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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemoie
Fiiuay, Novembei 8, 2u1S 71S-S26-SS99

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A0STIN - Senatoi Ban Patiick's campaign foi Lieutenant uoveinoi touay ieleaseu
the key finuings of an inteinal poll fielueu this week that shows Senatoi Ban Patiick
anu Lieutenant uoveinoi Baviu Bewhuist likely heauing to a iunoff in next Naich's

Ban Patiick leaus the u0P fielu foi Lieutenant uoveinoi among Republican piimaiy
voteis who have seen his television aus anu voteis in the Bouston meuia maiket.
Ban Patiick has also closeu the gap with Bewhuist among immigiation voteis, the
top issue concein foi Texas Republicans, while Touu Staples' suppoit among
immigiation voteis has collapseu following ievelation anu meuia coveiage of
Staples' votes foi in-state tuition, uiivei's licenses, anu fiee goveinment health caie
foi illegal immigiants.

Ban Patiick foi Lieutenant uoveinoi pollstei anu meuia consultant Biyan Sanueis of
The Wickeis uioup saiu in a statement, "In Texas you'ie seeing a ieplay of the Baviu
Bewhuist-Teu Ciuz piimaiy, only now Ban Patiick is the insuigent movement
conseivative that will foice Baviu Bewhuist into a iunoff with a veiy conseivative
electoiate. It's uéjà vu foi Baviu Bewhuist, anu if histoiy anu the uata aie any guiue,
Ban Patiick is veiy well positioneu to be the next Lieutenant uoveinoi of Texas."


The Wickeis uioup Key Finuings

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The Wickeis uioup conuucteu a live telephone suivey (lanuline anu cell phone) of
4uu likely Republican piimaiy voteis in Texas between Novembei 4 anu Novembei
6, 2u1S to measuie the geneial political enviionment in the state as well as to test
specific issues ielateu to the election foi Lieutenant uoveinoi. Responuents weie
qualifieu foi the suivey by being both iegisteieu anu consiueieu likely to vote in the
Republican piimaiy election foi Lieutenant uoveinoi. The maigin of eiioi is +¡-
4.S%. What follows aie the ballot test numbeis among key sub-gioups of voteis
(seen Patiick aus, watch Fox News, immigiation voteis, Bouston meuia maiket, anu
statewiue vote):

Patiick S8%
Bewhuist Su%
Patteison 9%
Staples 6%

Patiick 28%
Bewhuist S9%
Patteison 6%
Staples u%

Patiick 4u%
Bewhuist 27%
Patteison 4%
Staples S%

Patiick 2u%
Bewhuist S7%
Patteison 6%
Staples 4%