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Adjective Clause Verbal adjective dapat dibuat dengan memendekkan Adjective Clause menjadi phrase atau kata.

Verbal adjective yang terdiri dari satu kata letaknya di sebelah kiri dari Noun yang diterangkannya. Sedangkan verbal phrase letaknya di sebelah kanan yang diterangkannya. Contoh: Adjective clause: Doctors could not save the man who was dying of cancer. erbal adjective phrase: Doctors could not save the man dying of cancer. !ne"word verbal adjective Doctors could not save the dying man #$ercise %: &abungkan kedua kalimat ini menjadi satu kalimat yang mengandung adjective clause %. Danny 'aye is a well known entertainer. (ohn has met him. ). *is idea was to finish his work before writing the letter. + approved of the idea. ,. -he little girl is my cousin.s daughter She is wearing red hair ribbon /. -he flowers are beautiful 0ou brought them to me. 1. -hat is the place. 2e had a picnic there

3. She couldn.t go to the party 2hat was the reason4 5. -hat is my friend from Chicago. 0ou read her book 6. -hat is the 7ongfellow 8uilding + have often heard of it 9. Susan finds time for painting She is a very busy person %:. +n a few years the time will come. 2e will be glad we worked hard and saved our money.

;7et.s 2rite #nglish<

=engubah Adjective Clause menjadi adjective >hrase Clause: -he man who is talking to (ohn is from 'orea >hrase: -he man "" "" talking to (ohn is from 'orea Clause: -he ideas which are presented in that book are interesting >hrase: -he ideas "" "" presented in that book are interesting Clause: Ann is the woman who is responsible for preparing the budget >hrase: Ann is the woman "" "" responsible for preparing the budget Clause: -he books that are on that shelf are mine >hrase: -he books "" "" on that shelf are mine Clause: #nglish has an alphabet that consists of )3 letters >hrase: #nglish has an alphabet "" consisting of )3 letters Clause: Anyone who wants to come with us is welcome >hrase: Anyone "" wanting to come with us is welcome Clause: &eorge 2ashington? who was the president? was a general >hrase: &eorge 2ashington? "" "" the president? was a general ;@nderstanding A 8etty ABar<

#$ercise ) >endekkan setiap kalimat menjadi kalimat yang mengandung verbal adjective %. -he basket which hangs on the wall contains a rare species of bromeliad ). >eople who suffer from a severe depression should seek help from a psychologist who has a license. ,. -he aardvark? which hunts at night? feeds entirely on ants and termites. /. -he people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet 1. + come from a city that is located in the southern part of the country 3. -he children who attend that school receive a good education 5. -he scientists who are researching the causes of cancer are making progress. 6. -he fence which surrounds our house is made of wood. 9. -hey live in a house that was built in %69: %:. 2e have an apartment which overlooks the park. %%. Do you know the woman who is coming toward us4 ;@nderstanding A 8etty ABar< Contoh -he people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet. ;adjective clause< -he people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet;adj phrase< -he people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet;+nduk kalimat< -hey are waiting for the bus in the rain ;anak kalimat< 2aitingCpeople;verbal adj<

#$ercise , 8eri tanda kurung pada setiap verbal adjective dan beri tanda panah dari verbal adjective tersebut menuju kata yang diterangkannya. Semuanya ada ): verbal adjectives %. -hat hanging basket contains a rare species of bromeliad. ). >eople suffering from a severe depression should seek help from a licensed psychologist. ,. A crying child is easily comforted by a few soothing words. /. -he homes destroyed by the hurricane will be demolished by one of the city.s wrecking crews during the coming weeks. 1. -he number of vacation days provided by the university is adeDuate for most people. 3. 8aked potatoes are freDuently served with sour cream? grated cheese? and bits of fried bacon. 5. -he old movied shown late at night are freDuently better than movies produced in the last five years. 6. 8adly torn garments should be mended by an e$perienced seamstress or tailor. 9. olunteers recruited by the sheriff searched for the lost hikers for several e$hausting days. %:. >eople walking in poorly lighted areas at night should be e$tremely careful. ;8uilding Skills for -!#E7<

#$ercise A comple$ sentence contains at least one main clause and one subordinate clause. #ach of the following comple$ sentences contains at least one subordinate adjective clause. 2rite down all the adjective clauses %. >ottery makers who used Fthe metal of clayG for cooking utensils foreshadowed one of the early uses of aluminum that modern man developed ). =odern man struggled for many years to develop a process that he could use to separate aluminum from other elements to which it was bonded. ,. @ntil %6/1? scientists failed to discover a process which could separate aluminum from its various alloys. /. -he particles of aluminum that were formed by early processes were no larger than the head of a pin. 1. +n %61/ a Erenchman named Deville developed a process which produced lumps of aluminum that were the siBe of a marble. 3. *is process? which represented an important advance and which founded the aluminum industry? produced pure aluminum by chemical means. 5. -he cost of the new metal? which was at first considered almost priceless? was H1/1 per pound in %61). 6. Napoleon.s honored guests were served with forks and spoons which were made of the new metal? but his less important guests had to use tableware which was made of less e$pensive metals such as gold and silver. 9. -he price of the metal? which had surpassed even that of gold? fell rapidly in %619 when Erench plants began full production. %:. Erance? where the process was developed? took an early lead in aluminum production. ;8uilding Skills for -!#E7<

#$ercise Adjective clauses may be marked by introductory words such as which? whom? that? etc. or they may be unmarked. -here are %/ unmarked adjective clauses in the following sentences. %. ). ,. /. 1. 3. 5. 6. 9. %:. -he twenty"eight space mission the @nited States launched in the %93:.s and %95:.s involved very e$pensive spacecraft NASA could use only once. -he rocket system engineers designed launched the spacecraft successfully but burned up as it fell back to earth. -he capsule the astronauts rode in was also designed to be used only once. -he Space -ransportation System ;S-S< program >resident Ni$on approved in %95) called for the development of a spacecraft NASA could reuse many times. -he design NASA selected for the S-S program is made up of three basic parts. -he part the astronauts can control is the cargo"carrier. -he first S-S flight NASA had originally scheduled for April %: finally lifted off on Sunday? April %)?%96%. -he first launch was delayed because of a problem with the computer system the spacecraft used. -he astronaut NASA officials chose for the first S-S flight had a great deal of e$perience because of the five other space flights he had made. -he S-S flight NASA launched in April a96% was intended to be the first of many shuttle flights the @nited States would send up in the following years.

;8uilding Skills for -!#E7<