Student Council: Terms of Reference 2013

I. Membership II. Frequency of Meetings III. Authority IV. Duties V. Reporting VI. Sub-Committees VII. Associated committees

I. Membership
a. Three members elected by the students present at the Annual Meeting 1. 2. 3. President of the Association Vice President Māori of the Association Vice President of the Association

b. Four students representing significant groups of students at WelTec, appointed by the three elected members of the Student Council and the Association Manager. Appointments are by unanimous decision and chosen from a group of students who have shown interest, skills and connections to specific groups of the student body. The representative students on the Student Council need not be members of the Association. 4. One student with connections with Pacifica students 5. One student with connections with international students 6. One student with connections with students with disabilities 7. One student studying at a remote location or satellite campus

1. Frequency of meetings
a. The Student Council will meet in the first instance each year within two weeks of the members’ appointment. b. The Student Council will meet a minimum of six times between March 31 and November 30 .
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III. Authority
The Student council has the authority to: a. Convene sub-committees comprising of members and experts for the purpose of achieving specific tasks, such as events; b. Call for an Special General Meeting of the Association; c. Make recommendations to the Performance Review Committee including requesting a review of the performance of its employees; d. Speak on behalf of the student body at meetings that discuss the manner and scope of spending on the WelTec student services levy; and e. Agree to the terms of a service contract between the Association and Weltec.

b. Approving the Contract for Services between WelTec and the Association. Have at least one member of the Student Council on the sub-committee. Forward any request for resources to the Student Council in writing. h. and c. and b. Approving the annual plan and annual budget. e. Document control Version Production Date: Review Date: March 2013 March 2014 . g. Acting as the agent for employing the Association Manager. and i. Promoting cultural affairs among WelTec Students. Work with the Association manager to provide suitable reporting to the AGM. Causing to occur the Association AGM. and relaying information and considered opinion to students and to WelTec under the guidance of the student engagement strategy. The WelTec – Student Council student service fees discussion group. VI. Have a recorded purpose and expected outcome. Student Council sub-committees must: a. Supporting the promotion of Clubs and Societies among WelTec students. Duties The Student Council is tasked with: a. Keeping abreast of issues. f. the legal and ongoing competent operation of the Association through interest in the Association Management Committee. c. Attending the AGM and any SGMs.IV. such as recommendations to the Student Council. and 2. Ensuring the policies and procedures of the Association are suitable for supporting V. VII. b. Report to the student body the outcome of discussions with WelTec regarding the spending of the student services levy. d. The Association Management Committee. Associated Committees The Student Council has formal relationships with: a. Sub-Committees The Student Council has authority to convene sub-committees made up of persons with expertise or knowledge that will serve the purpose of the sub-committee. news and events which students have an interest in. Reporting The Student Council must: 1.

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