Neptune had no rival. He enchanted the Sun.

Quaoar is something transcendental (transneptunian) to Neptune and might even enchant Neptune! delineations

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There seems to be a saying going round that Sun is the Father and Moon is the Mother. While this may hold true in the new age area and some astrological backwaters, let us investigate into sitchinian, Vedic and majikal astrology. The ascendant (Hebrew “gooph”) is said to be the "cover" of the real and "spiritual" being. Since the ascendant is connected to Earth (rotation) and Malkuth, it was assumed (Halevi) that the ascendant is the body, the self at hand or default self (or first attention). Enuma Elish has Kingu as minister of Tiamut. Ministering means being a satellite, such as in I Ching (::::|:). As many a satellite one has, the more is he shielded against an intruder or gravitational and impact hazard. An intruder is an object changing the orbits of a stable solar system from elliptical to heart-shaped, as it passes by. Our system was not stable when Nibiru not only went by, but also dropped in. THE FIRST TABLET

When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, and chaos, Tiamut, the Mother of them both ... Confusion reigned, as Enuma Elish and Zecharia Sitchin inform us. Note that Tiamut is possibly in incestuous /1b/ relationship with Apsu, the begetter of gods. The orbits of the planets (their fates) were not stable. The "evil counsel" /1/ and plot comes from Mummu, Mercury, Apsu's spy, servant and first minister (compare I Ching 4th line). /1a/ Tiamat /2/ is actually set to protect the planets. She exalted Kingu; ... Kingu becomes her main satellite. After the Nibiru (Marduk) intrusion, Kingu's remanants form our Moon and Tiamat's form our Earth. That has been proposed in Zecharia Sitchin's works. The first implication is that the 12 signs correspond to 12 planets. Perhaps some extremely anti-Tiamat-an religious sect (patriarchal) has removed Tiamat, Kingu and even Nibiru, from the whole story. Whoever wants Mercury to rule both Virgo and Gemini; must have been politically patriarchal. The most annoying allusion that Tiamut is in fact the Mother _and_ queen of Apsu must have been annoying /3/ to most patriarchal political orders of old.

It is plain that Tiamat rules Virgo, and as we shall see, this is naturally c/o shared by Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Eunomia and Juno. /A/ Nibiru was unobservable most of the time, so it understandably disappeared and "lost rulership". /4/ Now, from what we have learned, the Earth is ex Tiamat, the Mother. Thus the earth is the Mother herself. This goes nicely with Carlos Castaneda (Journey to Ixtlan): the Earth is our Mother. Mother Earth. This is quite enough to shake the weak foundations of popular astrology. The ascendant would be the signifier of the Mother, not of the being or event in question. But since we (at least our physical body) are built from earthly elements (dust to dust), the premise may still hold. We must also consider our main belt as our Mother. The One Ring of asteroids is Tiamat, too. She is quite a bit scattered and the largest pieces bear female names like Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Eunomia, Juno, ... all major asteroids in the main belt bear female names. /1/ Apsu, the father, the Sun, is the begetter, but also Tiamat's son and husband. This si far fetched and not easily fathomable. Although a transneptunian bears the name of Chaos, this adds up to confusion. Where is the Mother mentioned in the bible? The real question is where is the Father mentioned, if at all. The second and third word of the bible mention the Mothers. The feminine ALHIM was strangely corrupted to "God". The various deities were all made one by paranoid patriarchal translators. ALHIM is plural, plain to see and eventually "masculine plural of a feminine noun", whatever the linguistic chaos, it cannot

hide (that God is a): A/ Plural. (with a) B/ Female root. The Moon is just the Mother's prime minister. Let us not forget this planet has at least two Trojans, thus Cruithne and 2002 AA29 are it's secondary and tertiary ministers. See the site for "third moon" sim-scans. The Sun is malefic (ego) in Vedic astrology. It is the devil (los voladeros) in our systematization, our real inorganic enemy. /6/ It is understandable for the easterner that "ego" is the devil('s mind) and enemy. We are our own enemies, or have been made into being so. /C/ The conqueror of mankind is an inorganic, a foreign being able to install a mind for us based on greed and paranoia. Zen removes this mind, emancipating True Mind. /B/

/A/ Tiamat's remnants form the main asteroid belt. However, there is a much larger asteroid belt, dwarfing the main belt by individual size of object, as well as vastness, the Kuiper Belt. Could it be that a larger explosion created this enchanting belt? The transneptunians are much larger than the centaurs and main belt asteroids. See also "TNO Update" from the site and USENET.

Prior to being named, the centaurs and transneptunians receive designation. Thus the last large transneptunian we delineated was 2003 AZ84, and the new centaur is 2003 CO1. Most reading astrologers are fairly acquainted with centaurs Chiron, Hylonome, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Pholus. The major transneptunians are Quaoar, 2002 AW197, 2002 TX300. The named transneptunians are Rhadamanthus, Chaos, Varuna and Ixion. All objects are pioneering on the site. The first triumph after 1992 QB1 was giant Varuna, then still greater Ixion, and finally the largest discovery after Pluto, Quaoar. Original first and of course unique (the only) delineations are available from the site. Since the objects were delineated _before_ they have been named, a large amount of objectiveness is implied. /B/ Perhaps the Moon is True Mind, in which case Enuma Elish also describes the fall of man and arrival of "los voladeros". This subject has been talked about AD NAVSEAM on the mailing list and newsgroup(s). Try a local, archive and USENET search.

/C/ The devil (or voladero, flyer) is not native to this planet. The fall of man is recorded when the devil(s) came to the planet. The Chinese record them as "thunders" or flying inorganic beings visible to children and seers. The best account of our enemy news:alt.dreams.castaneda is given in the last Castaneda's masterpiece "The Active Side of Infinity".

/1/ Strangely it is Gwydion-Morderd to incarnate such a name and kabalistic meaning (HVD) /iching.html

/1a/ The careless reader will buy this. Tiamut is the mother of heaven and earth (whatever that means), along with the begetter, Apsu. A male principle begetting, along with the female. What is the female for? Isn't she the begetter? Shumerian thought and politics must be closely studied to dig that. Naming is majik in itself. Refer to Frabato. Neptune had no rival. He enchanted the Sun. Quaoar is something transcendental (transneptunian) to Neptune and might even enchant Neptune! /quaoar.html /delineations

/1b/ Note that nowhere it is said that Apsu created Tiamut. That implies that nowhere it is said that Tiamut created Apsu. But it is the feminine who gives birth. Tiamut raged and fought Apsu, who would dare to go against the Sun? Was Neptune larger (or just electro-majikal) when he enchanted the Sun? Neptune is higher a vibration and cakra.

/2/ The L.W. King Translation, London 1902. Tiamut strangely changes to Tiamat. /3/ Compare Mary Magdalene, Sarah Kali, Isis cults, Simon Magus. /4/ We have discussed proper rulership elsewhere. See also "Chinese Nibiru" series.

/5/ The centaurs bear male and female names, and the transneptunians bear mostly male names. /6/ Search for "los voladeros" or "voladero"

or use along with "Chinese Nibiru".

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