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Issue 1 • April 2008

Walk on the wild side
Less noise, cleaner air
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Taking your complaints seriously
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try it! Contents Fan-tata-tastic . From information on future career paths and vacancies in Corus. guides on education and learning. you will be able to find it here. Keith Farron. Mr Chaturvedi continues to hold a number of director positions in India. Mr Chaturvedi. bringing total investment since 2002 across the three Corus Strip Product UK sites (Port Talbot. 2 Corus SA13 News for the community . For more details. Editor SA13 As SA13 goes to print. Mr Chaturvedi feels very strongly about corporate citizenship and has already indicated he is keen to extend Tata’s ethos by actively promoting the company’s values through trust. the new quarterly community newsletter for residents in Port Talbot and the surrounding district. Mr Chaturvedi’s arrival closely follows two recent investment announcements for Port Talbot – a £60m project enhancing existing energy recovery capabilities and £9m capital spend in its coke-making facility. Sri Lanka. but wherever possible Corus aims to work with the community to minimise the effect of its activities on residents and the surrounding neighbourhood at all times. We would therefore like to think that as a resident you would like to receive information wherever possible first hand – straight from the horse’s mouth. He says. having previously spent various periods of time working and studying in the United States. by providing easy access with the minimum of ‘clicks’ to reach relevant items of choice. is the new Managing Director of Corus Strip Products UK. the new Managing Director of CSP UK. Singapore and Thailand. honesty. As the website expands. “Through this newsletter we can come to a greater understanding of Corus and how its activities impact on a the bluebells in Cwm-y-Brombil woods. we think it is important to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in Corus. the UK (University of Strathclyde). Being on ‘your doorstep’ does bring with it its own challenges. and Lucknow. Thumbs up Dr Hywel Francis. The cover picture was taken in May last year. so too will the range of contents. Corus is pleased to announce the arrival of Mr Uday Kumar Chaturvedi.GENERAL NEWS Dr Hywel Francis Dear resident New MD at the helm Mr Uday Kumar Chaturvedi. turn to page 10. and like ‘chinese whispers’ the message tends to distort with each exchange. from Tata Steel in India. Pleasant reading.corussouthwales. the MP for Aberavon. and we would welcome any comments you may have about it. India (the company that bought Corus last year). As a major employer in the area. thinks a community magazine for the people of Port Talbot is a great idea. In a community like Port Talbot much of the local news is passed by word of mouth. France. We hope that you will find this first issue of Corus SA13 both interesting and informative. so to speak. India. The next one will be due out in July.on all for your complaints Careers@Corus Corus in the community Children’s competition Contact us 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-11 11 12 www. both within the workforce and the wider community.introducing our new owner Sinter stack silenced Dust-busting@Corus Making clouds from coke Energy control centre . As from April 2008 you will be able to find information relating to events and communityrelated activities supported exclusively by Corus Strip Products UK across South Wales. providing more articles and more informative links to other complementary websites… So go on. the economy and our environment. You do not have to go far to find pretty countryside walks on your doorstep . It is impossible to cover everything in just one edition so we shall try to provide a range of topical articles relating to our operational and community activities in future editions. Jamshedpur. and in return proud to be able to play our full part in the community – your community. integrity and transparency. to the latest community activities and events. Llanwern and Pontarddulais) to £ our website has undergone a makeover to include an external community website. so that sometimes people get the wrong end of the stick which can create bad feelings and Front cover picture: Time to get your walking shoes on now that the weather is improving. It is an inescapable fact that Corus is part of the region’s steelmaking heritage and are grateful for the support we receive. who was previously vice-president of Tata Steel Group. Welcome to Corus SA13.” Corus launches community website To coincide with the launch of SA13 community newspaper. The site is designed to be practical.

mining. since April last year. is no newcomer to the world stage. Indeed. It has already celebrated its centenary in 2007. In 2003 it becomes Tata Motors. Tata has seen growth continue with a string of merger and joint venture • 1932 Tata takes to the airways with its own airline. and other manufacturers in Spain and South America.2bn. For many in the UK. the name first came to light when Tata acquired Tetley Tea from Cadbury Schweppes just over six years ago. Ratan Tata. the company that now owns us? It’s amazing. having previously entered into joint ventures with Daimler-Benz. activity in mining and minerals sector (especially in Africa). so as to secure raw material supplies for its steel manufacturing group into the future. energy. Tata also announced it had bought Jaguar and Land Rover from the Ford Corporation. • 1998 Tata produces their ‘Indica’ . chemicals. services and consumer goods. • • 2007 Acquires Corus plc (£6. In 2004 Tata Motors added Daewoo Commercial Vehicles to its automotive range.500 ‘Nano’. Tata has done it again. Tata comprised a total of 98 companies spanning seven business sectors as diverse as IT. Two months ago the Tata ‘Nano’ was launched as the cheapest passenger production vehicle in the world.1bn). is founded. engineering. Tata Motors launches the $2. long before many countries in the West implemented it! At the time all our interest was focused on the effect this takeover might have within the global steel industry itself.GENERAL NEWS Fan-tata-tastic You may be familiar with Corus. in a deal worth just over £1bn.2bn). • 1907 The Tata Iron & Steel Company is formed. but just 12 months ago Port Talbot steelworks was in the spotlight following the acquisition of Corus plc by the Tata Corporation for £6. Thailand ($167m). Tata Corporation. The deal linked Corus with one of the world’s most profitable steel companies and has created the fifth largest steelmaker in the world with a capability to make more than 35 million tonnes of crude steel a year .500. In the same week that Tata acquired Corus. MG Rover. • 2001 Tata enters financial services sector. Steel is very much a global commodity. Corus SA13 News for the community 3 . It dovetails nicely with Corus Automotive’s R&D expertise in this field. costing just $2. and by 2005 issues its own Tata credit card. 2008 Acquires Jaguar and Land Rover cars (£1. • 1945 Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. • 2000 Acquires Tetley Tea Company ($407m). The company manufactures its one-millionth vehicle. • 2004 Acquires National Steel ($292m) and Daewoo Commercial Vehicles ($102m). Almost a year on from Tata’s acquisition of Corus. In 1912 the 8-hour working day for employees is introduced here. becoming Air India. The acquisition means that Tata has access to established markets and distribution networks across Europe and North America whilst providing similar access to Corus products through India and the Far East. and before acquiring Corus. Tata Group Chairman.five million tonnes of which is set to be made here in Port Talbot. • 1903 Taj Mahal Palace hotel is first for the Tata family. Over a century… and counting… • 1868 Jamsetji Tata establishes the Central India Spinning & Weaving Manufacturing Company.India’s first indigenous car design. but what do you know about Tata. • 2005 Acquires Millennium Steel. • 1991 Current Chairman Ratan Tata takes over Tata Group from JRD Tata. Tata has made no secret of the fact that it intends to increase its global steel production base still further through acquisition. it also signed a $100m energy contract with BP to jointly fund the largest solar panel production facility in India. however.

” The issue is not unique. Silence is golden Traditional silencers work by absorbing and ‘muffling’ the noise. The new technology aims to reduce noise by about 90 per cent.” To test the noise reduction technology. The sound had been generated by the induction systems. it is shared by other members of the steelmaking community including Arcelor Mittal.000 households are still thought to be affected by the noise. but as many as 2. says. works by deflecting the sound waves back towards their source. and in fresh and clear atmospheric conditions the emission is at its most visible. some residents were provided with equipment to record the frequency and time when sinter plant noise is heard. which cancels out some of the unpleasant noise frequencies. we have been conducting a series of experiments – varying the volumes of treatment material into the sinter plant – to monitor the content and the visibility of the plume. the world’s biggest metal producer. to make a key raw material for Example of sinter. such as the one installed in the sinter plant. but installation and commissioning may still be a couple of months or so away. which Corus hopes will reduce the production of hazardous by-product. Corus’ research and development team at the Swinden Technology Centre near Rotherham is looking into the problem. Stacking-up a better plume A new process. “The emission is compliant with the Pollution Prevention Control Regulations and it is monitored by the Environment Agency. “The manufacturer has agreed to replace the faulty equipment as quickly as possible. We will keep you informed of progress in the summer edition of SA13. “We worked with some of the world’s leading acoustic experts to identify how we could best tackle the problem. it has not eliminated the low-pitched droning noise. 4 Corus SA13 News for the community .ENVIRONMENT Less noise. and efforts to draw particulate matter out of the flues continues. but reducing the number and extent of moving parts and running plant at special levels. A reactive silencer. cleaner air Last year Corus invested almost £1 million into a noise suppression system for the sinter plant stack. The technology was installed last autumn. but the solution has been not just a matter of muffling sound sources. We have also added a state-of-the-art silencer. It involved intensive monitoring of vibration and sound frequency. “Since February. and also Corus’ other UK integrated steelworks in Scunthorpe. monitoring by local residents has shown that it has not proved entirely successful. or n iro es ar ep pr nt pla The sinter the blast furnaces. View along sinter plant strand towards oven. Environment Manager.” says Richard. Environment Manager. “First we lagged the sinter plant’s main gas waste gas ductwork. but it is ironic that the process material that we are using creates a more visible plume. The 135-metre tall sinter stack is the most obvious feature on the landscape. which draw air into and up the sinter plant stack.” concludes Richard. is thought to be producing a more visible plume from the sinter stack. but since then. The plant is relatively distant from local residents. “Our efforts to improve our environmental impact have been successful. Sinter plant and stack. Richard Leonard.” says Richard Leonard. and other ingredients ke co e. Owing to a miscalculation by the company that manufactured the equipment.

Corus SA13 News for the community 5 . These include ore and sinter beds. Their readings are provided on an hourly basis. this and people’s day-to-day activities leads to the release of chemicals into the air. The dust-busting programme pays special attention to areas most prone to dust. This includes not only altering existing processes wherever we can. however. average concentrations are significantly less than the standards set. which has drawn people to settle here. wind. M4 Motorway and works from Pen-Y-Cae. raw material crushers and road transport activity. it is a fact that the close proximity of the motorway and other roadways. However. rain. Once in the atmosphere. etc.April 2007 was reported to be the driest on record.which is very good news. and the increasing number of vehicles on our roads. Even the topography of the landscape like that of Port Talbot – especially its proximity to the coast and hills – will have an effect on the local air quality.ENVIRONMENT Air quality – it’s in the monitoring The town of Port Talbot and surrounding area has a long history of industrial and commercial activity. Now. Dust – in particulate Airborne dust has always been an issue for local residents. these chemicals are subjected to various atmospheric processes that may change their physical and chemical form. humidity. conveyors. although it did improve the results significantly at local site level. we also had some long dry periods that followed a particularly dry spring . Other methods rely on providing semi-automatic information. while Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council has set up monitoring stations at strategic sites in and around the town. This data is reported to the Council and shared with the Welsh Air Quality Forum and the Environment Agency. Maximum levels for particulate material are agreed with the Local Authority and Environment Agency Wales and stand at 50 micrograms per cubic metre of normal air. either with recovered rainwater or more viscous liquids. Despite the wet summer last year. so Corus has initiated a programme to reduce the generation of airborne particulate material. Energy Control Centre. Depending on the levels and types of activity in the area. but also looking at efficient ways of damping down dusty areas. Corus is looking more broadly at the fundamental causes of dust. but it was found that in the Port Talbot area this level was exceeded on 46 separate days last year. despite levels declining over the past ten years . such as the effects of sunlight. as well as manual sample collections. it made no difference to reported levels for particulate material in Port Talbot. when new fume extraction equipment was commissioned in 2002. The project comes following a bad year in 2007 for particulate matter. Who carries out the monitoring? Corus monitors the air quality on its own sites. Unfortunately. this can result in air pollution. may all be contributing to the problem. What is monitored? • • • • • • Sulphur Dioxide Ozone Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Dioxide PM10 particulates Airborne particles Typical monitoring station in Port Talbot. Normally. Local air quality is therefore monitored 24 hours a day. It was thought the problem emanated from activities in the blast furnace area. Like any other urban settlement.

which monitors air quality for the Welsh Assembly Government. Among them were a local family who had hired several white limousines for a family wedding. More information www. out over the Atlantic Ocean and then blown to the UK. dust.100°C in an oxygen-deficient chamber to concentrate the carbon. air quality. Making coke involves the carbonization of coal at temperatures of up to 1. And remember: you can always phone us direct if you want to talk about any issues that are worrying you (see page opposite for details). transportation. During this process. The dust had been dropped over nearly all but the far North East of Wales. coke oven gas and other by-products are drawn off. The company received complaints from local people who understandably assumed that the dust originated from the steelworks. etc. or via formal meetings of the Joint Consultative Group. you’re 24 hours a day. It is the Group’s genuine intention to find long-term sustainable solutions for the benefit of both the local community and the business. noise. Complaints.Corus Joint Consultative Group If you think that Corus and the local Council ignore your concerns as a (Courtesy of Earth Observatory NASA) Working in your interest . The Joint Consultative Group meets every four months specifically to discuss local environmental issues and complaints. concerns and other local environmental issues do get back to us through councillors. the beginning of William Wordsworth’s famous poem.ENVIRONMENT Just deserts Local air quality can be influenced by alien encounters! Corus employees were as shocked as everyone else when they saw what appeared to be a fine coating of dust on cars. the Environment Agency. or sold onto other industrial processes. the dust had been carried from North Africa. PACT meetings. Saharan dust had also reached South Wales in March www. Cornwall and parts of the West of England. resident’s Dust storm heading for the UK. It is this quenching process that creates the ‘clouds’ – it is in fact just water vapour. Requests for an explanation drew an innocent nod of the head from all relevant departments until the BBC News website ran a story which revealed all. Coke is one of the most important of all the raw materials fed into a blast furnace because it provides the maximum porosity for the free flowing of gases and molten iron within the process. and the Environment Agency directly. The dust had come from the Sahara and had been blown to high altitude by a storm there on 20 January. councillors. red hot coke produced in the Morfa Coke Ovens is doused with thousands of gallons of water. Morfa Coke Ovens.environment-agency. Every 10 minutes or so. buildings and windowsills one morning in January. refined and re-used within the works. Members of the Corus Joint Consultative Group. the committee is made up of representatives from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.nasa.welshairquality. but the massive white plumes seen on Margam’s coastal horizon are actually the result of red hot coke being drenched with water to cool it very quickly. Quench Tower. “I wandered lonely as a cloud…”.earthobservatory. 6 Corus SA13 News for the community . According to AEA Technology. “I wandered lonely as a cloud…” They look like clouds… you can just picture it. and Corus www. Led by the Council.

Health and safety is at the top of our agenda – for workers on site and residents alike. including gas usage. recording and storing the information for analysis. So far 60.” Even landfill goes green It’s not quite a meadow (yet) but the regeneration of the former Margam Coke Ovens site is getting greener by the day. says. Corus’ Energy Control Centre receives many calls from local residents. having first been tested and certified by the Environment Agency and granted an exemption certificate from the Council as being fit for purpose as basic ground cover for grassing and future tree planting. It is here that our engineers closely monitor all aspects of our plant operations. Closed circuit television cameras are located throughout the works to help our engineers see exactly what callers may be complaining about. so no time is wasted. Details of every call are given to the relevant work areas. The former coke ovens site was cleared of scrap metals and other debris and levelled in preparation for the subsoil. ibl ss po for all of us. A member of the Energy Control Centre. As you can imagine. and is awaiting the soil condition to be suitable for the next phase involving tree planting. too. “We monitor our manufacturing processes every hour of every day. determines the cause. The phone line is manned 24 hours a day. on such a big site. with the team ready to respond to concerned residents’ calls on the double. Transferring the subsoil to Port Talbot was a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than incurring landfill charges. The relevant section then investigates the complaint and. “Any change in this data provides the plant operators with information that helps them plan the maintenance programme and ensure that the site continues to meet and improve its environmental performance. but we always get back to every caller with an update. Corus SA13 News for the community 7 . helped by the Environmental Department. “Some residents believe that when managers are not in the works at the weekend. water flows and electricity consumption.000 cubic metres of subsoil have been moved 12 miles from the Swansea Marina development to Port Talbot Works as part of a reclamation project saving thousands of pounds being paid in landfill fees. and the Environment Department gets a copy. Do you have a complaint about noise or air quality? Call us on 01639 871111 with your calls as quickly as al de ll wi we t tha tee an ar gu We environment is important the ing ov pr im e us ca be e. The 30-acre reclamation – the size of three football pitches – has now been landscaped and grassed. This is simply not true. usually with questions or complaints about our environmental emissions. it can sometimes take time to find out exactly what is happening.ENVIRONMENT Seeing red about green? Every year. 365 days a year. all monitoring stops and emissions are uncontrolled. The Energy Control Centre is the nerve centre of the works.

from September she’ll be studying with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. third year electrical apprenticeships/south_wales or more information and to submit an online application. while training and development by functional area allows new recruits to be part of an apprenticeship where they can learn and study towards NVQ qualifications while gaining invaluable experience. social activities and friends for life!” Corus actively seeks to recruit apprentices and ‘functional’ trainees for engineering. we look for people who have certain qualities to fit our culture. is that it also offers exciting careers in a range of different positions for both men and women. as a management accountant. challenging and dynamic. visit www. while earning money and learning the ropes hands-on. first class training and • 8 Corus SA13 News for the community . technical and business functions. of course. Through building on my knowledge and experience to date.” says Susan. area engineers and team leaders to achieve cost reductions and budgetary control. please visit www. It offers Government-approved Advanced Modern Apprenticeships (AMAs).” said Katie. commitment. respect the community around them and simply work hard. while Corus equalled full-time permanent employment in my chosen career while studying to professional level. Katie has spent almost three years working towards professional qualifications.” far. Hot Mill.and that’s true. “Corus has the scope and size to provide individually tailored careers that are interesting. subsidised meals. Currently studying with the Association of Accounting Technicians and due to sit her final three exams this summer. An accountant in the Hot Rolled Products division at Port Talbot. “I applied for university and was accepted. such as in mechanical engineering. finance. A resident of Baglan Moors.” rking life so “I’m thoroughly enjoying my wo so much. ideas. in addition to local benefits such as free parking. We need passionate people. Human Resources. “I feel I’ve already achieved so much.“In order to maintain and continue to achieve outstanding results. “I’m thoroughly enjoying my working life so far.” • If you’re interested in taking up a Corus apprenticeship. imagination. fabricating/welding and bricklaying. “The decision was ultimately easy – university equalled spare time. generous holiday entitlement. though.” Katie’s main duties include working on weekly financial and statistical reports alongside the Hot Rolled Products management team. Katie’s story Local girl Katie Davies chose a Corus career path over university – and has never looked back. human resources and civil engineering. enthusiasm. However. Along with posts you would normally associate with heavy industry.corusgroupcareers.” says Susan Mills. “Apprentice and functional trainee students who succeed in Corus are those who benchmark their own achievements against those of their peers. economics and law. the company has comprehensive training schemes for young people working in fields including data management. team player abilities and communication skills.CAREERS Corus offers careers for all The general impression of Corus is that it employs a lot of men as steelworkers . along with the worries of a high level of debt and no guaranteed job at the end. “We offer competitive salaries. For information on becoming a functional trainee. These include: drive. flexibility. What many people won’t know.corusgroup. manufacturing. I hope to be working at the level above which I am currently. opportunities for progression. I feel I’ve already achieved Mark Callingham. determined to make Corus a success. “In five years’ time. I was interested. “We’re a company that places real commitment on work life balance and is truly dedicated to ongoing training and development.” she said. I see myself still working within finance and possibly the Management Accounting department at Port Talbot. opportunity and advancement within chosen career paths. she went to Sandfields Comprehensive School and Neath Port Talbot College to study A Levels in accounting. when I heard about the functional traineeships in Corus. scope for career progression. I was successful in applying for a permanent position as the accountant for Hot Rolled Products after 18 months and have so far been successful in every one of the accountancy exams I’ve sat.

Ynysdawley Playing Fields Association. Neath Round Table Festival Weekend. Cwmavon RFC Mini Section. After all. Blackweir Park Cardiff. Breast Cancer Care. Friends of Tonna Hospital. Community Award successes Afan Lido Mini FC. Hospital Radio Phoenix. it is our duty to become active members within the community and assist and support local charities and voluntary groups whenever we can. Port Talbot Cymric Male Choir. there has been intensive industrial activity here for hundreds of years. Porthcawl RFC Juniors. Caernarvon Castle to Cardiff Castle. Try-A-Triathlon ‘8 to 80’ Event. Peer Education Initiative. Port Talbot Lifeboat Association. BLISS. GLAZE. Corus Richard Burton 10km & 5km Road Race. Y Bwthyn Newydd. Goytre United AFC (Junior Section). Cancer Research Wales. Each application is discussed at length to consider the benefits an award may make to that particular community. SA13 2NG. CISS. Corus Strip Products UK. Keith Farron. a series of metal frames for use in the ‘Survival Zone’ Margam Park Education & Sustainability Centre. Neath Round Table. says. Port Talbot celebrated 100 years of iron and steelmaking in 2003 on this very site. Aberavon Beach. Neath Pastorate – Romania Project. We also endeavour to work with local organisations to promote community initiatives directly with local residents and schools.COMMUNITY Corus in the community No one would deny that Corus has a considerable impact on the local communities in and around Port Talbot. “Unfortunately we cannot please everyone’s request that comes in. BUPA Great Wales Run. The Mayor’s Charity Appeal. Port Talbot. support for charities and good causes we have undertaken in Neath Port Talbot and surrounding areas during the last 12 months. Corus Aquathlon. Corus Family Cycle Day. Event sponsorships 39th Round the Pier Swim. Swan Rescue South Wales. Afon Nedd Arts Society. Community Relations Manager. Cwmafan‘Crucial Crew’ ‘G’ Division Port Talbot Police Primary School 7-aside Rugby Tournament. PDSA. Cystic Fibrosis Trust. the committee decides on the appropriate value of award. Children in Need. Corus SA13 News for the community 9 . NPTCBC Pass. Education and Learning events All-Wales Inter-Schools Crime Prevention Quiz. each individual application will be considered on its own merit. Aberavon Promenade Upper Afan River Family Day. Port Talbot Amateur Operatic Society. Aberavon Beach. Swansea. Upper Afan Forum. and a replacement six-metre wooden cross for St David’s Church. Christian Lewis Trust. Rest Bay Lifeguard Club. However. a committee consisting of employees and Union representatives will try to sit once a month to consider applications received. preferably on letterheaded paper and sent to the following address: Community Relations Manager. Neath Port Talbot Secondary Schools Primestart Neath. Cor Meibion Aberafan. Glyncorrwg Welsh Castles Run Relay. Cancer Challenge Singers. We are subject to a strict monthly financial limit and consider only those applications that fall within a five-mile radius of Port Talbot Works. Then. As neighbours.” Depending on the number of requests received. Christmas Lights & Santa Parades (Port Talbot. Aberavon Beach. LATCH. We cannot approve applications which imply salary funding. Neath Athletic RFC Mini Section. Margam. provided a request meets with current business guidelines on charitable funding. Neath and Pontadawe). Neath Port Talbot 2007 Sporting Awards. It is a proud tradition and one not to be taken lightly. Anti-Bullying Awareness Week in conjunction with Swansea Sound & The Wave. PO Box 42. Get Kid’s Going. and local charities and good causes will be considered in preference to national charities and projects. Community ‘Assist’ projects approved or completed involving the supply of materials and services for a bench for the Friends of Tonna Hospital’s Sensory Garden. Here is a summary of the community activities. Welsh Dragons Burns Club. Lymphoma Cancer Unit Singleton Hospital. ‘Learning Zone’ National Waterfront Museum. Margam Park. Cardiff Bay. Surf Life Saving Championships. Corus Sailing Club. pending further information or investigation. Shelter Cymru. 2007 Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative. Occasionally. Briton Ferry to Brecon. Friends of Aberavon & New Sandfields Group. RNLI. Indeed. Those applications that do not meet with the guidelines are rejected. St John Ambulance Service. The Gnoll Wildlife Trust Wales. Applications must be received in writing. Business Headquarters. Ann Davies Cancer Appeal. Neath & District Sea Cadets. Cardiff UK X Challenge Cross Country Event. Aberavon & New Sandfields Carnival. Missing Wales. SNAC. CISS Walkathon. South Wales Police Authority. an application may be deferred. South Wales Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre.

It can fit in with any lifestyle or domestic circumstance – walking with a baby carrier is a great way to get back into shape after pregnancy. Recently. You can find this page again on our new community website: And the beauty of taking up walking in Port Talbot is… the beauty of Port Talbot! The area is prime walking territory. we’re keen to support local initiatives that help to reduce crime or anti-social behaviour. And the next Corus schools event is likely to target drug and alcohol awareness in support of local LEA initiatives. along with Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.000 junior and secondary school pupils were also given reflective safety wristbands to allow drivers a better chance of seeing them on the roads during dark mornings and evenings. More than 22. cycling or going to gym seems a bit too much like hard work – you don’t want to overdo it and sprain something! Don’t panic – one of the most effective and safest forms of exercise is plain old walking! Regular walking can halve the risk of heart disease – helping you live a longer. the thought of running. colon cancer and type 2 diabetes • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol • Reduces body fat and weight • Enhances mental wellbeing and self-esteem. promoting prevention of mobile phone and iPod theft. 10 Corus SA13 News for the community .co. offering a choice of coastal. And if young people feel more secure and happy in their everyday lives. more than 100 pupils aged 14 and 15 took part in a ‘peer education’ training day involving the police.500 children given safety packs including holographic identity stickers and UV marker pens in a bid to cut the number of mobile phone and iPod muggings in the area. or join a local walking club – a great way to meet new people. preferably all days of the week • But even 10-minute walks can increase fitness. provided they are brisk Walking and lifestyle Walking can be enjoyed as a solitary. reducing the risk of falls Walking tips • Even walking at a moderate pace of three miles per hour is sufficient – aim to walk fast without over-exertion (you should just about be able to hold a conversation) • Experts recommend accumulating a total of 30 minutes of brisk walking on most. drugs misuse counsellors and other agencies.corussouthwales. or it can provide a way of catching up with people.” The initiatives have seen 12. “To that end. helping prevent osteoporosis • Helps flexibility and co-ordination. But for many of us. hill or valley routes – all within a very short distance of the town centre. “Corus is trying to help and persuade young people to be more responsible for their own actions and be more considerate towards fellow pupils and members of the public. meditative activity. now is a good time to think about getting back into shape. mobile phone-shaped keyfobs with helpline telephone numbers were given out to pupils at Sandfields Comprehensive Schools to raise the profile in a bid to prevent bullying. The aim of the initiative was to train the youngsters in a range of crime prevention topics so that they could later deliver their own lessons. Corus has sponsored the Safer Partnership and Neath Port Talbot County Council’s schools poster campaigns ‘Cud UB Nxt!’. Ask your family and friends to go for a walk. Strong scientific evidence now supports the following benefits of regular walking: • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Corus backs campaign to help pupils become safer Young people in Neath Port Talbot are learning how to be socially responsible and guard against crime with help from Corus and the Safer Neath Port Talbot Community Safety Partnership. and relieves depression and anxiety • Increases bone density. this may develop into positive attitudes and more neighbourly communities. and ‘Avoid close encounters’ (road safety). healthier life.” said Corus community spokesman Keith Farron. And in the latest initiative. Three campaigns in the past two years have seen pupils from all 11 secondary schools across the county being shown how to take a stand against bullying and theft and become more aware of personal safety.COMMUNITY Walk your way to health With the days getting longer and warmer.

the event reached its 25th anniversary. their carers and families. Business Headquarters. First senior runner was Martin Rees. drinking bottle. also supplied two backup minibuses and two outriders. Winners will be notified within five working days of the draw and listed in the next edition of SA13. sports cap. who were later joined by the police’s Bridgend-based Driving School which. We have five goody bags to give away. in a time of 30:42 (30 minutes 42 seconds). local hero Richard Burton gave permission to use his name. PO Box 42. police drivers. With the backing of Sally and Graham Jenkins. SA13 2NG. The service has provided support to thousands of families in the Neath and Port Talbot areas. The judges’ decision is final. Port Talbot.” Due to icy conditions overnight.COMMUNITY Richard Burton’s memory lives on It began 27 years ago and is now one of the UK’s most prestigious and famous local road races. SIM card memory reader. Richard’s brother. he died six months later. tin of colouring pencils.” said race organiser John Williams. Name Address Age Phone number The closing date for entries is Friday 30 May 2008. thanks to our main sponsor Corus.000 – as well as making a community award of £2. Win a Corus goody bag Children’s Competition Spot the hazards Win this Corus ‘goody bag’ comprising a teeshirt. their families and friends braved driving rain and wind to complete a 52-mile sponsored walk from Briton Ferry to Brecon in September last year. “But his widow Sally contacted us to say that she would be pleased if we kept Richard’s name in our race title. visit www. Corus Strip Products UK. All you have to do is circle as many safety hazards and unsafe situations in the picture as you can. Veterans over 50’s (33:14). Belgrave Harriers. electronic suduko game. and a frisbee. The idea was dreamt up by Corus Steel & Slab employees. a charity set up in 1993 to help cancer sufferers. And now. as well as supplying walkers. The 10km race was won by Simon Jones. and all proceeds went to Macmillan Cancer Care and local charities Red Cross. the future is secure for another three years. mousemat. Two years later. Cut out and send your entry to: The Editor. “Sadly. The race was originally intended to raise funds for a family who had lost loved ones in a car crash.) Illustration courtesy of ROSPA.richardburtonroadrace. the Richard Burton 10km Run in Cwmafan took place on 6 January. Cwmafan OAPs and the Burns Unit at Morriston Hospital. Corus funded the logistics and provided sponsorship to the tune of £5. For full details of the athletes’ times and information on the race. The event included a 5km fun run. notepad wallet. the start had to be delayed one hour while the Council took the precautions of gritting the undulating course for the safety of the runners. (Here’s a clue: there are more than 10.000 towards CISS’s literature costs. and attracted a record entry of more than 500 athletes. Held in memory of arguably one of Wales’s greatest ever actors. The walkathon aimed to raise money for CISS (Cancer Information and Support Services). Corus SA13 News for the community 11 .com Wet walk for a good cause Around 40 steelworkers. and the first woman athlete over the line was Andrea Whitcombe. Swansea Harriers in the ‘Veterans over 35’s’ category in a time of 35:11. Calls received out of office hours will be directed by the Security Department). For written enquiries please address to: Manager Environment. or all three disciplines (swimming.. For more details visit ‘What’s On’ in the community news section of www. Lots to see. Sunday 13th July.corussouthwales. Please bring your own Sunday 5th July. Neath Round Table Carnival. National Waterfront Museum Swansea. Aberavon Promenade Free entry. dot com. Fun for all the family with lots to see and do. You can even browse SA13 on the site. Starting at to view ‘What’s On’ in your area. PO Box 42. wildlife and the environment. Your community newspaper SA13 SA13 is written and produced by Communications. community activities.What’s On with Corus For more information on forthcoming Corus sponsored events in South All year round. SA13 2NG. The first 200 children to register receive a Corus goody bag and certificate of achievement. whether on environmental issues. Business Join in the fun and thrill of the rides. Swansea Marina Various events throughout the year for children and families in the Corus and Community sponsored Learning Zone. cycling and running) in your own do and participate in. Fax: 01639 603 179 Email: cspuk. Business Headquarters. Afan Lido and Aberavon Beachfront Free entry. Cwrt Herbert Playing Fields. Saturday 12th July. Corus Try-A-Triathlon. and it will take you directly to the community page of the Corus website. SA13 2NG. Visit Environmental complaints 01639 871111 (24 hours) For calls concerning environmental issues such as noise and air quality (during normal office hours the telephone exchange will re-direct your call. visit www. PO Box 42. PO Box 42. Visit www. Join the crowds to watch the dozens of hardy competitors braving the waves in this spectacular local event. How to contact us Correspondence to the Editor The Editor will be pleased to receive your thoughts and opinions on any article you have read in this issue of SA13 Corus community newspaper. Sponsors of the Corus Pavilion.museumwales. Port Talbot. So why not join us and try any.00pm. Business Headquarters. Corus Strip Products Community Award applications (for Neath Port Talbot and Pontardulais areas) Applications for community awards. Corus Strip Products UK. Corus Strip Products Port Weekend 11th & 12th July. with many stalls and exhibition events taking place. Sponsors of the Corus Pavilion. Address: The Editor. Corus Strip Products UK for the residents in Port Talbot and surrounding area. Live entertainment continues on Saturday.nsasave. We would like to hear your views and opinions. Neath Starting with ‘Friday Live’. etc. including ‘What’s On @ Corus’ events and sponsorships. music at 6. FSC labelled products are made with consideration for people. The FSC label guarantees that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. 40th Round the Pier Swim. the combined swim and run begins and finishes at Aberavon Green Stars RFC Clubhouse. 12 Corus SA13 News for the community . Check out the website for details of all forward event Port Talbot.30pm. Visit New Sandfields & Aberavon Beach Festival. live acts and local radio coverage. Email: cspuk. community sponsorships/partnerships and ‘community assist’ projects for consideration must be submitted in writing to the following address: Community Liaison for dot community You can now view community activities on our updated website each for further details. and other topical stories of interest. Listen to the band. SA13 2NG or fax: 01639 872 159. Aberavon Beachfront Free viewing.