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Kissed by Darkness (Sunwalker Saga #1

by Shéa MacLeod (Goodreads Author)
3.71 of 5 stars

3.71 · rating details · 740 ratings · 99 reviews

Three years ago, Morgan Bailey narro ly sur!i!ed a !a"#ire attack that le$t her ith heightened senses, uncanny s#eed, and a ne calling% su#ernatural bounty hunter& Since that day, se'y, street(s"art Morgan hasn)t "et a !a"#ire she couldn)t dust or a de"on she couldn)t kill * until she)s hired to hunt do n a #riceless a"ulet and the sun alker ho stole it& Sun alkers * #o er$ul !a"#ires i""une to sunlight * are notoriously di$$icult to $ind, let alone kill& Still, a +ob)s a +ob, and Morgan)s ne!er been one to shy a ay $ro" a challenge& So bring it on, rightBut the sun alker ends u# tracking her do n& And not only that, he turns out to be cunning, char"ing * and undeniably gorgeous& .e!ertheless, she can)t ignore the destruction he is ca#able o$% the sun alker #ossesses an ancient secret hich, i$ unleashed, could destroy the hu"an orld& /a#ti!ating and $antastical, Kissed by Darkness introduces a kick(ass ne heroine and an addicti!e ne series $or $ans o$ urban $antasy&

Kissed by 0ire (Sunwalker Saga #2)
by Shéa MacLeod (Goodreads Author)
3.98 of 5 stars

As a !a"#ire bounty hunter, Morgan Bailey has seen her $air share o$ strange things& There as the ti"e she got "i'ed u# ith a race o$ #o er$ul i""ortals kno n as sun alkers& Then there as that ti"e she hooked u# ith a gorgeous Te"#lar Knight& And oh yeah, there as also that ti"e she unco!ered the secrets o$ an ancient Atlantean arti$act that e!eryone as killing each other o!er& So she)s con$ident there)s no su#ernatural challenge she can)t handle * until no & 1hen a "urder in!estigation leads Morgan to London, she encounters so"ething she ne!er e'#ected to see% dragons& 2t see"s they "ight not be so e'tinct a$ter all& 3er one chance o$ #re!enting certain carnage i$ the dragons are unleashed is to con$ront the truth about her o n #ast, and about the Darkness gro ing inside o$ her&

3.98 · rating details · 454 ratings · 44 reviews

Kissed by S"oke (Sunwalker Saga #3)
by Shéa MacLeod (Goodreads Author)
3.83 of 5 stars

A$ter hat can only be described as a "o"entous year, !a"#ire bounty hunter Morgan Bailey is looking $or ard to a nice, 4uiet birthday& But $ate has other #lans& 2nstead o$ gorging on cu#cakes and en+oying a #ri!ate #arty $or t o ith her se'y ne boy$riend, Morgan is hot on the trail o$ a sidhe*a subs#ecies o$ $ae* ho)s run a"ok in 5ortland& But this is no ordinary $airy6 he is as #o er$ul as he is #sychotic& And considering the su#ernatural nut+obs Morgan has dealt ith in her ti"e, that)s saying so"ething& To take hi" do n, Morgan $or"s an uneasy alliance ith the 0airy 7ueen and e"barks u#on her "ost outrageous ad!enture yet& But in the "idst o$ the chaos, Morgan reali8es there is "ore to this sidhe than "eets the eye& And i$ she $ails, i$ he achie!es his endga"e, it ill trigger de!astation unlike anyone*or anything, hu"an or other ise*has e!er seen&

3.83 · rating details · 320 ratings · 34 reviews

Kissed by Moonlight (Sunwalker Saga #4)

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