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The pursuit of satisfying and meaningful career is my ultimate goal and a diploma is an important stepping stone along the path to a future career. For me, it is also a responsibility that I owe to myself and a commitment I have to others. I have realized in the today's world that originality is often sacrificed for time and money. I want to fully explore the body of knowledge of human resources, fully expand on the insights that it provides and launch my career into a new phase. hoosing human resource management as a career path will advance my prospects immensely. !y interest in human resource management, centres on the fact that it involves extensive interaction with people from all walks of life. I like to communicate with people, act like a mediator and solve their problems" whether it relates to hiring and recruiting or dealing with employees. #ltimately, I would like to oversee the business of managing people in an organization. I have chosen this course because it seems tailored to my competencies. I understand that this !asters in !anagement program is ranked amongst the top programs of this kind across the globe, a generalist program with special focus on the International aspects of business and management, designed to meet the changing needs of today's global companies. $cademically, I have a %achelor of ommerce ma&or. 'ome of the sub&ects that I undertook during my degree include ( )rinciples of !anagement, !arketing, and %usiness ommunication" which further inspires me to enhance my abilities in *uman +esource !anagement. It is the passion that I have for this area that has convinced me to pursue this diploma. 'pecialists in *uman +esource !anagement are in high demand in today's modern and competitive world" as the human resource professional has become an important part of successful company. *uman resource managers have a wide variety of responsibilities and I really look forward to the day that I get to become a part of a human resources team in a ma&or company. I have chosen human resource management because the current needs of companies both now and in the future will depends on the placements of human resources in the right direction. The program offered by your institution, with its flexibility, strength of curriculum and coursework" would allow me to further my understanding of this interdisciplinary approach to these complex human resources issues, which people face daily in their work environment. I am confident I can enhance the scholarly debate in the discipline of conflict resolution. I am a strong advocate of teamwork and I will prove to be a great team player within your program as I regard learning as both an Individual and team process. I have also done my internships in *uman +esource ,epartment and this accelerates me into the top league. This program is an excellent fit for what I have been interested in throughout my career. It offers a nice mix of short-term and long-term activities. !y short term achievements keep me cranked up and the longterm accomplishments gear me for the ever changing future.

I have completed my %achelor of ommerce from .overnment ollege of ommerce $nd /conomics, 0arachi and I have done my internships in *uman +esource ,epartment of iti %ank and %arclays %ank )akistan.

$lthough my past education is in ommerce, I have a desire to deepen these skills, and to use the material that I have learned. I realize it can be tough for a returning student" however I do not believe in 1uitting, I have always wanted to succeed, and pushed myself to my personal goals. 'uccess here is twofold. First, it is personal success for me in the program. 2ext, it is my commitment to give you my very best, by learning human resource theory and taking it to the classroom and beyond. If I am accepted, you will not be disappointed" you will find me to be a committed and a capable student. +egards, +ehan *ayat.