Currently the products of

this firm have not gone on national level or even international. Its products are not stored

by other stores apart from the ones in contract with Defre Robes. The changes in seasons

and climatic conditions are great determinants of the way people engaged in the outside

activities and also on how often they go out on vacation or play (Kyle 2009).
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Defre plans to increase supply over the next three years to retail specialty stores all over

the nation. Concentrating on the regions that are attractive to tourists like the Warwick

areas. In order to reach a wider base of customers, the firm intends to ensure that it opens

and runs an online marketing program that will offer customized products. Eventually the

firm will be able to establish internet kiosk at the critical store outlets to allow customers

to place orders for their products specifying all the details plus making sure that the firm

keeps the close relationship with retailers (Kyle 2009).

Promotion- communication with the clients is done in several ways, since the company

is still young, direct mailing has been central in the communication processes. However,

the company has placed some information on the internet and it’s currently planning to

launch its website that will comprehensively cover all the details about the company.

Promotion, advertising and marketing are more less the same thing and the firm has

utilized direct mailing, phone, flyers, posters and ads in the news papers to differentiate

its product from that of the other firms. These strategies have proved to build

relationships and to establish confidence in the new products that are bout to be launched.

Currently, public relationships and sales promotions constitute the bulk of Defre’s

marketing strategy (Gibbon 2002).

The Price- just as identified earlier, the firm is very sensitive to competition in its

approach to setting up prices. Defre Robes is not basically concerned about making the

firm very expensive or look luxurious neither is it trying to achieve objective of offsetting

low prices by making large volumes of sales. Rather value pricing is the method used
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here. This type of strategy has allowed people to access very comfortable robes all

designed according to what they want (Changchien & Lin 2005).

The Budget

The firm is expected to enjoy increased sales for year it begun and this year. The

following table shows last year this year and the projected three years for which this

marketing plan is to run (Changchien & Lin 2005)

Annual Sales For Defre Robes

Prices in $

200,000 Sales


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

The Timeline for expansion and introduction of new lines will be according to the

following table. The process of implementing every activity will be closely monitored

and assessed for determination of its performance (Gibbon 2002)

Task Year 2010 Year 2011 Year 2012

New Stores opened 12 20 35
Customized 6 logos/ 12 slogans 6logos/15 slogans 5logos/ 13 slogans

Order No. 312818 10

Defre Robes anticipates to proceed with its operations into the future, with no intentions

whatsoever for quitting the market. Rather, the firm looks forward to enhancing its

presence in the market. Presently there are no plans for mergers or acquiring public stock

offering (Changchien & Lin 2005).

Communication Plan

Several means will be used to communicate both internally and externally. Internal

information will be conveyed by use of Data sheets, sales guides, business seminars, and

presentations. On the other hand, External communication will be effected via press

releases, customer case studies and product announcements (Changchien & Lin 2005).

Monitoring and Evaluating Results

In order to gauge whether the marketing efforts are fruitful, the established goals like

trade shows will be evaluated under success merits. For instance if there is no benefit

from the trade show, then the firm will change tactic and focus on conferences while it

tries to improve the manner of presentation. Progress reports will also be analyzed used

and published and copies made to the CEO, workers. Each marketing effort will be

evaluated singly (McDonalds 2007).

Up to Date Marketing Outcome Summary

Defre has is far been able to penetrate about 1% of the market segmentation having

opened several stores over the past one year. The launch of this new product will enable it

to get a wider audience and inspire hope for future as this is expected to translate into

sales as already indicated (McDonalds 2007). Nonetheless, the firm has been

experiencing problems in attaining overall sale growth target

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