Cleveland Park Service Lane

What the Cleveland Park community requested from DDOT “The creation of a comprehensive plan to study the project area including but not limited to parking considerations, challenges to the service lane, re-engineering of all three intersections, and creating a uniform aesthetic.”
-Community Purpose & Need Statement, 2010 Submitted to DDOT by the Connecticut Avenue Coalition Committee, representing members of: CPBA, CPCA, ANC 3C, CPHS and community members

What DDOT presented to the Cleveland Park community
DDOT presented four concepts for the service lane area to the community in September. All four concepts presented retain some level of parking, but all options that modify the service lane would reduce the number of parking spaces. DDOT recognizes the challenges of parking access in the community. To address this issue, we have discussed performance parking with the public as a parking management tool for improving turnover and availability of metered on-street spaces. Feedback from these discussions has been positive. The study has not explored the establishment of a public parking facility in the neighborhood. The District does not own or operate stand-alone municipal parking facilities, and the experience in most other jurisdictions has been that these facilities require ongoing operating subsidies.

What we have heard from you about the Service Lane during this study process…
During the course of this study process and public participation, DDOT has received feedback on the service lane from a diverse spectrum of stakeholders. To date, DDOT has received over 500 emails, feedback sheets, and letters, expressing a wide range of opinions about the service lane and visions for the future of Cleveland Park. We encourage you to review the letters below, from members of your community, expressing divergent opinions but also shared interests.

DRAFT Recommendation
Based on public feedback collected during the study process, the largest sentiment expressed to date by community members and stakeholders is a desire to retain the service lane as it exists today, electing a “No Build” scenario. Of the four concepts presented, the next most desirable option among community members and stakeholders was Option 4 “Restore Historic Sidewalk.” DDOT has found pilot projects to be a good way to understand the real time effects (positive and negative) of transitions in the use of right of way. However, we have heard from various stakeholder groups in Cleveland Park that they are not interested in a pilot project for the service lane. DDOT continues to remain open to the possibility and are happy to discuss more with the community.

What do you think?

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