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Technological Institute of the Philippines 938 Aurora Blvd.

Cubao, Quezon City

College of Engineering & Architecture

Architecture & Drafting Technology Department A.Y.: 2013-2014 1st Semester

Compilation of Philippine Laws in Architecture In partial fulfillment for the subject Professional Practice 1 (AR313A)

Section: AR31FC2

Submitted by: Coronado, Nerinel M.

Submitted to: Arch. Lawrence B. Dolores III

Date: October 01, 2013

Series of 2005 “Logbook of Diversified Experience in Architecture” IV. 957 “Condominium & Subdivision Law & It’s IRR” BP 220 “Socialized Housing Projects & It’s IRR” P. 4. IX. III. 3.D.A. 8293 “Intellectual Property Code of 1997” R. VIII. R.A. 8981 “PRC Modernization Act of 2000” R. II. Series of 2004 “UAP as IAPOA” BOA Resolution No.D.A.A. 9266 “The Architecture Act of 2004” BOA Resolution No. 386 “Civil Code of the Philippines” P. VI. 1216 “Open Space Law” R. 1151 “Philippine Environmental Law” . V.A. VII.Table of Contents Introduction I. 6957 “BOT Law” P. XI.D. X. R.

A. 9266 “The Architecture Act of 2004” .R.

Series of 2004 “UAP as IAPOA” .BOA Resolution No. 3.

BOA Resolution No. Series of 2005 “Logbook of Diversified Experience in Architecture” . 4.

R. 8981 “PRC Modernization Act of 2000” .A.

8293 “Intellectual Property Code of 1997” .R.A.

R. 386 “Civil Code of the Philippines” .A.

D.P. 957 “Condominium & Subdivision Law & It’s IRR” .

BP 220 “Socialized Housing Projects & It’s IRR” .

D.P. 1216 “Open Space Law” .

A.R. 6957 “BOT Law” .

D. 1151 “Philippine Environmental Law” .P.

something that an architect should read and understand it’s an instructional book before you design and in the same manner as for the Bible it also contains commandments or laws in which you should abide in order for your design to be approved. The building code is treated like a somewhat “Bible” of an architect . it protects future home purchasers who deserve reasonable assurance that the home they buy will be safe. And when it comes to buying a raw house or in a subdivision. It embraces all aspects of building construction––fire. stable and habitable and so that you get the most of your property. and the guests invited into your home. for your personal safety.Introduction Why laws are necessary (in relation to architecture practice)? Every architect and architecture student relies on the National Building Code of the Philippines whenever they are asked to design a certain building or structures. establishing minimum requirements that must be met in the construction and maintenance of buildings. load. it is a series of ordinances enacted by a state or local governmental entity. like for . and that of your family. And to ensure the reducing potential spread of fire and disease. and mechanical. structural. First for security and safety. Second it helps you to design economically. space and etc in which you should follow in order for your design to be accepted it somehow regulates you to be economical or conservative with resources. plumbing. electrical. there are building laws that provide the maximum height. Building laws are essential in many ways and in different aspects. Laws are needed to ensure that the building or structure is regulated or of standard. But first I want to define the word building code.

it is established for everybody’s safety and welfa re and for people live harmonious and disciplined. geologic and geographic conditions.example here in the Philippines where it is hot and humid you need to maximize the use of natural ventilation and lighting the building code provides you the accepted provisions for the dimension of windows. And lastly for the building to be adaptive in the climate and condition of the place where it is located. Laws exist to protect the rights of the members of a society and to ensure that they do not have to protect those rights through their own actions. because we have different climatic. Some will take advantage of others property and we don’t like that. or in our society. The result may be catastrophic if building laws are not abided in the same in our society if laws are broken the community will not be organized and there will be no discipline and no equality. Some people mostly laymen think that following building laws only cost you a lot of money but they didn’t think about how the building will be if it didn’t follow the laws regulated by our government.” -Theodore Roosevelt . Building laws in our country are different from that of other country. It also helps for the conservation of energy and resources. Lastly I want to quote from Theodore Roosevelt speech Third Annual Message.“No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. Laws are essential in different aspects whether in architecture.

The owner as developer of a subdivision needs to provide adequate roads. alleys and sidewalks which are suitable to enhance the quality of life of the residents therein. . The term "open space" means an area reserved exclusively for parks. roads. and it should be adequate because it can be for emergency purposes and also for the convenience of the users. hospitals. Open space can be characterized as land left in a primarily natural state containing significant natural. aesthetic. the owner or developer shall reserve thirty percent (30%) of the gross area for open space. I learned that for subdivision projects one (1) hectare or more. alleys and etc. I think the main point of this law is the need to create and maintain a healthy environment in human settlements by providing open spaces. In a certain property there is always a need for open space like setbacks. walkways. or cultural features that warrant protection. places of worship. barangay centers and other similar facilities and amenities. Land designated as open space is permanently protected. schools. health centers. alleys and sidewalks. roads. recreational uses. playgrounds. not a temporary designation for vacant lands.Significance of the Study: PD 1216 known as the Open Space Law.