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Easter poems

Patience Chocolate Easter bunny In a jelly bean nest, I'm saving you for very last Because I love you best. I'll only take a nibble From the tip of your ear An one bite from the other si e !o that you "on't look #ueer. $um, your'e so elicious% I i n't mean to eat $our chocolate tail till &ues ay. 'oops% &here go your feet% I "on er ho" your back tastes (ith all that chocolate hair. I never thought your tummy (as only fille "ith air% Chocolate Easter bunny In a jelly bean nest, I'm saving you for very last Because I love you best. Bobbie )at* Bunnies Bunnies are bro"n Bunnies are "hite Bunnies are al"ays An Easter elight. Bunnies are cu ly &he large an the small. But I like chocolate ones &he best of them all. Easter Everywhere

op my bunny hop. hop. Four bro"n eggs in a nest of hay. flop.ere is on an here's another.ip hooray. . flop. Easter &he Easter Bunny's feet /o hop. . Hop. (here the eggs may be. hop. (here the eggs may be. hop. Hop . Easter car s of greeting. . . -ilies just to tell us It's Easter every"here. -et us look an see. (ith a hop. Another yello" chick cheep1cheepe /oo &hree bro"n eggs in a nest of hay.op. ay. -ook an see.+abbits soft an cu ly Baby chickens. Easter eggs for baskets (hite an pink an blue. Five Brown Eggs Five bro"n eggs in a nest of hay. Hop. . . hop. hop. (hile his big pink ears /o flop. 'ne yello" chick poppe out to play. flop. too. .ere's a lovely one for mother.e is rushing on his "ay &o bring our eggs on Easter 0ay. flop.op along my little bunny $ou look s"eet an very funny 'n this Easter ay.usic in the air. . hop. &"o bro"n eggs in a nest of hay. Crack "ent another one.

an blue. Chil ren are "aiting so I must go%3 Some Things That Easter Brings Easter uck an Easter chick.e t"irle as he came hopping o"n the lane. I must hop. (on't you stop.e opene his umbrella just in case of rain. pink. stop4 35o. . an there is lots to o. an blue.appy Easter% Five Baby Bunnies Five baby bunnies hopping out to play.3sai . 'ne bro"n egg in a nest of hay. hop. &he thir baby bunny tie her bonnet so ne". . &he fourth baby bunny skippe o"n the sha y lane. &he last yello" chick poppe out to say. Bunny. 2n er her chin. .opping in the forest on happy Easter 0ay. 3-ook "hat I see3 -ots an lots of coloure eggs hi ing near the tree. Easter eggs "ith chocolate thick.r. Bunny. hop. stop. Easter Bunny makes a call% . Bunny. Eggs must be colore green. . long rink. I'll tie each baske "ith a pretty bo". Easter is coming. .'ne more chick pecke his shell a"ay. . &he secon baby bunny came to the river's brink.r. Easter hats for one an all. &he first baby bunny carrie his ne" cane. &aste the cool "ater an took a long. a bo" of pink. "hite. &he fifth baby bunny sai .r.

3 3A"""".3 3&"o for you.3 3(.3 3But there are so fe". an a yello" too1 &.make orange "hen you get through. . At every house he makes a stop -ooking for a rea y basket Into "hich the can y rops.A&'-.3 3I like orange.erbie hops.appy Easter al"ays brings !uch a lot of pleasant things.3 3I "ant pink ones. Elsie 6arrish Jelly Beans 3I like "hite ones. Easter morning.3 3I like black.3 3(ait% here's a re ..ere are t"o.3 Aileen Fisher Hopping Herbie 0o"n the trail ol . I've looke them through.A& shall "e o1 there isn't an orange.3 3. faces pop 'ut the oor of every stop.

his tire ears flop. At the en . . tipsy toeing. $ou ought to kno" that Bunny's coming. !o you can be prepare % Fin ing a Treat .e'll bring a basket fille "ith eggs An leave it in my yar . I'll look every"here. &is roun the house an 'bout the house a1lightly I am going. hippity hop.!miling chil ren see "ith pleasure All the treats that . . .3 . But his Easter "ork "as tops% Secret Information (oul you like to kno" a secret4 (ell. I'll look until I fin my treat. (ill the Easter Bunny stop4 (ill he leave a treat behin An Easter basket for me to fin 4 I'll look over here. I shoul n't tell my secret. An then I'll sit right o"n an eat.erbie rops. An I "ill fin it Easter morn. I'll tell you one I kno"7 &he Easter's Bunny's coming. But I think it shoul be share . Eggs an paint are all aroun him. 3&is in the house an out the house a1tipsy.ippity hop. If I look very har . !eeting the Easter Bunny 'n Easter morn at early a"n before the roosters "ere cro"ing.erbie hea s back to his shop. I'll look over there. I'll look behin things. I met a bob1tail bunnykin an aske "here he "as going.y mama tol me so.

6retty an funny. Easter eggs..e shook his tail1 (hat tail he ha 1 An stoo up on his toes. Can y s"eet. For every chil in every house on bonny Easter 0ay.e perke his ears An "inke his eye An t"itche his little nose8 . $ello" an blue.3 !o he hippety1hoppe a"ay. Easter eggs. 3I must be gone before the sun8 &he East is gro"ing gray8 3&is almost time for bells to chime. (. .E EA!&E+ B255$4 "olouring Easter Eggs I take an egg All shiny "hite An then I ip It out of sight. But. Easter eggs. Easter eggs.E+E I! &. For me an you.3 . (. +o"ena Bennett Easter Surprise Easter eggs.. 3&is chocolate eggs an bonbon eggs An eggs of re an gray.E+E '. Are goo to eat.3But "hat is that of every hue you carry in your basket43 3&is eggs of gol an eggs of blue83 I "on er that you ask it.

fill the basket. Easter morning a"ning fine . has a secret 'f the most ama*ing kin . esigne 7 Eggs "ith iamon s. Best of all. !arah Bene etti Hil y . Eggs "ith flo"ers. I've alrea y picke up nine. Eggs "ith t"inkly1"inkly bars. . Easter morning.y hen.I leave it there (ithin the cup &hen after a minute I pick it up. herself. An oh% It's a lovely !ha e of green% &he prettiest Easter egg I've ever seen. Eggs "ith crescents. Easter y. fill the basket every time Can y eggs an jelly beans are tucke behin each gro"ing pine. . An t"o eggs "ith rainbo" sho"ers% . For Easter she lai patterne eggs &hat she. is a marvel. Fill the basket.ave to fin the Easter eggs no". Eggs "ith stars. . she's promise me &o lay them every year% 9eanene Engelhar t Egg Hunt :to the tune of 3Clementine3. !he's a arling an a ear.y hen.

e left bright Easter toys 111 0o"ny chicks for little girls An rabbits for the boys. you kno". reach an climb. see them glo" an see them shine.opping o"n the hall 111 . . Fin each hi en Easter treat no". $ello" eggs an blue an re In the grass an flo"er be (e "ill hunt them every"here Is it really you "ho put them there4 S%y Bunnies &he sky is full of bunny clou s !o soft an fat an "hite.e hoppe so very #uietly. ben an scramble. An there's no reason "hy . &hen "e foun bright Easter eggs &ucke behin the chairs 2pon the "in o"sill an in &he corners of the stairs. 9oin me "ith my Easter can y an together "e "ill ine. !ee them glo" an see them glisten. &hank you for the eggs you bring At Easter time to "elcome spring. He Hoppe So #ery $uietly (e i n't hear the Easter Bunny .opping #uickly out of sight. I "on er if they're hi ing eggs For stars to fin at night. Because it's Easter Eve. Easter Bunny Easter bunny soft an "hite . pick them up an they'll be mine. But on the breakfast table . ben an scramble.Ben an scramble.e ma e no noise at all.

&he tulips in the gar en Are "earing yello" hats8 &he pussy"illo"s by the brook .ave fur like any cats'.&here shoul n't be an Easter hunt In mea o"s in the sky. &he bee is honey hunting8 &he robin's chirp is gay8 An all the "orl is singing. happy Easter 0ay%3 . 3'h.