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Research Paper Rubric Fall 2013 Jeff Bain-Conkin 20% of final grade Due 1 !

o"e#ber 11$% p# 100 poin&s &o&al$ 2% poin&s 'hesis()rgu#en& - is *our argu#en& clearl* and s&rongl* s&a&ed+ - do *ou #ain&ain &he sa#e argu#en& &hroughou& &he paper+ - ha"e *ou considered coun&er-argu#en&s and(or proble#s ,i&h *our argu#en&+ - is *our "oice apparen& &hroughou& &he paper+ 2% poin&s -rgani.a&ion - does *our paper unfold in a logical and clear #anner+ - do *ou ha"e appropria&e &ransi&ions be&,een sec&ions and(or paragraphs+ 2% poin&s /&*le - do *ou follo, con"en&ional0 acade#ic ,ri&ing gra##ar+ - ha"e *ou #ain&ained a consis&en& s&*le &hroughou& &he paper+ - are *our sen&ences clear and concise+ 2% poin&s /ources - ha"e *ou used appropria&e resources for *our &opic+ - did *ou follo, con"en&ions in ci&ing and 1uo&ing sources+ - ,ere *our 1uo&a&ions and o&her sources rele"an& &o *our &opic+ - did *ou respec&full* and e&hicall* use *our sources+