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(Page number and topic) 2- Benefits of Anger Management 3- How to change your image 4- Tips on improving memory 5- How to make a powerful first impression - !elf confi"ence improvement tips 7- #$ercises for Boosting Confidence %- How to "evelop !elf "iscipline &- Tips to remem'er name an" faces easily

Tips To Build & Use Power Of Positive Thinking ow to organi!e "our time #h" reading is important ow to improve listening skills ow to break bad habits $% ow to be more assertive in communication

ing anger 'etter will make the person concerne" more capa'le of lea"ing a life that is relatively free of ugly scenes or out'ursts of anger) .ing one.s 'elief) Being a'le to control anger will "efinitely help avoi" silly "isputes) Closer &nd 'ore ealth" .ing the anger 'etter so that you "o not lose control when you lose temper) This woul" in turn* help you analyse situations 'etter an" make you capa'le of taking stock of situations) Better Communication Anger is cause" 'y misun"erstan"ings* which are* in turn* cause" 'y faulty communication 'etween the two parties involve") A lot of anger an" the stress that it causes can 'e avoi"e" 'y opening up communication lines an" making oneself availa'le to "ialogue) -ontrolling an" channeli.s anger in a constructive an" non stressful way will not only open up lines of communication further 'ut will turn you into someone who is approacha'le an" easy to talk to) )mpath" Training in anger management is e$tremely 'eneficial for "eveloping empathy for the other party* which helps one party un"erstan" the other 'etter* which woul" "ecrease chances of further conflicts an" "isputes) Many a times* anger 'uil"s up 'ecause the party involve" refuses to see the situation from the other person.Benefits Of &nger 'anagement The pro'lem is more rampant than we all imagine ( an alarming num'er of men an" women fin" it e$tremely har" to "eal with their anger an" en" up 'lowing situations out of proportions) Here are some ways in which anger control can prove to 'e a"vantageous for us) (udgment &nger makes us incapa'le of 'eing a'le to take stock of the situation well* impairing our 'etter +u"gment* an" making us prone to making mistakes in soun" reasoning) #$ercises in anger management are often aime" at channeli.elationships Many people who have serious anger relate" issues* stay away from their love" ones when they realise that they are hurting people with their anger) !ince the people we love are closest to us* they are often the first victims when we lose control) -ontrolling anger an" channeli.s point of view) /hen you 'egin to "evelop empathy for the other person an" try to see life from their perspective* there will 'e no room for conflict ) *ewer +isputes 0isputes are conflicts that go out of control an" conflicts are "ifferences of opinion* which are e$presse" rather aggressively) 1t is important for us to see where it 'egins an" 'e a'le to nip a possi'le "ispute in the 'u") This can only 'e "one when one is a'le to treat "ifferences in opinion as +ust opinions rather than personal attacks on someone.

t "o +ustice to the rest of your personality* step out an" look for clothes you feel comforta'le in an" that will 'oost your self esteem) How you look on the outsi"e will almost always mirror the reactions towar"s you) -hoose clothes that flatter your 'o"y type* make sure the eyes of the person in front of you sweep up to your face an" stay there) After you have followe" all the a'ove steps* make sure you walk with confi"ence* an" remem'er what you are trying to change a'out yourself) There is no point in changing your hairstyle an" your war"ro'e if you still maintain your ol" image in your min") 3nce you have change" certain characteristics of your ol" self* 'e it your make-up* hair"o* war"ro'e or something as comple$ as the pattern of your conversation* always keep in min" that you are a more attractive an" sophisticate" person than you previously were) Tips On .mproving #orking 'emor" .ow To Change -our .re talking a'out an image makeover) 1f the change is su""en an" "rastic* you will come across as someone who is trying too har" to change the way they are* which nee" not always work in your favor) 4ook for traits that you woul" like to change in yourself an" remin" yourself occasionally to change that particular character flaw) 4ook for traits in people you a"mire* an" try to emulate these characteristics into your personality) 1t is recommen"e" that 'efore emulating 'e a'solutely certain that the particular trait is a "esira'le one) The way you look on the outsi"e can influence the way you feel on the insi"e) !ometimes a simple hair"o or a change in war"ro'e can make you more confi"ent* an" might even change attitu"es that others have towar"s you) 4ook for those particular traits that you are particularly "issatisfie" with an" opt for a change) 2ou never know what won"ers it might "o for your social life) 1f you feel that* your clothes "on.ero in on the traits that make you feel uncomforta'le on the insi"e or the outsi"e) 2ou also nee" to figure out how you woul" like to feel on the insi"e 'efore you start thinking a'out changes you coul" make on the outsi"e) 2ou nee" to look for people with strong traits an" whether any of those traits appeal to you) 3pting for a softer or a tougher outlook on life* to 'e a more compelling personality or to 'e less imposing are all e$amples of what you coul" want to change in yourself) An image makeover "oes not work overnight unless you are only thinking of a fa'ulous hair"o when you.mage • • • • • • • • 2ou nee" to have an image of you in your hea" an" .

• • • • • • • • #ating right to think straight5 !urprise"5 Here.t very goo" news for your memory) #ven minor stress can impair your cognitive skills an" cause 'rain 'lock) 1f you wish to remem'er more things at work* +ust "ump the stress an" rela$) 1t will help you sort out your work an" life in a 'etter way) Most often we ten" to skip things not 'ecause of frail memory* 'ut "ue to poor attention* which e$plains why we ten" to forget name* +ust after we have met someone) A "eli'erate attempt to remem'er things* however* can put you in a 'etter position) 4isten carefully an" try to retain the information in min") This might help you to remem'er things 'etter) Brain filters information ran"omly* which e$plains why we fail to recall a certain item while on a grocery shopping) How often you have lan"e" up in a grocery shop an" gone 'lank won"ering at the list of items you wishe" to 'uy7 This is a common symptom that plagues many) However with a little care* you can fight away the memory 'lues) 1f you can +ust manage to cue the things* chances are that you might very well recall what those things were) A little 'it of 'rain e$ercise can go a long way to save your memory from passing out) 6ust try this simple mental e$ercise an" e$perience the "ifference) The trick is to calm "own completely while reclining on a couch an" start your e$ercise 'y paying attention to yourself) Try to recall 'ack all the activities of the "ay an" remem'er as many things* events* names* faces as possi'le) 8eep repeating this e$ercise) 0oing so will make your min" more agile) Another interesting way to improve your memory is to enhance your senses) This is a simple task that is likely to leave you with great memory) All you have to "o is sensiti.e your senses 'y "oing simple activities like eating* washing or even "ressing up with eyes close") This will heighten the sensitivity of your senses an" 'oost retention) A 'risk walk can leave your 'rain with more than one reason to thank for5 /alking is known to 'oost 'loo" flow to the 'rain) More 'loo" woul" mean more o$ygen an" more energy in your 'rain) This simple aero'ic workout can help your 'rain get ri" of the clutter an" think an" retain more clearly) ow To 'ake Powerful *irst .s is how it works) 6ust like a car* that fee"s on fuel to run* your 'rain too nee"s fuel to think an" process) Thus* it is important to keep your 'rain 'ooste" with wholesome "iet that is rich in omega-3 fats an" antio$i"ants) !o* generously gorge on 'erries* spinach* an" 'roccoli for a shot of e$tra memory) Also* it is important to eat more often to keep the 'rain from starving out of energy) 3f all the things that can possi'ly 'oost your retention* music certainly ranks high) #$perts have foun" that music* especially classical music* preps up 'rainpower an" enhances retention a'ilities) !o* ne$t time you fail to remem'er where you left your keys* tune in to your 'eat 'o$) 1t is foun" that higher levels of stress can free.e your 'rain an" cause your min" to go 'lank* which isn.mpression .

• • • • • • There comes a time when our "estiny ri"es high on the impression we make an" little else succee"s in making that power-packe" 9uick impression like a :..-watt smile) <othing makes a more sure-foote" statement than a warm* unfeigne"* cor"ial smile that arrests all interest an" gives one an e"ge over any situation) /hat=s more* it helps to 'reak the ice* set all "ifferences straight* creates an aura of ease an" comfort an" puts one in a win-win situation) !o* the ne$t time you hea" for a 9uick appointment or an interview* +ust remem'er to wear that smile on) As it is rightly sai"* you never get a secon" chance to make a first impression* thus* you cannot affor" to look away when the opportunity strikes) #ye-contact is one of the few things that e$ten" an in"eli'le impression) An eye-to-eye interaction not only testifies one.s charm an" opens channels of communication) A strong stare or looking away when interacting with the other person can leave one in a sticky situation) /ear colors compati'le with your 'asic coloring) Human 'eings are one of two colorations> warm or cool) ?eople with warm coloring look 'est in yellow-'ase" colors like gol"* warm re"s* gol"en 'rowns an" rich ivory) ?eople with cool coloring look 'est in 'lue-'ase" colors like 'lues* greens an" winter white) 2our eye* hair an" skin tone woul" help you "etermine whether you are cool or warm* which woul" further assist you in "etermining what colors look 'est on you5 /hen looking to make that first 'ig impression* it..s confi"ence an" relia'ility* 'ut also a""s to one.s only wise that you put your 'est foot forwar" an" get your outfit right) 0ress to impress is the new age a"age to that fa'ulous first impression) /hile evolving fashion has left us with plenty of options to "a''le with* it is important to un"erplay your fashion sense at time an" 'e sensi'le with what you wear for an interview* a 'usiness meeting or +ust a casual "ate) The right colors can 'e flattering to your persona an" can make a killer impression) 0ress mo"estly* an" yes strictly avoi" +a"e" +eans* hot pants* wrinkle" shirt an" worn-out fa'rics at all costs) A punch line can make or mar your impression) Thus* it is important to choose your wor"s correctly) A warm pleasantry may not 'e pleasant if "one in the wrong way) Also* steer clear of min"less 'a''lings* slangs or too much of a collo9uial verve* to avoi" leaving a wrong impression) ?itch your tone properly* enunciate rightly an" speak fluently an" clearly to make a "eep-seate" impression) An" yes* 'e polite at all costs5 1t.s easy to 'e a goo" speaker* 'ut it takes some skills to 'e a listener) ?aying hee" to others can put you up in the la""er an" create a goo" name) @emem'er to no" or chime your hea" in agreement* a gesture that is likely to 'e appreciate" 'y the speaker) Also* remem'er to ask 9uestions to reveal signs of authentic interest) However* make sure you never interrupt the person* when heAshe is speaking) /elf Confidence improvement tips .

or D1 am confi"ent in han"ling whatever comes up to"ay.• • • • • • • • • • • • !elf confi"ence gets affecte" when you think too much a'out your past failures an" negative events) 1nstea"* remin" yourself of the past occasions that you have face" successfully an" han"le" well) Think of the positive things that you have "one right 'e it 'ig or small) At the en" of each "ay* write "own any e$perience in which you have receive" positive responses an" compliments) 1f your 'oss appreciates you for your work* +ot it "own on paperB if your mother tells you that you are the 'est chil" write it "own in your "iary) -hallenge yourself an" take risks) Cace the situation that you have 'een avoi"ing for a long time) ?en "own o'servations a'out your a"vancement) Cor instance* if you were contemplating a +o' change for a long time an" not "oing it for fear of interviews* make an effort to sche"ule one interview) Me"itate for at least :.) Eain knowle"ge an" e$perience 'y rea"ing current happenings* 'ooks* maga. or D1 "eserve to 'e happy an" successful. minutes a "ay an" e$ercise for 3. minutes "aily* reflect on your positive things) @emove self "ou'ts from your min"* visuali.e an" imagine yourself as effectively performing a task which you fear "oing) Cor instance if you have stage fear* 1magine yourself as a victorious pu'lic speaker) Avoi" writing anything negative a'out yourself) At least recor" one positive thing a'out yourself each "ay an" ac9uire the ha'it of praising yourself) /hen you start your "ay make positive statements a'out yourself) @epeat these positive statements several times in the "ay) 2ou can say to yourself* D1 am improving every "ay.ines an" up"ating yourself with latest "evelopments) 0iversify your interest* travel to new places an" gain e$perience* "evelop new skills* an" perform your work efficiently) Make changes to your physical environment) @earrange an" re"ecorate the furniture of the room) ?aste 9uotes an" pictures of successful people an" keep rea"ing them again an" again) @ea" auto'iographies of successful people) 8eep your 'o"y language positive* look an" feel confi"ent) Always walk straight* with your shoul"ers straight* chin up an" chest out) Have an authentic* warm an" frien"ly smile on your face) A positive 'o"y language sen"s out positive signals) 4ist all the goals that you want to accomplish in life an" then take one step at a time) Break these goals into smaller reacha'le goals) -oncentrate on self improvement an" self "evelopment) 8eep your cool an" calm in every situation in life) Too much of emotional out'urst can spoil the situation an" make things "ifficult to han"le) Hence take things in your stri"e an" han"le it smoothly) 0o not think or worry a'out what others think a'out you) !top imagining an" 'othering a'out unreal things an" situations an" 'laming yourself for 'eing wrong so often) )0ercises *or Boosting Confidence .

e each goal* like go for the easier tasks first then slowly raise the challenges) @emem'er failures can interrupt you 'ut take it as a challenge an" march forwar") 2ou have to reach the final lap to take the trophy of success securely in your han"s) 'editation 4isten to yourself) Me"itate each "ay for a new 'eginning an" a fresher "ay that is in the offering) -onsult yourself for taking "ecisions an" persua"e your min" to make the 'est of the "ecisions) Bod" 2anguage There are many things that 'oost confi"ence in a person from the file that he is hol"ing to the tie that he is wearing) -hoose the 'est outfit that gives you that comfort .e you) ow To +evelop /elf +iscipline .one an" elevate your confi"ence) /alk straight with your hea" hel" high) This itself e$hi'its the confi"ence that is a'un"ant in you) Make the first impression the 'est one) Crom a goo" han" shake to a 'eautiful smile* everything counts)) Breathe Properl" /henever you feel that you are low in confi"ence* try taking some "eep 'reaths) This is a great e$ercise to tackle nervousness an" can revitali.Think Positive 3ptimism is the wor" that has to 'e circle" in the "ictionary) An e$tremely positive min" is what you nee" to gift yourself) D1 can.ight Ob1ectives Be sure a'out the o'+ectives that you set) !et each goal as per your strengths an" your a'ilities) -ategori. alou") *ind .e the o'+ectives as per your skills an" talents an" at the en" of the "ay you will 'e a'le to harvest the fruit of your confi"ence through these fulfille" o'+ectives) ?rioriti. shoul" rule your min" when you are not a'le to cope up with negative things that come as hur"les on your way) 8now how to love yourself an" 'e prou" of whatever achievements you have ma"e in life* 'ig or small) 2ou can stick a few posters with 9uotes on success an" confi"ence on the walls of your room an" get inspire" 'y those wor"s each time you rea" them) 4ife 'ecomes e$citing only with things that you can "o an" not with the ones you "are not try) 4earn to say D1 -an.

epeat .emember 5ames & *aces )asil" .3etting To 4now -ourselves /hen you act accor"ing to what you know is right rather than what you feel like "oing is known as "iscipline) Cor that* you nee" to "elve "eep into yourself* an" know yourself 'etter) This can yiel" optimum results when you put your thoughts in a written format) 0oing this* will provi"e you a thorough perception of what you are an" what your mission in life is* an" what you have to "o to fulfill your am'ition) +edication By*+ust writing "own your resolutions* you cannot hope for miracles to occur an" that too overnight) A concerte" an" sustaine" effort over a perio" of time is re9uire" to help you gain self-"iscipline) 1f you fin" it tough to stick to your resolutions then you have got to ensure that you a'i"e first 'y what you have planne"* an" then follow them one 'y oneB not all at once) 1n this way* you can surely a"here to your resolution* an" implement them "e"icate"ly) Boldness Fsually* "isciplining the self is 'y no means an easy task) 1t re9uires you to overcome your "esires* temper* temptations* an" a host of other stimulations* 'oth internal an" e$ternal) An"* it is easier sai" than "one) But* it can in"ee" 'e "one through a series of constant autosuggestions* which are capa'le of continuously remin"ing you of your goals* am'itions* an" aims) 2ou can never hope to escape from these "istractions* 'ut you can steel your guts to confront an" tackle them) This can make you stronger mentally) &uto Tutoring Talking to yourself can "o won"ers to your self confi"ence* an" also motivate you to pursue your tasks with renewe" vigor) /hen you fin" the going tough* you can always fall 'ack on yourselves 'y reliving certain positive moments) 0oing so* will 'oost your "etermination an" there'y enhance your focus to accomplish the seemingly "ifficult +o's with relative ease) Thus* 'y "iligently implementing the a'ove techni9ues* we can "efinitely "evelop self-"iscipline* which forms an integral part of our lives) A person who is self-"iscipline" can achieve whatever he sets out to* as he has traine" up his min" to overrule his heart) Tips To .t Thrice .

s nice to meet you @a+H* how "o you "o7 <ow* repeat it twice "uring the course of your conversation) @epeating a new name like this will surely help you remem'er it) *orm &ssociation 0uring your first conversation* su'tly stu"y the person.s name or that they are 'a" with names) This might +ust 'e a false attitu"e* which can 'e more of psychological in nature) This attitu"e nee"s to 'e change" at the earliest) As you "o so* you will a'le to un"ertake more effort to remem'er names) Pa" &ttention 3ne of the common reasons 'ehin" your forgetting names may 'e that you were not focusing on the person* at the time of intro"uction) Corget a'out yourself an" focus on the person who is 'eing intro"uce") !mile an" make eye contact as soon as people say their name an" then repeat it 'ack to them within 4 secon"s) 1t is one of the simplest ways to improve your concentration while 'eing intro"uce" to a person* so that you remem'er hisAher name later on) Tips To Build & Use Power Of Positive Thinking • 2ou shoul" fee" your min" with positive thoughts an" goo" things will happen in your life) Accor"ing to ancient sages* min" is almost like a gar"en) 1f you put see"s of virtue an" .ing the name) 1ntro"ucing your new ac9uaintance to your frien" will also give you a 'ack up) 1f you ten" to forget the name later on* you can ask you frien" who might remem'er it) Change -our &ttitude !ome people ten" to "evelop an attitu"e that they cannot remem'er anyone.t ./hen you are first intro"uce" to a new person* repeat hisA her nameB three-time repetition will cement it in your memory) 1f you want to spell out the name* the trick is to repeat it without people noticing) Cirst* say the name "irectly* like G1t.ntroductions 1ntro"uce your new ac9uaintance to a frien"* 'y using hisAher name) This will help you get into a conversation an" will give you opportunity to repeat the name* which will further help in memori.h"me 2ou can even make a small rhyme out of the name of the person you want to remem'er) 1t can 'e as lu"icrous as you like it to 'e* 'ecause it has to make sense only to you) 1f you can tie the rhyme with that person.s special feature* it will 'e all the more simple to remem'er their name* for e)g) G0ave nee"s a shaveH Ifor someone who has a noticea'le 'ear"J) 'ake .s face an" clothing* paying particular attention to any "istinguishing features) 3nce you have notice" any "istinguishing feature* anchor hisAher name to that particular feature* for e)g) @a+ might 'ecome @a+ with long hair* @a+ with roun" face etc) These kin"s of tags will help you remem'er the name* Tr" To 'ake .

s soil) 3n other han"* if you put the see"s of negative thoughts in your min"* they can affect you a"versely) 1t is the lack of control on your min" which makes the wee" of negative thought grown in your min") 3ne effective e$ercise that can help one to "evelop a goo" attitu"e is giving more compliments to people) /hen you shower people with compliments* you will also feel goo" a'out yourself) Think of the goo" things your neigh'or or your frien" "i" in life* compliment them for it from heart) They will feel 'etter an" they will treat you 'etter) Basically a compliment is a chicken soup for a human soul) This will make you feel 'etter a'out yourself an" that will reflect in every activity you "o in life) -ompliment yourself as much as possi'le) 1t takes high stress to convince yourself that you are "oing well 'ut you shoul" take 'ur"en for 'eing a person with positive thinking) <ever think of the negative things which you happene" to commit in your life) 1f you think of those things* it woul" lea" you to high guilty conscious which can 'urn your inner peace forever) Think of the goo" things you commit in your life) There is a mentality in ma+ority of the human 'eings that they think themselves as very 'a" people which in fact they are not) <ever keep a 'a" image a'out yourself in your min") 1t can 'e a reason for failure in life) 2ou shoul" think of yourself as the 'est person ever 'orn on the face of earth) This image will help you to gain more confi"ence an" it will reflect when you talk things) <ever wear a posture of a tire" an" inferior person in your life) 2ou shoul" walk like a king) This will give you more confi"ence an" will reflect in your 'o"y language) 2ou shoul" think 'or"erless an" limitless) This limitless thinking will provi"e you more richness in material an" spiritual sense* which you never "reamt of) 2our new confi"ent personality can achieve you more frien"s in your work place or in college) ?eople will start listening to you when you talk things with an air of confi"ence an" authenticity) 2ou will gra"ually 'ecome "arling of the masses) ow To Organi!e -our Time Plan &head .• • • • peace* they woul" grow in your min".

e" 'y managing files on your computer as well as organi.s .t complete" them* you will reali.esources Cin" an" stick to one type of system or process that works 'est for you* to accomplish your goals) 0o not spen" too much time searching for something new* since you will 'e wasting time in accomplishing your goals) &sk *or elp 1n case you have lots of goals to accomplish an" you are una'le to fin" a way out to get them "one* ask for help from someone) 2ou will fin" plenty of people aroun" you who are willing to support you in your tasks) #h" .t really important) ave a .ight .outine Trying sticking to a certain time frame every"ay) This will keep you organi.e" an" it will 'e easier to manage time each "ay) 1f something une$pecte" happens or some sort of interruptions take place* it will help you know how to get 'ack on the task) /ta" Organi!ed !tay househol" or office itmes) This will help you save time that you woul" have otherwise spent on looking out for items you will re9uire* as you will know where you have kept everything) 2ou can use this time to "o other imortant tasks) +on6t #aste Time 1t is possi'le that procrastination an" low motivation can come in the way of your accomplishing the goals internally) #$ternally* frien"s an" e$ten"e" conversations can en" you off sche"ule) !tay focuse" an" "o not let these interruptions influence you) ave )0tra Personal Time /henever you plan out the "ay* keep time for yourself as well* which you can use to rela$ or have a meal) This will help you focus an" fin" more energy for the rest of the "ay) Track -our Time 8eep a track of how much time you are spen"ing "oing certain tasks) 1t often happens that you are not spen"ing enough time "oing something or the goals are re9uiring more time than you ha" estimate") #ventually* refocus your goals an" tasks for the ne$t time) Use .?lan your tasks for the "ay an" know the time frame within which you have to complete them) This will help you see what you have to "o an" how much time you will nee" to "o it) 4now -our Priorities ?lace the most important things at the top of your list an" give yourself time to get these things "one) 3n accomplishing the tasks* you will feel that you have "one a goo" +o' of managing your time) 1n case* you haven.eading .e that the things "i" not have the right "ea"line or they weren.mportant .

on* e$pan"s your knowle"ge an" opens up new avenues for you) +evelops The 'ind 3ur min" nee"s regular e$ercise to "evelop an" rea"ing is the most effective way to "o that) @ea"ing the written wor" an" "eveloping an un"erstan"ing of it is a skill that is cultivate" overtime 'y the ha'it of rea"ing) @ea"ing 'ooks also help to "evelop one.) Eaining knowle"ge empowers you min" an" 'roa"ens its range) &ctivates The *low Of .s min") /hen you rea" a story* you are constantly won"ering what will happen ne$t) This often makes you imagine a se9uence of events in your min" on how the story will unfol" further) Era"ually* when your power to imagine "evelops* you are a'le to make 'etter guesses an" "etermine the course of the stories or fictional novels you rea") @ea"ing involves creative imaginations there'y promoting ingenious thinking) )0pands 4nowledge7Base 1rrespective of how much knowle"ge your min" can store* the scope to fee" it with new things* always remain wi"e) A well-rea" person is a reservoir of knowle"ge as rea"ing helps one to know a'out new things an" analy.deas 1t is rather interesting to note that people who are fon" of rea"ing soon transform into a 'u''ling caul"ron of fresh i"eas) Active rea"ing ignites your min" an" arms it with new an" creative i"eas* which you can use in +ust a'out every aspect of your life) A "ynamic flow of i"eas also makes you an interesting person to 'e with as your min" is not static an" you will always have something vital to contri'ute to every "iscussion) Boosts -our Confidence #ver won"ere" why eru"ite people are so confi"ent7 !ince knowle"ge empowers your min"* a learne" person knows that he maintains a slight e"ge over other people* no matter how talente" they are) A well-rea" person is always oo.e them in hisAher own inventive way) The more you rea"* the more enlightene" you are* an" there is no "enying the fact that D8nowle"ge is ?ower.mprove 2istening /kills .s listening a'ility which is very important to succee" in every aspect of life) Most people ten" to speak more an" listen less* which shoul" i"eally 'e the other way roun") +evelops One6s Creative /ide @ea"ing is one of the 'est ways to give a creative orientation to one.GA capacity an" taste for rea"ing gives access to whatever has alrea"y 'een "iscovere" 'y othersH is a famous perspective on the importance of rea"ing 'y the erstwhile F)! presi"ent* A'raham 4incoln) @ea"ing enlightens your min"* 'roa"ens your with confi"ence for GheAshe knowsH) 8nowing things makes you feel self-assure" an" gives you the confi"ence to voice your opinions an" 'e assertive a'out them) ow To .

mproving -our 2istening /kills • ?ay proper attention to what the speaker wants to convey) Cree your min" from all other things an" concentrate only on what he wants to say) • Avoi" pseu"o-listening an" try to actually focus on what the speaker has to say) !how appropriate actions that go well with the conversation) !mile wherever necessary an" show gestures like hol"ing han"s or offering a hug) • Make your environment free of 'arriers that can cause a hin"rance in the proper communication system) The common environmental 'arriers inclu"e TK or music system* conversation among other groups* soun" of moving vehicles* etc) -hoose proper solutions for overcoming these 'arriers an" ensure that the messages are well conveye") • 4ook at the vocal tone of the speaker* to know his moo") 1n case the speaker looks tire" an" e$hauste"* as a listener* you can help him focus on his message) !uppose the speaker is angry* 'e patient an" len" a listening ear) 4et him vent out his feelings an" rela$ himself) • Always wear a positive 'o"y language towar"s the speaker) 2ou can use such ver'al e$pressions like G1 un"erstan" what you meanH) These can encourage the speaker to convey his point further to you) However* 'e careful not to use these e$pressions to start a speech from your en") 2ou nee" to listen to the speaker* rather than conveying your own view point) Always remem'er to maintain eye contact with the speaker) • Make an impression on the speaker that you are intereste" in his speech) 2ou can ask 'rief 9uestions in 'etween his conversation* which will make him feel that you are actually listening to him) • Avoi" your temptation to interrupt in the mi""le of the conversation) 1nterference will only make the speaker frustrate" an" lose the track of what he was saying) Cirst* let the speaker complete an" then give your fee"'ack or opinion) • -oncentrate on the wor"s of the speaker* rather than in"ulging in fin"ing "e'ata'le issues in the conversation) @emem'er that your task is to 'e an effective listener* rather than proving yourself to 'e a winner in a "e'ate competition) Cin" out the points on which you mutually agree with the speaker an" present them occasionally in 'etween the conversation) This will 'e highly inspiring an" encouraging for the speaker) • At the en" of the conversation* you can use e$pansion statements like GThis is very interestingH) This will encourage the speaker to further ela'orate on the conversation) ow To Break Bad abits .ner) 4istening is a skill that not many a people are gifte" with) An effective listener is e9ually praiseworthy as a powerful speaker) .GA goo" listener is not only popular everywhere* 'ut after a while he knows somethingH* says /ilson Mi.

ole 0o not hesitate to call frien"s or family mem'ers* asking for support) Believe meB they woul" 'e more than happy to help you move out of the 'a" 'ehavior) 6ust get comforta'le an" talk to them a'out your "ecision) /ho knows* they might 'e a'le to provi"e some a"vice or encouragement that you normally woul"n=t get otherwise) Patience ?atience is the key to achieve your resolution) 1f you fall 'ack to the 'a" ha'it* "o not pity yourself an" say that the ha'it has got the 'etter of you) 1nstea"* rise up an" get 'ack to your healthy 'ehavior) @emem'er* you can 'eat the ha'it) All you nee" is willpower* "iscipline an" patience55 ow To Be 'ore &ssertive .e why "i" you start the 'a" ha'it .mpact 4ist the negative impacts an" the cost they are charging you) This woul" act as a motivation to mo"ify your 'ehavior an" get out of the we') Positives Of +ropping 4ook towar"s the optimistic si"e i)e) the a"vantages of leaving the ha'it* say you will 'ecome a 'etter in"ivi"ual or have enough time to look into important matters* or even start 'ecoming socia'le) /eigh the negatives against the positives) .eplacement @emem'er* you +ust cannot leave a 'a" ha'it an" force yourself into "oing nothing in its place) There nee"s to 'e a replacement of the 'a" ha'it* 'y a goo" one) -onsi"er the positive ways of meeting the same nee"s through a goo" ha'it an" start practicing) Being +isciplined @emem'er* changes "o not +ust happen) 2ou have to work har" an" 'ring in a lot of "iscipline in your 'eing* to get over a 'a" ha'it) Most of the 'a" ha'its provi"e a person with instant gratification) 1f yours is such as well* remem'er* giving into the impulses or 'eing carrie" away woul" 'e e$tremely easy) /upporting ./as it peer pressure7 /as it "epression7 /as it +ust for a =try=7 /as it to 'e =in vogue=7 /as it an escape from some life con"ition7 3nce you get hol" of the reason for the action* you woul" reali.e the num'er of times your 'a" ha'it wins over your will) Maintain a +ournal an" note "own every time your 'a" ha'it gets the 'etter of you) This woul" help you keep a recor" of it an" also analy.e that it is not logical an" "oes not make any sense) 5egative .e the cause of the same) The Cause Analy.n Communication ./elf7)valuation Be practical an" reali.

9 Fsing sentences with G1H gives people the notion that you are a responsi'le an" levelhea"e" person* who knows what he is "oing an" they woul" take you seriously) /hen you "on.s The 4e" /hen you "on.t listen to anyone* how you can e$pect others to listen to you) 4istening is very much a part of learning assertive communication) !o* start 'y 'eing a goo" listener) Be Open To +iscussion .Being assertive simply means 'eing positive an" stan"ing up for one.t want to 'e assertive7 Although it is not possi'le to turn oneself overnight into an assertive person* here is a gui"e* which will help you fin" yourself self-confi"ent an" assertive) !o* rea" on an" know how to 'e more assertive in communication) &ssertive Communication /kill Tips 2earn To /a" 85o9 1t is one of the main keys in ac9uiring assertive communication skills) ?eople generally want to please everyone an" thus* "rea" this mono-sylla'ic wor") 1f you cannot say no to things* you woul" en" up 'eing a "oormat an" lose your self-confi"ence) A no-nonsense GnoH is 'etter that 'eating aroun" the 'ush) 1f you fin" it "ifficult to give cut an" "rie" answer* speak in"irectly* 'ut firmly* to convey your message) Use The /entence #ith 8.t use GyouH wor"* people talking to you are less likely to get "efensive an" a constructive "ialogue will get fashione") #ork On -our Bod" 2anguage 1f you want to present an assertive statement* first thing that you shoul" take into account is your 'o"y language) <ervous* wriggly* +umpy posture gives a poor impression of you an" often lea"s to people fin"ing you less cre"i'le) Therefore* you nee" to incorporate a straight* open posture an" keep your face an" tone un"er control) 2istening .s right to 'e treate" +ustly) 1n the present "ay worl"* everyone wants to 'e assertive* 'ut only a few really are) /e often misinterpret assertive communication as aggressive communication) 1n fact* many people think 'eing assertive means 'eing Gru"eH an" thus* refrain from this positive attitu"e) However* this is not so) Being assertive means putting across your point effectively an" confi"ently* in a way that you "o not look over'earing) ?eople who are assertive have strong relationships an" are less prone to stress) They have fewer conflicts an" live a happy life) <ow* who woul"n.

t hesitate to apologi.e only when it is nee"e") Fnnecessary apology means that you are not at all self-confi"ent) 3ive -ourself Time To Change 1t is not possi'le to turn into an assertive speaker overnight) Eive yourself some time to change) ?ractice the conversations in front of the mirror or with close frien"s an" slowly* you will see the change in you) .t +ump up at even the slightest criticism against him) @ather* heAshe takes it in a constructive) !o* invite creative criticism an" try to eliminate the pro'lems) +on6t &pologi!e Unnecessaril" 1t is goo" to 'e hum'le* 'ut it is 'a" to 'e servile) Therefore* make it a ha'it to apologi.e an" say =sorry=) &ccept Constructive Criticism A person who is comforta'le in his own skin "oesn.espect Others 1f you want people to respect you* you will have to take the initiative to respect them) 1t is like a 9ui" pro 9uo) /hat you give* you get in return as well) However* while respect others* "on.espect -ourself @espect yourself 'efore seeking respect from others) @emem'er* you are always treate" the way you allow others to treat you) !elf-respect 'egins with the feeling of what you nee"* want an" think) &cknowledge -our 'istakes <o'o"y is perfect5 However* a person near to perfection is the one who is a'le to acknowle"ge his own follies) 1f you make a mistake* "on.2ou shoul" always 'e rea"y for positive "iscussion) /hen you "iscuss issues with other people* you 'ecome more a'le to e$press yourself) However* remem'er never ever to get involve" in a ver'al fight or "e'ate) 1t is not the matter of 'eing right an" wrong* 'ut 'eing a'le to converse creatively) .t go over'oar" as well) +on6t 3et &ggressive Or )motional /hen you are compose"* people are more likely to 'elieve you) Assertiveness goes completely without aggression* anger or guilt) !o* make it a ha'it to keep your emotions un"er check) .