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Mind Control NLP & Hypnosis


David Shuttleworth DHyp M.A.E.P.H
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.hat is Hypnosis/ .hat isn1t Hypnosis/ Hypnoti Considerations "ndu ing Hypnosis Deepening

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Post hypnoti Suggestions Awa%ening 'he Su$7e t A Power#ul 'herapeuti 'ool A$rea tions Hypnosis & Mind Control Hypnosis & Mind Control : Hand Stu % to Des% Hypnosis & Mind Control ; Su$way A!nesia Hypnosis & Mind Control ; Handsha%e "ndu tions =inal 'houghts Hypnoti "ndu tion S ripts Hypnoti Deepening S ripts Post Hypnoti S ripts

.hat is Hypnosis/
"1! sure that you1ll agree that Hypnosis is a #as inating su$7e t. "# you1ve ever wat hed a stage hypnotist you1ll have $een i!pressed at his a$ility to !anipulate and ontrol see!ingly rational people into doing all %inds o# $i>arre and potentially e!$arrassing things. Modern !agi ians li%e Derren Brown who see!ingly use the power o# suggestion to very rapidly !anipulate and ontrol strangers& have also reated an un)uen ha$le thirst #or %nowledge #ro! the pu$li . 'he evolution o# !odern !agi has $rought it #ro! the stage and onto the street& and it has en ouraged a great deal o# enthusias! #or hypnosis& NLP& and other #or!s o# ?!ind ontrol@. 'he power to ontrol people that we1ve only 7ust !et is very alluring& and it is pro$a$ly the su$ ons ious desire to $e a$le to in#luen e people in this way that !a%es hypnotis! apture the i!agination so readily. So what e(a tly is hypnosis/ 'he word ?hypnos@ o!es #ro! the Aree% and !eans ?to sleep&@ $ut hypnosis itsel#& although a totally natural state o# !ind& is in #a t very di##erent #ro! sleep. 'he #ollowing de#initions lari#y the !eaning !ore pre isely+ ?B=ro! Aree%& CsleepCD a state o# heightened awareness and #o
used to !anipulate the per eption o# pain& to a $ehaviour.@ used on entration that an $e ess repressed !aterial and to re:progra!

?An arti#i ially indu ed altered state o# ons iousness& hara teri>ed $y heightened suggesti$ility and re eptivity to dire tion. An Altered State o# Cons iousness involving a

heightened degree o# suggesti$ility.@ ?'he use o# progressive suggestions to $ring a person into an altered state where suggestions o# hange an $e given with !ini!al resistan e.@ ?Arti#i ially indu ed alteration o# ons iousness hara teri>ed $y in reased suggesti$ility and re eptivity to dire tion.@ ?A tran eli%e ondition usually indu ed $y another person in whi h the su$7e t is in a state o# altered ons iousness and responds& with ertain li!itations& to the suggestions o# the hypnotist.@ ?Eor tran e is a naturally o urring state& li%e sleep or daydrea!ing& where attention is turned inward& with heightened openness to new ideas. Hypnotherapy indu es the tran e state o# heightened re eptivity& and o##ers dire t or indire t suggestions to the un ons ious& whi h it !ay or !ay not a ept.@

Fou1ll noti e that these de#initions give virtually the sa!e !eaning ; an altered state o# ons iousness during whi h the su$7e t e(hi$its in reased suggesti$ility.

'his is essentially hypnosis in a nutshell. "t is the a$ility& using ver$al dire tion& to lead so!eone into an altered state o# ons iousness Bit rese!$les daydrea!ingD& during whi h ti!e they are !u h !ore re eptive to suggestion. Gn e in this state& the hypnotist an !a%e either dire t or indire t suggestions to help the su$7e t to $rea% da!aging or undesira$le ha$its& su h as s!o%ing& over eating& an(iety& et . 'his is where hypnosis $e o!es hypnotherapy. 'he a tual !e hanis! that !a%es hypnosis wor% is )uite di##i ult to )uanti#y. Basi ally& the things that drive us and !a%e us who we are& are deeply e!$edded in our su$ ons ious !ind. .e don1t need to are#ully thin% a$out what we strongly agree or disagree with& what we love or hate& or strongly desire& it is ?hard wired@ into our !ind. So!e o# this o!es #ro! personal e(perien e& pre#eren e& and needs& and so!e #ro! our hildhood #ro! dire t o!!ands or suggestions #ro! our parents or authority #igures. Nor!ally we pro ess in#or!ation via our < senses and our ?hard wiring@ #or!s so!ething ter!ed the ? riti al ensor&@ whi h a ts as a %ind o# #ilter to deter!ine whether anything presented to us on#or!s with our deepest $elie#s. 'he riti al ensor de ides whether or not to a ept or re7e t the in#or!ation presented to us. "# it is a epted it is ?a$sor$ed@ into our su$ ons ious and $e o!es either a epted %nowledge& a part o# our $elie# syste!& a !oral viewpoint& or an a!$itionHdesire. "n#or!ation or o!!ands that are at odds with our previously a epted %nowledge& $elie#s& !orals& or desires are re7e ted $y the riti al !onitor& and they have no e##e t on our $ehaviour or a tions.

'his is where hypnosis an help. By on entrating all o# the su$7e ts attention onto a single o$7e t& their riti al ensor is gradually su$dued allowing the hypnotist to spea% al!ost dire tly to the su$ ons ious !ind& and over o!ing the pro$le! o# the suggestion not $eing a epted. Fou a$solutely need to read the hapters in this $oo% prior to the s ripts& in their entirety& to #ully understand& appre iate& and $e a$le to a hieve a good state o# hypnosis in your su$7e ts. All pro$le! $ehaviour& li%e s!o%ing #or e(a!ple& are ha$its that are e!$edded in our su$ ons ious !ind and have $e o!e a part o# our i!age o# who we are& this is why they are di##i ult to $rea%. Si!ilarly& the indu tions are not !agi al in antations that will instantly laun h your su$7e t into a #ully $lown hypnoti state. So& having read& and hope#ully understood what hypnosis is& we1ll now dispel so!e !yths a$out what hypnosis is not. . 'he Ego Brational& logi al !indD analyses in#or!ation to see i# it !a%es sense& $e#ore passing it onto the Super Ego B riti al ensorD. "t is a per#e tly natural state so!ewhat a%in to daydrea!ing.e all %now that s!o%ing is $ad #or our health& $ut trying to !a%e yoursel# stop is in redi$ly di##i ult . 'he Super Ego is li%e the gate%eeper to the su$ ons ious !ind& it de ides whether or not to a ept the in#or!ation& instru tion& o!!and& and either sends it into the "d Bsu$ ons iousD where it $e o!es a o!ponent o# our $ehaviour& or re7e ts it out o# hand. . the o!!and that your logi al !ind gives yoursel# is re7e ted $y the riti al ensor and never !a%es it into the su$ ons ious. Although hypnosis is generally a sa#e and har!less ondition& it is also vitally i!portant is that you read and o$serve the ?Contra "ndi ations@ on page 34. 'he "d Bsu$ ons iousD is the !ost power#ul part o# the !ind& and it auto!ati ally& and without our ons ious realisation& ontains our deepest desires& and ontrols our $ehaviour.'his an $e e(plained )uite ni ely $y =reudian psy hology. .hat isn1t Hypnosis/ Hypnosis isn1t !agi .

Hypnosis is an altered state o# !ind in whi h the su$7e t is in a state si!ilar to daydrea!ing.again you1ll noti e that they state+ ?Ethe su$7e t is in a state o# altered ons iousness and responds& with ertain li!itations& to the suggestions o# the hypnotist@ & ?Hypnotherapy indu es the tran e state o# heightened re eptivity& and o##ers dire t or indire t suggestions to the un ons ious& whi h it !ay or !ay not a ept. . Co!!on !is on eptions+ 3D Fou an $e hypnoti>ed and do things against your will "# you read the last 5 de#initions on page . see $elowD& they !ight $e ta%en advantage o# se(ually or in so!e other way& $ut they are at all ti!es ons ious and aware and in ontrol o# what is happening.'he pro ess to indu e a hypnoti tran e is not di##i ult to a hieve& parti ularly when you understand the pro ess and %now what1s a tually happening.@ 'he si!ple #a t is that although you su$due the riti al ensor and spea% al!ost dire tly to the su$ ons ious !ind& people will not respond to suggestions that are against their !ost deeply held !oral $elie#s. Any atte!pt to #or e the! to do so!ething against their strongly held $elie#s will result in the! o!ing out o# hypnosis i!!ediately. However& it is very !u h a 5 way pro ess Bthe person ideally should onsent to $eing hypnotised& and shouldn1t have any an(ieties a$out $eing hypnotisedD& so you !ust $e a$le to re!ove any dou$ts or worries that your su$7e t !ay have. 'hey are at all ti!es ons ious and aware and in ontrol o# what is happening to the!& and an o!e out o# hypnosis anyti!e that they hoose. =or e(a!ple& so!e people are #rightened that whilst they are un ons ious Bthey1re not un ons ious . 5D Jnder hypnosis you are un ons ious 'his is not the ase. People will not do under hypnosis so!ething that they wouldn1t readily do whilst in their nor!al state o# ons iousness. Most on erns are o!!on ones aused $y the artisti li ense used $y 'I and #il! produ ers& $ut however erroneous they !ay $e& i# they are not dealt with it will !a%e the hypnoti pro ess !ore di##i ult and less en7oya$le #or the su$7e t.

However& you need to thin% a$out what you want to a hieve on e that you1ve put the! into the tran e& parti ularly i# you want to on entrate on hypnotherapy and help the! to $rea% a $ad ha$it. Hypnoti Considerations Gn e that you1ve re!oved any dou$ts #ro! your su$7e t& introdu ing a hypnoti state is relatively easy. 'he su$7e t is aware o# what is happening and an not $e #or ed to do things against their will. 'his also helps to e(plain what your su$7e t an e(pe t to e(perien e and also gains their trust and per!ission to indu e a tran e. Hearing and re!e!$ering what the hypnotist said to you is o!pletely natural& hypnosis is not sleep& it is an altered state o# ons iousness. 8D "# you an hear the Hypnotist you weren1t hypnotised People e(perien e hypnosis in di##erent ways. . <D Fou an $e !ade to reveal e!$arrassing se rets 'his is #alse #or the reasons given a$ove. Although your su$7e t !ay not have #elt hypnotised& the hypnotist an usually visually see the physi al hanges& and o# ourse the su$7e ts !odi#ied $ehaviour is the ulti!ate proo#. -D Fou an get stu % in Hypnosis 'his is i!possi$le& i# the hypnotist dropped dead a#ter indu ing the tran e the su$7e t would either o!e out o# hypnosis $y the!selves or dri#t o## to sleep. Aenerally !ore intelligent people are easier to hypnotise& possi$ly $e ause they have a greater a$ility to inwardly visualise and not $e distra ted $y other thoughts.4D Gnly wea% !inded people an $e hypnoti>ed 'he opposite is true. Fou really need to dispel these !yths with your su$7e t to re!ove resistan e to $eing hypnotised.

'his in#or!ation an $e used during the suggestion to reate a very power#ul suggestion to help the! to a hieve their goal very )ui %ly . Fou ould try various well do u!ented te hni)ues su h as leading & pa ing whilst tal%ing to . Fou an however $e ertain that i# your su$7e t senses that you dou$t yoursel#& then hypnotising the! will $e very di##i ult indeed. !ore a$out this in ?A Power#ul 'herapeuti 'ool@ on page 55. "# you1re going to help your su$7e t to hange a di##i ult ha$it& su h as stopping s!o%ing& it an $e very help#ul to %now a$out their li#e& wor%& and #a!ily. =or the $est results when dealing with pro$le! $ehaviour& you need the su$7e t to tal% #ran%ly with you prior to $eginning hypnosis. 'he s ript that you use whilst the su$7e t is under hypnosis an then $e adapted to in lude suggestions that relate to spe i#i s uni)ue to ea h di##erent person. "n this way the suggestions stri%e an i!!ediate hord with the su$7e t and they will $e a epted !ore readily. Fou need to understand what is $ehind the pro$le!& what the pro$le! !eans to the su$7e t& how li#e would $e $etter i# the pro$le! didn1t e(ist& and what !otivates the! the !ost to hange their $ehaviour and eli!inate the pro$le!. 'he $est way to prepare yoursel# is to !a%e sure that you %now what you1re going to $e doing inside out& and !a%e sure that you1re o!#orta$le with the s ripts& et & then pra tise on a willing volunteer #irst& starting with a slight rela(ing tran e& and gradually progressing to hypnotising the! deeply. Agree $e#orehand on whi h points you will on entrate on whilst the su$7e t is under hypnosis& and where possi$le use the e(a t words and phrases that the su$7e t uses whilst e(plaining their pro$le! to you. Gne o# the %eys to su ess when you1re going to hypnotise so!eone is to at least appear to $e on#ident in your own a$ilities. "n ti!e& and with pra tise& you won1t even onte!plate #ailing to indu e a hypnoti tran e& $ut in the $eginning it an see! daunting& even though it doesn1t really need to."# you want to !a%e the! run around a ting li%e a hi %en& then there1s not really a pro$le! i# the tran e is deep enough B!ore laterD and you1ve sele ted a good su$7e t. "t1s also i!portant to realise that in order to su eed you !ust $uild so!e rapport with your su$7e t.

Milton Eri %son Ba very i!portant #ounding #igure o# !odern hypnosisD had a naturally deep and resonant voi e& and dressed in a purple ape. E(plaining how hypnosis wor%s $e#orehand in a al! and natural voi e generates on#iden e in your %nowledge & a$ility& and also gets the! used to hearing your voi e. Also& i# you dress s!artly $ut also asually Bli%e a do tor/D& it generates on#iden e that you are pro#essional& $ut also onveys the idea that you are approa ha$le and will hope#ully help the su$7e t to spea% openly and honestly a$out their pro$le!.hen you then $egin the indu tion in your natural voi e it doesn1t see! at odds with what they e(pe t. . =or e(a!ple& people pro$a$ly e(pe t to $e lying on a re lining hair& or a haise lounge& or si!ilar& and although o!pletely unne essary it helps $y reating the right at!osphere and not distra ting their attention. 'he $est way o# $uilding rapport is to win the su$7e ts trust whilst tal%ing to the! prior to the hypnosis itsel#& whilst you1re re!oving their on erns and as%ing )uestions a$out the! is an ideal ti!e.the!& !irroring their $ody language& et & $ut really it1s usually not ne essary to !a%e things so o!pli ated.@ "1ll never #orget the ti!e that " en ountered a hap who1d done a hypnosis ourse and who insisted on trying to hypnotise !e. Fou !ight not $e $lessed with a naturally deep and soothing voi e& $ut you don1t really need one. Although loo%ing so!ewhat e entri & his su$7e ts were on#ronted $y so!eone who loo%ed & sounded e(a tly as they i!agined a hypnotist should. it . =inally& and very i!portantly& is your tone o# voi e during the indu tion. He sat !e on a hair& e(plained what he was going to do& and then suddenly hanged his voi e totally when he $egan the indu tion. People have an e(pe tan y #or how a hypnotist will loo%& a t& and spea%& and it an help tre!endously to play to these e(pe tations a little. . So!ething else that " personally thin% is vitally i!portant& is your appearan e. =or this reason it is vitally i!portant that you spea% naturally without trying to #or e a ?hypnotists voi e. "1! not suggesting that you rush out and $uy a ape and top hat& $ut you an help yoursel# tre!endously $y trying to on#or! to the general i!pression o# how a hypnotist should $e.hat you are atte!pting to do is to gradually swit h o## the su$7e ts senses until they are 7ust listening to your voi e and visualising what you tell the!. "# you thin% o# the si>e o# letters representing his volu!e and tone& you1ll see why " had to sit there $iting !y lip so that " didn1t $urst out laughing .

you don1t want unne essary distra tionsD& then you1re ready to $egin. you sound ridi ulous i# you don1t. has re ently su##ered a nervous $rea%down. Gn e that you1ve gone through the preli!inaries and !ade sure that your su$7e t is ready B!a%e sure they1ve $een to the toilet& et .went so!ething li%e+ ?L:"S':EN 'GGG MF IG":CE& AND GN:LF MF IG":CE@ Needless to say it didn1t wor%& and hope#ully it illustrates why you !ust use your own voi e . . "ndu ing Hypnosis =irstly a word o# warning. Kepetitive& !onotonous spee h slips right past the riti al ensor and into the su$ ons ious !ind& a hieving e(a tly what we are loo%ing #or. 'hese are %nown as ?Contra "ndi ations@ and are $asi ally+ 3D 5D 4D -D 'he 'he 'he 'he person person person person is S hi>ophreni .distin t steps. "# any o# the a$ove applies to your su$7e t& then re#use to hypnotise the!. Now that we1ve overed these points lets !ove onto the indu tion itsel#. is ta%ing !edi ation #or H is deeply depressed. 'he Hypnoti e(perien e itsel# an $e split down onto . has re ently undergone Ele tro Convulsive 'herapy. Hypnosis is generally har!less& $ut there are ti!es when& #or one reason or another& you shouldn1t hypnotise so!eone. "t1s also i!portant to spea% learly& slowly& al!ly& and in a !onotonous tone. Any intonation o# words at hes the attention o# the ons ious !ind and stops it #ro! swit hing o##.

"# you1ll 7ust #o us your eyes on so!ething while " spea%& we1ll pro eed very s!oothly.steps will $e overed in this hapter& there is a o!prehensive list o# indu tions& deepeners& and suggestions #urther on in the $oo%.@ 'he word ?interesting@ suggests the su$7e t should on entrate& and there is also the suggestion that loo%ing at the dot will help things to go s!oothly #or $oth o# us Bi. So!eti!es people will #all into a very deep hypnoti tran e very )ui %ly and easily& $ut usually it is ne essary to !ove onto the se ond stage and to deepen the tran e #urther. "t wants to $e so!ething )uite si!ple& a pi ture o# a $lue ir le or a dot on the wall& a pen on your des%& et & and wants to $e in #ront o# the! so that they don1t have to turn their head. All o# these . Consider the senten e $elow that we are going to use to $egin the indu tion Bin a slow& al!& and )uiet voi eD+ ?Hypnosis is an interesting e(perien e. =inally ?!ost people&@ indire tly tells the! that there have $een !any people . Fou !ust avoid negative words and phrases as !u h as possi$le $e ause they are not a epted as readily $y the su$ ons ious !ind as positive ones. . As stated a$ove& this is where you en ourage the su$7e t to rela( and to enter a hypnoti state. Most people li%e to stare at this dot on the wall.=irstly& is the indu tion in whi h you en ourage the su$7e t to rela( and to enter a hypnoti state.& we1re wor%ing togetherD. Fou need an o$7e t #or the su$7e t to #o us their attention on. 'his is a hieved $y ontinued suggestion.e. 3D 'he "ndu tion+ "n this se tion "1ll run through a $rea%down o# the pro edure& then put it all together at the end. 'he third step is the post hypnoti suggestion& when you give the a tual suggestions that will illi it the desired hange in $ehaviour& and #inally is the #ourth stage& $ringing the su$7e t $a % out o# hypnosis.ording is very i!portant in hypnosis. Four su$7e t should $e seated or lying on a o!#orta$le hair& et & and is $etter positioned #a ing you& $ut !ay$e slightly o## entre.

'here are lots o# s ripts later in the $oo%. Fou now need to run through the usual on erns & reiterate that they are in ontrol o# the!selves throughout the whole hypnoti e(perien e& that they an1t get stu % in a tran e& et & and that their su$ ons ious is very power#ul and it ontrols their $ehaviourH$odyHdesiresHi!pulsesHet . Fou only need to %now 5 or 4 s ripts& and on e you1ve used the! a #ew ti!es you1ll #eel o!#orta$le to hop and hange the! as ne essary. As you wor% through your s ript suggesting that your su$7e ts $reathing is slowing down& and that they1re $e o!ing heavier and !ore rela(ed& you1ll gradually noti e a physi al hange in the!. 'here are hundreds o# s ripts availa$le and it1s i!portant that you hoose one that you #eel o!#orta$le using and that you thin% will wor% well with your su$7e t too. 'he ne(t step is to ontinue with your hypnoti indu tion s ript. "# you1ll 7ust #o us your eyes . 'his helps the! to onvin e the!selves that the e(perien e will $e a positive one #or the!& and should help to push the! the last #ew steps into a light hypnoti tran e. At this point you should rein#or e the idea that you are $oth going to a o!plish so!ething e(tre!ely $ene#i ial #or your su$7e t. Gn e that you1ve rea hed this point you an suggest that !ost peoples eyes start to $e o!e heavier and heavier& and then as% the! that on e they #eel this way& and are ready to $egin& that they lose their eyes. ?Hypnosis is an interesting e(perien e. whi hever is appropriate #or the person.$e#ore the!& whi h reates a #eeling o# on#iden e. 'hey all revolve around the sa!e prin iple o# slowing down& $e o!ing heavier& et & and the ai! is to get the su$7e t to a point where their only really aware o# what they1re hearing and the internal visualisation you1re helping the! to generate. Although they !ay still $e $lin%ing& they will also $e staring very intently Bat the dotD& and they won1t $e !oving at all. Lets loo% at the whole s ript on the ne(t page $e#ore !oving onto deepening.

@ "# you1re dealing with a spe i#i pro$le! su h as weight ontrol& ontinue with+ ?Ke!e!$er that your su$ ons ious !ind is very power#ul& and without any e##ort or thought& it ontrols our $ehaviour& our ha$its& and our desires. By tal%ing to your su$ ons ious !ind today we1re going to a hieve so!ething very i!portant and use#ul #or you. Must %eep $reathing deeply and listen to the sound o# !y voi e. As you sit there o!#orta$ly& sin%ing down into that hair and $eginning to rela( your $ody& you an 7ust turn your attention to your $reathing. As you noti e your $reathing rela(ingE #inding a !ore soothing rhyth!& you an 7ust allow the rest o# the $ody to rela(& all those !us les $e o!ing o!pletely li!p and sla %& 7ust li%e a rag doll.@ Allow the! to do this and then run through whi hever on erns they had. Fou will $e a$le to o!e out o# the tran e anyti!e that you #eel it ne essary& and $y your own hoosing.@ Continue with suggestions o# $reathing & rela(ing& and o# the !us les $e o!ing !ore & !ore rela(ed until you an see that it is having a noti ea$le e##e t on the su$7e t.@ Gtherwise spea% a$out hypnosis $eing a very pleasura$le& rela(ing& rewarding e(perien e. Even though you1re o!pletely rela(ed in a deep& hypnoti & tran e& you will $e totally in ontrol o# yoursel# the whole ti!e.on so!ething while " spea%& we1ll pro eed very s!oothly. ?Leep your attention #o used on the dot and ta%e a #ew deep $reaths. 'hen ontinue with+ ?And as you en7oy the #eeling o# that rela(ation spreading through your $ody& $e aware that we1re going to a hieve so!ething very $ene#i ial& positive& and rewarding #or you& as you slip deeper and deeper into a !ore rela(ed& and o!#orta$le e(perien e. 'hen $egin the indu tion s ript. Most people li%e to stare at this dot on the wall.@ . ?Ke!e!$er& you will $e #ully aware o# !y voi e and what1s happening to you& even though you1re deeply hypnotised. 'a%ing a good& deep $reath in and holding it nowE and allowing yoursel# to rela( !ore and !ore as you let go o# that $reath.

.@ Kepeat this as ne essary until you an learly see that the su$7e t has entered a hypnoti state& then ontinue with a deepening s ript. 'hose eyelids so tired and heavy that they 7ust won1t li#t at allE 7ust li%e they1re $e o!ing tightly glued together& i# you an i!agine thatE in #a t& the !ore you try to see i# you an open the!& they !ore tightly glued together they $e o!eE Now try and see i# you an open those heavy eyelids 7ust a $itE NpauseO 'hat1s goodE 7ust rela( now you don1t need to struggle any!ore to open the!E As you let goE 7ust allowing that wonder#ul sense o# deep rela(ation to spread #ro! your eyes down through the rest o# your $ody. Continuing with the Dave El!an S ript+ ?Lnowing that #or the ti!e $eing you an rela( those eyes so wonder#ully deeply that so long as they re!ain rela(ed they won1t want to open.At this point you should suggest that the eyes are $e o!ing heavier and that they should lose the! when they #eel ready to $egin. 'hey start to #eel heavy and get heavier & heavier. B'he s ript a$ove is adapted #ro! the Dave El!an Kapid "ndu tion S riptD. ?Soon you1ll #ind that your eyes start to $e o!e )uite heavy. 'hey all $asi ally involve the su$7e t i!agining that they are going ?down@ or ?deeper and deeper@ to a hieve the resulting tran e. Must allow the! to lose when you1re ready to $egin. 5D Deepening+ Now that the su$7e t is learly in a hypnoti tran e& we want to deepen it #urther to !a(i!ise the power o# the post hypnoti suggestions that we1re going to use. And as you e(perien e those su$tle #eelings o# deep physi al rela(ation& deepening& and deepeningE so your !ind is rela(ing& unwinding& en7oying a pleasant hypnoti tran e. 'here are do>ens o# deepening s ripts& you an #ind a good sele tion later in the $oo%.

'hen ontinue+ ?Letting the nu!$ers #ade awayE leaving the! $ehindE your !ind silent& al!& tran)uilE en7oying the deepest level o# tran eE Losing those nu!$ersE you 7ust don1t need to do anything else #or the ti!e $eing e( ept sit silently& rela(& and en7oy that #as inating sensation o# deep tran e& deep& deep tran e.hat you do now depends on what you1re loo%ing to a hieve. "# you want to !a%e the person #orget their na!e& eat an onion& et & then it1s pretty straight#orward.@ Fou1re now ready to o!!en e with the post hypnoti suggestions. perhaps the onion is really a $ig 7ui y red apple ."n a !o!ent& to $egin really deepening that tran e& we an gently open and lose those eyesE as " ount to three you will open your eyes #or a !o!ent #eeling a wave o# deep rela(ation enveloping your $ody and your !ind as you do soE $eginning now+ one& two three& li#ting those heavy eyelidsE and three& two& oneE letting the! #all shut on e again& rela(ing twi e as deeply& ten ti!es as deeplyE? 'he ne(t part will ta%e the su$7e t into a very deep hypnoti state+ ?Now that the $ody1s so deeply& so pro#oundly rela(ed& you an allow the !ind to en7oy an even deeper level o# tran e. 7ust use your i!agination. 4D Post Hypnoti Suggestions+ . . Must give the suggestions in a si!ilar vein to a$ove and !a%e so!e asso iations . "n a !o!ent $egin ounting down #ro! 366& ounting out loud& repeating the words Cdeeper and deeperC a#ter ea h nu!$er. Ea h ti!e you say the nu!$er& ea h ti!e you say the words Cdeeper and deeperC your !ind $e o!ing twi e as deeply rela(ed& ten ti!es as deeply rela(ed& sin%ing down into a wonder#ully deep tran eE As you do this you1ll #ind that voi e& those nu!$ers& rela(ing so deeply that you )ui %ly lose the nu!$ersE lose the a$ility and the desire to %eep on ounting downE Beginning now& Cone hundredE deeper and deeperEC that1s it& rela(ing that voi e& twi e as deeply& ten ti!es as deeply& losing those nu!$ersE #orgettingE leaving the! $ehindE voi e $e o!ing wea%erE #ainterE@ Continue with suggestions o# deepening until su$7e t stops ounting.

All right. . 'wo+ ea h !us le and nerve in your $ody is loose and li!p and rela(ed& and you #eel wonder#ully good. Gne+ slowly& al!ly& easily youPre returning to your #ull awareness on e again. "n these instan es " also re o!!end that you read and use ?A Power#ul 'herapeuti 'ool@ on page 55. "ts also a good idea to start the awa%ening with a #inal post hypnoti suggestion that the su$7e t will rela( !ore deeply & !ore rapidly the ne(t ti!e that you have hypnotise the! B7ust in ase you need to hypnotise the! again .hen you1ve #inished the post hypnoti suggestion you1ll want to re awa%en the su$7e t.=or therapeuti purposes& li%e giving up s!o%ing& you an #ind a good sele tion o# s ripts later in the $oo%. "1! not going to run through the s ript on this page $e ause it is spe i#i to ea h individual ase and it is also 7ust a !atter o# spea%ing the post hypnoti suggestions to the person . Physi ally& !entally& and e!otionally al! and serene. Now& "P! going to ount #ro! one to #ive& and then "Pll say& C=ully awa%e. !ay$e you have a lot o# onions that need eatingD+ ?Ea h ti!e that " hypnotise you& you1ll rela( !ore easily& !ore )ui %ly& and !ore deeply. "t is i!portant to !a%e sure that you give this stage as !u h attention as you did the others& and you should never send the person on their way $e#ore !a%ing sure that they1re totally awa%e and sa#e to !a%e their way ho!e. -D Awa%ening the Su$7e t+ .C At the ount o# #ive& your eyes will open& and you are then #ully awa%e& #eeling al!& rested& re#reshed& and rela(ed. "t wor%s wonder#ully in the vast !a7ority o# ases. there isn1t really anything to loo% out #or on e you1ve rea hed this stage. 'hree+ #ro! head to toe& you are #eeling per#e t in every way.

Lets onsider it as i# we1re dealing with so!eone trying to give up s!o%ing. Gn the ne(t nu!$er " ount& eyelids open& #ully aware& #eeling al!& rested& re#reshed& rela(ed& invigorated& and #ull o# energy. "n $oth #utures they are as%ed to visualise the!selves as they will $e i# they #ollow that path& they $e o!e e!$roiled in the e!otions o# the!selves & their loved ones. A Power#ul 'herapeuti 'ool " want to share with you a very power#ul tool #or use in therapeuti hypnosis& whi h is e(tre!ely help#ul when dealing with $rea%ing $ehavioural ha$its su h as s!o%ing. "n the good #uture& the su$7e t sees how things ould $e i# they $rea% their ha$it& and they are then as%ed to visualise the #uture sel# than%ing the! #or the wise de ision that they !ade all those years . 'his te hni)ue is alled age progression.=our+ your eyes $egin to #eel alert and awa%e. Fou need to #ind out a$out the persons reasons #or wanting to stop& what their driving #or e is& and use this as the $asis #or the suggestion. Nu!$er #ive+ FouPre #ully awa%e now. 'a%e a good& deep $reath& #ill up your lungs& and stret h. one i# they ontinue s!o%ing& the other i# they stop s!o%ing.@ 'he idea is that in the $ad #uture the su$7e t sees the!selves su##ering #ro! the very thing that they would li%e to avoid& and this allows the su$7e t to see & e(perien e what awaits the! i# they ontinue as they are. Eventually their ?#uture sel#@ spea%s to their ?present day sel#. Eyelids open. Basi ally& it involves ta%ing the su$7e t& whilst hypnotised& into 5 alternative #utures .@ Four su$7e t should now $e wide awa%e and will hope#ully have %i %ed their ha$it.

?Now "1d li%e you to visualise yoursel# a ouple o# years a#ter that& when your s!o%ing has really a##e ted your health. Assu!ing that their health is high on the agenda& we1ll use this as the $asis #or the progression+ ?" wonder i# you ould visualise yoursel# #or !e& perhaps ta%ing a $ris% wal% in a $eauti#ul par%& and en7oying s!elling the #lowers as you $reath the air deeply into your lungs .@ . Perhaps you an wal% !ore $ris%ly and $reath !ore deeply than $e#ore. Please nod when you1re done wat hing.ait #or the su$7e t to nod. ?Now "1d li%e you to visualise yoursel# in a #ew years ti!e a#ter you1re s!o%ing has #inally started to at h up with you& and "1d li%e you to noti e the di##eren es in yoursel#.@ . Now& lets say that you1ve de ided to stop s!o%ing so!eti!e soon& say in the ne(t #ew days.@ . please nod when you do. ?Now visualise yoursel# a ouple o# years a#ter that and noti e how happy you are& how youth#ul you loo%& and how !u h energy you . Nod& please& when you1ve #inished wat hing. 'his visualisation o# a #it & healthy sel# heaping praise on the present day sel# en ourages & rein#or es the positive hange that we are atte!pting to illi it. Please nod when you1ve #inished. ?Fou have i!agined a #uture where you1ve ontinued to s!o%e.ait #or the su$7e t to nod. Lnowing that you1ll soon $e a non s!o%er& visualise yoursel# in a #ew years ti!e ta%ing that $ris% wal% again& and en7oying s!elling the #lowers.ait #or the su$7e t to nod : Depending on how well they visualise this they !ay even have started rying. En7oy yoursel#.ago. Lets onsider it as i# we1re in orporating it into a post hypnoti suggestion.@ . "t sounds o!pli ated $ut its really )uite si!ple.ait #or the su$7e t to nod.

?Please visualise yoursel# in 3< years ti!e #ro! now. "# you listen are#ully you will hear the older you spea%ing to the present you. " thin% he !ay $e than%ing you. "t1s interesting to note that the su$7e t !ay ta%e a #ew !inutes $e#ore they nod . A#ter this ontinue with the hypnosis.ait #or the su$7e t to nod.see! to have.@ Eventually the su$7e t should nod& and will usually see! )uite happy. "#& a#ter < !inutes or so they haven1t nodded& as% the! to nod when they are ready. you !ust $e patient. 'his al!ost o!pletes the use o# this power#ul tool& you an use #urther suggestions to pro!ote the idea o# no ni otine withdrawal sy!pto!s& repla ing the desire #or a igarette with the desire #or a sip o# water& or rein#or e the a$ove with the suggestion that every ti!e the su$7e t pi %s up a igarette they revisit& in all its intensity& the negative #uture& and when they hoose not to have a igarette they revisit the positive #uture in the sa!e way. Let !e %now when you1ve #inished loo%ing. ?Fou !ust $e very proud o# yoursel#/@ Again& the su$7e t should nod. Now& split the s reen in hal# and on the other side see yoursel# as you are now. See yoursel# learly on a !ovie s reen in your !ind. 'he older you is loo%ing at the present you. ?. "t would $e all to easy to suggest that the su$7e t sees the!selves in an . Please also note the deli$erate avoidan e o# negative suggestion.@ . 'his is an indi ation that they are deeply involved with their i!agined #uture& and should $e a good sign that the suggestion will have a very power#ul e##e the older you appre iative o# the present you/@ 'he su$7e t should nod.

o(ygen tent in a hospital& with their dearly loved ones all wailing around the!. "nstead the hypnotist should 7ust o$serve and listen& and then guide the su$7e t to a al!er state. 7ust leave the! to rea t as they hoose. "t is unwise to atte!pt to #or e a su$7e t to visit di##i ult ti!es #ro! their past& they should $e allowed to visit any !e!ory $y their own hoi e. A$rea tions 'he ter! a$rea tion re#ers to the e!otional outpouring that an o ur when a trau!ati or e!otionally pain#ul e(perien e is revisited during hypnosis. 'his o urs $e ause the e(perien e is relived along with the e!otions and #eelings that were atta hed to it when it happened& and an !ani#est itsel# as a sudden e!otional dis harge. Se ondly& with the $est will in the .orld& we annot& ever& produ e an i!age as vivid& realisti & inspiring& #rightening& !otivating& or spe i#i to the su$7e t& as the su$7e t the!selves an reate. Si!ilarly it is not re o!!ended to atte!pt to #or e the! to show e!otion o# any %ind . 'his o urs #or 5 !ain reasons+ =irstly& although the riti al ensor is su$dued& any suggestion involving deeply distressing or undesira$le i!agery !ay well $e re7e ted $y the su$ ons ious.hilst this !ight see! li%e a good idea& it will have a !u h less dra!ati e##e t than the s ript used a$ove. 'he suggestion o# ?when your s!o%ing has really a##e ted your health@ on7ures !eanings and onnotations #or the su$7e t that the hypnotist annot even $egin to on eive. "t is $elieved that this release o# suppressed e!otion has a very $ene#i ial therapeuti e##e t& allowing the su$7e t to on#ront& and o!e to ter!s with $uried trau!as #ro! their past. . 'his #unda!ental prin iple #or!s the #oundations #or all good hypnotherapy& and is so!ething that we should all aspire to a hieve #or our patients. "t is also not wise to interrupt the! should they display this %ind o# outpouring. 'he #ollowing s ript !ay $e use#ul+ .

@ "t !ay $e ne essary to have the su$7e t re:visit the !e!ory in order #or the! to $e a$le to o!e to ter!s with it o!pletely& you an guide the! $a % to it gently with a suggestion su h as+ ?"t1s i!portant #or your happiness in the #uture that we go $a % to the ti!e that you 7ust e(perien ed& $ut this ti!e the #eelings will $e !u h less intense. Hypnosis & Mind Control . =or the sa%e o# your happiness& are you willing to $a % #or 7ust a short !o!ent/@ How you help your su$7e t to o!e to ter!s with their repressed e!otion depends entirely upon ea h individual situation& $ut you !ight #ind the Aestalt !ethod o# therapy use#ul. Ao deeper into rela(ation& and en7oy the pleasant& al!& and rela(ing #eelings.?Clear your !ind & let the s ene #ade away now.+ ?Now& $e o!e your =ather and al!ly respond to what Nsu$7e ts na!eO has 7ust said. 'his then eventually leads to #orgiveness and resolution o# the pro$le!. "n this& the su$7e t is dire ted& whilst revisiting the !e!ory& and with all o# their adult #a ulties . intelle t& language& %nowledge& et & to al!ly and rationally tell the other person in their !e!ory e(a tly how they #eel a$out what has happened. 'his an ta%e several !inutes. Must let it dri#t away. =eel how wonder#ul everything is at this !o!ent.@ By adopting this %ind o# role play& the su$7e t is allowed to view the event again #ro! a di##erent perspe tive& and #ro! there to understand what happened& and why.g. 'hey !ay need a little pro!pting e. 'hey are then dire ted to $e o!e the other person in the !e!ory& and to respond to the #eelings that were 7ust e(pressed.@ A#ter a pause+ ?Now o!e #orward into a ti!e when you1re happy & en7oying yoursel# thoroughly. Deeper and deeper.

'his is supposedly a hieved using only a $lend o# psy hology& NLP BNeuro Linguisti Progra!!ingD& & su$li!inal o!!ands& though it does in #a t also rely to so!e degree upon hypnosis and a su$stantial dose B . Dual Keality+ 'his is a te hni)ue used in !agi that an also $e used very well in hypnosis& espe ially with stage hypnosis. Although !any o# the e##e ts use traditional on7uring !ethods& !ost in lude a very lever use o# the a$ove te hni)ues to support the illusion& and to reate a very power#ul i!pression that the e##e t is a hieved using only psy hologi al !anipulation . At least one is used& $ut it is possi$le that all 4 are alled into play in these %inds o# e##e ts. =or !ore details and the se rets to !any o# these tri %s& see !y $oo% ?'he Jlti!ate a trans ript& $rea%down& and e(planation o# 7ust su h a per#or!an e $y Derren Brown alled the ?Hand Stu % 'o Des%@ Bthere is also an outline o# a very i!pressive display o# reating te!porary a!nesia using NLP and an horing alled ?Su$way A!nesia@ on page -3. Be#ore $eginning "1d li%e to )ui %ly over 4 prin iples that will help to $etter understand the way that the #ollowing e##e ts are a hieved. =or e(a!ple& suppose a volunteer is invited onto the stage to help . Both appeared on his #irst 'I series ?Mind Control&@ and i# you haven1t seen it " suggest that you o$tain a opy& parti ularly i# you are interested in developing this use o# hypnosis as part o# a routine& or you want to reate the persona o# a ?!ind ontrol e(pert@.'his se tion e(plores how hypnosis an $e used as part o# a !agi routine& parti ularly in the $ran h o# !agi %nown as Mentalis! or Mind Control. Mind Control is the ter! oined $y the British !agi ian Derren Brown& and des ri$es a #or! o# !agi that in ludes the apparent ontrol& !anipulation& and predi tion o# hu!an $ehaviour.96QRD o# traditional !agi al tri %ery.@ Gn page 4. Basi ally it des ri$es a s enario where the per#or!er presents his !aterial in su h a way that $oth the su$7e t and the audien e e(perien e di##erent things. His per#or!an es are very i!pressive indeed and should give you a whole host o# ideas o# how to use hypnosis in new and unusual ways.

?G%ay Mi!& don1t worry everything will $e #ine. he isn1t a stooge in that he isn1t pre oa hed on how to rea t& he is s%il#ully used $y the !agi ian to a tively parti ipate& ontrolled $y lever ver$al o!!ands that !ean one thing to the audien e& and so!ething o!pletely di##erent to the . 'he per#or!er !eets the volunteer at the edge o# the stage and& )uietly so that the audien e don1t hear& says+ ?. "nvisi$le Co!pro!ise+ 'his is another !agi te hni)ue that an $e adapted to suit pseudo hypnoti or !ind ontrol per#or!an es. "# the audien e applaud this !ind reading #eat& the per#or!er puts up his hand and sha%es his head as i# to say ?no& really& there1s no need&@ and the audien e per eive it as !odesty& the volunteer per eives it as an a %nowledge!ent that the per#or!er already %new his na!e. G$viously the per#or!er uses his $ody language and per#or!ing s%ills to non ver$ally suggest to the audien e that he has 7ust read Mi!s !ind . Basi ally it des ri$es a result that has $een arrived at utilising so!e event that has o urred that you& the o$servers& don1t %now a$out. "sn1t that rightE@ 'he volunteer agrees $e#ore the per#or!er ontinuesE ?Eer!EMi!& isn1t it/@ 'he volunteer has to agree again.@ 'he per#or!er now addresses the audien e+ ?Now ladies and Aentle!en& " have never !et this person $e#ore. 'his is )uite si!ilar to dual reality& e( ept that the volunteer a tually %nowingly helps to per#or! the tri % . 'he audien e thin% that the per#or!er has 7ust so!ehow guessed the volunteers na!e& and the volunteer thin%s that he has 7ust !o!entarily #orgotten it $e#ore re overing.with a tri % H an e(peri!ent H hypnosis. the $etter the per#or!an e the $etter the e##e t.hat1s your na!e/@ ?Mi!@ Keplies the volunteer.

volunteer. " won1t go into this in !ore detail here. "t was devised $y Derren Brown and is used in his !agi to great e##e t : it is also a very losely guarded se ret in !agi ir les. "t was used $y Derren Brown in an e##e t where a dinner party guest is hypnotised& and is then a$le to syn hronously raise& and drin% #ro! his glass& in ti!e with any o# the other dinner guests. "# you1d li%e to #ind out !ore& then please onsider $uying a opy o# !y Derren Brown Style !agi $oo% ; ?the Jlti!ate Kevelation@ ; it is #ully des ri$ed along with !any other tri %s per#or!ed $y Derren.

Pattern "nterrupts+ 'his is a hypnoti H NLP ter! used to des ri$e a way in whi h a persons thought pro esses an $e !o!entarily interrupted during whi h ti!e they an $e indu ed into a tran e very rapidly. "t is a te hni)ue devised $y Milton Eri %son& whi h involves interrupting the nor!al& e(pe ted patterns o# $ehaviour that the su$7e t e(pe ts to e(perien e. At this point their $rain pauses $rie#ly to try to understand the une(pe ted a tivity that the su$7e t has 7ust e(perien ed& and a o!!and to ?sleep&@ et is )ui %ly given during this pause in the $rains a tivity. 'he o!!and slips right past the riti al ensor and into the su$ ons ious where it is a ted upon i!!ediately Bassu!ing that the te hni)ue is arried out orre tly& the su$7e t is suita$ly re eptive& and the per#or!er is on#ident enough in his H her a$ilitiesD. 'he Handsha%e "ndu tion is a very well %nown e(a!ple o# this te hni)ue Bsee page -- in this se tionD& $ut it an also $e a hieved $y the use o# une(pe ted language. 'his is $e ause people understand language in ter!s o# the onte(t in whi h it is presented. A person will there#ore understand a state!ent $y o!paring and evaluating the words spo%en $e#ore it& the intonation o# the voi e& and any nonver$al B$ody languageD signals that a o!pany it. 'he deli$erate use o# a state!ent that is at odds with the onversational onte(t& will on#use & disorientate the listener& interrupting their hain o# thought !o!entarily whilst they ?loo%

inwards@ to analyse and atte!pt to de ipher what the spea%er a tually !eant. "# the state!ent is delivered !eaning#ully& and in a !anner i!plying a per#e tly sensi$le& and rather i!portant state!ent& the listener will typi ally ontinue to sear h #or the ?real@ !eaning o# what he has 7ust heard. 'he longer that a person analyses a state!ent in order to derive so!e onte(tual !eaning #ro! it& the !ore un ertain he or she will $e o!e o# the purpose o# the state!ent. 'his response an then $e utili>ed within a ouple o# se onds $y so#tly $ut #ir!ly o!!anding Cyou an now E go into a deep tran e&C or si!ilar. 'his has the greatest hypnoti i!pa t when delivered on#idently & !eaning#ully $y a spea%er assu!ed and e(pe ted to spea% rationally& and relevantly in a onte(t where trust has $een initiated. As an e(a!ple o# ver$al interrupts& i# you were !a%ing a telesales all to a prospe tive usto!er& you !ight say so!ething li%e+ ?Hello& Mr Bloggs/@ ?Fes.@ ?Hello& !y na!e is S((( S(((((((E..perhaps your olleague !entioned you !e/@ At this point the person re eiving the all is a little disorientated& it sounds li%e a slip o# the tongue& $ut ta%es a $rie# !o!ent to sort it out in their !ind and understand& and you1ll pro$a$ly noti e a $rie# pause. Tui %ly ontinuing you !ight say+ ?"1! sure we1ll wor% well together NstressedOE. Nthis is the o!!andHsuggestion slipped in during the on#usionO My o!pany ! .@ 'his is a si!ple e(a!ple o# slipping an e!$edded su$li!inal o!!and into a senten e a#ter a pattern interrupt& $ut you an !a%e the! !u h !ore o!ple(. "t is also possi$le to interrupt !e!ory a essing ues to ause te!porary a!nesia& or in other words to ause a person to

te!porarily #orget so!ething that they should %now or $e a$le to re all. 'here are a nu!$er o# ways in whi h a essing ues an $e interrupted+ tou hing a person& ausing a diversion& su h as %no %ing or dropping so!ething& or !a%ing a sudden and une(pe ted noise or !ove!ent. Even learing the throat& oughing& or saying so!ething une(pe ted an reate a !ild state o# un ertainty. G$viously ti!ing is riti al in su h a s enario& the interrupt !ust $e ti!ed to oin ide e(a tly with the person #o ussing inwards to a ess the in#or!ation& and at this ti!e the interrupt auses the !o!entary loss o# the train o# thought that the su$7e t was #ollowing. A suggestion or o!!and that all is now #orgotten will usually re!ove the a$ility to re all the !e!ory& parti ularly i# the person is $usy at the ti!e trying to thin% a$out other things. "t is also possi$le to have the su$7e t relive ti!es when so!ething i!portant has $een #orgotten Ba spouses $irthday always wor%s well with !en,D& and to use the NLP te hni)ue o# an horing to asso iate a !ove!ent& a tion& or sound with this relived a!nesia. "n e##e t& the su$7e t is re!e!$ering how to #orget& and the trigger o# the an hored $ehaviour& used at the e(a t !o!ent that the su$7e t is trying to a ess so!ething at the present !o!ent& helps the! to ?re!e!$er to #orget@ it& and the a!nesia is initiated. 'his is why the per#or!an e o# the ?Su$way A!nesia@ e##e t des ri$ed on page -3 is so su ess#ul. G$viously i# you ould onvin ingly use any o# the 4 te hni)ues a$ove& you ould give a hypnosis or !ind ontrol per#or!an e that was a$solutely !ind$lowing. "# you1ve hypnotised so!eone prior to the per#or!an e Ninvisi$le o!pro!ise ; no one else& in luding the su$7e t& %now that they1ve already $een hypnotisedO& you ould then !a%e the! rea t to very o$vious e!$edded o!!ands to !a%e your !ind ontrol s%ills loo% even $etter than they really are. Consider this with the #ull trans ript on the ne(t page. "t appears that the person is $eing ontrolled 7ust with so!e see!ingly inno uous patter& $ut you don1t really %now i# the person was hypnotised prior to the re ording. A ept it as though it is a hieved through 7ust the

..... ... Hand Stu % 'o Des% Derren Brown BDBD Bspo%en )uite rapidlyD+ ?Must put your hand on the des% to there in #rontE@ ?.words spo%en& $ut also onsider how easily it ould $e a hieved i# the su$7e t had $een hypnotised prior to the e##e t BPerhaps using the "nstant Handsha%e "ndu tion on page --D..@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?Eand is a %ind o# psy hologi al tri %.e1ll e(a!ine it in !ore detail a#terwards...@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?'he !ore you 'KF in vein to unS'"CL it #ro! the ta$le& the tighter it sti %s.alright/@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?Must press your hand into the ta$le E o%/@ ?Loo% !e right in the eyeE@ NpauseO ?Ewhen " ta%e !y hand o## o# yours you will not $e a$le to li#t your hand up in the air.@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?$ut "P! 7ust going to show you so!ething that is "P! not going to hypnotise you.@ .

the hand will li#t& alright/@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?And it will $e #ree $ut at the sa!e !o!ent N$rie# pauseO the reason why it li#ts up is that your NAME will disappear #ro! your !ind..DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?AG GNE@ Nspo%en to onvey great e##ort ..@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?.@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?" would tou h you on that hand and when " %now what its li%e when you have so!ething really o$vious on the tip o# your tongue that you %now that you should %nowE@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ...@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?youPre sat here "P! 7ust tal%ing to you your hand stu % to the ta$le. a slightly strained voi eO 'he Su$7e t annot li#t her hand..try as hard as you an to li#t it $ut you anPt the !ore you try the !ore it %eeps on sti %ing... ?.@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?and without hypnotising you or doing anything weird herePs& and this is going to sound very strange right/@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?$ut 7ust go with !e.@ ?Now " havenPt hypnotised you your o!pletely wide awa%e..

. ?Loo% at !eE what was your na!e/@ Su$7e t annot re!e!$er her na!e.@ Su$7e t an now re!e!$er her na!e.@ 'he re ipro ated nod #ro! the su$7e t is her su$ ons ious agree!ent that yes& this .. "n other words she is allowing hersel# to un ons iously #ollow his ver$al o!!ands& or is there#ore hypnotised.hat is interesting here is the apparent use o# indire t suggestion and rapport to a hieve a rapid hypnoti tran e& and o!plian e o# the su$7e t to these o!!ands. 'he onstant head nodding initiated $y DB is to o!!and non ver$ally to the su$7e t ?'his is going to happen& right. Hand Stu % 'o Des% E(planation 'he idea o# the hand& or indeed any other part o# the $ody& $eing stu % together or to so!ething else is i!!ediately re ognisa$le as a lassi hypnoti e##e t.hat was your na!e/@ ?Now whatPs it li%e not %nowing what your na!e is/@ ?Alright "Pll tap you on the head it will o!e $a %..and the !ore that you try and re!e!$er it the !ore i!possi$le it is to re all/@ Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?. .@ DB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!ent ?Ethis is SG weird $ut without hypnotising you or doing anything strange& " tou h you there your hand L"='S&@ Su$7e t an li#t hand..?...7ust say it alright/ 'here you go. .. ?."LL happen... yeah with tunes and peoples NAMES and that sort o# thing.

. By o!plying& she is allowing hersel# to $e dire ted $y DB and is preparing hersel# #or the hypnoti o!!ands that #ollow...@ 'he word ?interesting@ !a%es sure that the su$7e t is paying attention and the line rein#or es the e(pe tation o# so!ething unusual happening...@ 'his is an e!$edded suggestion that also on#uses the su$7e t whilst si!ultaneously reating an e(pe tation that so!ething li%e hypnosis !ust $e a$out to o ur...Lets loo% at the whole trans ript in !ore detail+ Derren Brown BDBD Bspo%en )uite rapidlyD+ ?Must put your hand on the des% to there in #rontE@ 'his is a dire t o!!and to the su$7e t. BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?Eand is a %ind o# psy hologi al tri %.@ 'his is an interrupt pattern #ollowed rapidly with+ BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?.alright/@ Again re!oving #ear o# $eing what !ight $e a$out to happen.@ Dire t Co!! "P! not going to hypnotise you. "t also re!oves any an(iety that the su$7e t !ay have a$out $eing hypnotised. ?Loo% !e right in the eyeE@ NpauseO "t is i!portant to !a%e sure that your su$7e t sees nothing $ut on#iden e in your eyes. "# you aren1t on#ident that this will wor% then how ould you e(pe t the! to $e/ ?Ewhen " ta%e !y hand o## o# yours you will not $e a$le to li#t your hand up in the air. . BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?Must press your hand into the ta$le E o%/@ 'his is a dire t suggestion& pushing your hands into the ta$le su$ ons iously !eans into the des% itsel#& al!ost li%e $e o!ing entwined with the wood itsel#. BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?$ut "P! 7ust going to show you so!ething that is interesting.. 'he instru tion is also )uite on#using+ ?to there in #ront.

?Now " havenPt hypnotised you your o!pletely wide awa%e. a slightly strained voi eO B'he Su$7e t annot li#t her hand..@ E!$edded o!!and o# ?go with !e@ BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?" would tou h you on that hand and when " doE. BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?youPre sat here "P! 7ust tal%ing to you your hand stu % to the ta$le.D ?. the hand will li#t& alright/@ BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ... 'he suggestion o# ?the harder you try the !ore di##i ult it $e o!es@ is lassi Eri %sonian hypnosis....@ Dire t Co!!and.BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?'he !ore you 'KF in vein to unS'"CL it #ro! the ta$le& the tighter it sti %s. BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?and without hypnotising you or doing anything weird herePs& and this is going to sound very strange right/@ BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?$ut 7ust go with !e..try as hard as you an to li#t it $ut you anPt the !ore you try the !ore it %eeps on sti %ing.. BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?AG GNE@ Nspo%en to onvey great e##ort .@ Ma%e sure she isn1t #rightened.@ More Eri %sonian suggestion. 'he word ?try@ indi ates e(pe tation o# #ailure to per#or! the spe i#ied tas%..@ 'he su$7e t an only on ur& whi h rein#or es the presupposition that she will o!ply to the o!!ands that she is given..

BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?. ?Alright "Pll tap you on the head it will o!e $a %.D ?Loo% at !eE what was your na!e/@ 'he wording presupposes that she has indeed #orgotten her na!e..@ Dire t Co!!and. BSu$7e t an li#t %now what its li%e when you have so!ething really o$vious on the tip o# your tongue that you %now that you should %nowE@ BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?.@ 'his is the o!!and to o!e $a % to nor!al.D ?. BSu$7e t annot re!e!$er her na!e...hat was your na!e/@ ?Now whatPs it li%e not %nowing what your na!e is/@ Kein#or ing the #a t that she has indeed #orgotten her na!e.7ust say it alright/ 'here you go. BSu$7e t an now re!e!$er her na!e...and the !ore that you try and re!e!$er it the !ore i!possi$le it is to re all/@ E(a!ples o# naturally o urring a!nesia and indire tly e(plaining to her what she is going to do.D .?And it will $e #ree $ut at the sa!e !o!ent N$rie# pauseO the reason why it li#ts up is that your NAME will disappear #ro! your !ind..... yeah with tunes and peoples NAMES and that sort o# thing. BSu$7e t Nods agree!entD ?..@ BDB nods& the Su$7e t Nods agree!entD ?Ethis is SG weird $ut without hypnotising you or doing anything strange& " tou h you there your hand L"='S&@ Dire t Co!!and.

"n this way& when desira$le& the a tion or #eeling an $e invo%ed $y using the trigger o# the !ove!ent or gesture.hether the su$7e t had $een hypnotised prior to this per#or!an e is open to de$ate& $ut it is possi$le to a hieve these %inds o# results in the !anner des ri$ed a$ove." hope that this e(a!ple gives you a good understanding o# how this %ind o# e##e t is a hieved using only suggestion& $oth dire t and indire t& on e that the su$7e t has entered into 7ust a light hypnoti tran e. . 'he an hors are . 'his notion !ay see! unrealisti & $ut in a tual #a t it is a naturally o urring se)uen e o# events that we #ollow without even realising it. "n su h a situation the an hor !ay ta%e so!e ti!e to set through repetition& and although unne essary& hypnosis& or at least !a%ing the person very rela(ed #irst& will help onsidera$ly. "n this way& whenever the person #eels an(ious they si!ply tou h their #inger and thu!$ together and they should instantly $e transported to a state where al!ness repla es the an(iety. An horing des ri$es a way in whi h a person is taught to asso iate a parti ular !ove!ent& gesture& or si!ilar& with a ertain a tion or #eeling. "n a tual #a t the !ethod used e!ploys a te hni)ue also des ri$ed $y Lu%e Mer!ay in his pu$li ation ?0 de eptions&@ in whi h pattern interrupts are used along with the use o# a te hni)ue used in Neuro Linguisti Progra!!ing BNLPD alled an horing. 'his doesn1t ontain a #ull trans ript& instead it e(plains how an unusual re urring a tion Bthere$y #or!ing a patternD& is used to reate& as NLP alls it& an an hor& whi h is then used to trigger the desired response when it is used to interrupt the su$7e ts !e!ory a essing ues. Su$way A!nesia 'his was an e##e t per#or!ed $y Derren Brown in whi h he see!s to !a%e a passenger on the su$way #orget whi h is his stop si!ply $y tal%ing to hi!. 'he e(a!ple on the ne(t page is #ro! ?Su$way A!nesia&@ in whi h the su$7e t was !ade to #orget whi h stop they wanted. =or e(a!ple& i# you have so!eone su##ering #ro! an(iety& you !ight have the! re:live a ti!e when they were very al!& o!#orta$le& and happy& and whilst in this state you !ight have the! ?an hor@ the state to so!ething si!ple su h as tou hing the !iddle #inger and thu!$ o# the right hand together.

=or e(a!ple& the asso iation o# having a igarette with a up o# o##ee& or a#ter a !eal is an an hor reated unintentionally $y a s!o%er. She i!!ediately returned to the sa!e level o# e( ite!ent that she had displayed previously. Later& whilst per#or!ing another tri %& he wanted to invo%e the sa!e e( ited state in her& so he si!ply said ?. During the per#or!an e on the su$way& the su$7e t is as%ed #irst i# they have a good !e!ory. G$viously& this indi ates that the !ore suggesti$le the su$7e t& or the !ore revered or respe ted the per#or!er is& the #aster and stronger the an hor an $e esta$lished. During this per#or!an e she $e a!e very audi$ly e( ited& and as the e##e t rea hed its ul!ination along with her e( ite!ent pea%ing& he si!ply said ?whooaa@ as he tou hed her hand. 'his an help tre!endously when per#or!ing hypnotherapy #or a lient. G$viously this is to esta$lish the #a t that the person doesn1t readily #orget things& and also to strengthen the e##e t when the person #orgets so!ething that they should $e a$le to re all easily.@ During a spoon $ending de!onstration during his ta$le hopping days& he approa hed a very e( ita$le young wo!an in the )ueue #or the restaurant& who was sure that she ould see the ?energy&@ li%e an aura " suppose& responsi$le #or $ending the spoon Bo$viously it was really $ent !e hani allyD.hooaa&@ and tou hed her hand again. Alternatively you ould reate an an hor to trigger a desired rea tion& #or e(a!ple& #or inso!nia you !ight reate an an hor o# having a up o# o oa to #eeling very drowsy.o!!only re ognised as ha$its or rituals& and all that the NLP !ethod does is to arti#i ially reate a deli$erate an hor to a pre deter!ined a tivity or #eeling. Ne(t& the person is as%ed to thin% o# a ti!e when they #orgot so!ething& and as they turn their attention inwards and a tually . Derren Brown des ri$es the reation o# 7ust su h an an hor in his $oo% ?Pure E##e t. 'he approa h to $rea%ing a di##i ult ha$it su h as s!o%ing& an $e to destroy the asso iations or an hors& that su$ ons iously sti!ulate the desire #or the igarette. "t is essentially the esta$lish!ent o# a pattern& o#ten through si!ple repetition& where a ertain ondition triggers a ertain response.

Pro$a$ly the $est ti!ing #or per#or!ing the sweep is to wait until their eyes have !oved upwards and to one side& and then do it at e(a tly the !o!ent that their eyes start to return to loo% ahead again. . " suggest that you as% the! to thin% o# a ti!e that they #orgot so!ething i!portant #or the last re all . "t is i!portant to note that the reation o# an an hor is not always ne essary to invo%e te!porary a!nesia. 'his see!s to wor% parti ularly well i# the person is o$viously preo upied with so!e other tas%. he then !issed it. At this point the an hor o# sweeping the hand in #ront o# the eyes should have $een atta hed #ir!ly to the pro ess o# #orgetting so!ething that the person should %now.a ess the in#or!ation Btry as%ing people to re!e!$er so!ething and wat h how their eyes !ove . . "n this per#or!an e the person& who had only a short ti!e previously na!ed the stop& now ould not re!e!$er the na!e o# the stop that he was supposed to $e getting o## at . up and to one side as they re all an eventD& Derren swept his hand slowly $ut deli$erately in #ront o# their eyes.hen they are onse)uently as%ed whi h stop they are getting o## at& a sweep o# the hands in #ront o# the eyes& 7ust as their eyes start to !ove to loo% upwards to atte!pt to a ess the in#or!ation Band this !ay $e a very $rie# !o!ent so ti!ing is riti alD& should $e enough to a t as a pattern interrupt and at the sa!e ti!e trigger the desired response o# the te!porary a!nesia that was re:lived previously. 'he !ore that they have going on in their !ind& the !ore dra!ati the e##e t when a suggestion is given a#ter a pattern interrupt. 'he si!ple suggestion that a person will #ind it hard to re all so!ething dire tly a#ter a pattern interrupt& an result in a total ina$ility to re all so!ething as #unda!ental as their own na!e. 'his was repeated a ouple o# #urther ti!es . this is easier #or the! to re!e!$er& and should also $e easier #or the! to re:live. 'he "nstant Handsha%e "ndu tion. "n this way you have reated the an hor to the lapse o# !e!ory 7ust as they have it in their !ind.

'his arousal o# attention is !erely an arousal without onstituting a sti!ulus #or a response. 'he letting loose $e o!es trans#or!ed #ro! a #ir! grip into a gentle tou h $y the thu!$& a lingering drawing away o# the little #inger& a #aint $rushing o# the su$7e tPs hand with the !iddle #inger : 7ust enough vague sensation to attra t the attention. As your su$7e tPs attention #ollows that& you shi#t to a tou h with your !iddle #inger and then again to the thu!$. . Fou really need to hone your ?ordinary@ hypnoti s%ills prior to trying this& and then to !a%e sure that you %now the handsha%e te hni)ue inside out and also& perhaps& test it out on a #ew willing volunteers prior to trying it on so!eone unsuspe ting. He did a#ter all devise the !ethod originally. " an thin% o# no $etter way to e(plain the te hni)ue than to use the des ription and thin%ing o# the great Milton Eri %son hi!sel#. 'he #ollowing is ta%en #ro! Eri %sons own writings+ 'he Handsha%e "ndu tion+ ?"nitiation+ . Although the Handsha%e "ndu tion is )uite tri %y to !aster& it undou$tedly wor%s& and is a very power#ul tool in the hypnotists tool%it. As the su$7e t gives attention to the tou h o# your thu!$& you shi#t to a tou h with your little #inger. "t see!s to $e a #avourite with !agi ians and Hollywood produ ers ali%e& the notion o# so!eone having al!ost supernatural powers to ontrol other hu!an $eings is too !u h to resist.'he Handsha%e "ndu tion is one o# the instantly re ognisa$le i!ages o# hypnosis that we have $e o!e a usto!ed to seeing. 'he %ey to su ess is having the persona o# a very on#ident and s%il#ul hypnotist Bto yoursel# i# no one elseD& and to an e(tent pi %ing the right person to use it on B#or so!e reason& #or e(a!ple& people with G$sessive Co!pulsive Disorders are very sus epti$le to the te hni)ueD.hen " $egin $y sha%ing hands& " do so nor!ally. 'he Chypnoti tou hC then $egins when " let loose.

" shoo% hands with the!& loo%ed the! in the eyes& slowly yet rapidly i!!o$ili>ed !y #a ial e(pression& and then #o used !y eyes on a spot #ar $ehind the!. 'hen& whether the su$7e ts are loo%ing at you or at their hand or 7ust staring $lan%ly& you an use your le#t hand to tou h their elevated right hand #ro! a$ove or the side : so long as you !erely give the suggestion o# downward !ove!ent. 'hen al!ost& $ut not )uite si!ultaneously Bto ensure separate neural re ognitionD& you tou h the undersur#a e o# the hand BwristD so gently that it $arely suggests an upward push. Mu h an $e done non:ver$allyU #or e(a!ple& i# any su$7e ts are 7ust loo%ing $lan%ly at !e& " !ay slowly shi#t !y ga>e downward& ausing the! to loo% at their hand& whi h " tou h and say Cloo% at this spot. Jtili>ation+ Any utili>ation leads to in reasing tran e depth.C 'his is slightly distressing to the su$7e ts and indi ative o# the #a t that their attention was so #o used and #i(ated on the pe uliar hand sti!uli that they were !o!entarily entran ed so they did not hear what was said.'he su$7e tPs withdrawal #ro! the handsha%e is arrested $y this attention arousal& whi h esta$lishes a waiting set& and e(pe tan y. "# a strong push or nudge is re)uired& he % #or anaesthesia.hat did you say/ " got a$sent!inded there #or !o!ent and wasnPt paying attention to anything. All utili>ation should pro eed as a ontinuation o# e(tension o# the initial pro edure. So!eti!es " give a lateral and !edial tou h so that the hand is even !ore rigidly atalepti . G asionally a downward nudge or push is re)uired. 'his is #ollowed $y a si!ilar utterly slight downward tou h& and then " sever onta t so gently that the su$7e t does not %now e(a tly when : and the su$7e tPs hand is le#t going neither up nor down& $ut atalepti . " have . 'here are several olleagues who wonPt sha%e hands with !e unless " reassure the! #irst& $e ause they developed a pro#ound glove anaesthesia when " used this pro edure on the!.C 'his intensi#ies the tran e state. 'er!ination+ "# you donPt want your su$7e t to %now what you are doing& you si!ply distra t their attention& usually $y so!e appropriate re!ar%& and asually ter!inate. So!eti!es they re!ar%& C. " then slowly and i!per epti$ly re!oved !y hand #ro! theirs and slowly !oved to one side out o# their dire t line o# vision.

'here are other nonver$al suggestions.C Fou give the elevated right hand Bnow atalepti in the handsha%e positionD the suggestion o# a downward !ove!ent with a light tou h. " #ree>e !y e(pression& re#o us !y ga>e& and $y slow head !ove!ents dire t his ga>e to his le#t hand& toward whi h !y right hand is slowly& apparently purposelessly !oving.. All o# a sudden !y ar! was gone and your #a e hanged and got V David Shuttleworth 566- so #ar away. 'his is #urther rein#or ed $y whatever . 'hus& " on#ir! and rea##ir! the downward !ove!ent o# his right hand& a suggestion he a epts along with the ta tile suggestion o# le#t hand levitation.. 'hat e##e ts eye losure and is very e##e tive in indu ing a deep tran e without a single word having $een spo%en. 'hen you have his le#t hand li#ting& right hand lowering. 'hen the le#t side o# your #a e& until that slowly vanished also.C At that !o!ent the su$7e tPs eyes were #i(ed straight ahead& so that when " !oved to the le#t out to his line o# vision& the le#t side o# !y #a e CdisappearedC #irst and then the right side also. CFour #a e slowly a!e $a %& you a!e lose and s!iled and said you would li%e to use !e Saturday a#ternoon. As !y right hand tou hes his le#t with a slight& gentle& upward !ove!ent& !y le#t hand with very gentle #ir!ness& 7ust $arely enough& presses down on his right hand #or a !o!ent until it !oves. . " a! li%ely to give it another tou h and dire t it toward the #a e so that so!e part will tou h one eye. you 7ust said to %eep it that way 7ust a little while #or the e(perien e.hen right hand rea hes the lap& it will stop.had it des ri$ed variously& $ut the #ollowing is one o# the !ost graphi . 'hen " noti ed !y hand and as%ed you a$out it $e ause " ouldnPt #eel !y whole ar!. #or e(a!ple& what i# !y su$7e t !a%es no response to !y e##orts with his right hand and the situation loo%s hopeless/ "# he is not loo%ing at !y #a e& !y slow& gentle out:o#:%eeping:with:the:situation !ove!ents Bre!e!$er+ out: o#:%eepingD o!pel hi! to loo% at !y #a e. C" had heard a$out you and " wanted to !eet you and you loo%ed so interested and you shoo% hands so war!ly. 'he upward ourse o# the le#t hand !ay stop or it !ay ontinue. 'his upward !ove!ent is aug!ented $y the #a t that he has $een $reathing in ti!e with !e and that !y right hand gives his le#t hand that upward tou h at the !o!ent when he is $eginning an inspiration. At the sa!e ti!e& with your other hand& you give a gentle tou h indi ating an upward !ove!ent #or the su$7e tPs le#t hand.

Fou will pro$a$ly also #ind the #ollowing use#ul in understanding the Handsha%e "ndu tion+ E(er ises in Nonver$al Approa hes+ 'he #ollowing are e( erpts #ro! Eri %son M. & Kossi S.peripheral vision he has that notes the upward !ove!ent o# !y $ody as " inhale and as " slowly li#t !y $ody and head up and $a %ward& when " give his le#t hand that upward tou h.& ?Hypnoti Kealities + 'he "ndu tion o# Clini al Hypnosis and =or!s o# "ndire t Suggestion@& pg.@ 'his des ription o# the Handsha%e indu tion should hope#ully illustrate the need to pra tise the te hni)ue and to %now it thoroughly in order to $e a$le to per#or! it orre tly. Gne an $egin learning the handsha%e indu tion $y developing a ha$it o# are#ully o$serving a personPs eyes and #a e as you are sha%ing hands with . 'here is a great deal o# s%ill involved to use su h a $old !ethod to indu e a tran e& and it involves $eing #ully aware & in ontrol o# not only your own a tions& non ver$al gestures& and !ove!ent& $ut also o# your su$7e ts too. 'hese te hni)ues are also %nown as ?Pattern "nterrupts@ Bsee ?hypnosis & Mind Control@ #or a de!onstration and e(a!pleD. 'his !o!entary lapse provides the opportunity to o##er suggestions leading to tran e& whether they are ver$al or non ver$al in nature. 'his interruption o# a nor!al pattern o# events stuns the su$7e t !onetarily and provides the opportunity to #o us their attention inwards whilst they struggle to understand and o!e to ter!s with what is happening.333.& Kossi E. C'he %eys to learning nonver$al approa hes to tran e indu tion are o$servation& patien e& and learning one step at a ti!e.H. "t is easy to i!agine that it is si!ply a !atter o# sha%ing hands in a ?spe ial@ way& $ut the handsha%e itsel# is only the vehi le used to propel the su$7e ts attention inwards and into a tran e li%e state.

Steven Ailligan& in his $oo% ?'herapeuti 'ran es@ has $ro%en down the handsha%e indu tion into #ive steps and !a%es it !ore easily understanda$le+ . 'hen learn how to de#initely hesitate in releasing the hand& are#ully wat hing the su$7e tPs #a e to CreadC the nonver$al responses Be.@ So!e other points ta%en #ro! Hypnoti Kealities in order to pra ti e the handsha%e indu tion are+ aD Develop a ha$it o# are#ully o$serving the su$7e tPs eye and #a e as you sha%e handsU $D Pra ti e releasing the hand a $it slower than nor!al& leading up to hesitating on the hand release& as you o$serve your su$7e tPs non:ver$al #a ial e(pressions to your hesitationU D A su$7e t who Cstays with youC and allows you to set the pa e is onsidered a $etter andidate #or this indu tionU dD At this point pra ti e releasing the hand only hal# way to provide #or and noti e signs o# on#usionU eD 'hen pra ti e releasing the hand so gently that the su$7e tPs hand re!ains suspended not reali>ing that a release too% pla e Bthis an $e enhan ed $y spea%ing very so#tly to your su$7e t at the sa!e ti!eD. Fou an so!eti!es heighten this e##e t $y spea%ing very so#tly so the su$7e tPs attention is #urther divided. on#usion& e(pe tan yD to your hesitation. As your e(perien e develops& even at this level you will $egin to re ogni>e who !ay $e a good su$7e t $y the degree re eptivity to your hesitation. 'he ne(t step !ight $e only to release the hand hal#way& so the su$7e t is !o!entarily on#used.the! in a nor!al way. #D 'his #inal stage is learning to add dire ting tou hes as sti!uli #or atalepsy andHor hand levitation.g. 'he ne(t stage !ight $e to pra ti e releasing the hand a $it slower than usual. 'he su$7e t who Cstays with youC and allows you to set the pa e o# the handsha%e is evidently !ore sensitive and responsive than the person who rushes o##. Fou an then pra ti e letting go o# the rest o# the hand so gently that the su$7e t does not re ogni>e when the release too% pla e& the hand re!aining !o!entarily suspended in !idair.

-D A!pli#ying the on#usion : instru t the su$7e t in a !eaning#ul tone& pay very lose attention to all o# the oloration hanges $eginning to o ur in the #ingers o# your li#ted hand. 'he hypnotist !erely guides the already li#ting hand o# the su$7e tU this is done rather )ui %ly& so that the ele!ent o# surprise is present. During this ti!e the hypnotistPs right hand Bwhi h has ontinued to li#t& al$eit at a slower rate than the le#t handD rises to a$out the su$7e tPs eye level and points toward the su$7e tPs #a e Ba good distra tion and interruption te hni)ueDU then )ui %ly& in on7un tion with the whole $ody& it swings around to point at the su$7e tPs now li#ted right hand. 4D "nterrupting the Pattern : o urs when the hypnotist is a$out #our #eet away #ro! the su$7e t. At this point& the hypnotist : still wal%ing #orward with right hand outstret hed : suddenly $ut gra e#ully a elerates to li#t his or her le#t hand under the su$7e tPs outstret hed hand. 'his typi ally will deeply disorient and surprise the su$7e t to e##e t a rapid disso iation& eviden ed $y a lightness in the li#ted right hand& a C#ro>enC loo% and posture& dilated pupils& restri ted $reathing& and so #orth. Be ause the disorientation will enhan e $oth a willingness to #ollow si!ple dire tives and an a$ility to develop per eptual alterations& su$7e ts will o#ten $egin to a tually per eive . At this ti!e& you ontinue to loo% into your su$7e tPs eyes and !aintain his attention $y !aintaining ver$al o!!uni ation.3D Creating Conta t and E(pe tan y : here the hypnotist a$sor$s the su$7e tPs attention while !oving into position. 'his state!ent& whi h sounds per#e tly logi al $ut is& to say the least& rather unusual& usually #urther disorients the su$7e t while #i(ating attention on the hand. 'he hypnotist& who has $een loo%ing at the su$7e t in a surprised& intense& and a$sor$ing #ashion& now ga>es with in redulity at the raised right hand o# the su$7e t. 'his is done $y showing a genuine desire to greet the person. 'his li#ting should $e done with !ini!al pressure and gra e#ul gentleness& so the su$7e t does not #eel intruded upon or do!inated. 5D "nitiating the Pattern : at this point you !ove towards the person as you stret h out your hand& indi ating the desired greeting& whi h pro!pts the su$7e t to auto!ati ally e(tend his hand. Continuing with one gra e#ul !otion& the hypnotist uses his or her thu!$ and inde( #inger to li#t the su$7e tPs hand to a$out shoulder level.

"# you start o## $y endeavouring to loo% a#ter your su$7e ts $est interests then you won1t go #ar wrong& and it will $e an en7oya$le and rewarding e(perien e #or you $oth. 'hese hypnoti develop!ents an $e #a ilitated $y tou hing the #ingertips o# the li#ted hand very lightly& whi h should produ e tingling sensations& whilst si!ultaneously na!ing the tou hed digits. At any ti!e the hypnotist an $egin to lower his own le#t hand whi h o#ten leaves the su$7e t atalepti . 'his is all done while holding the lientPs hand up with your own le#t hand. <D Jtili>ing the on#usion : the hypnotist ontinues to a elerate the #inger tou hes& and as he spea%s he an intersperse tran e developing suggestions su h as Cdropping down deeper nowC. 'he in#or!ation that is in luded in the pre eding hapters is really everything that you need to %now to indu e a hypnoti tran e in 7ust a$out anyone& and that really was the ai! o# the $oo%. Please re!e!$er to $e patient with your patients& hypnosis an $e a daunting prospe t #or so!e people& and it an ta%e the! a while to respond on e they1re a tually hypnotised.oloration hanges. 'herapeuti use o# hypnosis in re!oving ha$its& and undesira$le $ehaviour& ta%es are#ul thought and use o# words& and you would $ene#it #ro! studying !ore deeply i# that1s what you want to do. . "# atalepsy isnPt yet rati#ied si!ply li#t up lightly again. =inal 'houghts " hope that you1ve #ound this $oo% use#ul in e(plaining what hypnosis is& and how to hypnotise people.

@ . Fou !ight want to ontinue to loo% at it& or lose your eyes and visuali>e it in your !indPs eye.C Conversely& this !eans CFou will go into su h a state when the ar! o!es all the way down. As you #i( your ga>e on it you will noti e that the other #ingers tend to #ade out o# #o us& and that your entire ar! $egins to #eel heavier and heavier. Continue with these suggestions& !a%ing sure that they are ti!ed with the a tual !ove!ent o# the ar!. Aoing down& down& down& deeper& deeper& and deeper.C 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Stare at one o# your #ingers& either the inde( or the !iddle #inger. But you will not rela( into a deep and pro#ound state o# rela(ation until the ar! is all the way down. Hypnoti "ndu tions AKM:DKGP ME'HGD 'he su$7e t is as%ed to raise an ar! so that the hand is slightly a$ove the head. 'his is in su h a position that #atigue will eventually $ring it down naturally& $ut the downward !ove!ent is tied into the suggestion o# ?going down into a deep state o# rela(ation.'he rest o# this $oo% ontains s ripts #or indu tions& deepening& and post hypnoti suggestion. 'he longer that you on entrate on that #inger& the heavier and heavier your ar! $e o!es& $ut you will not go into a deep state o# rela(ation until the ar! has o!e all the way down.hen the ar! starts to #all& ontinue with+ ?Noti e that as the ar! is getting heavier it is slowly o!ing down& down& down.C 'he harder the su$7e t %eeps #ighting to hold it up& the !ore he is o!!itted to the proposition i!plied $y the state!ent that& CFou will not go into a deep state o# rela(ation until the ar! is all the way down. AKM LEI"'A'"GN ME'HGD " "t is i!portant with this !ethod that you !a%e your suggestions tally . Leep on entrating on that #inger while the ar! ontinues to get heavier& and heavier& and heavier.

'wo : 'he #eeling is spreading up $eneath the #ingernails. 'en : your right hand grows lighter and lighter with ea h nu!$er " ountU 7ust as light as a #eather #loating in the $ree>e and even lighter. Four ar! $egins to li#t. Fou ould resist i# you hose to& that is not why you are here. Now when you #eel the !ove!ent in your hand and in your ar!& donPt try to resist. Eight : Moving now all through the pal! o# your hand. As " ontinue ounting& that #eeling grows stronger and stronger. Seven : Spreading over and into your thu!$. Gne : 'he light& easy sensation starts to !ove into the #ingertips o# your hand.@ Aently grasp the su$7e ts ar!& and de!onstrate how it will !ove as you ontinue with+ ?'hen your hand $egins to li#t. =ive : the #irst slight !ove!ents o# the #ingers $egin with a twit hing o# the !us les. =our : Spreading to the %nu %les. "t ontinues !oving& li#ting& and rising until it #inally o!es $a % down to rest upon your $ody. As " do& you1ll #eel a light& easy& pleasant #eeling !ove into your right hand and up into your right ar!. 'hree : "t is !oving up to the #irst 7oint o# the #ingers. "t !ay also $e used as a deepener. 'hin% o# your le#t hand now& see how it #eels very& very heavy o!pared to the right. Must release your su$ ons ious !ind. Must as a heliu! $alloon will rise and #loat towards the eiling& in the sa!e way& $y the ti!e " rea h the ount o# .with the response o# the su$7e t. As light as a heliu! $alloon. All right& now we are ready to $egin. Soon youPll #eel the #irst slight !ove!ent o# your #ingers& a twit hing o# the !us les. Si( : 'he light sensation spreads all a ross the $a % o# your hand. 'HE SCK"P' ?"P! going to ount #ro! one up to twenty. Nine : 'he light sensation spreads up and into your wrist.

. . "tPs !oving& li#ting& rising and #loating. 'hirteen& =ourteen : 'hat light sensation is spreading up toward your el$ow. AKM LEI"'A'"GN ME'HGD "" 'HE SCK"P'+ ?As soon as you are ready to go into a deep hypnoti state& lose your eyes and $egin inhaling deeply : and e(haling slowly . Eighteen : Moving& li#ting& rising& and #loating.twenty& your right hand is !oving& li#ting& rising and #loating. =i#teen : =ro! the #ingertips all the way up to the el$ow your hand has grown light& light and #ree. Four le#t hand has grown so heavy& it #eels as though it were !ade o# lead. 'wenty : Now your hand has o!e to rest upon your $ody& and at the sa!e ti!e& your eyelids are lo %ed so tightly shut& the !ore you try to open your eyelids the tighter they are lo %ing shut. And as your ar! is li#ting& youPre going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.@ Pause #or a !o!ent to allow the su$7e t to do this.@ "# the hand is not !oving& gently li#t it to en ourage it to start. Nineteen : Four hand is getting ready to o!e down and rest upon your $ody. Seventeen : Four hand ontinues !oving& li#ting and rising now until it o!es to rest over on your $ody. 'welve : Gn e again& thin% o# your le#t hand. Kight on over now and when your hand o!es to rest upon your $ody& at that ti!e your eyelids lo % tightly losed.. 'hatPs #ine& stop trying and go deeper into tran e. Four eyelids lo % so tightly losed at that point& the !ore you try to open the! the tighter theyPre lo %ing losed. "tPs $eginning to li#t. ?Si(teen : Now your ar! is !oving and li#ting and rising. Eleven : 'he light sensation has !oved $eyond your wrist now& spreading into your #orear!.

..? Pause until the hands $egin to li#t ?As your ar!s ontinue li#ting& does one hand or the other or !ay$e $oth ontinue li#ting even !ore/@ Pause ?"tPs really interesting the way that hand ontinues #eeling lighter& and %eeps li#ting up toward your #a e without any e##ort ... Ea h ti!e you inhale and e(hale you an $e o!e !ore aware o# the rhyth! o# your $reathing& and the #eelings o# o!#ort that develop ..?Breathing deeply and slowly $rings !ore o(ygen into your syste!& and ea h ti!e you e(hale your $ody %eeps rela(ing !ore and !ore . 7ust have your hands $arely tou hing the ar!s o# the hair . it !ay need to pause $rie#ly $e#ore it #inally tou hes your #a e& so you will %now you are going into a really deep hypnoti tran e .. 'hatPs good .. FouPre doing really well ............ As that hand %eeps li#ting toward your #a e& does the other one want to %eep li#ting and at h up& or does it want to rest lightly on the ar! o# the hair/ Four hand !ay want to li#t !ore )ui %ly . as your hands are resting and lightly tou hing the ar!s o# the hair& you !ay noti e that they tend to li#t up a little $it all $y the!selves with ea h $reath you ta%e/ Perhaps they $egin to #eel lighter and lighter so that they are now li#ting up easily& toward your #a e& as the rest o# your $ody ontinues rela(ing . noti e that your hands an rest so lightly that your #ingertips $arely tou h the ar!s o# the hair ... Four hand will not tou h your #a e until your su$ ons ious !ind is ...@ Pause ?As you ontinue sitting there& you will #ind yoursel# $e o!ing !ore rela(ed and o!#orta$le . or !ore slowly as it gets loser to your #a e ...

really ready #or you to go into a deep hypnoti tran e. "t %eeps $e o!ing less i!portant #or you to ons iously listen to !y voi e& your su$ ons ious !ind an hear !e even i# " whisper.. Se rets& #eelings& sensations& and . 'hen ontinue+ ?Fou !ay not even noti e yoursel# going into an even deeper hypnoti tran e as your hand slowly returns to the ar! o# the hair all $y itsel#. Fou are $eginning to dri#t gently into a hypnoti tran e. And you %now how easily you an #orget your drea!s when you awa%en.@ ASSGC"A'"GN ME'HGD 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Fou an lose your eyes now& and $egin $reathing deeply& and slowly.. 'here is nothing really i!portant e( ept #or your su$ ons ious !ind listening to !y voi e& and that is 7ust as easy and auto!ati as drea!ing. . 'here is nothing i!portant #or your ons ious !ind to do. Fou an really en7oy rela(ing !ore and !ore& and your su$ ons ious !ind will listen to ea h word " say.hen your hand tou hes your #a e& you will ta%e a really deep $reath as you rela( and e(perien e yoursel# going into a !u h deeper& !ore pea e#ul hypnoti tran e@ Continue with these suggestions until the hand tou hes the #a e. Continuing to dri#t into a !ore deta hed state as you e(a!ine privately in your own !ind . Fou will have no ons ious ontrol over what happens.ithout noti ing it& you have already slowed your rate o# $reathing. . Fou are doing really well. . Fou are $reathing !u h !ore easily and #reely. Be#ore you let go o!pletely& and go into a deep hypnoti state& 7ust allow yoursel# listen are#ully to everything that " say to you. 'he !us les in and around your eyes will rela( all $y the!selves as you ontinue $reathing easily and #reely. "tPs going to happen without trying& so you donPt need to thin% a$out it. Mu h !ore slowly.ithout any e##ort& you will soon enter a deep& pea e#ul& hypnoti tran e.

Being in this pea e#ul state ena$les you to e(perien e the tran)uility & o!#ort o# the hypnoti tran e.$ehavior you didnPt %now you had . As you e(perien e that deepening o!#ort you donPt have to !ove& or tal%& or let anything $other you. At the sa!e ti!e& letting go o!pletely .. Continue en7oying this pleasant e(perien e as your su$ ons ious !ind is re eiving everything " tell you& and you1ll $e pleased in the way that you auto!ati ally respond to everything " say. Fou will always en7oy the o!#ort& the pea e#ulness& the al!ness . CGN=JS"GN ME'HGD 'he $asi idea to this indu tion is #or the ons ious !ind to #orget& and the su$ ons ious !ind to %now. 'his is drawn out and repeated with separate dire tions #or the ons ious !ind& and the . Four own !ind is solving that pro$le! .. "!agine yoursel# in a pla e you li%e very !u h.. "t see!s so natural to en7oy it in your #uture... Fou are getting !u h loser to a deep hypnoti tran e& and you are $eginning to reali>e that you donPt are whether or not you are going into a deep tran e. By a la%e& or $y the sea. At your own pa e. Fou an put yoursel# into this world anyti!e you li%e& it is yours whenever you want it.. Four own inner !ind an respond auto!ati ally to everything " tell you. Anyti!e that you want to spend a #ew !inutes $y yoursel#& rela(ing& and #eeling very o!#orta$le and serene& you an auto!ati ally o!e $a % to this pla e and this #eeling that youPre e(perien ing now. Perhaps you are #loating gently on a $oat& on a pea e#ul la%e on a war!& su!!er1s day. and all the other sensations that o!e auto!ati ally #ro! this wonder#ul e(perien e. Being hypnoti>ed is always a very en7oya$le& very pleasant& al!& pea e#ul& o!pletely rela(ing e(perien e. Every ti!e that " hypnoti>e you& it %eeps $e o!ing easier and !ore en7oya$le& and you ontinue e(perien ing !ore $ene#its.. Continue to rela( even !ore now& and ontinue $e o!ing !ore o!#orta$le. Fou ontinue $e o!ing !ore rela(ed and o!#orta$le as you sit there with your eyes losed.. 'his is your own private world that you li%e very !u h.

'HE DAIE ELMAN '. Kepeat $eginning at the se ond paragraph& then use a deepener. Leep your eyes losed& and listen with your su$ ons ious !ind& and when youPre listening very& very are#ully& your head an nod CyesC. Have the su$7e t sit or lay in a rela(ed position& with their eyes losed and read the te(t slowly and rhyth!i ally. Four su$ ons ious !ind is awa%e& and listening& and hearing everything while your ons ious !ind re!ains very rela(ed and pea e#ul. Fou are listening with your su$ ons ious !ind& while your ons ious !ind is #ar away& and not listening. Fou are aware o# everything& and yet you are not aware. Four su$ ons ious !ind re!e!$ers everything that you need to %now and you an let your su$ ons ious !ind listen and re!e!$er while your ons ious !ind sleeps and #orgets. As you ontinue to listen to !e& with your su$ ons ious !ind& your ons ious !ind sleeps deeper and deeper& and deeper& and deeper. Four ons ious !ind is #ar away& and not listening.G:="NAEK ME'HGD . Fou have great potential in your su$ ons ious !ind& whi h you donPt have in your ons ious !ind. "t does not !atter i# you #orget& you need not re!e!$er. Four su$ ons ious !ind %nows& and $e ause your su$ ons ious !ind %nows& your ons ious !ind does not need to %now and an stay asleep& while your su$ ons ious !ind stays wide awa%e. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Must lose your eyelids and let your !ind dri#t where it will. Ke!e!$ering what you need to re!e!$er& and #orgetting what you an #orget. Let your ons ious !ind stay deeply asleep& and let your su$ ons ious !ind listen to !$ ons ious !ind& !aintaining the su$ ons ious attention& while dis!issing the ons ious attention& $oth $y the suggestions& and the pauses and !ental #atigue. Fou an rela( pea e#ully $e ause your su$ ons ious !ind is ta%ing harge& and when this happens& you lose your eyes and let your su$ ons ious do all the listening. Fou an re!e!$er everything that has happened with you su$ ons ious !ind& $ut you annot re!e!$er everything with your ons ious !ind. Fou an #orget so easily& and with #orgetting ertain things you an re!e!$er other things.

@ Move your hand straight down& one #inger !oving down over ea h eye. ?As " li#t your hand& 7ust let it hang li!ply in !y #ingers. "# they donPt open their eyes& pause #or a #ew se onds and ontinue. ?All right& now #i( your eyes on !y #ingers.@ Slightly ro % their ar! $a % and #orth. ?Now your eyelids are losed.hen " do& "Pll pass !y hand down in #ront o# your eye. Now& stop trying and 7ust rela( and go deeper now. ?All right& thatPs #ine. Now "P! passing !y hand down in #ront o# your eyes& and as " do& let your eyelids lose down. " want you to rela( the! so !u h that they wouldnPt wor% even i# you wanted the! to.@ "# they open their eyes& tell the! to rela( the! again& this ti!e !ore o!pletely and test again. Leep your eyes #i(ed on !y #ingers. . "n a !o!ent "P! going to $ring !y hand up in #ront o# your eyes li%e this.@ Arasp their thu!$ $etween your thu!$ and inde( #inger.@ De!onstrate $ringing the inde( and !iddle #inger o# the right hand in a pointing I shape& to a position 7ust a$ove their eye$rows ?.@ Bring your hand straight down& one #inger !oving down over ea h eye.'HE SCK"P'+ ?=or the !o!ent& rest your ar!s li!ply on your thighs li%e this& and " want you to loo% out here at !y hand. As " pass !y hand down& let your eyelids lose down. " want you to rela( every tiny !us le and nerve in and around your eyelids. Now "P! going to raise your hand. Now& when you %now that youPve rela(ed the! so !u h that they wouldnPt wor% even i# you wanted the! to& test the! and youPll see that youPve $een o!pletely su ess#ul. " will do it $y gently ta%ing your right thu!$ in !y #ingers li%e this. Now !ove your #ingers to a pointing I shape 7ust a$ove their eye$rows& so that they have to loo% up at an angle to see your #ingertips.

@ Slightly ro % their ar! $a % and #orth. Now& when " drop it& let it drop li%e a li!p& wet rag& and as it tou hes your $ody& send a wave o# rela(ation #ro! the top o# your head to the tip o# your toes& and let it dou$le your present level o# rela(ation.hen " drop it& let it drop li%e a wet& li!p rag. Now& wePll do that again with the le#t hand. Fou will #ind that your !ind has $e o!e so rela(ed that youPll 7ust rela( the nu!$ers out o# your !ind. ?'hatPs good. A#ter ounting 7ust a #ew nu!$ers& $y the ti!e you rea h ninety:seven& or ninety:si(& or !ay$e& at the !ost& ninety:#ive& you will #ind those nu!$ers disappearing. ?'hatPs good. Ninety:nine& deeper asleep.@ Listen to the! ount down and slow the! down now i# ne essary. Now your $ody is rela(ed and "P! going to show you how to rela( your !ind.?'hen& when " drop it& let it drop li%e a wet& li!p rag.@ Li#t their hand& gently & slightly ro %ing itD ?Now& "P! raising your hand. . . ?Begin ounting.hen it tou hes your $ody& send another wave or rela(ation #ro! the top o# your head to the tips o# your toes and dou$le your present level o# rela(ation. 'he ne(t ti!e " tou h your #orehead& " want you to $egin ounting #ro! one hundred $a %ward in this way+ Gne hundred& deeper asleep.@ Drop their hand. . Ninety:eight& deeper asleep& and so on. 'hatPs good. Alright& get ready now& three& two& one.@ 'ap the su$7e t on #orehead.@ Drop their hand.hen your hand tou hes your $ody& send a wave o# rela(ation #ro! the top o# your head& all the way down to the tips o# your toes& and let it dou$le your present level o# rela(ation. 'hatPs it& let it hang li!ply. ?'hatPs goodU now youPre getting the idea. . Now "P! going to pi % up your le#t hand& and as " ta%e your thu!$& 7ust let it hang li!ply. Listen very are#ully.

"# you donPt see any response& stret h out the suggestions. Narrow your eyes slightly& enough to %eep your eye$alls !oist.@ 'HE SCK"P'+ Fou ta%e the inde( #inger o# your right hand and $ring it up under your right eye as you say to the su$7e t+ ?Now " want you to loo% right here. " %now that you hear and understand !e 7ust as you %now it..@ A#ter several !ore ounts& $ased on how the su$7e t is per#or!ing& say+ ?Let the! rela( out o# your !ind right now. 'i!e your ounting in response to what you see happening in the su$7e tPs eyes. "# you have any dou$t& hesitation& or #ear& it will show in your eyes& the su$7e t will see it& and it will inhi$it their response. . 'he !o!ent you see the su$7e t $eginning to $lin%& pi % up the te!po and say ?And now they $egin losing& losing .@ Jse a deepener to enhan e the tran e..A#ter ea h ount& say ?AGGD@ or ?="NE@. DonPt ta%e your eyes #ro! !ine. D"KEC' AAWE ME'HGD 'his is one o# the !ost power#ul te hni)ues& and also one o# the !ost di##i ult to use.hen youPre loo%ing the su$7e t in the eye& it is i!portant #or you not to $lin%.@ A#ter the su$7e t has stopped ounting& ontinue with+ ?'hatPs #ine& you1ve rela(ed your $odyU youPve rela(ed your !indU youPve gone into a !u h deeper state o# hypnosis. Fou need to onvey total on#iden e. Let the! #ade away o!pletely. DonPt !ove or spea% or nod your head or say Cuh:huhC unless " as% you to. A#ter the ount o# ninety: seven say+ ?Start rela(ing the! out o# your !ind. "# you #ollow !y si!ple instru tions& there is nothing in this world that .

?'hatPs #ine. ?Eyelids heavy& droopy& drowsy and sleepy. Bring your hand down. As " do so& your eyelids grow heavy& droopy& drowsy and sleepy. ?E(hale. Now& raise your hand up over their head& a$out three #eet in #ront o# the!& two #eet a$ove their head& and pointing your #inger. All right& =ive&@ Start !oving your #inger down. =our&@ Moving your #inger down ?'hose heavy lids #eel ready to lose. ?And now& "P! going to ount #ro! #ive down to one. ?Kela(.@ Bring your hand down.@ Bring your hand down as they e(hale. Now a third deep $reath. Now& ta%e a deep $reath and #ill up your lungs. ?'hey $egin losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& .@ Say that whilst $ringing your hand up. 'hree&@ Moving your #inger down again ?'he ne(t ti!e you $lin% that is hypnosis o!ing over you.@ Say that whilst $ringing your hand up. Now a se ond& and deeper $reath. Deeper than ever $e#ore.@ 'a%e a deep $reath and ta%e your right hand and !ove it in an upward !otion in the %eep you #ro! entering into a very deep and pleasant state o# hypnosis& and doing it in 7ust a #ra tion o# a se ond. 'wo&@ Moving your #inger down. ?Now e(hale. By the ti!e " rea h the ount o# one& they lose right down and you go deep into a hypnoti slu!$er. E(hale.

@ Jse a deepener. "# one person uses a oin& then all o# the su$7e ts should use oins. 'hat rela(ation is !oving through your whole $ody& and through your right shoulder& down your ar! into your hand and #ingers . Arasp su$7e ts le#t ar! at el$ow. ?Now lose your eyes and thin% o# that oin $etween the thu!$ and inde( #inger o# your right hand. DKGP GBMEC' ME'HGD B"deal #or Aroup HypnosisD 'his te hni)ue an $e e!ployed using either a pen& a pen il or a oin. "t passes #ro! your lungs into your heart& and your heart pu!ps it into your ir ulatory syste!. Now $reathe in deeply and e(hale slowly #ive ti!es& ea h ti!e you inhale you $ring !ore o(ygen into your lungs. 'ell the! to grip it in a se ure way.ith a sudden #orward pulling !ove!ent o# the right hand& say+ ?SLEEP NG. . "t !oves through your whole $ody& and ea h ti!e you e(hale you %eep rela(ing& $e o!ing al!er and !ore pea e#ul. Gne@ Pla e your right hand $ehind su$7e ts head at $ase o# s%ull... 'heyPre losing& losing& losing& losing . "# hypnoti>ing a group& at the appropriate ti!e& you an drop the appropriate o$7e t in order to get the pro ess started. . "n !any ases people will have oins $ut will not have a pen or pen il availa$le to the!.losing the!& lose the!& lose the!... 'HE SCK"P'+ As% the su$7e t or the group to get a pen& pen il or oin and hold it out in #ront o# the $ody $etween the thu!$ and inde( #inger.

Fou are rela(ing #ro! the top o# your head& to the tip o# your toes. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Stare at the shiny part o# the wat h. . Fou are rela(ing in a way that is 7ust right #or you.hen the oin drops #ro! your #ingers& you will !ove into an even deeper hypnoti state& and you will %eep your eyes losed until " as% you to open the!. 'hat rela(ation is ontinuing to !ove through your whole $ody. Fou are sensing& #eeling and i!agining pea e#ulness& o!#ort& and al!ness all through your $ody. 'he hypnotist an intensi#y the indu tion $y o$serving the su$7e ts rea tions and ti!ing his suggestions very losely with the!. FouPll en7oy the #eelings o# rela(ation that are o!ing over your whole $ody. Fou will noti e the rest o# your $ody rela(ing even !ore now& and soon the thu!$ and #inger on your le#t hand will rela( and your #inger and thu!$ will $egin to !ove apart. 'he longer that you stare at this& the heavier your eyelids $e o!e& and you $lin%& . Fou will #ind that your eyelids have a tenden y to get heavy& al!ost as i# they have a heavy weight atta hed to the!. =i( your eyes on it. 'he su$7e t is as%ed to dire t their ga>e at an o$7e t and not !ove their #o us. Listen to the sound o# !y voi e. 'a%e a #ew deep $reaths.@ ="SED GBMEC' ME'HGD 'his is the traditional !ethod o# indu ing hypnosis. As the #inger and thu!$ on your le#t hand rela(& the #inger and thu!$ holding the oin ontinue rela(ing and the oin will soon slip #ro! your hand and drop to the #loor. Gther sounds and noises are #ading away and you are listening only to !y voi e. =or e(a!ple& the re!ar%& CG asionally& they are going to $lin%&C !ight $e !ade i!!ediately a#ter he per eives a $lin%. Now ta%e your le#t thu!$ and press it tightly against the inde( #inger on your le#t hand. As you hear the oins dropping to the #loor& it !ay see! a little hu!orous at #irst& $ut it will ause you to ontinue rela(ing even !ore.soon the #ingers on your right hand will $e o!e so rela(ed that the oin will slip #ro! your hand and drop to the #loor. Must %eep $reathing deeply. Fou are ontinuing to rela( and #eel !ore at ease.

As you inhale& you $ring !ore o(ygen into your $ody& and as you e(hale it auses your $ody to %eep rela(ing !ore and !ore. Again $reathe in deeply and e(hale slowly. Now lose your eyes and inhale deeply and hold it #or three or #our se onds and then e(hale slowly. As " ontinue tal%ing to you& you an %eep rela(ing !ore pea e#ully& not aring how deeply you rela(& 7ust happy to ontinue $e o!ing al!er & !ore pea e#ul& and !ore at ease.@ Pause and o$serve the su$7e t. Drowsy& heavy& pulling down& down& down& slowly losing& getting harder and harder to see& and you #eel good.and they have a #eeling li%e so!ething is pulling the! down& as i# they wanted to slowly lose& and get drowsier and sleepier and heavier. Fou are revealing signs that indi ate you are !oving into a very deep& pea e#ul state o# rela(ation. Fou will #ind that you head will get heavierU tends to nod #orward so!e& and you 7ust let yoursel# dri#t in an easy& al!& rela(ed state. Four eyes are tightly losedU you #eel goodU you #eel o!#orta$leU youPre rela(ed all overU 7ust let yoursel# dri#t and en7oy this o!#orta$le rela(ed state. .@ =GKES' AND S'KEAM ME'HGD =or this indu tion it is possi$le to have $a %ground sounds o# water& $irds& and other #orest sounds& $ut do not start the sounds until indi ated in the indu tion 'HE SCK"P'+ ?'o prepare yoursel# #or this en7oya$le& help#ul e(perien e& $e sure you have all tight lothes loosened& and then position yoursel# as o!#orta$ly as you an. Continue to $reathe easily and #reely. ?Now you an ontinue $reathing easily and #reely& and an #eel yoursel# $e o!ing al!er and !ore pea e#ul. Leep doing that < or 8 !ore ti!es. Iery& very hard to %eep the! open& #eel that very soon they will lose tightly& al!ost tightly losing& al!ost tightly losing& tightly losing. And you have a #eeling as i# they were slowly losing& slowly losing& getting drowsier and !ore tired& and when they #inally do lose& how good youPll #eel.

As you lie there& with your eyes losed& you are so rela(ed and so o!#orta$le and happy& that you ontinue !oving into a !ore pea e#ul& !ore deta hed state& it !ay see! li%e you are dri#ting into a state o# sleep. Fou are lying there& o!#orta$ly rela(ing. Four su$ ons ious !ind& and all levels o# your inner !ind& an hear and re eive everything " tell you& and your ons ious !ind an rela( o!pletely. 'here !ay $e ti!es& when "P! tal%ing to you& that you will not $e ons iously aware o# !y voi e& and thatPs o%ay& $e ause your su$ ons ious !ind is still re eiving every word that " say& and is !a%ing true everything " tell you. " a! al!& se ure& and rela(ed. As you ontinue en7oying this pea e#ul& pleasant e(perien e& a soothing drowsiness is enveloping your entire $ody& #ro! the top o# your head to the $otto! o# your #eet. " a! in ontrol o# !ysel# at all ti!es. 'here !ay $e ti!es when it see!s li%e !y voi e is a long distan e away. " a! responsi$le #or !y $ody& and will always treat !y $ody with . "t will happen auto!ati ally& and you donPt even need to thin% a$out it ons iously. 'he #ollowing thoughts o!e to you. "n your !ind& you are en7oying the $eauty o# nature& as the sunlight shines through the trees and you listen to the gentle #low o# water and the $irds singing heer#ully.Four su$ ons ious !ind will always $e aware o# what "P! saying to you& so it %eeps $e o!ing less and less i!portant #or you to ons iously listen to !y voi e. Now " want you to i!agine yoursel# lying in a o!#orta$le position near a strea! o# #resh& lear water& in a $eauti#ul #orest on a per#e t su!!er day. Fou are ontinuing to e(perien e per#e t pea e o# !ind& and an #eel yoursel# !oving into the situation " des ri$e to you. 'here is a war!& gentle $ree>e& and the air is #resh and lean& the sound o# the pea e#ul strea! is very rela(ing. Fou ontinue #eeling al!er& !ore rela(ed and !ore se ure. =ro! now on you will $e in#luen ed only $y positive thoughts& ideas and #eelings. " a! o!#orta$le and at ease. "t is so pea e#ul that you ontinue #eeling !ore & !ore rela(ed than ever $e#ore. "t %eeps $e o!ing less i!portant #or you to ons iously listen to !y voi e $e ause your su$ ons ious !ind and all levels o# your inner !ind are hearing and re eiving everything " say.

respe t. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?. As the eyes $egin to lose down& it $e o!es in reasingly !ore desira$le to allow the! to re!ain losed. ?As " raise and lower your ar!& " wonder i# you have noti ed yet that there is a drowsy& heavy #eeling $eginning to o ur in and around your eyes.ould you li%e to e(perien e the state o# hypnosis/@ A#ter a yes response& have the su$7e t e(tend his or her ar! to you as though you were going to $e sha%ing hands. My !ind ena$les !e to $e rela(ed and al! as " go a$out the a tivities o# !y daily li#e. =eel it happening now. HAND 'G =ACE ME'HGD 'ell the su$7e t to get as o!#orta$le as possi$le with their ar!s resting on the ar!s o# the hair.@ Ma%e a spe ial note to raise the ar! higher into the air when the eyes $egin to $lin% or start to lose. 'he su$7e t will )ui %ly asso iate the raising o# the ar! with losing o# the eyes.ant it to happen. 'he up and down !ove!ent o# the ar! should $e a$out three in hes ea h way. As you #o us your eyes on !e& and listen to !y voi e& " would li%e you to allow things to ta%e pla e naturally. Begin with the su$7e t sitting in a o!#orta$le hair. Show the su$7e t how you would li%e the! to hold their hand :"n #ront o# their #a e with the pal! o# their . Ea h ti!e " raise your ar! upward& that heavy #eeling in those eyes will %eep $e o!ing stronger. . 'a%e the su$7e ts hand with your right hand while !a%ing sure the su$7e ts ar! is straight.@ HAND SHALE ME'HGD. Let it happen.@ Slowly $egin raising and lowering the su$7e ts ar!. 'his will $e an indire t signal to rein#or e the #eeling. 'hey are losing down all the way now. ?" would li%e you to loo% at !e #or 7ust a !o!ent.

Con entrate& and allow things to happen. Have the su$7e t lose their eyes and $egin with progressive rela(ation and then pro eed with the Hand to #a e indu tion. " a! going to want you to try and open your eyes& and with a little e##ort you will at least $e a$le to get the! open a little. Fou do not have to !a%e the! spread& $ut do not try and stop the! either. Now& atte!pt to open your eyes& pi % one spot on your hand& and $egin to on entrate on it. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?"n 7ust a !o!ent& when " as% you to& " a! going to have you $ring one o# your hands up in #ront o# your #a e& #ingers e(tended upwards and pressed together. Ke!aining rela(ed and at ease& and !ove your hand up in #ront o# your #a e with the #ingers pointed upward& and pressed together. As you on entrate on that one spot& and one spot only& your #ingers are going to spread apart. HANDS CLGS"NA 'GAE'HEK ME'HGD . " a! then going to have you try to open your eyes& and pi % a spot on your hand. "t !ay see! di##i ult to open the eyes& and %eep the! open& whi h is only natural sin e you have $een rela(ing so #ar.hand #a ing in& towards their #a e& and their #ingers pointing upward pressed lightly together. Now& the one thing that you !ust a o!plish is that " want you to re!ain totally rela(ed and at ease& even with your eyes open& and your hand in this position. Auto!ati ally separating& it is $eginning to #eel as though there was a string tied to ea h #inger that1s pulling the! apart. As " $egin to ount #ro! < down to 3& that heavy& drowsy #eeling will ontinue to grow stronger. 'heir hand should $e at a$out eye level. =eel the! spreading apart now. 'hey1re separating #urther& and #urther. "t is a very nor!al& natural sensation.@ Gn e the #ingers have separated& ontinue with+ ?Now& please do not let it distur$ you that the drowsy& heavy #eeling in your eyes is $e o!ing stronger now that your #ingers have spread apart. Continue with a deepener.

Sti##en your ar!s& lo % your el$owsU pal!s o# your hands #a ing ea h other. Now " a! going to !ove !y #inger& and when " do& do not !ove your eyes. Stand in #ront o# the!& a$out si( #eet away& e(tend $oth o# your ar!s out toward the!. Jntil " do& " want you to loo% right here into !y eyes. 'hen as " ount #ro! three down to one lose your eyelids down. Separate their hands. . ?All right& when " ount #ro! three to one& lose your eyelids down.@ Move your hand with e(tended inde( #inger $etween their hands.@ Move your inde( #inger to your right eye. Leep loo%ing straight ahead $etween your hands. Four thu!$s up& your #ingers together.C Although you an do this with the su$7e t lying on their $a % with their ar!s e(tended upward toward the eiling& or standing in #ront o# the! and having the! e(tend their ar!s toward you& the $est position is to have your su$7e t seated in a hair.ith the pal!s o# your hands #a ing ea h other& your #ingers together& and your thu!$s pointing upward& spea% to the! in this !anner+ 'HE SCK"P'+ ?E(tend $oth o# your ar!s out in #ront o# you li%e this. Leep loo%ing straight ahead $etween your hands. ?All right& now $ring your eyes down here to !y #ingertips.@ Position ea h o# your hands under ea h o# their hands with your inde( #inger pointing outward. 'hen " will !ove !y #ingerU when " do& do not !ove your eyes.'his te hni)ue is the Ail Boyne version o# Chands losing together. Must i!agine there is a !agnet on the pal! o# ea h hand whi h is drawing the! in loser& loser& losing and !oving in until your two hands tou h. Now& the very !o!ent that your eyelids lose down&@ Arasp their hands and slowly push the! together& ?Four two hands $egin drawing together. Begin sweeping your #ingers in towards the enter so that the last thing they see visually are your . ?Leep loo%ing at !e. Now in a !o!ent& " a! going to $ring !y #ingers in $etween your two hands. Must as soon as " $ring !y inde( #inger in $etween your two hands& ta%e your eyes #ro! !ine and #i( the! on !y #ingertips.

@ Pull your hand away now. Pi ture the !agnets in the pal! o# ea h hand as they are losing& losing and !oving in..@ "# their hands get very lose $ut do not tou h& si!ply ta%e your hands and push their hands together and say+ ?SLEEP NG. 'he !o!ent your two hands tou h& a wave o# rela(ation will !ove all a ross your $ody. 'heyPre losing and al!ost tou hing.hen " ount to #our& press down as hard as you an. 'hey are losing and !oving in& losing and !oving in. Jse a deepener. All right& now they are losing& losing al!ost tou hing& losing& losing& losing and al!ost tou hing& losing and al!ost tou hing& losing and al!ost tou hing& now they are tou hing. Now theyPre losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& losing& losing and al!ost tou hing& losing and al!ost tou hing. 'hey are losing& losing& losing& losing& losing and !oving& !oving in and losing& losing& losing and !oving in& !oving in and losing& until your two hands tou h. =our& lose the! and sleep. ?All right& three& two& one& lose your eyelids down. Press it down harder.C HANDS PKESS"NA DG. . "NS'AN'ANEGJS ME'HGD 'HE SCK"P'+ .hands !oving in toward ea h other. 'wo& pressing down harder. Pi ture the !agnet in the pal! o# ea h hand.@ Pull their hands down into their lap and say+ CLet your head o!e #orward on your hest and ontinue going easily& pleasantly& #ully into a wonder#ully pleasant state o# hypnoti rela(ation. Let your head o!e #orward on your hestU let your ar!s drop li!ply into your lapU let every !us le and every nerve now grow loose and li!p and rela(ed and #eel good all over now. 'he !o!ent you #eel your two hands tou h& every !us le and every nerve in your $ody will o!pletely rela(. 'hree& eyelids heavy& droopy& drowsy and sleepy.N ME'HGD 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Put your hand on !ine. Gne& loo% at !e.

?Stand #a ing !e. Closer. Breathe in deeply.ith a sudden #orward pulling !ove!ent o# the hands& lightly 7er% the su$7e t towards you. LetPs test your . Des ri$e the !ythi al e(er ise as one that re)uires several wee%s o# daily pra ti e and a good i!agination. Now step #orward. 'he idea is to get the su$7e t to ta%e hisHher !ind o## o# hypnosis all together and then per#or! a rapid indu tion. Do you have a good i!agination/@ "# the su$7e t responds CFESC& ontinue& i# the su$7e t responds CNGC& si!ply state that they are too hard on the!selves and ontinue+ ?"n other words& an you lose your eyes and i!agine a s ene& visuali>e a s ene and see it in #ront o# your eyes/ Aood.@ "# the su$7e tPs legs $egin to $u %le& ontinue with+ ?Four legs are sti## and rigid $eneath you& supporting your $ody as you stand straight and ere t. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Must sit and rela(.@ .. 'o sell this te hni)ue you !ay hoose to des ri$e this as a test re)uire!ent #or a rela(ation e(er ise that will help the su$7e t to $e hypnoti>ed in the #uture. 'hatPs right. Des ri$e the #ollowing indu tion as an Ci!agination testC. 'hatPs right. Arasp the su$7e ts right ar! at the el$ow with le#t hand. ?SLEEP NG.@ Pla e your right hand on the su$7e ts head& supporting the $ase o# the s%ull. 'he !isdire tion ste!s #ro! the #a t that it is physi ally i!possi$le to open onePs eyes when the eye$alls are rolled $a % in the head. ?Bring your #eet loser together.@ M"SD"KEC'"GN ME'HGD 'his te hni)ue is used when the su$7e t is too tense or su$ ons iously doesnPt wish to $e hypnoti>ed.

. "# the su$7e t doesnPt drive& use so!ething that the su$7e t is #a!iliar with. ?Do you drive a ar/ Alright& lose your eyelids down and i!agine youPre standing in #ront o# your ar. Could you see all that learly/@ .ait #or a response. .ait #or the su$7e t to nod.ait #or a response. Close your eyelids down. ?Alright& what olor is the needle that indi ates the speed on the speedo!eter/@ . ?Now& let1s test your i!agination in another way. Gpen your eyes.ait #or a response. ?"s it ir ular& se!i: ir ular& hori>ontal or verti al/@ . 'his ti!e when you lose your eyelids right down& i!agine you1re at a swi!!ing pla e& a $ea h& a pool& a la%e or at the o ean.i!agination in a #ew ways. "s the speedo!eter in the enter or to your right or to your le#t/@ .ait #or a response. Gpen the door o# the ar and get in $ehind the wheel.@ 'he #ollowing is a theoreti al s enario. ?Alright& #ine. "Pll des ri$e what " want you to visuali>e and then a#ter you lose your eyes and you visuali>e it& "Pll as% you a #ew )uestions a$out what you see.@ . Now " want you to i!agine that youPre at a swi!!ing pla e.@ .ait #or a response.ait #or the su$7e t to nod their head. . Now when you see it very learly& 7ust nod your head. ?=ine& now you1re loo%ing at your ar& what olor is it/@ .e learned a ouple o# things a$out your i!agination right then.hen you see the s ene learly in your !inds eye& nod your head. Now loo% straight ahead. ?Aood.

.?Alright& #ine. Koll your eye$alls $a %up in your head as i# you ould see the #ull !oon right up here& $a %up in the enter o# your #orehead. B'his ne(t se tion is the a tual !isdire tionD ?'hatPs very good& open your eyes. ?Koll your eye$alls way $a % up in your head& and as you do so your eyelids lo % tightly losed& the !ore you try to open the! the tighter they are lo %ing losed& try now to open your eyelids& theyPre lo %ing tighter and tighter& now stop trying& 7ust rela( and SLEEP. Now then " want you to i!agine that you are either seated outside or in a ar& or at the $ea h& or !ay$e loo%ing out your $edroo! window. Let a good and pleasant #eeling now o!e all over your $ody. "ts night ti!e and youPre loo%ing up at a #ull !oon.ait #or the des ription. Let every !us le and nerve in your $ody go li!p and loose. 'his ti!e when you lose your eyelids down& i!agine that youPre loo%ing at a #ull !oon. 'o help you to see the #ull !oon& " want you to now to roll your eye$alls $a % up& with you eyelids re!aining losed down. Close your eyelids down. ?Do you see any people there/@ "# CFESC& say the #ollowing CPi % out one o# the persons and des ri$e the! to !eC& i# CNGC& have the su$7e t des ri$e so!e ite! that he saw at s ene.@ . Could you see all that learly as a !ental pi ture/ 'hat showed that you have a good& reative& i!agination $e ause in that instan e& " as%ed you so!ething where you had to reate the s enes in the pi ture. Breathe easily and deeply and send a way o# deep rela(ation #ro! the top o# your head to the top o# your toes. Now loo% around you at this pla e and tell !e what you see.@ 'ou h the su$7e ts #orehead lightly & pi % up the pa e slightly.@ KAP"D ME'HGD Begin $y having the su$7e t hold their ar!s stret hed out dire tly in #ront o# the!& so that the pal!s o# the hands are #a ing ea h other. Kead this ne(t se tion as one #lowing senten e. Now wePll go to the other e(tre!e and #ind out how well you an i!agine a si!ple& single o$7e t.

?Now " want you to on entrate on !y #inger. ?Fou are doing well. " a! now gently tou hing your hands& and as " do noti e that your hands are $eginning to !ove together. ?Now lose your eyes& and ta%e in a ouple o# deep easy $reaths. Hold your inde( #inger at eye level& and instru t su$7e t to #ollow the !ove!ent o# your #inger. Ke!aining rela(ed& and at ease& " want you to e(tend your ar!s out in #ront o# you 7ust as you had the! earlier. "n 7ust a !o!ent your hands will tou h. Gne& so heavy 7ust allow the! to lose& and rela(. 'hree& your eyes are #eeling heavy& and tired. Slowly !ove your inde( #inger $etween their hands. "n 7ust a !o!ent " a! going to have you e(tend your ar!s in #ront o# you& 7ust as you had the! a !o!ent ago. 'wo& they are $eginning to water& and tear slightly. Even with your eyes losed you an still i!agine that spot $etween your hands.@ Tui %ly !ove your #inger in a downward !otion. " a! going to $egin to ount #ro! 4 down to 3. Gn the ount o# one allow your eyes to lose. Hold ea h $reath #or a !o!ent and then e(hale slowly. .hen " as% you to !ove your hands to this position " a! then going to have you open your eyes& and #ollow !y si!ple instru tions.@ A#ter the su$7e t e(tends their ar!s& ad7ust the distan e $etween the hands to a$out si( in hes. Leep on entrating on the spot where !y #inger used to $e. "n 7ust a !o!ent " a! going to have you $ring your hands $a % to this position& and you will #ind it very easy to go into a deep pleasant level o# hypnosis in 7ust a !atter o# se onds.ould this $e alright with you/@ Fou !ust have the su$7e ts onsent $e#ore pro eeding any #urther. "n 7ust a !o!ent " a! going to !ove !y #inger away& and " want you to $egin to on entrate on the spot where !y #inger was.Have the hands a$out 8 in hes apart. As they tou h your entire . . 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Fou !ay now lower your hands $a % to your side.

Al!ost there get ready to let go. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Are you ready to go into a hypnoti sleep/@'he su$7e t !ust respond with PFESD ?Close your eyes and ta%e in a #ew deep $reaths and rela( with ea h $reath that you ta%e. Do you understand/@ . 'he hands are !oving loser& and loser. 'wo& al!ost there& on the ount o# one they !ay lose . 'his will ause the su$7e t to $end at the waist. 'he !o!ent that they tou h the whole $ody $e o!es lose and li!p. " will then ount #ro! three down to one.@ As the hands !ove together& have your hands in a position that will allow you to lightly slap the outside o# the su$7e ts hands& and thus pushing the! together. 'hree& your eyes are #eeling heavy& try to hold the! open. Fou will $e going into a very spe ial %ind o# sleep. ?Now& " want you to open your eyes and try to %eep the! open until " rea h the nu!$er one. " a! now pi %ing up your right hand. Fou will )ui %ly enter a hypnoti sleep. 'he !o!ent that they tou h you go into a very deep spe ial type o# sleep. ?"n 7ust a !o!ent " a! going to have you open your eyes and loo% at !e. At the e(a t !o!ent when the su$7e ts hands tou h& rapidly& and #ir!ly slap the two hands together while giving the o!!and to SLEEP. Fou will $e going into a very deep hypnoti state. At the sa!e !o!ent lightly apply a downward !otion to the su$7e ts hands. Allow the ar!s to dangle at the su$7e ts side. KAP"D ME'HGD BPer!issive "D Begin with su$7e ts sitting in a straight $a %ed hair.@Pi % up su$7e ts hand as i# you were going to sha%e hands.$ody will #eel loose& and li!p. Fou !ust $e ready the !o!ent that the su$7e ts hands tou h.ait #or a nod or a yes. Gn the ount o# one your eyes will lose again and your whole $ody will #eel loose and li!p.

'he ti!e spent on indu tion should $e related to the su$7e ts willingness to enter hypnosis )ui %ly.and #eel wonder#ul. Now& ta%e in three deep& easy $reaths& and rela( the eye !us les totally as you e(hale. Hypnoti Deepeners KELASA'"GN ME'HGD " .@ At the !o!ent that the eyes lose& #ir!ly pull the right ar! in a downward !ove!ent& while delivering the o!!and o# SLEEP. 'HE SCK"P'+ ?" would li%e you now& to ta%e in three deep& easy $reaths. " would li%e you now to rela( the eyes to the point that they will not open.@ Allow the su$7e t to ta%e in three $reaths& and ontinue. KAP"D ME'HGD BPer!issive ""D "t is i!portant to reali>e that the a$ility to go into the hypnoti state is the su$7e ts a$ility& and it is not related to the hypnotist. ?Aood& you have now rela(ed the eyes to the point that they no longer want to open. As you e(hale ea h ti!e& " would li%e you to rela( the !us les in& and around your eyes.@ Allow the su$7e t to test this. Gn e you have rela(ed the!& !a%e sure that they an not open. By the third $reath you will have rela(ed these to the point that the eyes no longer want to open. Gne& eyes losing and asleep.

And as you do& you #ind that you dou$le your previous level o# rela(ation. Kepeat with the other hand. 'hatPs good.@ KELASA'"GN ME'HGD "" 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Four ar!s are loose and li!p& 7ust li%e a rag doll. As " raise your hand& 7ust let all o# the weight hang li!ply in !y #ingers. FouPre rela(ing !ore with ea h easy $eat o# your heart& with ea h easy $reath that you ta%e& with ea h sound that you hear. Must let every !us le and nerve grow loose and li!p and rela(ed. Ar!s li!p now& 7ust li%e a rag doll. S'A"KCASE ME'HGD 'HE SCK"P'+ ?"n a !o!ent "P! going to rela( you !ore o!pletely. "n a !o!ent "P! going to $egin ounting $a %wards #ro! 36 to 3. .hen " drop it& send a wave o# rela(ation all a ross your $ody. . 'he !o!ent " say the nu!$er 36& you will& in your !inds eye& see yoursel# at the top o# a s!all set o# stairs. Let every !us le& and every nerve grow so loose& and so li!p& and so rela(ed. As you #eel your hand tou h your $ody& send that wave o# rela(ation #ro! the top o# your head& all the way down to the very tips o# your toes. Now on e again& with the other hand. So al! and so rela(ed. Droopy& drowsy and sleepy. Now& send a pleasant wave o# rela(ation over your entire $ody& #ro! the top o# your head to the tips o# your toes. At the $ase o# the stairs is a large #eather $ed& with a o!#orta$le #eather pillow. 'he !o!ent " say the nu!$er 2& and ea h additional nu!$er& you will si!ply !ove down those stairs rela(ing !ore o!pletely. Fou are #eeling !ore rela(ed with ea h easy $reath that you ta%e. 'he !o!ent " say the nu!$er 36 you will allow your eyelids to re!ain losed. Let a good& pleasant #eeling o!e all a ross your $ody.'HE SCK"P'+ ?Kela( now.

@ Help the su$7e t a hieve this position& then let go. Nine+ rela(ing and letting go. 'he harder you try& the sti##er it $e o!es. 'hree+ $reathe in deeply. Eight+ sin%ing into a !ore o!#orta$le& al!& pea e#ul position.@ 'ap their #orehead. ?'hatPs good. Post Hypnoti Suggestions ANAEK & 'EMPEK 'HE SCK"P'+ ?See yoursel# in a situation where you !ight have lost your te!per in the past. 'wo+ Gn the ne(t nu!$er& nu!$er one& si!ply sin%ing into that $ed& $e o!ing al!er& !ore pea e#ul& !ore rela(ed. 'his ti!e see yoursel# in ontrol. Si(+ going way down. 'hatPs #ine. =ive+ !oving down those stairs& rela(ing !ore o!pletely. =our. Gne+ Sin%ing into that #eather $ed& let every !us le go li!p and loose as you sin% into a al!& pea e#ul state o# rela(ation. So sti## and rigid and so power#ul that the !ore you try to lower or $end your ar!& the sti##er and tighter it $e o!es. 'en+ eyes losed at the top o# those stairs. Seven. S'"== AKM ME'HGD 'HE SCK"P'+ ?Kaise and sti##en you ar! and !a%e a #ist.'he !o!ent " say the nu!$er one you will si!ply sin% into that $ed& resting your head on that #eather pillow. 'ry to lower or $end your ar! and #ind it lo %ing sti##U sti## and rigid. Must li%e a steel $ar& sti## and power#ul. Fou no longer respond with . .hen " tou h your #orehead& your ar! drops li!ply down and you go deeper asleep.

Fou si!ply sleep so deeply. Fou #eel . Every night that you sleep lighter& ea h ti!e you wa%e up and go to the $athroo!& every ti!e you re!e!$er your drea!s& you #eel great $e ause you %now that you are $eing su ess#ul. Fou an now rea t with understanding and are and are al!. "# you start dri#ting too deep while sleeping& you auto!ati ally $ring yoursel# into a lighter state o# sleep. Fou urinate in the toilet and return to $ed and very easily go $a % to sleep.@ =ind what triggers the su$7e ts anger the !ost& and have the! visuali>e a si!ilar situation whilst !aintaining al!ness. Fou will never again rea t with un ontrolled anger. Fou respond with understanding and you are longer #eel a need to retaliate. Fou no longer get angry $e ause their opinion is di##erent #ro! yours. Fou are in ontrol o# your own e!otions and rea ting with anger is negative. Fou no longer sleep through wetting the $ed. Fou no Fou an now allow people to $e the!selves and allow the! their own priorities. Fou rea t with positive thoughts and e!otions.hen you wa%e up in the !orning you re!e!$er getting up in the night.anger. No one is to $la!e. Fou %now you are awa%e and you go to the $athroo! and %now you are in the $athroo!. Fou #eel good a$out yoursel# $e ause you %now that you are $eing su ess#ul.E''"NA ?Every !orning when you wa%e up you #eel great. al!. Fou #eel wide awa%e and you are ready to go. . Ea h night you sleep lighter and lighter and you no longer sleep )uite so deeply. Fou #eel $etter and $etter a$out yoursel# $e ause you are now ontrolling the pro$le!. "# you need to wa%e up at night& it is now very easy to get up. Fou are now hoosing to $e positive. "nstead o# $e o!ing angry& you an now see their view. "# you start& you wa%e up i!!ediately $e ause you no longer sleep so deep. "t is not your #ault that you wet the $ed. 'he only value so!eone elsePs opinion has& is the value you give it. BED. Fou no longer get angry $e ause they do not agree with you.

@ BJS' DEIELGPMEN' ?As a hild your $reast tissues and glands were not developed. "!!ediately when you #eel the $lush start& you ta%e a deep $reath and it never !ateriali>es. Now sti!ulate the hor!ones in your $ody to develop the $reast tissue. Fou have ontrol. Fou no longer are a vi ti! o# the $lushing. Anyti!e you #eel the heat rising and the olor #lushing& you now have ontrol. Now visuali>e the pe toral !us les and the !us les around your $reast area developing to hold your $ust #ir!ly to prevent sagging. Now in rease the $lood #low to your $ust area& sti!ulating your $reast tissue to develop into the si>e o# $ust you desire& appearing the way you want to loo% in your lothes. Pi ture yoursel# in a past e(perien e when you would have $lushed. Fou are a$out to .@ Every dry night rein#or es this progra!.good a$out yoursel# $e ause you %now that nothing is wrong with you physi ally or e!otionally $e ause you have wet the $ed and now your #a!ily understands too. BLJSH"NA ?Fou are no longer su$7e t to $lushing.@ CH"LDB"K'H+ D"SASSGC"A'"GN ?See yoursel# o!pletely rela(ed& $reathing easily. Ke reate the situation and ir u!stan es 7ust $e#ore your $reasts stopped developing. Iisuali>e yoursel# how you want your $reasts to loo% in your lothes. Noti e that you are no longer rea ting in the sa!e !anner. Fou are in ontrol+ the $lushing does not ontrol you. During pu$erty your $reast tissues started to develop. Four $reast tissues stopped developing $e#ore they rea hed the si>e that you desire.

"# you hoose to re:asso iate with the $ody during the $irth pro ess& you will #eel no pain& 7ust 7oy.D ready to have your $a$y. Fou e(perien e total and o!plete love untainted $y #ear or pain. "n the $eauti#ul C" a!C stage you re!ove your ons iousness #ro! the $ody and loo% $a % on your $ody as it gives $irth& thoroughly en7oying the e(perien e.@ CH"LDB"K'H+ '"ME D"S'GK'"GN ?See yoursel# o!pletely rela(ed. Fou #eel no pain what:so:ever $e ause the pain in hild$irth o!es #ro! #ear& tension and an(iety. Fou do not now nor will you ever e(perien e any #ear& tension or an(iety a$out hild$irth& there#ore you will not e(perien e any pain during& $e#ore or a#ter the $irth o# your hild. As the $a$y enters the $irth anal you enter a $eauti#ul state o# ons iousness o!pletely disasso iated with the pain o# hild$irth. Four shield o# prote tion is there ta%ing are o# $oth you and your hild. . Fou leave enough awareness within you $ody so it responds to the de!ands and o!!ands o# the do tor during the la$or and $irthing. Fou are at the hospital Bho!e& et . As soon as the $a$y is $orn you then re:asso iate with the $ody and en7oy your hild not having e(perien ed any pain or dis o!#ort. Four ontra tions are strong and $eauti#ul. Any spe ial and uni)ue e(perien es that you !ay have during the $irth o# your hild will not distress you in any way.give $irth to your hild. "# you pre#er& you an enter the C" a!C stage and go anywhere and anyti!e you would li%e to $e. Fou have only positive thoughts and e!otions on erning you hild. Fou an en7oy every !o!ent o# the $irth seeing the $eauty and per#e tion o# the $irth e(perien e and o# your hild. 'ension and #ear $reed pain and you no longer #eel any tension& an(iety or #ear there#ore you do not e(perien e any pain with hild$irth. Child$irth is natural and easy.

As the !us les rela( the ti!e lapse see!s as though it is several !inutes& giving you ti!e to rest and restore you energy.ith ea h ontra tion you have& you an and do respond e(a tly the way the do tor wants you to respond $ut you will e(perien e no pain what:so:ever. Ea h !orning you wa%e up in a nor!al range o# ons iousness #eeling great. Love is what you are& not what you do or what you have. As the !us les ontra t during la$or& it see!s as though the ti!e lapse is $ut a !i ro se ond. Fou have total on#iden e in yoursel#. NG. . . Every !o!ent is herished and en7oyed. "t is very easy #or you to rela( and en7oy every step o# the $irth $e ause you have no #ear o# pain& you e(perien e no pain or #ear with hild$irth. Fou have no need to worry a$out pain or pro$le!s $e ause you have a hoi e and the hoi e you have !ade is to en7oy and e(perien e without any negative in#luen e.. "# you #eel a dou$t or an(iety $reath and it will 7ust go away.@ CGNCEN'KA'"GN ?Fou are #eeling a$solutely great a$out yoursel#. Fou #eel great with every ontra tion $e ause you %now that with ea h ontra tion your $a$y is loser and loser to $eing $orn. Fou opinion is as good as anyone elsePs. Fou do not #or e a dire tion in your li#eU you allow it to #low. Fou have so!ething value to ontri$ute. "t is easy #or you to sustain positive thoughts and e!otions..hen you sleep& you have a lot o# K.E. reeping up you si!ply ta%e a deep Four shield o# prote tion neutrali>es all negativity and you !aintain o!plete ontrol. and good drea!s. Fou have plenty o# ti!e to !aintain o!posure and en7oy the event o# your own hildPs $irth. Fou are totally positiveU negativity is a part o# your past. Fou en7oy every !o!ent o# the $irth without negative e(perien e at allU no pain& no worry& and $e ause o# that your hild is e(tre!ely healthy.M.

Fou now stru ture your ti!e so your energies are not s attered. 'he tu$es whi h !a%e up this onveyer syste! are o!posed o# rings o# !us les. 'hese ontra tions o ur in waves always traveling #ro! the re eiving roo! down toward the waste disposal depart!ents. Fou %now that your whole gastro:intestinal syste! is si!ply a !us ular tu$e whi h is oiled round and round inside your $ody.hen we start the rela(ation at the throat& that is auto!ati ally #ollowed $y the natural rhyth!i alternate rela(ation and ontra tion o# the !us le. And #inally we have the use#ul produ ts whi h go into the $ody itsel#& and the waste produ ts whi h we !ust eli!inate. Anyti!e you #ind it $eginning to $e o!e di##i ult to on entrate& you ta%e a deep $reath and rela(. Deeper and deeper to sleep. "t is no longer a $attle to re!e!$er thingsU it is an easy natural #low. Fou are no longer $ored with the things around you thus !a%ing it easier to on entrate. 'he sto!a h is a pro essing roo! in whi h the !aterials are prepared #or use& and so on throughout the whole syste!. Iarious parts o# this tu$e have various purposes& 7ust li%e the spe iali>ed depart!ents in a #a tory. Fou no longer have to #or e the things in your li#e.@ CGNS'"PA'"GN ?Ao deeper and deeper to sleep. 'he !outh is the re eiving depart!ent where goods are a epted and unpa %ed. 'his whole #a tory has a ontinuous onveyer syste!. . 'he olon is a %ind o# storage $in& . 'he wave o# rela(ation whi h we started a #ew !inutes ago in the !outh and throat& is now !oving down through the sto!a h towards the duodenu!. 'hese !us les in their ontra tions and rela(ation push the !aterial along through the #a tory 7ust li%e the asse!$ly line hain in an auto!o$ile #a tory. Four whole intestinal tra t is $e o!ing rela(ed and soon these waves will rea h through the olon to the re tu!. 'hings do no have to $e di##i ult to $e worthwhile. Fou have total re all at will. 'he throat and esophagus are the onveyer syste!. =ollowing the wave o# rela(ation o!es the peristalti waves : alternate rela(ation and ontra tion o# the !us les down through the sto!a h& the duodenu! and into the intestine.Fou now #ind it very easy to on entrate.

As soon as it $e o!es #ull& an auto!ati signal is sent out& and you reali>e you are a$out to have a $owel !ove!ent. Fou eat. Four $ody will ta%e are o# that part auto!ati ally and without e##ort. . Fou go to the toilet. Si!ply sit on the toilet and wait. Every ti!e you eat& your 7aws auto!ati ally tense and rela(. Four throat swallows the #ood& alternately rela(ing and ontra ting. . 'he a t o# sitting on the toilet will $e a signal to your un ons ious !ind.hen you eat& the rela(ation starts.hen you sit down on the toilet& the sphin ter !us le rela(es.e do e!pty it when it gets #ull. "t $e o!es so#t and #le(i$le and stret hes easily. Soon a#ter eating& you e(perien e the urge to go to the toilet. . . 'he a t o# sitting on the toilet is auto!ati ally a signal to the sphin ter !us le. 'he whole pro ess is auto!ati . . Soon a#ter eating& you #eel the urge to go to the toilet. 'here is no e##ort on your part.hen you sit down on the toilet& the onta t o# your $ody with the toilet seat auto!ati ally sends a signal to the round !us le whi h %eeps the valve losed the rest o# the ti!e. Ma%e no e##ort at all.7ust li%e a waste $as%et. 'he whole !us le rela(es.e donPt run to e!pty a waste $as%et every ti!e we get so!ething in it. All the rest happens auto!ati ally and naturally.hen you #eel the urge& you go. 'hese peristalti waves arry the waste !aterial through the olon and into the re tu! where it is stored. 'hat is the way your $ody #un tions too. 'here is nothing #or you to do ons iously $ut go to the toilet when you #eel the urge. . "t rela(es. Ma%e no e##ort. As soon as you have that #eeling& you go to the toilet. 'his round !us le we all the sphin ter. 'hese waves are wor%ing on down through your intestines now. Fou go to the toilet i!!ediately when you #eel the urge. And soon a#ter you leave here you will #eel the urge to have a $owel !ove!ent. 'he sphin ter !us le will rela(. . 'he re tu! will e!pty itsel# easily and auto!ati ally. . Ma%e a$solutely no e##ort. 'hen the olon auto!ati ally e!pties itsel#.hen you #eel this urge& go to the toilet& sit down and wait. Four $ody an dispose o# its waste !aterial per#e tly& i# you do not inter#ere. And these waves o# !us ular ontra tion in the olon and re tu! #or e the !aterial out. 'he waste valve we all the anus. Eating is an auto!ati signal whi h starts the entire pro ess in !otion.hen you sit on the toilet& that is auto!ati ally a signal #or the anus to rela( and $e o!e so#t and #le(i$le. . 'he waveli%e a tion pro eeds all through your sto!a h& duodenu!& and intestines.

As they show the!selves& you #eel the!& you #eel the! deeply& very deeply. And you will have an easy& natural $owel !ove!ent. Four $ody will ta%e are o# the rest. Fou asso iate those #eelings whi h represent the withdrawal sy!pto!s with the drug itsel#& with the heroin or whatever you reta%ing. Fou #eel $etter. Now starting right at this !o!ent& youPre going to $egin a new phase o# . More #ull o# pep and energy than you have had #or a very long ti!e. More awa%e& !ore vital& !ore #ull o# li#e. "tPs going to $e very easy #or you to withdraw $e ause the withdrawing !a%es you #eel good& and the ta%ing o# the drug !a%es you #eel $ad. FouPre going to $e surprised a$out the reverse e##e t& $ut itPs $e o!ing a per!anent part o# your su$ ons ious !ind& never to $e re!oved. Li%e youPre tied up in %nots and you #eel terri$le all over and " want you to ta%e those #eelings& ta%e those #eelings and youPre going to asso iate the! with the drug itsel#. Fou #eel as though you are #ull o# vita!ins. Fou are going to have a $owel !ove!ent shortly a#ter you awa%en& and you will have another one a#ter your ne(t !eal. =eel your sto!a h turning.hen you have that urge& go. Every ti!e you eat& it is auto!ati ally the start o# the pro ess that will $ring a$out an easy& natural $owel !ove!ent. " want you to #eel the nausea. 'hey are very un o!#orta$le. . =eel all your !us les tighten. . =ro! now on instead o# the withdrawing ausing the sy!pto!s& the drug itsel# will $ring the sy!pto!s a$out.hen you have the urge to go to the toilet& go i!!ediately. 'he organs respond $y produ ing very un o!#orta$le sy!pto!s so #ro! now on whenever you ta%e a #i( these very un o!#orta$le sy!pto!s $egin to show the!selves. More alert. Gn the ount o# three as you withdraw #ro! the heroin& the sy!pto!s& instead o# getting worse& get $etter.@ DKJA ADD"C'"GN SESS"GN " ?Now as you go deeper and deeper rela(ed& deeper and deeper on down& in your !indPs eye& " want you to i!agine the sy!pto!s o# withdrawal. Four need #or heroin is gone. =or youPre onditioned 7ust as !u h as i# "Pd said a ni e thi % 7ui y stea% s!othered in !ushroo!s or i# " as%ed you to on entrate on a le!on& youPd #eel the saliva& the organs would respond& and now " say that the organs respond to the drug heroin or whatever youPre ta%ing.Shortly a#ter you awa%en& you are going to have the urge to go to the toilet. But you have a tre!endous need to withdraw #or i# you donPt then you #eel the sy!pto!s.

'he !aintenan e o# the ure is i!portant& is 7ust as i!portant as . Now& sleep deeply and let these suggestions seal the!selves in the deepest part o# the su$ ons ious !ind. Proud $e ause youPre on top. And you sin% deeper and deeper and deeper. Now " want you to #eel good all the ti!e& and the drug is the thing that !a%es you #eel $ad. . Fou have no desire #or drugs in any way& you donPt need the!& you donPt want the! and theyPre no longer a part o# your li#e. Fet& you have done it. FouPve proved that you an study& that you an thin%& that you an read& that you an $e a hu!an $eing in every way& not 7ust any hu!an $eing& $ut one that is e##e tive. BMust as your suggestions too% e##e t upon you in the treat!ent o# your drug addi tion pro$le!. FouPre really on top now. FouPve proved that you an earn a living. A drug pro$le! is so!ething that i# other people& who were not aware o# that pro$le!& were #a ed with it& they !ight not $e a$le to sur!ount this pro$le! at all. Now as you go deeper and deeper rela(ed& and as all o# the sounds #ade away in the distan e& all o# these suggestions ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon your !ind& $ody& and spirit. Now& as you go deeper and deeper and " give you these suggestions& they ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you. 'he thing that gives you the nausea and the pro$le!s is the thing that ties up your guts& thatPs heroin. But even !ore than that& youPve proved your a$ility to on)uer the !ost di##i ult pro$le! on earth. FouPve proved that you an #un tion in so iety. Now& itPs i!portant& now that you have proved yoursel#& now that you have o$tained a ure and you are on top& to stay there.withdrawal.@ DKJA ADD"C'"GN SESS"GN "" ?As you go deeper and deeper rela(ed& deeper and deeper with every $reath you ta%e. Fou donPt have anything you have to prove& youPve proved it. Fou have proved yoursel# even !ore than !ost people. =or youPve $egun your withdrawal right now. Most o# all& youPre proud.ay down. Fou proved yoursel# an adult& youPve proved yoursel# !ature. Nothing distur$s you. FouPre ured and youPre o!pletely ured.D Four drug pro$le! is over& thatPs $een straightened out o!pletely and #urther!ore you %now it. A withdrawal without pain& without nausea& without vo!iting& and without trou$le. "P! now going to tal% to you a$out the onvales ent stage in treating the pro$le! o# drug addi tion.

FouPre going to $e sa#e. . Four ure is per!anent in every way and itPs going to stay that way. Fou give the patient ti!e to onvales e even though they are well& ti!e heals all wounds and !a%es us strong. . 'hose #our words& the initials spell CSA=EC and youPre going to re!e!$er it and never #orget it.hen a person has pneu!onia or tu$er ulosis& even though they are o!pletely well& even though the $ugs are already %illed and the disease one:hundred per ent& no do tor would ever advise that patient to ta%e a 7o$ as a sand:hog and e(pose the!selves to sili osis& $e ause therePs too !any other things to do& too !any other ways to $e e##e tive and to put an individual right $a % in the environ!ent where the disease pro essed& ould start again.hat good is it to $e sta$le and have a per!anent ure i# you 7ust sit there and donPt do anything/ Fou re going to $e e##e tive& e##e tive in your wor%. . Na!ely& youPre going to $e very happy and ontented $e ause you have li %ed this pro$le!& o!pletely and thoroughly& one:hundred per ent and $e ause o# this& you are going to avoid drugs li%e the plague& and pla es where drugs are& li%e the plague. Better a$le to withstand disease. "tPs i!portant that you have a ertain a!ount o# ti!e to develop a o!plete sta$ility in every area o# your li#e& $e ause thatPs what you really want to $e and youPre going to $e& and thatPs sta$le& ade)uate& and e##e tive. FouPre going to sa#e& SA=E& SA=E. =or this reason itPs very i!portant that even though youPre o!pletely ured and you are o!pletely ured one:hundred per ent& you an go anywhere& you an do anything& you an $e anything& $ut the very $est li!ate #or you to $e e##e tive in is not that li!ate in whi h you would $e onstantly e(posed to drugs. CAC stands #or ade)uate. Stronger and stronger with every day that passes. Not $e ause therePs any danger to you& $e ause youPre already ured& $ut si!ply $e ause you donPt put a patient who 7ust re overed #ro! an illness $a % in the ward with all the si % people. CSC stand #or sta$le& youPre going to $e sta$le& !ore sta$le than you ever have $een in your li#e. Strong in $ody& strong in !ind and strong in spirit. Fou segregate the si % #ro! the well.getting the Cure itsel#. FouPre going to $e ade)uate very ade)uate in every way& all the ti!e. Nothing an throw you. FouPre never going to #orget it. Dis:ease. Four ure is #inal and you are sa#e. C=C stands #or #inal& your ure is per!anent and #inal in every way. S'ABLE& ADETJA'E& ="NAL and E==EC'"IE. And thatPs very i!portant to you& e(tre!ely i!portant $e ause thatPs e(a tly whatPs going to happen. FouPre going to re!e!$er it and itPs going to $e o!e a per!anent part o# your !ind. And CEC& CEC is the !ost i!portant o# all $e ause youPre going to $e e##e tive.

E##e tive in your play& e##e tive in every single area o# li#e and you put the! together and they spell sa#e& SA=E& and thatPs what you are& SA=E. Now sleep& sleep& and let that suggestion ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon your !ind& $ody and spirit& sealing itsel# in the deepest part o# your su$ ons ious !ind& never to $e re!oved. Fou are sa#e& SA=E& sta$le& ade)uate& #inal and e##e tive. Sa#e& and every single ti!e that you have any di##i ulty whatsoever& you #eel depressed in the least way or anything o!es up that $others you& you are going to see that word right in #ront o# your eyes& SA=E& and thatPs going to tell you in every way and re:en#or e those suggestions over and over. 'hat word SA=E is going to ta%e the pla e o# all the pro$le!s you had in the past $e ause SA=E is going to solve the!. Drugs never solved anything #or you& theyPre gone& theyPre #inished. "tPs a #inal and per!anent ure. Now youPre going to onvales e #or a #ew !onths& or as long as you need to& and in a li!ate where drugs have no part& and a#ter you have onvales ed& youPll $e as strong as anyone ever was& !entally& physi ally& and spiritually. Fou an go where you want and do what you want. But until then& youPre now per!anently and o!pletely ured and you are in a onvales ent period and youPre going to do wonder#ully in every way. Now sleep deeply and $e sa#e in every way. "P! going to give you a #ew !o!ents o# silen e& during these !o!ents o# silen e all these suggestions ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you& !ind& $ody and spirit. 'his period o# silen e $egins now.@ DKJAS

?Fou are rela(ed now and $e ause you are so rela(ed you $egin to #eel #ree #ro! all tension& an(iety and #ear. Fou now reali>e that you are !ore on#ident and sure o# yoursel# $e ause you have ta%en this enor!ous step toward helping yoursel#. Fou $egin to #eel this strength #ro! within& !otivating you to over o!e any and every o$sta le that !ay stand in the way o# your happiness and your #reedo! #ro! drugs. Fou will #ind that #ro! this !o!ent on you are developing !ore sel# ontrol. Fou will now #a e every situation in a al!& rela(ed state o# !ind. Four thin%ing is very lear and sharp at all ti!es.

Fou $egin to #eel that your sel# respe t and on#iden e are e(panding !ore and every day in every way. Fou now reali>e that in the past& drug use was an es ape and a ontrol. Fou are $e o!ing a happy person now with a positive attitude toward li#e. Fou are su eeding now and you have all the a$ilities ne essary #or you to $rea% the drug pattern. Fou now hoose to $e #ree #ro! drugs. 'his is your de ision. Fou an do it. Fou an easily do it. Fou have !y help& and the help o# your partner& and you will #ind it easy to do. As o# now you have a very strong deter!ination to $e #ree o# drugs. .ith ea h passing day your deter!ination to $e #ree o# the drug ha$it $e o!es stronger and stronger. Four desire to $e #ree o# drugs is so i!portant to you that i# so!eone should suggest a party to you& you will #ind that their reasons #or having a party are not good enough and that your reasons #or stopping this drug ha$it are !ore i!portant. Fou are always #ree to !a%e hoi es and de isions #or your own well $eing and you hoose now to $e #ree o# drugs. Fou %now that it was unhealthy and $rings a lot o# unhappiness into your li#e. At one ti!e you #elt that it was a good idea to get into the drug s ene. "t served a purpose in your li#e at that ti!e. "t no longer serves that purpose. Now the only purpose it serves is to $ring you #urther away #ro! health and true happiness. Fou reali>e that drugs are a deadly trap and ulti!ately& no real good an o!e to you while you are using drugs. Fou are now !a%ing a new de ision #or yoursel#. Fou hoose the path to real health and happiness. Fou now hoose to $e #ree #ro! drugs and you are deter!ined to !a%e this happen #or you. .ith ea h passing day and with ea h passing !o!ent you reali>e that your desire and your sel# deter!ination to $e #ree o# drugs is stronger than the hold that the drugs had on you. Fou %now that you an $e #ree o# drugs #or short periods o# ti!e and you are now !oving away #ro! drugs #or longer and longer periods o# ti!e and you are doing less ea h ti!e you do drugs. Fou have great on#iden e in yoursel# that you an in #a t $e #ree o# drugs and that you an do it. .henever you avoid the use o# drugs in situations where you would have done drugs $e#ore& you #eel very& very proud o# yoursel# and very sure that you did the right thing #or

yoursel#. Fou have wat hed others lose their health and physi al well $eing and you are now reali>ing that you do not want this to happen to you. Fou are now so deter!ined to regain your health and get $a % to your nor!al weight& the weight that you should $e& that you now gain o!plete ontrol over your ha$it. Control !eans that you not only have the power to wal% away #ro! a line& $ut that in #a t you do 7ust that. Fou an do it. And ea h ti!e you do wal% away #ro! doing a line& you will #ind it easier to wal% away #ro! the ne(t te!ptation. Fou are getting stronger and stronger and very proud o# your new strength to wal% away #ro! drugs. Fou are now proving your inner strength to yoursel# and to others ea h and every ti!e that you re#use to do a line. Fou %now that this is only a $ad ha$it and you an over o!e a ha$it. So you are hanging this ha$it. Fou are $eginning to #ind that there are two things whi h give you !ore pleasure than your drugs. =irst you #ind that you want to ta%e a ni e long deep $reath whenever you thin% o# doing drugs. 'his ni e long deep $reath will help you to #eel al!er& !ore rela(ed& and you will #eel very pea e#ul inside. Four !ind and $ody will $e o!e al! and rela(ed& too al! and rela(ed to need to do a line. Fou will de ide to put o## doing drugs until so!e ti!e in the #uture and you will #orget to do drugs at that ti!e. 'a%ing a ni e long deep $reath !a%es you #eel so good& so al! and so rela(ed that you will no longer have any desire to do a line. Kather you will put it o## to so!e ti!e in the #uture and you will #orget to do the drugs at that ti!e. Fou will now #ind that you are getting hungry at !eal ti!es and you #ind a great deal o# en7oy!ent in the #ood you eat. Fou #ind that you want to eat good nutritional #ood and so you eat and satis#y any raving #or drugs. Fou never eat to e( ess& $ut you #ind that $y eating three good !eals daily& you #eel $etter physi ally and this redu es your need #or drugs. Fou now have a strong #eeling o# responsi$ility to your partner& and you are #eeling responsi$le #or your partners health and well $eing. Sin e you %now that drugs are not good physi ally& !entally or e!otionally #or your partner& you help hi!Hher $y gently re!inding hi!Hher to stay away #ro! the drugs. Fou set an e(a!ple #or your

Fou #ind ways to help hi!Hher #orget to do drugs. Fou help your partner to postpone doing a line #or an hour or so and then !ay$e even another hour a#ter that. Fou #eel good. 'he words and a tions o# other people have no e##e t on you. Fou are never upset when your partner tells you to ta%e a deep $reath and #orget doing a line at this ti!e.partner $y not doing a line at a ti!e when you easily ould.or%ing as a tea!& you are very strong and deter!ined to #orget drugs. Fou #ind ways to avoid doing a line and #ind good reasons #or not doing that line.@ "NSGMN"A .@ EAS"NA SGMEGNE =KGM FGJK M"ND ?Fou now !entally erase Bperson to $e erasedD #ro! your thoughts. 'he divine white healing light now surrounds you and #loods you with a sense o# strength and well $eing in your !ind& $ody and spirit. 'he undesira$le !e!ories o# BpersonD #ade )ui %ly away and you !ind is al! and tran)uil. Fou help ea h other away #ro! drugs $y doing things whi h you !utually en7oy and whi h do not involve drugs. . Fou do not need nor want anyone who is negative in you li#e and you now !entally erase the!. 'he undesira$le !e!ories o# BpersonD no longer a##e t you #or you are at pea e and totally deta hed #ro! the!. Fou deta h yoursel# #ro! the negative !ental asso iations and your li#e is 7oy#ul and #ul#illing. Fou appre iate it and you %now your partner is on your side. Fou are now wor%ing as a tea! to help ea h other to !ove away #ro! drugs. Fou show hi!Hher how FGJ an do it and en ourage your partner to do the sa!e. Fou #eel that it now is your responsi$ility to gently help your partner to #orget a$out doing drugs and your responsi$ility to ooperate and to #eel good a$out what heHshe is doing #or you. Fou are sel# ontained& sel# su##i ient and sel# reliant. Fou are now getting the help you need and you are proud o# yoursel# #or having redu ed your drug ha$it. Fou #ind that you an easily #orget to do drugs $e ause it o##ers you nothing $ut pro$le!s in the #uture. "t is done.

KedHorangeEslowly& al!ly& easily and gently going into deep& nor!al . 'a%e 4 deep $reaths and Csleep nowC. Fou thoroughly en7oy your deep rest#ul sleep and at $edti!e you 7ust ta%e 4 deep $reaths and thin% CSLEEP NG. Let every !us le and nerve go loose and li!p. Fou always rela( o!pletely upon ta%ing 4 deep $reaths and at $edti!e you always go to sleep as you rela(. "t is easy #or you to rela( and go to sleep $e ause you e(pe t to sleep.. As " go through the olors you will go deeper and deeper into natural sleep. Four eyes open& you sit up and put your #eet on the #loor i!!ediately& you stret h& and you #eel good. Gnly an e!ergen y awa%ens you and i# this happens you return to $ed a#ter attending it and go to sleep within 86 se onds. Gn the olor white you will easily and gently rea h over and turn o## the !a hine that is playing this tape. Fou sleep soundly and o!#orta$ly and without e##ort. 'he olors are redHorange& yellowHgreen& $lue& purpleHlavender& and white. " a! now going to $ring you through the olors o# the rain$ow.C a#ter ea h $reath& and you go to sleep auto!ati ally. All o# these thoughts o!e to you when you rela( and say CSLEEP NG. Hear !y voi e only until your rela(ation therapy is o!plete& then you will go into a deep easy natural sleep. Keally ready #or another wonder#ul day. A#ter you turn o## the !a hine& you will go into a very deep and very rela(ed state o# natural& nor!al sleep. A#ter ea h $reath you say to yoursel# SLEEP NG. 'hroughout your sleep you #eel al!& ontented and rela(ed and you arry this al!& ontented sense o# rela(ation over into you wa%ing hours. A#ter the third $reath you are so o!pletely rela(ed you i!!ediately dri#t o## into a deep and rest#ul slu!$er whi h re!ains un$ro%en until !orning.?Iisuali>e that you are a sponge $eing wrung o# stress& down and out your toes. 'hroughout your sleep& you are ontented and pleasantly rela(ed.C. Fou always awa%en at your usual rising ti!e and #eel wonder#ul. Co!pletely rela(ed& rested& alert and heer#ul. Be ause you want to get a #ull nights sleep& and $e ause you want to awa%en in the !orning #eeling o!pletely re#reshed& rested and #ull o# pep and energy& ea h night as you retire you rela( every !us le in your $ody $y ta%ing 4 deep $reaths.

Blue .. .@ NA"L B"'"NA ?Iisuali>e yoursel# loo%ing great& rela(ing& #eeling al!. every nerve and !us le in your $ody is loose and li!p and rela(ed& as you go deeper and deeper into natural sleep. Four nails are grown outU your uti les loo% healthy. SLEEP NG. . Now " want you to loo% at your hands and see how good they loo%. SLEEP NG. PurpleHlavender . SLEEP NG. #ro! head to toe you #eel good& you #eel per#e t in every way& you go deeper and deeper into natural sleep..hite ...... No one an o##er what you have to o##er e( ept you. your !ind and your $ody are now going into a very deep and health#ul slu!$er. FellowHgreen . Love is o!plete trust #ul#illed..sleep.hen you #ind yoursel# in a situation where you #eel 7ealousy& you will now easily release the negativity in your heart or in your !ind and repla e it with divine love. =eel the love o!ing #ro! within you and en ir ling you li%e a $u$$le o# pin% radian e& #illing your entire $eing& every ell and every #i$er o# your $ody. Fou #eel good& and at the ne(t olor& you gently and easily& without distur$ing your rest#ul slu!$er& rea h over and turn o## your !a hine& then you go into deep rest#ul and natural sleep #or the entire night.@ MEALGJSF ?Fou are totally sel# on#ident in every area o# your li#e. .. Fou no longer $ite your nails. "# you start to $ite your nails or uti les& $e ause you used to do that& your hands will $e o!e very visi$le to you and as your nails grow and $e o!e healthier and healthier you #eel $etter and $etter a$out yoursel#. easily and gently now rea h over and turn o## your !a hine that is playing this tape.. Love is what you are& not what you do or say. Fou are a valua$le ontri$ution. Gther people will not $other you with re!ar%s or their a hieve!ents..

Do no all $a % the pain. Fou do not want it.. =eeling soothed& rela(ed and painless& as though the entire area has $een anestheti>ed without ta%ing away any !us le response whatsoever.. tension& stress& strain and dis o!#ort ...... Fou no longer #eel any pain onne ted with Bspe i#i pain pro$le!D $ut this in no way alters your warning pain signals #or any other reason. See yoursel# in a situation where you !ight have $itten your nails in the past. " want you now to on entrate a healing light in the area where you desire the pain to go away and stay away. Four shield o# prote tion neutrali>es the negativity that auses the nervousness. "t no longer $elongs to you. Fou %now the pro$le! is there and you are orre ting it..@ PA"N CGN'KGL ?Pain is a warning devi e #ro! you $ody. All pain is o!pletely gone #ro! the area.. "nstead you now ta%e a deep $reath and the nervousness 7ust goes away..@ PA"N GK ANS"E'F ?And 7ust rela(ing deeper and even deeper .. =eel all tension leaving the area. Fou will then see that any new pro$le! is ta%en are o#. Fou #eel no need to $ite your nails.Biting your nails is a nervous ha$it. dri#ting way down now . 7ust . and we have already learned one !ethod o# dealing with these .. Set up rapid and instantaneous healing with the healing light. Fou have o!plete !us le and !otor response $ut the area has no pain. and re ogni>ing and reali>ing how !any o# us e(perien e sensations that we regard as unpleasant .. and that is . deeper and even deeper rela(ed . Anyti!e you #eel yoursel# $e o!ing nervous #or any reason& you no longer $ite your nails as an outlet. Fou do not need it. Fou do not need to $e warned a$out your Bspe i#i pain pro$le!D any !ore. "# you need to %now a$out a hange& i# you need to $e warned& you will #eel a tingling in the area instead. See yoursel# handling the situation very easily..

..... donPt try to #or e the shape . the less the dis o!#ort is .. and you are re ogni>ing and reali>ing that the shape is the sy!$ol o# you dis o!#ort ..... and another !ethod that is so power#ul it an re!ove all the sy!pto!s o# stress and strain . we #eel the!& $ut as we %now only too well it is di##i ult to ons iously !odi#y our #eelings .. and you reali>e that these are s%ills and as with any s%ill .... #irst !a%ing the shape larger . and you an give it a si>e 7ust $y %nowing the si>e or $y pi turing it ne(t to an o$7e t you %now the si>e o# .... "# you are e(perien ing pain or dis o!#ort or i# you #eel tense or an(ious . the sy!pto!s o# stress and strain are all very su$7e tive #eelings ......... i# the shape is a $alloon you an put a needle into it& or %i % it away ... 7ust i!agine a shape ...... and then !a%ing it s!aller .. you are pea e#ul& al! and very rela(ed. the !ore severe the dis o!#ort is .. it an $e an a$stra t shape or a on rete shape ..... allow yoursel# to visuali>e that shape . And pra ti ing now . And reali>ing that as this sy!$ol is $e o!ing s!aller& the #eelings asso iated with it are $e o!ing less intense and you an !a%e it s!aller . as s!all and o!#orta$le as you want to !a%e it . and it an $e an o$7e t or a geo!etri design or it an $e so#t and it an $e a olor . and you are doing so very well .. " want you to ta%e that unwanted #eeling& tension& stress or strained !us le and give it a shape .... put it on a $oat or an airplane or tie it to the $a % o# a tru % and let it drive away . and it is !u h easier to !odi#y o$7e t .. and so we are now hanging our unpleasant sensations into o$7e ts .... And 7ust rela(ing and going deeper and even deeper .......... And using another i!age now . whatever shape or o$7e t #irst o!es into your !ind is the right shape or o$7e t #or you ...... give that shape a olor . 7ust let it happen ... as you go deeper and even deeper rela(ed ... and i# you have di##i ulty !a%ing the si>e o# the shape s!aller ... and the s!aller the shape is ..... ... and you are !a%ing it s!aller $y pra ti ing !a%ing it larger and then s!aller . throw it away .. it an $e any %ind o# shape .. then use a #ew tri %s ... and when you !a%e the si>e o# the shape $igger it is easier to !a%e the shape s!aller .$reathing deeply and re!oving all parts o# stress and strain .. and the larger the shape is .... another i!age that an $ring us pea e& o!#ort& ontent!ent and deep rela(ation ... and 7ust i!agine the si>e o# the shape ....

.... Fou wal% with a spring in your step& . so very easy to use and so very power#ul .. and when " awa%en you the shape is #ading and $e o!ing s!aller .. you will #ind that you an give the shape as si>e and a olor and then instantly ..the !ore you pra ti e the !ore power#ul the s%ill $e o!es .hatever you say& whatever you do & is said and done with o!plete on#iden e and sel# assuran e... and you are using these s%ills . ..@ PJBL"C SPEAL"NA ?Fou reali>e that you are a onstantly !aturing and growing personality....Fou are $e o!ing aware o# the strength and a$ilities that are within you. e##ortlessly and easily !a%e the shape s!aller and the olor #ade . anyti!e you hoose to use this s%ill . " a! going to let you rest #or a !o!ent $ut when " awa%en you .. Fou are !a%ing onta t with the enter o# wisdo! and power within you whi h %nows what to do and how to do it.... and every ti!e you do this it $e o!es easier and even easier .... and every ti!e you do this it is easier and even easier ... the !ore you pra ti e the easier it is #or you to allow these s%ills to $e totally and o!pletely e##e tive . and pra ti ing !a%ing the shape s!aller and the olor o# the shape #ade ... and using these s%ills any ti!e you desire .. Fou are learning to $elieve in yoursel#& you appre iate yoursel# and you do good and %ind things #or yoursel#. Fou are sensing a #eeling o# on#iden e in your a$ilities to a hieve the goals you have hosen #or yoursel#. Fou !eet ea h situation as it o!es with al! and )uite assuran e..

Four personal integrity is #elt $y everyone you !eet. As you approa h people #or the #irst ti!e& you #eel a war!th and #riendship #or the!. Fou are sin ere and honest. Fou see the $eauty o# li#e around you. Fou have on#iden e in your own 7udg!ent and you are honest and dependa$le.your head is held high.Fou are heer#ul and enthusiasti . Fou are a happy person #ull o# i!aginative thoughts whi h you pour #orth . Fou attra t #riends $e ause you are #riendly. Four s!ile and your #riendly greetings e(press your sin ere #eelings towards the!. Fou an and you do !ove #orward #ro! one positive a hieve!ent to another. V David Shuttleworth 566- Fou %now that people see% you out $e ause you are uni)ue and you revel in their a eptan e o# you. People are aware that you li%e the!& they sense your good will. Ea h day you !eet new #riends and interesting people. People respe t you $e ause you respe t the! and you respe t yoursel#. Fou en7oy people and you want to do things #or the!. People respond to your personal integrity& your spe ial personality and your war! #riendliness draws people lose to you& 7ust as a !agnet attra ts iron #ilings.

. Fou li%e people : you en7oy $eing with people.hen you stand up $e#ore a group o# people& you are #illed with #eelings o# #riendliness #or the!. Fou re ogni>e and a truly deserve it. Fou want to do things #or the!. Fou are at ease when you are with people.onstantly. People li%e to listen to you when you spea%. Fou are so interested in the!& that you have sense o# personal #riendship . Fou have a deep and sin ere respe t #or yoursel# and #or your personal worth to others. FouPre se ure and rela(ed when you are with people. People en7oy your o!pany. People li%e you. Fou espe ially en7oy spea%ing to people. Fou #eel their ept the #riendship that people o##er you& #or you #riendliness to you. Fou are poised and on#ident when tal%ing to new a )uaintan es or good #riends. People are aware that you li%e the! and they return the #eeling to you. Fou are interested in the!& you want to do things #or the!. Fou have the #eeling that they are on your side.Ea h and every day& you #eel !ore lova$le& !ore interesting and you $e o!e !ore interested in others. Fou e(perien e a #eeling o# war!th and #riendship #lowing #ro! the !e!$ers o# the audien e to you.

Four $reathing is deep and #ro! the diaphrag!. Fou are poised and in ontrol o# the situation.with every single person in your audien e. Four hands are poised and al!. Four lips are #le(i$le& your !outh is !oist. Fou are o!#orted and pea e#ul. epted $y others. As you spea% you are per#e tly poised& sel# possessed and o!pletely #ree in your e(pression. Fou spea% easily& always giving a lear word pi ture o# the thought you wish to onvey. Fou #eel at ease& you present your ideas in a lear $rie# and dire t way. Fou are se ure and on#ident as you spea%. Four ideas are )ui %ly understood and a Fou !ind is lear& your wit is )ui %. Four legs are strong $eneath you. Four gestures #low spontaneously and #reely. Fou spea% spontaneously& .

As you $egin to tal%& you have the undivided attention o# the audien e&and it !a%es you #eel good. Fou see their point o# view. .henever you #eel you an add a new view point or an interesting #a t to a dis ussion& you spea% openly and on#idently. Four !ind #lows with you will it to do so. . Fou spea% #reely& #luidly with a #ull release o# your s%ill and your talent. People see% your opinions on a variety o# su$7e ts and you deliver in#or!ation in an interesting and witty way B!annerD. As you $egin& you #eel this war!th and #riendliness #or your listeners..hen you spea% your voi e& it is strong& al! and vi$rant. Fou thoroughly en7oy spea%ing to an audien e. As you $egin& your #eel their #riendliness dire ted towards you. . on ise and yet power#ul !essages whenever Four voi e is pleasant to hear. Fou are totally on#ident& you are per#e tly at ease. Fou have a spe ial talent #or e(pressing your thoughts and ideas vividly& with an enthusias! that #avora$ly i!presses everyone that hears you. .sin erely and #reely.hen others spea% you listen and you learn #ro! the!. Fou e(press your ideas in a positive way whenever possi$le. Fou o!!uni ate e##e tively and power#ully at all ti!es. Clearly e(pressing your !eaning and your #eelings at any ti!e when you spea% whether to a large audien e or a s!all group.

Fou are so interested in people that you sti!ulate the! to #ully e(press their views : $e#ore you spea%.hen words are inade)uate you a t out the e!otions you #eel& you de!onstrate a level o# !aturity and per eption whi h is uni)ue. Fou as% )uestions when you donPt #ully understand and you state your opinions whenever they are as%ed or whenever it is appropriate #or you to e(press the!. Four power#ul !e!ory serves you well. Four talent #or e(pressing your thoughts vividly with enthusias! #avora$ly i!presses everyone. People a ept your opinions $e ause they re ogni>e that they are honest and well thought out.People are eager to hear what you have to say& $e ause you are so alive and so vi$rant. Four #a e re#le ts an inner al!ness& a sense o# well $eing o# sel# assuran e. 'he #riendship within you radiates outward to tou h ea h person with who! you o!e in onta t. . Fou spea% spontaneously& sin erely and #reely& learly ver$ali>ing your #eelings. auses learness o# Ea h o# the ideas is now !a%ing a deep and per!anent i!pression on your su$ ons ious !ind and ea h day o# your daily li#e& you $e o!e !ore and !ore aware o# the power#ul e(pression o# these true on epts. . Four onversation is $right and spar%ling as well as in#or!ative.hen you are alled upon to ondu t a !eeting& you are rela(ed and in o!plete ontrol o# the situation. .hen there is nothing #or you to say& you si!ply glow with an inner radian e& showing honesty& sy!pathy and on ern. Four large vo a$ulary& your #luen y in spee h and your thought auses a )uiet authority that #lows #ro! you. . Four !anner o# spea%ing inspires on#iden e in others and the! to have a good opinion o# you.

3 .. 'his is the ti!e to progra! your i!agination with s enes that represent your personal su ess. Fou $egin to #eel this strength #ro! within& !otivating you to over o!e any and every o$sta le that !ay stand in the way o# your happiness& so ial li#e and ho!e li#e. Fou $egin to #eel that your sel# respe t and on#iden e are e(panding !ore and !ore ea h day in every way. Fou now reali>e that in the past you #elt helpless and overwhel!ed and you are repla ing that with on#iden e& strength and sel# ontrol... 5 . Cpersonal su essC. Con#iden e in the reali>ation& that ea h day $rings you loser to your personal goals. Fou will now #a e every situation in a al! and rela(ed state o# !ind..@ SEL= CGN="DENCE " ?Fou are rela(ed now& and $e ause you are so rela(ed you $egin to #eel #ree #ro! all tension& an(iety& and #ear.Now "P! going to ount #ro! three down to one& then "Pll say the words Cpersonal su essC. Fou are su eeding now in all that you do and you have all the a$ilities ne essary #or su ess. 'his is the ti!e when you an see yoursel#& thin%ing& #eeling a ting in that spe ial way that !eans personal su ess. =ro! this ti!e #orward with ea h passing day& you $e o!e !ore and !ore aware o# a wonder#ul #eeling o# personal on#iden e. Love is a natural state o# $eing and you are naturally in a state o# loving when you a ept yoursel# and others totally and un onditionally. Keali>e that unhappy relationships are aused $y value 7udging and resisting yoursel# and others. Aet ready now+ 4 . Fou will #ind that #ro! this !o!ent on you are developing !ore sel# ontrol. Fou are $e o!ing a happy person now with a positive attitude towards li#e. Ea h day is a vital step in your pro$le! solving& in developing the !otivation to hange your $ehavior to !ove yoursel# towards your highest potential& so that you now $egin to en7oy a #uller and ri her and !ore e(pressive li#e... Four thin%ing is very lear and sharp at all ti!es. Fou now reali>e that you are !ore on#ident and sure o# yoursel# $e ause you have ta%en the enor!ous #irst step to helping yoursel#. Keali>e that you do not have to approve o# .

Fou have opened your !ind to the inner se urity that was lying dor!ant within you. Four nu!$er one responsi$ility is to #ul#ill your #unda!ental need to #eel good !entally& physi ally and e!otionally. Fou do not resist the reality o# any unwanted ir u!stan es and you a ept the unwanted realities in your li#e and willingly allow the! to $e. Ea h and every day you e(perien e !ore and !ore positive results o# your positive thin%ing.@ SEL= CGN="DENCE & =EAK ?Fou now $e o!e aware o# the sel# on#iden e within you. Gur a tions are $ut the !eans we hoose to satis#y our do!inant needs to #eel good.. Fou e(perien e a #eeling o# overall well:$eing and !ental al!. Fou thin% on#idently& you tal% on#idently& and you pro7e t an i!age o# sel# on#iden e. Fou are reating a new positive reality.anyonePs a tions& $ehavior or appearan e in order to willingly a ept and love the!. Fou inner on#iden e has e!erged. you are sel# on#ident. Fou are at pea e with yoursel#& the world& and everyone in it. Fou are independent and #illed with inner se urity. Fou are in harge o# your own li#e. Keali>e that you have the #reedo! and the authority to do anything that you #eel is ne essary to satis#y this $asi need. Fou see positive opportunities in everything you e(perien e. =ro! this !o!ent on you see the positive side o# everything that happens in your li#e. Fou #eel war! and loving towards yoursel# and others& despite any undesired a tions& $ehavior or appearan e. Keali>e that you are in harge o# your own li#e and well:$eing& #or you $ene#it or su##er& #eel good or $ad& a ording to the onse)uen es o# everything you thin%& say& do and #eel. Fou now e(perien e all the war!th and 7oy in li#e while deta hing #ro! the negativity. . Fou are trans#or!ed . Fou are sel# reliant& sel# on#ident and #illed with independen e and deter!ination. Fou positive thin%ing now results in a !ore positive li#e.. Fou are sel# on#ident internally and e(ternally.@ SEL= CGN="DENCE "" ?Keali>e that your nu!$er one responsi$ility is to #ul#ill you #unda!ental hu!an need to #eel good !entally& physi ally and e!otionally.

Fou are on#ident and se ure& !entally at pea e. that will $e help you ontrol the urges #or ni otine. Fou let go o# all #ear:$ased e!otions su h as $la!e& 7ealousy& guilt& anger and possessiveness. A happy& sel# assured inner you has e!erged. As the ni otine is leaving your syste!s& so is the al iu!& so #or the #irst #our days hew al iu! ri h 'JMS or KGLA"DS. Fou %eep your !ind li%e al! water. Cut down o##ee and al ohol .. Be ause s!o%ing is a nervous ha$it& the ni otine settles the nerves& .. Fou #eel enthusiasti a$out your li#e and loo% #orward to the hallenges.. BLeave your syste!D. 'hese negative e!otions are now part o# your past and you use the! only as $uilding $lo %s #or a !ore positive #uture.. Fou are a positive individual who sees the pro$le!s only as opportunities. Fou re!ain entered at all ti!esU this !eans to $e physi ally rela(ed& e!otionally al!& !entally #o used and alert.@ SMGL"NA KECGMMENDA'"GNS 'he #ollowing re o!!endations should $e in luded in the post hypnoti interview. "n #our days& all the ni otine will $e gone #ro! your $ody. Fou are independent and sel# responsi$le and you #ully reali>e that you are unli!ited in you a$ility to reate your own reality. As the ni otine leaves the syste!& the sugar also drops& this auses the raving #or ni otine. Fou now $reathe li#e with new opti!is! . Fou are on#ident and se ure a$out everything. Fou !aintain a al! !ind and you thin% only positive thoughts. Fou are patient& al! and har!oniously entered at all ti!es. =or ea h o# the #irst #our days& eat three oranges or pin% grape#ruits per day. Four sel# on#iden e is in reasing. Fou no longer worry a$out things you annot hange. Every ti!e you urinate& the ni otine and poisons will $e leaving your syste!& drin% water to !ove poisons out.Four sel# estee! is in reasing. with new enthusias!.

Ea h ti!e you rea h #or a igarette& you attention will $e drawn to that igarette and #o us un o!#orta$ly upon it.e are now only dealing with a ha$it pattern :: the hollow shell o# your original pro$le!.you !ay #eel stress. 'he !ain reason you have ontinued to s!o%e is $e ause you are doing it un ons iously :: you have not really $een aware o# what you were doing. Fou already have no need to ontinue s!o%ingU you %now that. 'he awareness !ay !a%e you annoyed with s!o%ing& disgusted and $ored $y it.hen you are aware o# what youPre doing& you are no longer in the un ons ious ha$it. So this will $e easy and e##ortless. Fou have #ound the reason you s!o%e and you have already !ade up your !ind :: a #inal de ision to stop s!o%ing altogether. .& not to!orrow& not the ne(t day& $ut . Fou si!ply will not wish to ontinue. But now you are. Fou have already !ade up your !ind. S'GP SMGL"NA " ?=irst o# all& you are aware that we have already o!pletely un overed the underlying ause o# your o!pulsive s!o%ing ha$it. =ro! the very !o!ent you rea h #or a igarette& you will $e e(tre!ely ons ious o# what you are doing. "t will not taste as good as it used to. Fou have already !ade up you !ind that you are going to stop NG. Fou !ay even want to put the igarette out when you are only hal#:#inished. 'here will $e none o# the struggle and #ight with will power you !ay have e(perien ed in the past& no guilt o# s!o%ing as you do it. . Fou have already !ade up you !ind to stop s!o%ing altogether. All the residual s!o%e& ni otine and poisons will $e leansed #ro! your $ody. 'a%e vita!in B:Co!ple( #or stress. Ha$its an $e $ro%en as easily as they are reated. Gn the tenth day& youPll #eel real good $e ause all your $loods ells will $e o(ygenated. Continue these #or ten days. Gn the #ourth day& youPll #eel great $e ause the ni otine is gone #ro! syste!. Fou no longer #eel the o!pulsion to s!o%e at all. "# you light it and start to s!o%e& you will $e unusually aware o# every !o!ent o# the ti!e you are involved in s!o%ing that igarette. Gne o# the ways to do that is to !a%e you aware o# your s!o%ing.

Fou will %eep a re ord in the $eginning o# your progress. . Fou have !ade a #inal de ision to stop s!o%ing. Every single day& you will re!ind yoursel# how su ess#ul you have $een as an a$stainer. Fou will ontinue to %eep this re ord and it will en ourage you and #orti#y you as a tangi$le re ord o# your su are going to stop 'H"S IEKF MGMEN'. "t !a%es it easier #or you to on)uer li#e in general. FouPre giving up oughingU youPre giving up painU youPre giving up trou$leU youPre giving up all the things you donPt want& in luding s!o%ing. Fou .henever you tou h the igarette& you will instantly $rea% it in two. "' "S EASF 'G A"IE JP 'H"NAS FGJ DGNP' L"LE. Fou will #ind it easier to on)uer other ha$its. =or! it learly in your !ind. "t #ills your ego& !a%ing you sel#: on#ident& sel#:assured and sel#:reliant. And should you perhaps a ept a igarette without reali>ing it& you will i!!ediately $e aware o# it and will $e over o!e with an un ontrolla$le o!pulsion to $rea% it in two as soon as it enters you hand.AN' to stop s!o%ing as o# this very !inute. And soon you will no longer #eel the need to %eep su h a re ord $e ause you will %now that you are an a$stainer per!anently. Fou have no need to $uy the! $e ause you have no need to s!o%e the!. How !any days& how !any wee%s and !onths you have $een an a$stainer and how wonder#ul it has !ade you #eel. Fou already %now that no ha$it is stronger than the power o# you !ind . FGJ . Fou have no need o# s!o%ing $e ause o# that& you are giving it up. "t will re!ind you o# all the $ad things youPre giving up and all the good things that are in store #or you. 'hat this re ord will go on un$le!ished #or the rest o# your li#e. Fou will $egin to #eel proud o# yoursel#& very proud."LL =GKAE' ABGJ' C"AAKE''ES AL'GAE'HEK. Conse)uently& your pur hase o# igarettes will i!!ediately ease. AND FGJ DGNP' L"LE 'G SMGLE. 'hin% a$out the pro$le!s s!o%ing auses. Fou %now why you want to. Fou reali>e how !u h greater the proportion o# good you are re eiving is than the portion o# $ad you are giving up. "t will see! as s!all thing to you to give up s!o%ing& onsidering the tre!endous $ene#its you will $e re eiving #or giving it up. Fou are giving up the things you donPt want in order to get the things you do want+ rela(ation& rest& a #eeling o# se urity& happiness. 'hin% a$out that reason.

Nothing an sha%e it. Deeper and deeper. "t vanishes o!pletely.e are wiping it out o!pletely so you an go on to su ess as i# it had $een erased.whi h reated it in the #irst pla e. And soon that #eeling o# su ess will $e #ar !ore i!portant to you than any ha$it ould possi$le $e. . Be ause on entrating the !ind does not !a%e it tired. Sleep deeply. "t is easy #or your !ind to on entrate& on entrating to a pinpoint. 'he !ind $e o!es #atigued out o# on#usion& not on entration. "t is now you versus to$a o.hen you $e o!e #atigued or tired& you an lie down #or a ouple o# !inutes& go into a state o# sel#: hypnosis and rela( o!pletely. "t is a nonentity. 'iredness is !erely a sign that you need to re7uvenate yoursel#& whi h an $e done easily with sel#:hypnosis. "t does not e(ist #or you. S!o%ing is !ore than a rut h : it is a hindran e& a $lo % in your path. "t has $een wiped out $y your on entrating on other $ene#i ial things. Four have patien e& great patien e now& perseveran e& great perseveran e& al! and rela(ed deter!ination. "t !a%es you #eel good and #eel rela(ed. Fou #ind you are going to $e a$le to on entrate on your wor% and on entrate on your play and on entrate at all ti!es. Sleep. S!o%ing has $een a #or! o# sel#:punish!ent& a #or! o# #eeding yoursel# poison& that you neither li%e nor need. Sin% #urther and #urther down& deeper and deeper.@ S'GP SMGL"NA "" ?Fou pay attention only to the sound o# !y voi e. As you listen to the sound o# !y voi e& your !ind on entrates on it. Fou will easily win #or you are stronger.e are re!oving that $lo %. "ndeed& you are surprised and a!a>ed at . . Fou will go on patiently day to day. . Fou wal% straight ahead and wipe out s!o%ing o!pletely so that it has no pla e in your li#e. Fou have no use #or it. Fou only #eel a need #or this when you !a%e yoursel# tired and tell yoursel# that ons iously you are on your way to death. 'he wall is no longer there. "t is a good su$stitute #or nothing. 'hat is not true. =or when your !ind is on entrating on other things& there is no roo! #or the s!o%ing to even get into it. Every day will $e a su ess. Fou will $e o!e a usto!ed to su ess. "t is not a su$stitute #or anything : not #or death or sel#:punish!ent or anything else. As you thin% o# your goals& your wor%& your play& the entire idea o# s!o%ing never appears.

Every day& in every way& you are getting $etter and $etter and $etter. And with it is gone all the poison& all the negative suggestion& all the sel#:punish!ent and degradation and all the pro$le!s. Now " want you to ta%e #ive very deep $reaths. Nothing to do with it. =eel how wonder#ul that #eels. =eel the air rea h the very distant re esses o# every single part o# your lungs.. 'hat ti!e $egins now. Now let it out. All the way in& all the way in& all the way in& #urther and #urther and #urther : the deepest $reath you have ever ta%en in your li#e& all the way down& that develops in you a desire #or deep& o!#orta$le& wonder#ul $reathing su h as a o!plished in healthy& o!#orta$le& satis#ied people li%e yoursel#. 'herePs no s!o%e there. "tPs wonder#ul to you. =our : and the wonder#ul #eeling it gives you as you $reathe in all the way in and all the way easily it is #or you to on entrate your !ind on everything you want to. S!o%ing is gone #ro! your thoughts. " want you to $reathe in the very deepest& leanest& !ost wonder#ul air into you lungs. Now "P! going to give you a short period o# silen e during whi h ea h one o# those suggestions will ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you& sealing the!selves into the deepest part o# your su$ ons ious !ind and rein#or ing the!selves over and over again. 'herePs one. Four goals& your a!$itions& your desires& your needs& your wor% and rela(ation. As you ontinue in this way& ontinue to $reathe o!#orta$ly& #eel good& on entrate your !ind on those things that need on entrating on. 'wo :: ta%e a deep $reath :: all the way in& all the way out.@ S'GP SMGL"NA """ . 'he !ore you hear these words& the !ore they will ta%e e##e t on you& #or even as you hear the! in the deepest part o# you su$ ons ious !ind& these suggestions ta%e e##e t& o!plete and thorough e##e t in every way :: sealing the!selves into the deepest part o# your su$ ons ious !ind& and $e o!ing an integral part o# ea h and every ell o# your $rain and $ody& !a%ing you !ore healthy and !ore satis#ied in every way and #eeling good all over. Again and again and again. 'hree : and as this happens& you gain a tre!endous& tre!endous desire : $reathe way out : tre!endous desire& what wonder#ul lean& #resh air. And on this last $reath that is o!ing in& you reali>e how !u h you en7oy $reathing lear& pure& #resh air without s!o%e or irritants o# any %ind. A y le #or good has $een esta$lished.. All these suggestions and any other suggestions " have given you& are now rein#or ed.

" !ight drin% or ta%e pills or overeat. =or the #irst ti!e in you li#e& you an see how ridi ulous that on ept is. "n the past& you !ay have told yoursel#& C"# " didnPt s!o%e& "Pd do so!ething else. Poison is good #or so!e things : things we want to %ill o##& li%e ver!in. 'here are nu!erous positive things you an do and positive things you an eat and drin%. A very tiny a!ount would $e enough to %ill a horse& let alone a hu!an $eing. =ortunately& ni otine is not too on entrated in igarettes& $ut it is present and you are ta%ing poison every ti!e you su % on a igarette. 'here are literally !illions o# things you an do to !aintain a wonder#ully rela(ed& pea e#ul& al!& tran)uil e(isten e without ta%ing any poison at all. FGJ DGNP' NEED ANF PG"SGN. Fou need poison li%e you need a hole in the head. Jnless you thin% o# yoursel# as ver!in& you donPt need poison. Fou donPt have to thin% a$out the! ever again. Fou an ta%e $ris% wal%s.C 'his is the lesser o# two poisons. Fou are not guilty o# anything at all. Fou an eat good #ruits and vegeta$les. And 7ust as those ideas are gone& the ridi ulous ideas you have had whole thing has 7ust wiped out. " would poison !ysel# in so!e other way. Fou an e(er ise !oderately and o!#orta$ly. Fou an rela( and en7oy yoursel#. . Fou donPt need to punish yoursel#. Now that is ridi ulous.C "n other words& you are lai!ing that Ci# " didnPt ta%e this poison& "Pd ta%e another poison. Dri#ting away #ro! you on e and #or all. Fou %now now that you are a wonder#ul& valua$le hu!an $eing& entire the opposite o# rats. Fou an see it go. =ro! now on you are going to do positive things. "t is one o# the !ost power#ul poisons on the #a e o# the earth. Fou %now that ni otine is poison. Fou are not guilty o# anything.?Now as you sin% deeper and deeper into rela(ation& #urther and #urther down& all the sounds #ade away in the distan e and you pay attention only to the sound o# !y voi e& listening are#ully to the sound o# !y voi e& #or all the suggestions that " a! going to give you ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you : !ind& $ody and spirit. Now those ideas are gone and #inished on e and #or all. How ridi ulous an you get/ Can you $elieve you have tried to put su h a ridi ulous idea over on yoursel#/ C"# " didnPt ta%e one poison& "Pd ta%e anotherC/ "tPs ridi ulous : a ridi ulous idea. And you donPt thin% o# yoursel# that way. 'hat attitude i!plied that you did : you needed so!e %ind o# poison.

Fou donPt s!o%e. Fou will $e surprised and a!a>ed to #ind out that you no longer re)uire to$a o in any #or!. Fou pay no attention to any other sound $ut the sound o# !y voi e and you sin% deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.hat you do need is rela(ation& o!#orta$le& ool rela(ation. All o# these suggestions ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you& !ind& $ody and spirit& as you go deeper and deeper and deeper. 'his is a good %ind o# stu$$ornness and you stu$$ornly re#use to s!o%e. Now sin% deeper and deeper into rela(ation. Fou deal with all your pro$le!s e##e tively whatever they are and in no ase do any o# these ause you to s!o%e.@ S'GP SMGL"NA "I ?Now as you sin% deeper and deeper rela(ed& all other sounds #ade away in the distan e. "tPs o!pletely set and #inished+ you are through with s!o%ing. Cigarettes& pills& al ohol : nothing. A period o# silen e now $egins as these suggestions ta%e deep and pro#ound e##e t. 'here is no situation that ould possi$ly arise in you li#e that ould $rea% down your stu$$orn re#usal to s!o%e. Not any !ore. Not only an you stop s!o%ing& $ut there are no ill e##e ts #ro! stopping s!o%ing. Now sleep deeper and deeper. Fou are through with poison. Fou anPt stand the!. Fou stu$$ornly re#use to s!o%e no !atter what urges& no !atter what ideas& no !atter what things !ay happen& what #eelings o!e up& what nervousness or anything else that happens to you.Fou donPt need any poisons. Fou hate igarettes. "t is all gone : dri#ted away. "# #a t& you stu$$ornly re#use to s!o%e. . Kela(ed. How re#reshing it is to $e so stu$$ornly strong. Fou literally turn you $a % on it and it dri#ts away #ro! you. Fou have !ade wonder#ul progress. Fou are surprised and a!a>ed at how well you have done. Deeper and deeper. Fou wonPt even . 'he need #or s!o%ing has disappeared. Not only have you stopped s!o%ing& $ut the urge is gone. Fou do not need any type o# poison in its pla e. Fou ouldnPt are less a$out it any !ore. Fou #eel !ore and !ore o!#orta$le in every way and you o!pletely release the desire #or to$a o in every and any #or!. 'here is no point de$ating a$out it. Nothing distur$s you. During this ti!e& you are glad to sin% deeper and deeper.

"tPs dirty. "tPs easy. No one an hange you. "t is set that you are through with igarettes. 'he air is leaner and your $ody is !ore vigorous and #ull o# li#e $e ause you have gotten rid o# all that poison. . =ull o# energy and vitality. "tPs #ilthy. Fou donPt need it and& #urther!ore& you donPt li%e it. All these suggestions seal the!selves now in the deepest part o# you su$ ons ious !ind and ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you !ind& $ody and spirit& !a%ing you #eel rela(ed& lear:headed& viva ious& vigorous& o!pletely restored in every way. Fou are #ar happier without s!o%ing. " a! going to give you a #ew !o!ents o# silen e again and during those !o!ents& these ideas are rein#or ed over and over again. Fou are through arguing.listen to the other side. "t nauseates you. 'hey asso iate s!o%ing with so!e a tivity and that triggers a !e hanis! whi h auses one to rea h #or a igarette. No !atter what people !ay i!ply& this is not an enduran e ontest #or you.hat ould $e hard a$out that/ "t !a%es you #eel $etter and en7oy li#e !ore. Fou are too stu$$orn. "tPs a si!ple !atter o# not doing so!ething you donPt want to do any way. Fou hate it& youPll never do it again. Fou re#use. 'he ti!e you used to spend poisoning yoursel# with to$a o is now !ore interesting. Nothing an ever !a%e you ta%e it $a %. Four lungs are healthier. FouPve reali>ed that you donPt li%e to s!o%e& so why would you possi$ly every onsider doing it/ Fou hate it. .@ S'GP SMGL"NA I ?Now as you sin% deeper and deeper& rela(ed& pea e#ul& all your attention is #o used on the sound o# !y voi e. 'hat period o# silen e $egins now. "tPs e(pensive. So!e people #eel that they have to s!o%e when they #irst open their eyes in the !orning or when they go to $ed at night or while wat hing 'I or in so!e other situations. Be ause thatPs the way it is& it is set that you are through with s!o%ing. Every person who has s!o%ed a igarette has onne ted s!o%ing with other a tivities. Fou are through with poison. "tPs set that you are through with to$a o in any #or!. Fou pay attention only to that sound. Fou hate it. No one an te!pt you.

All o# the sounds #ade away into the distan e.hatever spe ial situations are onne ted with igarettes in your past are now o!pletely revised. 'hose a tivities have nothing to do with s!o%ing and s!o%ing in the! is distin tly out o# pla e. And you are now rela(ed o!pletely& going deeper and deeper down& letting these suggestions ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t. And you donPt li%e it. 'here is no situation that alls #or a igarette.... Fou an not i!agine doing it. Deeper and deeper rela(ed . 'hey go $etter with a good $lood supply.. . "t !ay $e very help#ul to have the su$7e t engage in visuali>ation as well. All o# those old onne tions are $ro%en and new onne tions are !ade. Fou listen only to the sound o# !y voi e . S!o%ing to you is not only undesira$le& itPs stupid. "tPs a terri$le idea. Iisuali>e yoursel# eating a wonder#ul dinner& then %illing the whole taste with a igarette. and sin% #urther and #urther down. =ro! this !o!ent on& there is no a tivity in you li#e that goes with s!o%ing. And it is going to $e very easy #or you.e destroy every last one o# the! K"AH' NG..hen you are wor%ing& igarettes get in your way and ta%e ti!e and on entration #ro! your wor%. "n #a t& all a tivities& whether itPs wal%ing& sleeping& wor% or play : all go $etter without s!o%ing. ?" desire to . Now you go deeper and deeper. . Ea h and every suggestion that " have given you is rein#or ed ten ti!es over during the period o# silen e whi h now $egins.. deeper and deeper rela(ed .hen you are rela(ing& they %eep you #ro! rela(ing. 'he idea o# s!o%ing while doing that is revolting to you... 'he one thing you donPt want with those a tivities is a igarette. Everything goes $etter without igarettes. Deeper& and deeper& and deeper. Nothing ould $e worse than that. listening to the sound o# !y voi e and going way& way down.e are $rea%ing all o# those !e hanis!s now. =ro! this !o!ent on& whatever those a tivities were& s!o%ing will suddenly see! outrageously out o# pla e in onne tion with the! : parti ularly with those a tivities. Kela(ed.. deeper and deeper rela(ed .E"AH' KEDJC'"GN 'his s ript !ay $e re orded #or a su$7e ts use at night. .. .@ . 'hey go $etter with lungs #ull o# #resh air.

" en7oy a single sli e o# dar%& oarse $read. " en7oy eating green& lea#y vegeta$les. " disli%e the #at in !eat& " have no desire #or $utter or rea!. Be ause " want to $e o!e !ore slender&!y appetite is now easily satis#ied with a !u h s!aller )uantity o# #ood that " have $e o!e a usto!ed to eating& " %now that !y $ody needs protein #or strength& so " en7oy eating a s!all )uantity o# lean !eat. " want to $e o!e !ore slender. " a! dissatis#ied with !y weight as it now stands. My $ody has no need #or these #oods right now. My $ody has no need #or additional #at. My $ody already has in storage an a$undan e o# #at. " en7oy eating all the $ody $uilding #oods whi h give !e strength and a proper $alan e o# !inerals and vita!ins. As this #at is used& " #eel the way " want to #eelU strong& energeti and vigorous. " do not li%e potatoes or white $read. My $ody is now ready to use this #at that " have stored up. " disli%e i e rea!& " disli%e andy and pie& " have no desire #or a%e.$e o!e strong and slender. Be ause !y $ody has no need #or #at now& " have no appetite #or #ats& sweets and star hes. My tastes orrespond to the real . My disli%e #or these #oods is $e o!ing so great that soon it is i!possi$le #or !e to eat the!.

needs o# !y $ody. " ta%e s!all $ites& " relish ea h $ite as " hew it. " en7oy all o# these so !u h& that a very s!all )uantity o# the! !a%es !e #eel as though "Pve eaten a 'han%sgiving dinner. " en7oy the taste o# the lea#y vegeta$les. " a! now #inding a new pleasure in eating the #oods that !y $ody needs. " wish to weigh BDesired ending weightD $e ause at that weight " will " a! going to onsu!e the e( ess #at #ro! !y $ody at a rate o# BSpe i#i l$. ountD alories. " a! now ta%ing ti!e to a tually taste the #lavor o# the #oods that " eat." en7oy the taste o# green vegeta$les. " en7oy the taste o# #resh #ruits. " now weigh BSpe i#y urrent weightD pounds. " a! o!pletely satis#ied with the )uantity o# #ood that ontains a$out Bspe i#i #eel very !u h $etter and $e !u h !ore attra tive. " en7oy the taste o# heese. V David Shuttleworth 566- =ood su$stan es that are not needed are a tually unpleasant to !e. " eat slowly. " a! redis overing the su$tle and en7oya$le di##eren es $etween #oods. " en7oy the taste o# the lean !eat& and a very s!all )uantity !a%es !e #eel #ull and satis#ied. value 5 : <D pounds per wee%. " en7oy the taste o# s%i! !il% whi h $rings so !any valua$le !inerals. "n ten wee%s " a! going to .

"n !y daily a tivities " a! onsu!ing the reserves o# #at that have $een stored in !y $ody.weigh B36 wee%s ti!es (l$. Soon !y #igure will $e !ore suited to !y height and !y $one stru ture. " a! now eating the #oods that !y $ody needs. My sto!a h is $e o!ing #latter as the #at is onsu!ed. value 5 : <D pounds o# #atty tissueU " do this $e ause " want to $e !ore attra tive. My hips are $e o!ing s!aller as the #at is onsu!ed. "n ten wee%s " a! going to weigh BStarting weight : 36 wee% lossD pounds. Already " a! #eeling stronger and !ore healthy. " do this $e ause " want to #eel stronger and !ore vigorous. " a! eating only the #ood that !y $ody needs. " do this $e ause " want to $e well. " do this $e ause " want to $e healthy. Ea h wee% " onsu!e BSpe i#i l$. per wee%D pounds less. 'his #at is $eing onsu!ed #ro! !y entire $ody& $ut it is o!ing espe ially #ro! !y a$do!en and !y hips.E"AH' KEDJC'"GN " . Already& " a! loo%ing !u h !ore attra tive. My sto!a h is $e o!ing #latter. Gn e the weight loss has started& the #ollowing suggestions an $e added to the s ript. " desire to $e strong& vigorous and healthy. My hips are $e o!ing s!aller. 'hat desire is so great that it easily and un ons iously ontrols !y appetiteU and " auto!ati ally eat only the #oods that !y $ody needs in the )uantities that !y $ody re)uires.@ . " a! eating only 3666 alories a day& and " a! en7oying every single $yte that " ta%e.

Fou have hosen hypnosis as a positive !eans to attain this goal& $e ause hypnosis is a great aid in per!anently hanging your e!otional rea tions to #ood and eating. Fou have $egun the #irst positive approa h #or o$taining a healthy& attra tive $ody whi h you desire. Na!ely& the signal that says& CEat. "P! hungry. Sli! people have appetites. =ro! now on& you will prove to your own satis#a tion that eating all you physiologi ally need will entirely satis#y youU 7ust li%e drin%ing all the water you need. 'hese suggestions are going to ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon the deepest part o# your su$ ons ious !ind& sealing the!selves in the deepest part o# your su$ ons ious !ind& so they will re!ain there #orever& and $e o!e a per!anent part o# every ell o# your $rain and $ody. 'hey pay attention to the!. Fou reali>e that hypnosis is a new positive approa h :: a new positive approa h to o$tain what you desire. Fou listen to all o# what your #riendPs advi e is. =or the #irst ti!e in your li#e you will really initiate a good positive approa h toward #ood and eating. . Fou will !a%e use o# a $rand new !ethod that you have never used $e#ore. "n the past& youPve $een paying attention only to hal# the signal #ro! your appetite.C But now you are !a%ing a #riend o# your appetite. Fou are going to $e surprised and a!a>ed 7ust how e##e tive these suggestions are going to $e and how !u h they will $e o!e a part o# your everyday li#e& giving you a $rand new pattern& $rand new thoughts& a $rand new !ethod o# a tion& to !a%e you an e##e tive and su ess#ul person. "nstead o# trying to %ill your appetite& treating it as an ene!y& you are going to wor% within the #ra!ewor% o# your in$orn nor!al re#le(es& !a%ing a #riend o# your appetite& paying attention to itU #or this is a good thing. " a! going to give you so!e suggestions that will !a%e this a per!anent hange in your living.hen it says C"P! hungry&C you eat.?Fou have $egun a positive approa h to o$tain the sli!& healthy& attra tive $ody whi h you desire. As you initiate this good& positive attitude toward #ood& en7oy #ood& li%e #ood& eat #ood. Attra tive people have appetites. Hypnosis !a%es a #riend o# your appetite& rather than an ene!y. Fou will reate a per!anent positive hange in your eating ha$its. . 'hey pay attention to the!.hen the hunger #eeling #irst disappears& and your appetite says& C"P! satis#ied&C .

FouPve $een eating to satis#y psy hologi al& e!otional ravings. 'une in on your $ody sensations.C Fou havenPt paid attention to it either. Gn the ontrary& it needs rein#or ing. Fou should never want to #eel #ull again. Sli!& attra tive people say& C" eat all " want and " donPt gain an oun e. Starvation& in turn& de!ands de#ense. "t $rings out the instin t o# sel#:survival. Gtherwise& you $ring into play an old instin t #or sel#:preservation. "P! satis#ied. Fou soon will $e saying the very sa!e thing. Hypnosis helps you !a%e a #riend o# your appetite. "tPs i!portant that you should eat all you physiologi ally need to repla e your energy stores #or i!!ediate use and to store your $odyPs sugar. Fou havenPt paid attention to your appetite when it says C"P! done. Jnder hypnosis& you an rein#or e the nor!al #eed$a % !e hanis!s& the he %s and $alan es that tell you when you need #ood and when your appetite is satis#ied. Fou !ust i!!ediately $an any and all plans that you have #or dieting. "t is i!portant that you develop the ha$it nowU that youPre always going to eat all that you need. However strong this hypnosis !ay $e& it annot over o!e $asi instin ts #or survival. Sli! people do well. 'his in turn suggests starvation. Four appetite doesnPt need %illing o##. 'his an spoil all o# the positive results that you wish to gain #ro! hypnosis.C But youPve $een eating when youPve not $een hungry. FouPve $een eating out o# ha$it when your $ody had no physiologi al need #or #ood. Fou stop long $e#ore youPre #ull& $e ause on e you have this #ull sensation& it !eans that you have grossly overeaten. Stop eating.C Iisuali>e yoursel# as this sli!& attra tive personU the sli!& healthy& attra tive person that you soon will $e. Fou will do so. "# you eat too !u h against the advi e o# your new #riend& youPll violate your nor!al re#le(es. "t is always proper to eat when your appetite says& C"P! hungry. 'his instin t is responsi$le #or !aintaining your e( ess weight. As you $egin to tal% and a t li%e a sli!& healthy& . Fou see you havenPt really $een paying attention to your appetite at all $e ause your eating has $een driven $y e!otions rather than stop. Surprisingly& your great on ern a$out $eing overweight leads to sporadi dieting. Pay attention to the advi e o# your new #riend. Sli! people eat all they want. A !ost strong instin t is sel#:preservation.

"LL SAF CNGC AND S'"CL BF "'& BECAJSE 'HE KE.E"AH' KEDJC'"GN "" . 'he e( ess #at will $e $urned away in due ti!e. 'he old urge to diet is now o!pletely re!oved #ro! your !ind #or now you reali>e that the real answer is in restoring nor!al re#le(es. Fou will #eel wonder#ul in every way.attra tive person& you will soon $e o!e one.KGNA =GK FGJ& FGJ . Gverweight is pri!arily not a dietary pro$le!& $ut an e!otional pro$le!. AKE . 'his is true even though you !ay lose very slowly at #irst. Fou are going to $e sli!& healthy& and attra tive. EACH '"ME FGJ AKE 'EMP'ED 'G EA' GK DK"NL ANF'H"NA 'HA' FGJ LNG. Fou will #or! a ha$it pattern to eat all you need when your $ody needs it. "S .AKDS G= BECGM"NA SL"MMEK AKE MGKE "MPGK'AN' 'G FGJ 'HAN EA'"NA 'HE . So you are through with dietingU through with dieting #orever.AKDS G= BE"NA SLENDEK& MGKE DES"KABLE& SES"EK& AKE MGKE "MPGK'AN' 'G FGJ 'HAN EA'"NA =GGDS 'HA' FGJ LNG. Hypnosis is a positive wordU it !a%es you rela(& o!#orta$le and alive. Hypnosis $rings a$out satis#a tion whi h leads to rela(ation and $rings a$out a sli!& healthy& attra tive $ody& a rela(ed !ind and a satiated spirit. Diets #ailU hypnosis su eeds. Dieting !a%es you thin% o# growing hungry and giving up #ood& whi h in turn starts the an(iety a$out starvation whi h $rings #orth the instin t o# sel#:preservation.@ . Fou !ust resolve right now to give up dieting #orever. 'HE KE. 'he word diet and dieting will $e re!oved #ro! your !ind and all the plans you !ay have had #or dieting will $e re!oved #ro! your !ind thoroughly. Fou will on entrate on it& o$eying every suggestion " give you& #or hypnosis is a positive approa h. Paying attention to your appetite& trusting your own re#le(es& rein#or ing the sensation& re#le(es and #eed:$a % patterns.KGNA =GK FGJ. Hypnoti suggestions whi h you re eive will rapidly $ring a$out a hange whi h is ne essary to insure a per!anently sli!& healthy& attra tive $ody& whi h you so desire. 'he word diet is a negative wordU it threatens you with denial o# #ood and death.KGNA =GGDS. Diet $rings a$out starvation whi h leads to overeating and o$esity. 'hrough hypnosis you will restore nor!al re#le(es that will %eep you satis#ied and $ring into play that wonder#ul #eeling o# well:$eing.

Later& when you are lean& you will eat only that a!ount that you need #or your physiologi al needs ea h day. 'his progra! is designed so that you will per!anently lose all your #at& and $e o!e a lean& alert and vigorous person. Fou will $e a new person& in a new lean #or!& with new eating ha$its. =at $y its very nature ontains an e(tre!ely $ig a!ount o# stored energy. Not only will you have these new eating ha$its& $ut you will $e ontent and happy with yoursel# and with these new heating ha$its. Fou will pay attention only to the sound o# !y voi e& listening are#ully to the suggestions that " a! a$out to give you.hen your .e are not giving you a !easured diet& #or that a!ount will vary #ro! day to day and depend greatly on your a tivities. "n the past& you were eating !ore than your $ody needed #or its energy re)uire!ents& so that you stored this e(tra energy as inert #at.?As you go deeper and deeper into rela(ation& even deeper and deeper down with every $reath you e(hale& all the sounds #ade away in the distan e. Fou will lose all your e(tra weight and %eep it o##& easily and o!#orta$ly. 'his restri tion will ause you no trou$le or in onvenien e #or the #at stores o# inert #at will $e $urned and you will lose weight. A loss o# one to #our pounds a wee% is ideal. Gne thing is very i!portant #or you+ you are not only going to lose weight& $ut are per!anently going to %eep it o##. Nature designed the #at stores to last a long ti!e so the weight loss !ust $e gradual& $ut it needs to $e onsistent. . Now in order to lose weight and redu e this inert #at& you $urn it up as you !eet your daily re)uire!ents #or energy. Fou will eat less& and you will $urn the e(tra #at. 'hat !eans that you are going to $e o!pletely re onditioned. =ro! now on& you are going to #or! an eating patternU a pattern that will $e al!ost a o!pulsion. Fou will turn this inert #at into energy. Fou eat less than you $urn ea h day. "t !atters not how long it ta%es to regain lean proportions& #or you will surely get there and per!anently stay there& as long as you per!anently rearrange your thoughts a$out eating and your e!otions a$out #ood. Fou will eat less than you need #or the storage will !a%e up the di##eren e. But #or right now& you are developing ha$its to eat less than youPre using. Fou are going to en7oy li#e& eating the way nature intended& eating only when you have physiologi al needs #or #ood and no other ti!eU not only now& $ut #or the rest o# your li#e. Fou are going to eat a great deal less than you used to eat in the past& $ut it will $e enough to satis#y you. . So& i# you $urn a little o# it ea h day& you will lose only a little weight ea h day. 'he i!portant thing is that you have hanged your ha$its #orever.

'here is in your entral $rain a s!all area whi h regulates the $io he!istry o# your $ody and it ontrols the a!ount o# #at you store in your $ody. =or you to store #at is 7ust as unne essary as #or you to learn to shoe horses or !a%e soap #or the #a!ily. =ro! now on you will eat only the very things your $ody needs& one day at a ti!e. =at ruins and shortens your li#e. Aet rid o# it through the $owels.e( ess weight is o##& it is o## #or good. 'here is plenty o# #ood. Fou will never have to worry a$out starving. . Kela( and let all o# these suggestions sin% into the deepest part o# your !indPs eye as an i!age. . Now while under the in#luen e o# hypnosis& " a! giving you the suggestion that you will hange your $odyPs he!istry so that you an $rea% up these large storage houses o# #at and prevent the re urren e o# any new and unneeded storages o# #at& ugly #at. Fou never again need to store #ood in your $ody that is !ore than you $ody needs. =at that has $een putting an e(tra $urden and overload on the $odyPs !a hinery. 'he #at is $eing $urned up and e( reted. =or you& there will always $e enough #ood. E!erge as a new person with thoroughly hanged ideas& thoroughly hanged i!age o# yoursel#. =at $urdens your heart and organ syste!. Four su$ ons ious !ind& through the hypothala!us& ontrols your weight $y hanging the $odyPs he!istry.ith all this #ood readily availa$le& you will never need to store any !ore #ood inside your $ody. "t !o$ili>es )uite readily and you an see the #at !elting away as you use it and e( rete it. 'his i!age is o# good and wonder#ul #ood. Also& get rid o# it $y e( reting it. Change #at to energy and $urn it up. Brea% up and eli!inate #orever the unneeded #at stores. Be happy with your new #or!. =at %eeps you unhealthy. 'here is plenty o# it all around you. 'his ontrol is lo ated in the hypothala!i area o# the $rain. 'here always will $e plenty o# it. FouPre a new person& a$out to e!erge #ro! a o oon padded with #at. =ood you li%e. Fou are through with storing pads and rolls o# #at. 'here is plenty o# #ood all around you. Hypnosis an in#luen e your su$ ons ious !ind to alter the ontrol o# $oth your appetite and storage o# #ood in the #or! o# #at. =or you there is plenty o# #ood everywhere. 'he glo$ules o# #at storage are leaving the nor!al ells and $eing arried away. Aet rid o# it in every way possi$le. 'here is plenty o# the right %inds o# #ood& all the %inds and varieties that your $ody needs when it needs it. Aet rid o# it through the urine.

'HE ESCESS . Fou donPt want this #at to ever $e repla ed. =ro! this !o!ent on& you are going to eat less& $ut !ove !ore and !ore lively and $e !ore and !ore a tive& #or you #eel $etter than you have ever #elt $e#ore. Fou eat nothing to repla e these stores.E"AH' S'EAD"LF EIEKF DAF . No longer will you need to eat !ore #ood #or this storage. A#ter you hange your he!istry& you have hanged your whole $ody and your whole #eeling to that o# a wonder#ul sense o# well:$eing.AF FGJ AKE AG"NA 'G BE SGGN :SL"M AND SHAPELF AND SESF . Fou need to get rid o# the!& 7ust as an overloaded ship needs to get rid o# e( ess argo. FGJ AKE LGS"NA . FGJ P"C'JKE FGJKSEL= 'HE .E"AH' "S MEL'"NA G== FGJ& MJS' MEL'"NA A. 'his is e(tra energy to !a%e you !ore vigorous. FGJ AKE SL"M AND SHAPELF . 'hen you will eat sensi$ly and orre tly the rest o# your li#e. Let the !onitor o# your su$ ons ious !ind in#luen e the hypothala!us to !a%e this #avora$le $ody hange. FGJ HAIE A S'KGNAEK =EEL"NA EIEKF DAF 'HA' FGJ AKE "N CGMPLE'E CGN'KGL G= FGJK EA'"NA HAB"'S.AF AND D"SAPPEAK"NA. Fou will only eat s!all a!ounts until you have used all o# this stored energy and all those ugly store houses o# #at are gone.Fou will now use this stored #at to supply energy. Eli!inate all that e(tra har!#ul #atty tissue. As you are eli!inating the e( ess& you will eat #ar less than you need ea h day #or the e(tra alories are o!ing #ro! the #ood you ate yesterday and last year. Fou lose the desire #or all $ut a s!all a!ount o# #ood until your weight has o!e down to a lean si>e you want. Let your appetite ontrol enter $e sa#ely redu ed so that e( ess storage o# #at will $e utili>ed $y e( retion and $urning o# stored energy. 'hese stores are gone #orever. 'hey were $urdenso!e and in7urious to you.@ . Now rela( and let all these suggestions ta%e o!plete and thorough e##e t upon you :: !ind& $ody& and spirit :: as your su$ ons ious !ind orre ts your hypothala!us to hange your $odyPs he!istry. Fou will eat sensi$ly& get plenty o# e(er ise& drin% ade)uate li)uids to always !a%e you #eel healthy& lean& tri! and desira$le. Nothing and no one an #or e you to eat so !u h that you repla e this ugly #at. =or you will never need to store #at again.E"AH' KEDJC'"GN """ .

"t is possi$le $e ause your su$ ons ious !ind al ulates ti!e and distan e di##erently #ro! the su$ ons ious !ind. Although it is li%ely that you have done it so!eti!e in the past. "t is a sa#e pro edure. Fou an $e in the present& $ut i# so!ething provo%es or e( ites you& in a #ra tion o# a se ond you an revert to hildish or in#antile $ehavior and relive an in ident with all the sound& #ury and e!otion you had the #irst ti!e you e(perien ed it. "t is )uite possi$le #or you to see yoursel# pro eeding through all the stages o# growing to the present ti!e& and even pro7e ting your view o# yoursel# into the #uture. 'e!porarily& i# you separate yoursel# in ti!e as well as in physi al distan e& you an see yoursel# not only as you are at the !o!ent& $ut as you were yesterday or even #ar $a % in hildhood. . So today& " a! suggesting that we do so!ething entirely di##erent #ro! what we usually do. "n other words& in a #ra tion o# a se ond you an span the years and relive an in ident as vividly as you did the #irst ti!e. Four de#enses and rea tions respond instead to the si!ilar stresses o# last year or #ive years ago. "n the ons ious !ind& everything is very on rete.?Although so!eti!es we are )uite #ear#ul o# hange or so!ething new& we are well aware there is no han e #or i!prove!ent unless there is hange. Even though you !ay not $e a$le to #ill in the na!es o# other people or the pre ise lo ation& you an predi t the %ind o# situation you will pla e yoursel# into $e ause o# the attitudes . Predi ting the #uture is possi$le $e ause the attitudes you hold a$out yoursel# deter!ine your $ehavior& the #riends you hoose and situations you reate. 'he !inutes progress in orderly #ashion to #or! hours and days& wee%s and years. See yoursel# as you !ight $e $ehaving a year or #ive years #ro! now. So!ething that !ay $e )uite new to you. "# we have had di##i ulty in so!e area& we !ust hange the old patterns. "n e(a tly the sa!e way& it is possi$le #or you to see so!e o# the #uture. 'oday " a! proposing that you let yoursel# see yoursel# in perspe tive. See yoursel# as others !ight see you or as you !ight $e seen in history.hen you are away #ro! yoursel#& even #or a #ew !o!ents& you $egin to see yoursel# in an entirely di##erent light. "n other words& in the su$ ons ious !ind& your #ra!e o# re#eren e is entirely di##erent. Fou are apa$le o# doing this. 'he su$ ons ious !ind wor%s very di##erently. Fou live in the present& $ut i# you are suddenly& greatly stressed& you all #orth e(perien es #ro! the past.

Fou line the! up so that you see yoursel# in these !irrors at all ages #ro! in#an y to the present ti!e. =ro! this vantage point& you an see yoursel# in prospe tive #ro! $irth to present. Pro7e tion e(perien e is o!!on to everyone who drea!s& #or drea!s hange all the usual li!itations o# ti!e and spa e. "t is very sa#e to pro7e t yoursel# in spirit out and $eyond your nor!al physi al li!itations so you an loo% $a % at yoursel# and understand e(a tly where you are. Another way to get a pro7e tion o# yoursel# is to loo% into a !irror that shows your re#le tion in another !irror. 'his pro7e tion is entirely at your under your ontrol. Four attitude and de#enses re!ain al!ost un hangea$le and they intera t with the environ!ent in very !u h the sa!e way throughout you li#e. Fou have now outgrown the! 7ust as you have outgrown the need #or nursing $ottles and diapers. 'i!e and pla e in the su$ ons ious !ind is only relative. Fou will $e o!e a utely aware o# the progra! you had to adopt to %eep your physi al $ody alive in a world that is so threatening. Fou will $e a$le to understand the #a!ilyPs intera tions with you as you have never $e#ore $een a$le to understand. Now to this pi ture& you add photographs o# yoursel# in the sa!e pose& $ut ea h at a di##erent age o# your li#e. Fou have had the e(perien e o# loo%ing in a three:way !irror in a lothing store and seeing yoursel# in pro#ile and $a % view and getting an entirely di##erent perspe tive o# yoursel#. Depending on the angle o# the !irrors& you an see yoursel# pro7e ted either into the past or into the #uture. Fou will #ind it )uite easy to separate !u h o# your spirit and intelle t #ro! your $ody so that you an !o!entarily $e #ree #ro! your $ody li! hold a$out yoursel#. Now pi ture yoursel# intelle tually outside your own $ody with a lear . A good e(a!ple is awa%ening a$ruptly #ro! a very sound sleep and $eing !o!entarily on#used a$out where you are. 'hen& $y hanging the angle slightly& you an see one !irror re#le ting in another in a whole row o# !irrors& al!ost on to eternity. Fou an )uite easily pro7e t yoursel# te!porarily outside o# your $ody as i# you were a third person and loo% $a % at yoursel# and your surroundings #reed o# the usual physi al li!itations. Best o# all& #ro! this deta hed& sa#e& vantage point& you an plainly see the de#enses that you needed when you were very s!all.

Pi ture yoursel# en7oying #ood i!!ensely $ut only in )uantities you need to #ul#ill nor!al physiologi al re)uire!ents. Espe ially note are#ully how your need to see% approval #ro! everyone else is disappearing very )ui %ly and progressively. Espe ially see yoursel# rein#or ing the nor!al eating patterns& to eat only when you are hungry& to see that your appetite is easily satis#ied. Again and again you are a epting the suggestion that you eat only when you truly need #ood and that you are satis#ied with $asi nutrition. See yoursel# over o!ing the te!ptation to eat any e(tra #ood.@ . As you o$serve yoursel# it $e o!es easier and easier to pass up unneeded #ood and drin%.view o# your whole li#e in perspe tive. Fou let yoursel# hange wherever you see the need #or growth and !aturity so all your rea tions !ay o!e up to your e(pe tations as you relin)uish your hang:ups. "n this position& youPre now a$le to in#luen e your own destiny $y re:progra!!ing and upgrading your attitude and de#enses. More and !ore you are approving o# what you do. See yoursel# $eing in reasingly happy with your eating pattern and showing approval o# what you do. Fou have in your possession all o# the wisdo!& all the learning and all the understanding that you have ever gained. "ts e##e tiveness in reases as you let part o# yoursel# $e pro7e ted $eyond your usual $ody li!itations so that you an give yoursel# suggestions !u h !ore e##e tively as i# you were a third person. Hear yoursel# en ouraging your whole $eing to a ept yoursel# and approve o# what you do. See yoursel# also using sel#:hypnosis as a very power#ul and sa#e #or e #or you.