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PERSONAL STATEMENT: NURUL NADIAH It may sound quite nave, but my first stirring of interest in astronomy was after

watching the film Contact, a movie based on the novel by late astronomer, Carl Sagan. It portrays a grand ourney across the universe in search of the meaning of our very e!istence. "rom this early stimulus I have become deeply interested in the sub ect matter # doing my own research into possible asteroid impacts and observable supernovae, and $eeping in touch with the hunt for earth%li$e e!o%planets. &he search for e!traterrestrial life and the possibility of time%travel also fascinate me. I believe that astronomy is a holistic sub ect. 'part from my fascination with tac$ling the frontiers of scientific research, studying astronomy gives me a sense of spiritual fulfillment # it ma$es me feel more connected with the surrounding world. 's well as this, astronomical research in my country is still in its infancy and thus to ta$e up astronomy is to be of service to my country. I am ta$ing (hysics, Chemistry and )athematics for '%*evels to prepare for my undergraduate studies. In addition to that, I am also ta$ing +istory as an e!tra sub ect. ,alancing scientific studies with the arts compliments my interests and personality and I strive to maintain good academic results in school. In addition to scoring --'-s for my S(), I was awarded the schools ,est 'cademic 'ward for .pper Secondary *evel in /001. I have also managed to score full mar$s for the first two modules of the recent 2de!cel )athematics e!amination for '%*evels. )y school years have been a worthwhile e!perience. &he most significant opportunity, for me, was to be able to e!press my musical interests through numerous shows and performances. Since "irst "orm I have been in my schools traditional music group, the Ca$lempong 2nsemble. )y group was invited to play at numerous functions and events at state, national, and international levels. "urthermore, I too$ part in my schools pop orchestra as drummer, competed in choir competitions as pianist, and completed a number of song%arranging tas$s. In fact, I have completed the ',3S) 4 th 5rade in (iano and 6 th 5rade in &heory of )usic with good results. It has also been a oy to be involved in the prefects board in school. I was appointed as 'ssistant +ead (refect in the 7th "orm, and after moving to my current school, 8ole &uan$u 9aafar, under a scholarship, I was invited to become a School (refect and chosen as +ouse Captain. I was also the (resident of )usic Club and Secretary of Science and )athematics Club in my secondary school. 'll this was an e!cellent opportunity for me to develop mature udgment and to manage my priorities without neglecting the well%being of others. ' taste of leadership is an eye%opening e!perience # selflessness may be e!hausting, but the satisfaction gained is priceless. 3ecently, I attended an :utward ,ound School with the rest of my schools Si!th "ormers. It was a test of my physical and mental strength; tre$$ing and $aya$ing for hours really pushed me to the limits. <onetheless, I gained a fresh perspective # nothing is impossible if you can convince yourself to $eep on moving forward. I en oy reading historical fiction in my free time, particularly boo$s related to 'ncient 5ree$ and 3oman history. I also en oy going through established and independent artwor$ on the internet. If given a chance, I would li$e to travel across 2urope and I would also li$e the opportunity to study *atin # not only because it is the language of classical science, but also for my interest in classical literature and the history of thought. I loo$ forward to university life in ,ritain with eager anticipation= indeed I turned down a full scholarship offer to study in the .nited States because of my belief in .8 university standards.