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On the Eve of Destruction

By TC Ryan

a ount of ta% dollars we will lose to interest; It)s astrono ical# <=ver !"22$222$222-> My frustration with 8rop / isn)t necessarily the a ount of your oney the City of Tulsa is willing to burn$ <sarcas > for e opposition to 8rop / is based in oral opposition# :e should not continue to allow for policies that heap debt upon generations to co e for the wants of the current generation# =ur children$ our grandchildren$ our great grandchildren will suffer according to the a ount of national debt we currently hold because of the acts of big govern ent gone wild in :ashington# :e should not allow for that sa e type of entality to infiltrate our local policies# I want to fi% the streets? I 'ust don)t want to do it at the e%pense of y unborn children$ which is why I advocate for a payas-you-go syste # I love Tulsa and want to see it grow and prosper# I believe the best way to do that is to allow for people to invest their oney as they see fit# &llow for people to keep the oney they earn so that they are better able to return it to the local econo y# 8oliticians and bureaucrats cannot ta% and spend us into prosperity# They cannot centrally plan or devise a better Tulsa$ a better co unity than that in which a free arket econo y would produce#

In less than a week voters who live in the city of Tulsa will be able to do two things: re-elect Mayor Dewey Bartlett and prevent the City of Tulsa fro walking away with a !" billion dollar blank check# Two pretty i portant things# The City of Tulsa is seeking !" billion dollars fro you$ the ta%payer$ for what they say are the bare essentials of city govern ent# Brick and ortar# Infrastructure# &nd all that 'a((# I wonder when it was that we arrived at this ti e in which (oo operations and useu kitchen upgrades beca e the brick and ortar of a city# I) not saying that the Tulsa *oo is not i portant or that the useu doesn)t need an upgraded kitchen$ but how can these types of pro'ects be considered the bare essentials+ ,ot only do I not consider ost of the pro'ects on the city)s wish list to be essential duties of the city$ I believe that a nu ber of the pro'ects are outside of the proper role of the city govern ent all together.ven if you do believe that !//$/01$222 of your ta% dollars should go toward 3econo ic develop ent4$ or that the library should get !"2$222$222 of your hard earned dollars$ or that the city should spend over !0$222$222 upgrading 5ilcrease$ none$ (ero$ (ilch$ nada one of these pro'ects are accountable to the ta%payer through contractual obligation# Meaning if you vote in favor of this assive ta% then you are essentially handing over a !16/$722$222 dollar check to politicians to fight over and do what they do best -- further their own agenda and advance their own political gain# &nd that)s 'ust 8rop 98rop / pri arily focuses on streets# 5ood news right+ :ell$ al ost### Right off the bat the ta%payer loses !122$222 dollars in issuance and ad inistration fees for the over !/22$222$222 bond# I) scared to even ention the

If I had a nickel for every ti e a politician told e that if a ta% package doesn)t pass it would ean the downfall of the city$ I could fi% the streets privately##