Semester –IV Compulsory Papers


Paper SW20: Management of Development Organizations Paper SW 21: Human Rights and So ial Wor! Pra ti e Paper SW 22: So ial Poli " Paper SW 2#: $ield Wor! Pra ti um

Elective Papers : Any One Paper from the available Electives

Paper SW 2%&a': Rural (ommunit" Development) Paper SW 2% &*': So ial Wor! +ith the ,lderl" Paper SW 2% & ': ,nvironment and So ial Wor! Paper SW 2% &d': H-./0-DS and So ial Wor! Pra ti e

Elective Papers : Any One Paper from the available Electives

Paper SW 21 &a': So ial Wor! and Disaster Management Paper SW 21 &*': (onfli t Mitigation and Pea e 2uilding Paper SW 21 & ': 3ender and Development Paper SW 21 &d': (ounselling 4heor" and Pra ti e Paper SW 21 &e': Dissertation

SW 20: MANAGEMENT OF DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATIONS OBJECTIVES: • • • Understand the nature and context of development organizations as civil society initiatives Develop skills in planning and management of civil society organizations Understand contemporary development discourses and suitable strategies

COURSE CONTENTS: Unit I: Basic Concepts • Development organizations as civil society organisations, Peoples organisation and various forms- Voluntary Organizations/Non Governmental Organizations - Societies, Cooperatives, Trusts, Trade unions; • Voluntary Action: Ideological basis of voluntary organization; Changing context of voluntary organizations • Government policies for voluntary sector: NGO-Government interface; Globalization and development organizations
• 4ransparen "5 a ounta*ilit" and legitima " of the 63O se tor

Unit II: Organizational Structure and Management
• • •

Organisational planning: .ision5 mission5 goals5 development of ore strategies and o*7e tives $ormation of an organisation: Relevant 8egislations9 So iet":s registration a t5 (ompanies a t5 Pu*li 4rust 0 t5 (ooperative 0 t5 -n ome ta; &1205 <0 3' Shop and (ommer ial ,sta*lishment 0 t) Sustaina*ilit": -nstitutional and pro7e t5 liaison and net+or!ing= 3overnment5 63O and (orporate partnership

Unit III: Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation •
• • •

Approaches to planning, monitoring and evaluation; Project model approach, Project Cycle approach, Logical Framework Analysis, micro planning, comprehensive strategic planning
Pro7e t Preparation > Prin iples and Steps in pro7e t preparation5 6eed 0ssessment5 Surve"= PR0/P80 e;er ises9 So ial impa t assessment5 So ial and -nstitutional anal"sis and assessment5 Sta!eholder 0nal"sis Pro7e t 0ppraisal9So ial5 4e hni al and $inan ial 0nal"sis5 Pro7e t Monitoring and Parti ipator" Monitoring and feed*a ! loop5 Models of ,valuation9,valuation Design and out ome mapping

Unit IV: Building of uman !esources

• • • •

HR Poli ies and pra ti es: Re ruitment5 Sele tion and indu tion5 ompensation Human Resour e Planning and (areer Planning in .oluntar" organisations Development of Human resour es: (apa it" 2uilding5 4raining and (ommuni ation and leadership Organisational (ulture


Unit V: !esource "obili#ation and Office "anagement Resour e mo*ilization: -nternal and e;ternal resour es5 $und raising > prin iples5 sour es methods and impli ations= • $oreign funding > appli ation5 pro edure and $(R0 • $inan ial Management: 2udgeting5 a ounting and auditing5 maintenan e of re ords • Pu*li it" and pu*li relations • Offi e management: re ord !eeping5 do umentation and filing5 up!eep and ergonomi s Core !eadings •

6anavatt"5 M)() ? @ul!arni5 P)D) Smith5 D)H) Mu!her7ee5 @)@) ? Mu!her7ee5 S) 2r"son5 C)M)


63Os in the (hanging S enario) 6e+ Delhi: Bppal Pu*lishing House) 3rassroots Organizations) 4housand Oa!s5 (0: Sage) 0 3uide 2oo! for Strengthening .oluntar" Organizations) 3hazia*ad: 3ram 6i"o7an @endra) Strategi Planning for Pu*li and 6onprofit Organizations: 0 3uide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational 0 hievement) Cosse"92ass) Human Resour es Management for Pu*li 6onprofit Organizations) Cosse"92ass) Management Development Organizations5 6e+ Delhi5 S03, and and

2000 1AAA


P"nes5 C),)


Pada!i5 .) ? .az5 M) Sidel5 M) ? Daman5 -) 2rod"5 R)




Philanthrop" and 8a+ in South 0sia5 6e+ Delhi: 0PP(


,ffe tivel" Managing Human Servi e Organizations) Sage Pu*li ations)

)5 ? O:(onnor5 M)@) 200% 2002 4he 0rt of Su essful $und Raising5 6e+ Delhi: (0P Organization Pra ti e: 0 So ial Wor!erEs 3uide to Bnderstanding Human Servi es) 0ll"n ? 2a on) .Dadra+ala5 6)H) 6etting5 $).

t of Human Rights 4heories and philosoph" of human rights: Politi al s"stems and Paradigms -ndian (onstitution: $undamental rights and duties Unit II: Human Rights Declarations.SW 21: HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE OBJECTIVES: • • • • Bnderstand the onte. onomi 5 So ial and (ultural Right De laration on the Rights of the (hild and (onvention on the Rights of the (hild De laration on the . Treaties and Conventions • • • • • 4he Bniversal De laration of Human Rights5 1A%< -nternational (ovenant on (ivil and Politi al Right -nternational (ovenant on .t of Human Rights and the emergen e of rights *ased perspe tive in so ial +or! pra ti e 0ppl" human rights frame+or! for understanding issues and on erns affe ting so iet" Develop !no+ledge and s!ills reFuired in +or!ing for a 7ust so iet" Develop appropriate attitudes and ommitment reFuired to +or! for a 7ust and eFuita*le so iet" COU!$E CO%&E%&$: Unit I: uman !ights '&heoretical Orientation • • • (on ept and histori al onte.limination of all forms of intoleran e and of dis rimination *ased on religion or *elief Unit III: Human Rights in the Indian context • • • • Human Rights 9 on ern and evolution in -ndia Human rights and vulnera*le onstituen ies &(hildren5 Women5 Minorities5 -ndigenous population5 Refugees5 Dalits5 Persons +ith disa*ilit"5 Slum d+ellers' Human right issues under glo*alization 9 4rade and 8a*our= Development5 Hunger5 Povert"5 Migrant +or!ers and 8a*our rights) Mapping onfli t zones and human right violations in ontemporar" -ndia .

istaar Pu*li ations 2) Mathe+5 P)D) 1AAG #) (entre for Development of Human Rights Pereira5 W) 200% %) 1AAH 1) -fe5 C) 2001 G) Rei hert5 .mpo+erment and eman ipator" approa hes to so ial +or! pra ti e Human rights perspe tive in so ial +or! pra ti e: ethni sensitive pra ti e5 feminist pra ti e5 so ial +or! +ith diverse groups So ial +or! pra ti e +ith vi tims of human rights violations= Human rights a tivism and ivil so iet" initiatives in -ndia 9 PB(8 and PBDR Core !eadings 1) 6aseema5 () 2002 Human Rights .Unit IV: Human Rights and Protection Systems • • • • • 3lo*al s"stems: the Bnited 6ations5 -nternational Human Rights -nstruments (ovenants and Proto ols B6(HR 1A%< and su*seFuent developments 6ational Human Rights (ommission and its role -nternational human rights agen ies: 0mnest" -nternational5 Human Rights Wat h 6on97udi ial enfor ement of Human Rights &Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting5 Humanitarian intervention'5 (ase la+s Unit V: Human Rights and Social Work • • • • • (ode of ethi s of so ial +or! and prote tion of human rights . 200# H) 0mnest" -nternational 1AA# .du ation: (on eptual and Pedagogi al aspe ts5 6e+ Delhi: @anish!a Pu*lishing House) $undamental Rights in 0 tion) 6e+ Delhi: -ndian So ial -nstitute 4he Right to Development: 0 primer5 (entre for Development of Human Rights5 6e+ Delhi: Sage Pu*li ations) -nhuman Rights: 4he Western S"stem and 3lo*al Human Rights 0*use5 3oa: 4he Other -ndia Press) Human Rights and So ial Wor!: 4o+ards Rights9*ased Pra ti e) B@: (am*ridge Bniversit" Press So ial Wor! and Human Rights: 0 $oundation for Poli " and Pra ti e5 6e+ Ior!: (olum*ia Bniversit" press) Human Rights in -ndia) 6e+ Delhi: .

<) 6irmal5 ()C) 1AAA Human Rights in -ndia > Histori al5 So ial and Politi al Perspe tives5 Delhi: O.i5 B) 2002 10) (handra5 0) 2000 .ford Bniversit" Press) 4he $uture of Human Rights5 6e+ Delhi: Bniversit" press) Human Rights 0 tivism and Role of 63O:s5 Delhi: Ra7at Pu*li ations) A) 2a.

and Human Rights India’s colonial past and Indian constitutional provisions. political parties-manifesto and policy goals Ideologies-state formations. state. scope and context Social policy domain: Welfare State. Overview of Five Year Plans. thematic vs. convergence/divergence of service delivery mechanisms and processes. Judicial activism. Social Planning: Concept and scope.Conceptual and Methodological Issues • Approaches and tools -Political economy. values and principles (social justice.t) 0 Fuire !no+ledge of poli " anal"sis and poli " formulation pro esses Develop riti al insights into the +or!ing of poli ies9identif"ing on eptual and operational la unae) . Rights. lobbies and pressure groups. influences. participatory processes. decentralization and devolution practices. critique. Advocacy.SW 22: SOCIAL POLICY OB(EC&IVE$: • • • • Develop an understanding of the nature of so ial poli " in the ultural /so ial politi al5 e onomi onte.Social Welfare. respect for diversity) Unit II: Social Policy Development and Implementation • • • • • Approaches to social policy: Welfare. Human Rights approaches . diversity and uniformity. research. government-process. Gender analysis/Gender budgeting. Neo liberal climate. Social Services. Supra national bodies and globalization. equality. development and rights based approach to social policy Models of social policy and applicability to Indian State-change of governments and policy departures/changes Elements of policy climate: Political environment. Unit III: Policy Analysis. levels of planning: local/regional/state/national.amine intervention strategies and their appli ation to +ider situations9 stud" *est pra ti es in poli " intervention) COURSE CONTENTS: Unit I: Introduction to Social Policy • • • • Social Policy: Concept. social movements. shifts and radical departures. goals. structures and processes and institutional mechanisms. analytical approaches. Policy Formulation: Determinants and steps.. Welfare Services. Planning as an instrument of social policy.

Welfare Policies: Analysis of OBJECTIVES/allocations and budgetary expenditures with respect to!ine5 0) ? Ma"5 M) &eds)' Dra!e5 R)$) 1AA< 4he Student:s (ompanion to So ial Poli ") O. health and population and Forest policies.dition) O. participatory evaluation Policy analysis-OBJECTIVES :. rural and urban community development. schemes and programmes of poverty alleviation. Unit V: Policy Interventions – Approaches and Strategies • • • Need and scope of social work intervention Resear h and 0dvo a " approa hes >Strategies and a tion9 identifi ation of issues and sta!e holders in poli "= strateg" formulation= ase illustrations5 evaluation of the strateg" and impa t Pu*li Hearing/2al Pan ha"at/Pani Pan ha"at -nterest 3roups Core Readings 1) Hill5 M) 200# Bnderstanding So ial Poli " Hth . principles. stake holder analysis. purposes and implementation. thrusts. intended outcome Unit IV: Policy Analysis . SC/ ST.• • Policy evaluation based on components like values. 2la !+ell Pu*lishing) Rethin!ing So ial Poli ") 8ondon: Open Bniversit" Press in asso iation +ith Sage Pu*li ations Bnsettling Welfare: 4he Re onstru tion of So ial Poli ") 8ondon: Routledge/4he Open Bniversit") 2) 3ail5 8)5 Sharon5 3) ? (lar!e5 C) &ed)' Hughes5 3) ? 8e+is5 3) &eds)' 2000 #) 1AA< %) 8angan5 M) &ed)' 1AA< Welfare: 6eeds5 Rights Routledge/Open Bniversit") and Ris!s) 8ondon: 1) Razavi5 S) 2000 3endered Povert" and Well92eing) Pu*lishers BS0: 2la !+ell G) 0l o !5 P)5 .ford: 2la !+ell /So ial Poli " 0sso iation) 4he Prin iples of So ial Poli ") 6e+ Ior!: Palgrave) H) 2001 . results and outcome. operation and practice. schemes and programmes pertaining to disabled.Illustrations • • Development Policies: Analysis of OBJECTIVES/allocations and budgetary expenditures with respect to policy. Process elements. and minorities.

ining5 0)R) 1AA% Poli " 0nal"sis: (on epts and Pra ti e) 6e+ Cerse": Prenti e Hall) A Hudson5 C ? 8o+e5 S) 200H Bnderstand the Poli " Pro ess) 6e+Delhi: Ra+at Pu*li ations) 10) 11) Denn" David White5 H)2) 1AA< 1AAA So ial Poli " and So ial Wor!) O.<) Weimer) D)8) ? .ford: (larendon Press -llfare in -ndia) 6e+ Delhi: Sage Pu*li ations $) *+: .ield )or.practicum .

Electives: Any one from SW 24 and one from SW 24 SW 24 (a): RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OB(EC&IVE$: • • • Bnderstand so ial stru ture5 so ial relations and institutions in rural ommunities Develop sensitivit"5 ommitment5 and s!ills to influen e riti al issues in rural ommunities Bnderstand the poli ies5 programmes and approa hes of rural ommunit" development COU!$E CO%&E%&$: U%I& I: Understanding !ural Communities • • • • Rural ommunities: -ssues of identit" and diversit" D"nami s of the rural so iet": (aste5 lass 54ri*e and gender relations= po+er5 onfli t and ontrol 0grarian relations and land reforms Migration: nature5 pattern and impli ations UNIT II: Rural Poor: Contemporary Issues and Concerns • • • • • Stru tural ineFualit" and rural povert" 9 land o+nership/entitlements and alienation5 inde*tedness -ssues of livelihood and food se urit" -ssues of a essi*ilit"5 availa*ilit" and afforda*ilit" of *asi servi es Rural emplo"ment: pro*lems and prospe ts (ommon propert" resour es and impli ations for the poor U%I& III: !ural Community .evelopment • • Rural ommunit" development: (on ept5 nature5 philosoph" and histori al onte.t 0pproa hes to rural ommunit" development .

llis5 $) 2000 Rural 8ivelihoods and Diversit" in Developing (ountries) O.evelopment Policies and Planning • • • • Poli " instruments for rural development: 6ational poli " on agri ulture5 $orest poli " Demo rati de entralization and empo+erment: D"nami s and fun tioning of Pan ha"ati Ra7 Rural mi ro level planning5 4ools5 approa hes and t"pes Rural development in $ive Iear Plans U%I& V: Community O..)C)5 ? @rishna5 0) 1AA< #) @rishna5 0)5 Bphoff5 6)5 ? Milton5 .istaar Pu*li ations) 2) Bphoff5 6)5 Milton5 .ford Bniversit" Press) Reasons for Su ess: 8earning from -nstru tive .perien es in Rural Development) 6e+ Delhi: .• Developing and strengthening (ommunit" 2ased Organizations U%I& IV: Community .evelopment Programmes • • • • Mi ro redit initiatives and mi ro enterprise development Povert" alleviation programmes (ooperative so ieties in rural development (ivil so iet" initiatives: 2est pra ti es Core !eadings 1) .perien es in Rural Development) 6e+ Delhi: .istaar Pu*li ations) %) De*rer"5 2)5 ? @aushi!5 P)D) &eds' 2001 .nergising Rural Development through JPan ha"ats:) 6e+ Delhi: 0 ademi $oundation) .)C) &eds' 1AAH Reasons for Hope: -nstru tive .

perien e) 6e+ Delhi: Sage Pu*li ations) 4he .W0 Manual > 2: Rural Development 2anas @antha and @ut h .ford Bniversit" of Press) G) (ham*ers5 R) 1A<# H) (ro+ell5 W)D) 200# <) 2reman5 C)5 @loos5 P)5 ? Saith5 0) 1AAH A) 0marendra 1AA< Povert"5 Rural Development and Pu*li Poli ") 6e+ Delhi: Deep ? Deep Pu*li ation) Methodolog" for Parti ipator" 0ssessment +ith (ommunities5 -nstitutions and Poli " Ma!ers: Water and Sanitation Programme) 4he World 2an!5 Washington D) ()5 BS0) $ift" Iears of Rural Development in -ndia) Retrospe t and Prospe t5 .1) (houdhar"5 R)() ? Durgaprasad5 P) 1AAA 2asi Rural -nfrastru tures and Servi e for -mproved Kualit" of 8ife5 ..ol --) H"dera*ad: 6ational -nstitute of Rural Development) 10) Da"al5 R) Wi7!5 .illage in 0sia Revisited) Delhi: O.ol -) H"dera*ad: 6ational -nstitute of Rural Development) Rural Development: Putting the 8ast $irst) 8ondon: 8ongman) 4he S.)()5 ? Mu!her7ee5 6) 2000 11) (houdhar"5 R)() ? Ra7a!utt"5 S) 1AA< SW 24(b): SOCIAL WORK WITH THE ELDERLY OBJECTIVES: • • • • Develop theoreti al and pra ti al understanding of gerontologi al issues 3ain insight into the emerging needs and pro*lems of older persons vis9L9vis servi es /programmes for the elderl") Develop riti al understanding of the poli ies and programmes for older persons at the national and international levels) Bnderstand the relevan e and nature of so ial +or! interventions for the elderl" in the ontemporar" so ial situation) COU!$E CO%&E%&$: .

iet"5 depression5 sui ide tenden ies and dementia Rights of older persons against negle t5 a*use5 violen e and a*andonment Unit III: Policy. Programmes and Initiatives • • • • 6ational and -nternational on erns: 6ational Poli " for older persons 1AAA and international resolutions Welfare programmes/s hemes for the elderl" espe iall" +omen and the marginalized (ivil so iet" response: Role of 63Os and ommunit" groups So ial se urit" measures) Unit IV: Strategies for Active and Healthy Ageing • • • • • 0 tive and Health" 0geing: -ntervention in improving +ell *eing and Fualit" of life Ps" hoso ial servi es for promotion of a tive 0ging: ounselling and guidan e servi es for preparation of old age5 lifest"le management and retirement plan programme5 grief ounselling (aring for the elderl": -ssues and pro*lems fa ed *" the famil" $amil" -nterventions and so ial support strategies (reating favora*le/safe environment for the ageing population: Raising famil"/ ommunit"/ hildren a+areness a*out ageing and death5 role of media Unit V: Social Work Intervention • • Home/$amil" *ased servi es5 emergen " response s"stems: Helpline5 peer ounselling) (ommunit" servi es: multi servi e da" are entres5 information and referral servi es) .Unit I: Understanding Old Age • • • • Definition of old age &developmental5 *iologi al5 so ial5 ps" hologi al and ultural perspe tive' Demograph" of the 0geing in -ndia and impli ations of 3re"ing of the Population Ps" hologi al and so iologi al theories of ageing (hanging roles5 po+er and status of older persons Unit II: Needs and Problems of Older Persons • • • • (hanging famil" norms and emerging pro*lems of older persons: Relationship +ith aregivers) Ps" hologi al5 so ial5 and ph"si al needs and pro*lems of older persons Mental health onseFuen es of ageing: 0n.

lderl": 2urden or (hallenge5 6e+ Delhi: Sage Pu*li ations) G) 1AAA H) Desai5 M)5 Siva5 R) &eds)' 2000 3erontologi al So ial Wor! in -ndia: Some -ssues and Perspe tives5 Delhi: 2)R) Pu*lishing (orporation) <) @rishnan5 P)5 ? Mahadevan5 @) &eds)' 1AA2 4he .)5 Camuna5 D) &eds)' Ra7an5 S)-)5 Mishra5 B)S)5 Sarma5 P)S) &eds)' 200% Hand*oo! of -ndian 3erontolog") 6e+ Delhi: Serial Pu*li ation) -ndia:s .5 .lderl" Population in Developed and Developing World: Poli ies5 Pro*lems and Perspe tives) Delhi: 2)R) Pu*lishing (orporation) So ial Wor! +ith Old People) 4he Ma millan Press 8td) 3erontologi al So ial Wor! Pra ti e: -ssues5 (hallenges5 and Potential) Ha+orth So ial Wor! A) 10) Marshall5 M) (o.)5 ? S haie5 @)W) &eds)'5 2001 %) Hareven5 4)@) 0dams5 @)C) &eds)' 1A<2 0ging and 8ife (ourse 4ransitions: 0n -nterdis iplinar" Perspe tive) 6e+ Ior!: 3uilford Press) 1) Ramamurthi5 P).• • • Self help/support groups of the elderl" as +ell as are givers) -nstitutional servi es for the elderl": -nterventions for enhan ing +ell *eing of the institutionalized elderl" So ial +or! interventions in Hospi e and palliative are Core Readings 1) 2ali5 0)P) &ed)' 1AAA Bnderstanding 3re"ing People of -ndia) 6e+ Delhi: -nter -ndia Pu*li ation) Hand*oo! of 0ging and So ial S ien e) 6e+ Ior!: 0 ademi Press) Hand*oo! of the Ps" holog" of 0ging &1th ed)') San Diego: 0 ademi Press 2) 2insto !5 R)H)5 ? 3eorge5 8)@) 2001 #) 2irren5 C).)S)5 ? (hapin5 R)@) 1A<# 2002 .)O)5 @el hner5 .

o So ialism5 .SW 24 (c): ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL WORK OB(EC&IVE$: • • • • 3ain insight a*out environmental pro*lems and hallenges in the glo*al and national onte.nvironment . olog" and .nvironmental degradation: (auses and onseFuen es= differential impa t on +omen5 poor5 marginalized groups and indigenous populations) . olog": Dominant development paradigm and glo*al impli ations -mpa t of neoli*eralism on environment and environmental 7usti e Unit III: State of the Environment and Environmental Concerns • • • 3lo*al environmental issues and on erns) State of -ndia:s land5 +ater5 air5 forests and +ildlife resour es and environmental pro*lems pertaining to them) .t) Develop riti al understanding of environmental poli ies5 legislations and programmes) Bnderstand the strategies and approa hes of environment management Develop s!ills of so ial +or! intervention in the prote tion and promotion of the environment) COURSE CONTENTS: Unit I: Basic Concepts and Interlinkages • • • • -nterlin!ages *et+een .thnoe olog"') .nvironment in the human rights perspe tive) Unit II: Interface between Development and Environment • • • • -nterfa e *et+een environment and development) Sustaina*le development: (on ept5 potentialities and hallenges= 6orth > South perspe tives) Politi s of .nvironmental Custi e= -ndigenous approa hes &3andhian approa h5 .nvironmental Sustaina*ilit": -mpli ations for livelihood se urit" and ommunit" +ell9*eing . o feminism5 .nvironmental pro*lems arising from unplanned ur*an gro+th and developmental pro7e ts) Unit IV: Protection and Promotion of the Environment • -ntrodu tion to approa hes of environmental onservation 9 Deep e olog"5 .

• • • • (onstitutional provisions5 poli ies and legislative frame+or! pertaining to environment prote tion in -ndia) -mportant -nternational treaties and onventions on environment= 0n outline) -mportant programmes of environmental onservation in -ndia) (o9management of environment *" -ndigenous people and other sta!eholders= mainstreaming gender in natural resour e management and onservation) Unit V: Environmental Movements and Interventions • • • • .nvironmental movements: t"polog" and ideologies: anal"sis of sele t movements Role of ivil so iet" organizations in environmental a tion= some ase illustrations) So ial +or! intervention in the management5 prote tion and promotion of the environment) . & Fimbres.nvironmental edu ation and a+areness Core !eadings 1) Temoshok.) 2est Pra ti e (olle tion) 3eneva: B60-DS) -nnovative 0pproa hes to H-.). & 1AA< (aring and (oping: 0 3uide to So ial Servi es) . Prevention: Sele ted (ase Studies) 2est Pra ti e (olle tion) 3eneva: B60-DS) H-. (eds./0-DS and Human Rights 9 -nternational 3uidelines) 3eneva: Bnited 6ations) Wor!ing +ith Women and 0-DS: Medi al5 So ial and (ounselling -ssues) 6e+ Ior!: 4avisto ! Routledge) 2) Leukefeld. 1AA0 Ps" hoso ial Perspe tives on 0-DS: . C. M.tiolog"5 Prevention5 and 4reatment) 6e+ Cerse": 8) . A. B60-DS/WHO 1A<A #) 2000 %) B60-DS/WHO 2000 1) Bnited 6ations 1AA< G) 2ur"5 C)5 Morrison5 .G.rl*aum) Responding to 0-DS: Ps" hoso ial -nitiatives) Silver Spring5 MD: 6ational 0sso iation of So ial Wor!ers Proto ol for the -dentifi ation of Dis rimination against People 8iving +ith H-.) ? M 8a hlan5 S) 1AA2 H) Douglas. L.

J.imension of IV2AI. D.$ A%./0-DS Stigma5 pre7udi e and dis rimination fa ed *" P8H0 and their famil" mem*ers U%I& II: Prevention $trategies • • • Behaviour change communication for safer se./0-DS: e.posure and parent to hild transmission 4argeted -nterventions among high9ris! groups li!e people in same se.Philpot5 4) <) 8ondon: Routledge) 1AA< H-./0-DS and P8H0 COU!$E CO%&E%&$: U%I& I: $ocial . and So ial Wor!: 0 Pra titionerEs 3uide5 2inghamton5 6I: Harrington Press) Aronstein./0-DS &P8H0' 8earn different prevention strategies for general population as +ell as people at higher ris! of H-./0-DS pandemi as a health and development issue Bnderstand the so ial dimension of H-. $) */ 0d1: IV2AI. and Thompson.tent of the pro*lem5 routes of transmission5 nature and progression of the disease (hanging demographi s of age5 lass5 gender and ethni it" of H-./0-DS pandemi H-. $OCIA3 )O!4 P!AC&ICE OB(EC&IVE$: • • • • Bnderstand H-. infe tion 8earn so ial +or! profession:s response to H-./0-DS and learn to deal +ith its onseFuen es in the *est interest of People 8iving +ith H-.M. relationships5 . pra ti es among spe ial populations Prevention strategies and programmes for the general population5 in o upational and rape9related e. B./0-DS as a development issue: MD3 plan of a tion for ontrol of H-.$ • • • • 4he pandemi of H-.

/0-DS 60(O and State 0-DS (ontrol So ieties5 63O -nterventions: (ase studies 6ational 0-DS prevention and ontrol poli " U%I& V: IV2AI.$ and $ocial )or. L.thi s in so ial +or! pra ti e +ith P8H0 Core !eadings 1) Temoshok./0-DS (are and Support for P8H0 3reater -nvolvement of people +ith 0-DS &3-P0' and P8H0 6et+or!s: 63O response and net+or! of positive people) 3-P0 Models (omponents of omprehensive are: ps" hoso ial support5 nutritional and health are support5 palliative are5 are and support of orphans U%I& IV: IV2AI.perimental treatments/proto ols &0R4/H00R4' and ad7un tive therapies5 ontrol and treatment of opportunisti infe tions5 issues impa ting treatment options (ommunit" *ased H-.Interventions • • • • • • S!ills and te hniFues of pre and post test ounselling (risis intervention and grief ounselling of the survivors espe iall" spouse and hildren Wor!ing +ith families of the affe ted persons &spouses5 hildren5 parents et )' 0dvo a "5 ommunit" mo*ilization5 lo**" efforts and net+or!ing +ith 0-DS Servi e Organizations &0SO' So ial Wor! Manifesto on H-. 1AA0 Ps" hoso ial Perspe tives on 0-DS: .tiolog"5 .in7e ting drug users5 hemophilia s5 se. +or!ers5 tru ! drivers5 transgendered people et ) U%I& III: Care and $upport for P3 A • • • • (urrent and e./0-DS &-$SW': a (ase Stud" .$ and Policy Issues • • • • Politi s of 0-DS: histori al a ount of government5 agen " and ommunit" responses Human rights and legal issues in H-.

) ? M 8a hlan5 S) 1AA2 H) Douglas. Steiner. N. A. M.Prevention5 and 4reatment) 6e+ Cerse": 8) ./0-DS and Human Rights 9 -nternational 3uidelines) 3eneva: Bnited 6ations) Wor!ing +ith Women and 0-DS: Medi al5 So ial and (ounselling -ssues) 6e+ Ior!: 4avisto ! Routledge) #) 2000 %) B60-DS/WHO 2000 1) Bnited 6ations 1AA< G) 2ur"5 C)5 Morrison5 . M.G. Boyd-Franklin. Disease) 6e+ Ior!: 3uilford Press) (hildren5 $amilies and H-. & Fimbres.). B60-DS/WHO 1A<A Responding to 0-DS: Ps" hoso ial -nitiatives) Silver Spring5 MD: 6ational 0sso iation of So ial Wor!ers Proto ol for the -dentifi ation of Dis rimination against People 8iving +ith H-. & Philpot5 4) 1AA< (aring and (oping: 0 3uide to So ial Servi es) 8ondon: Routledge) H-. G. and Thompson.M. & Boland..) 2est Pra ti e (olle tion) 3eneva: B60-DS) -nnovative 0pproa hes to H-.L. Prevention: Sele ted (ase Studies) 2est Pra ti e (olle tion) 3eneva: B60-DS) H-.A. C.G./0-DS: Ps" hoso ial and 4herapeuti -ssues) 6e+ Ior!: 3uilford press) <) Aronstein. D. M. Hoffman.J. 1AA< A) 1AAG 10) 1AA1 SW 25 (a): SOCIAL WORK AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT OB(EC&IVE$ : • • • Develop understanding of disasters and disaster management 0 Fuire a riti al perspe tive of the poli " frame+or!5 institutional stru tures and programmes for disaster management in -ndia Bnderstand the pro ess and te hniFues of empo+ering ommunities in disaster . B. (eds. and So ial Wor!: 0 Pra titionerEs 3uide5 2inghamton5 6I: Harrington Press) (ounseling (lients +ith H-.rl*aum) 2) Leukefeld.

• preparedness and mitigation 8earn the nature and s ope of ps" hoso ial are in disaster management COU!$E CO%&E%&$ : Unit I: Conceptual .ulnera*ilit": $a tors enhan ing vulnera*ilit" to natural and man9made disasters= regional vulnera*ilit"= vulnera*le groups and ommunities) Hazard5 Ris! and vulnera*ilit" assessment +ith spe ial emphasis on parti ipator" tools and te hniFues) Unit II: Disaster Management Initiatives • • • • • Disaster Management (" le and its omponents= paradigmati shift in disaster management= -ntegration of disaster management and development planning 3lo*al issues and initiatives9 World (onferen e on Disaster Redu tion &2001'5 H"ogo $rame+or! for 0 tion &2001911') Disaster Management Poli " and programmes in -ndia= 6ational Disaster Management $rame+or!) 6ational 3uidelines on Ps" hoso ial support and mental health servi es in disasters) 0dministrative and institutional stru ture for disaster management= 4e hno9legal frame+or!) Sta!eholder parti ipation in disaster management) Unit III: Community Interventions • • • • -nformation5 .isaster Interventions .ulnera*ilit" and Disaster= different forms of 6atural and Manmade Disasters -mpa t of disasters: Ph"si al5 e onomi 5 politi al5 ps" hoso ial5 e ologi al5 and others= developmental aspe ts of disasters) .du ation and (ommuni ation in disaster management) (apa it" *uilding of ommunities +ith spe ial emphasis on vulnera*le ommunities/groups) (ommunit" 2ased Disaster Preparedness &(2DP' and Management &(2DM'9 (omponents= preparation of (2DP plan5 ommunit" *ased ris! management and response plans= *uilding disaster resilient ommunities) (ommunit" parti ipation in managing and mitigating disasters) Unit IV: Post .isaster Vulnerability and !is- • • • • Disaster related on epts and definitions: Hazard5 Ris!5 .rame5or-: .

hrenrei h5 C)H) 2001 .n " lopedia of Disaster Management) 6e+ Delhi: 0nmol Pu*li ations Pvt) 8td) Disaster and 0fter: So ial Wor! in the 0ftermath of Disaster) 2ristol5 P0: Cessi a @ingsle" Pu*lishers) (oping With Disaster: 0 3uide*oo! to Ps" hoso ial -ntervention) Old West*ur"5 6I: (enter for Ps" holog" and So iet") %) 6e+*urn5 4) 1AA# 1) ..perien es and Refle tions) 6e+ Delhi: Prenti e Hall of -ndia Pvt) 8td) 2) Singh5 S)@)5 @undu5 S)5 ? Singh5 S) 1AA< Disaster Management) 6e+ Delhi: Mittal Pu*li ations) #) Sinha5 P)() &ed)' 1AA< .• • • • • (oordinating sear h and res ue= relief mo*ilization and management= eva uation and amp management (ontingen " planning and risis management Rapid health assessment and emergen " health management Restoration and reha*ilitation interventions5 livelihood se urit" and so ial 7usti e on erns in disaster re over" and re onstru tion (ompensation and related issues in disaster management Unit V: Psychosocial Care of $urvivors • • • • • Mental health onseFuen es of disaster: grief rea tions5 post9traumati stress disorders Prin iples and te hniFues of ps" hoso ial are in post disaster situations Spe ifi ps" hoso ial needs of vulnera*le groups li!e hildren5 +omen5 older persons and persons +ith disa*ilit" Post trauma are and ounseling in luding grief ounseling +ith survivors5 Mass atharsis Management and aring of areers So ial are of orphans5 disa*led and those fa ing destitution Core !eadings 1) Sahni5 P)5 Dhame7a5 0)5 ? Medur"5 B) 2001 Disaster Mitigation: .

G) Raphael5 2)5 Wilson5 C)P) &eds)' 2000 Ps" hologi al De*riefing: 4heor"5 Pra ti e and .viden e) (am*ridge: (am*ridge Bniversit" Press) H) Du*en!o5 W)6)5 ? (apozzoli5 C) &eds)' 2002 (hildren and Disasters: 0 Pra ti al 3uide to Healing and Re over") Bniversit" Press) Disasters5 .nvironment and Development &Pro eedings of -nternational 3eographi al Bnion Seminar) 6e+ Delhi: 00 2al!ema/ Rotterdam/2roo!efield) Pro eedings of (0P0R4 Wor!shop on Strengthening of (ommunit" Parti ipation in Disaster Redu tion) 6e+ Delhi) Disaster Management: 0 Disaster ManagerEs Hand*oo!) Manila: 0sian Development 2an!) <) Singh5 R)2) &ed)' 1AAG A) (0P0R4 1AA1 10) (arter5 W)6) 1AA2 SW 25 (b): CONFLICT MITIGATION AND PEACE BUILDING OB(EC&IVE$ : • • Bnderstand situations of onfli t5 violen e and onfli t zones from a ross the +orld 8earn to intervene from earl" +arning to post9 onfli t re onstru tion and restoration COU!$E CO%&E%&$ : Unit I: Understanding Conflict • • • • Definitions and ontents of onfli t 9 understanding on epts of violen e5 non9 violen e5 riot5 feud5 re*ellion5 geno ide5 and pogrom Sour es and auses of so ial5 e onomi and politi al onfli t (onfli t as so ial pro ess 9 e onomi s of onfli t5 relevan e of onfli t for so ial +or! 6ationalism and ethni onfli t > Su*9national and autonom" movements Unit II: Conflict Analysis .

lite 8evel: 4he role of state and its ritiFue Development and onfli t 9 evaluating and assessing development as +arning for pea e5 ivil so iet" response5 role of organizations su h as B6O in promoting pea e et ) So ial anal"sis for pea e and development Models and illustration on onfli t mitigation and pea e *uilding from9Sri 8an!a5 -ndia5 6orthern -reland5 2osnia9Herzegovina5 (he hn"a et > state and ivil so iet" Pea e *uilding through movement9 8o ating +omen in Pea e Movement5 indigenous a tors in Pea e 2uilding Core !eadings 8edera h5 C5P) 1AAH 2uilding Pea e: Sustaina*le Re on iliation in Divided So ieties) Washington D(: Bnited Sates .iverse and Plural $ocieties • • (hara teristi s of divided so ieties and deep9rooted onfli ts 9 -nstan es of ommunal/ethni / aste/ra ial onfli t from -ndia and other onfli t sites from a ross the glo*e 0reas and people in onfli t9 ases from 3lo*al South and 3lo*al 6orth5 the politi al e onom" of onfli t9role of hegemoni states Unit IV: Post'conflict Peace Building • • • • Politi al5 e onomi 5 so ial hallenges 9 steps and pro esses Mapping entr" points and engagement +ith ommunit" and the State (onfli t indu ed trauma and so ial +or! interventions Re onstru tion and Re*uilding in onfli t9torn so ieties Unit V: Analy#ing Peace Building Efforts and $trategies • • • • • Pea e 2uilding at the .• • • -nstan es of inter and intra9state onfli t9identit"/rights/ laims over land5 +ater et ) Stages of onfli t5 a tors involved > timing5 targets5 setting (onfli t audit9steps5 pro esses and impli ations Unit III: Conflict in .

t: -deologies &-WM'= Women .tremes) 6e+ Ior!: .) 1AAG SW 25 (c): GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES : • • • Bnderstand the so ial onstru tion of gender Develop gender perspe tives in anal"zing so ial realities Bnderstand gender and development approa hes and strategies +ith spe ifi referen e to -ndia) COU!$E CO%&E%&$ : Unit I: Conceptuali#ing 6ender • • • • 3ender as a so ial onstru t 3ender identit"5 eFuit"5 dis rimination Patriar h" 9 So ial stru ture and so ial institutions $eminism: Ma7or feminist thoughts Unit II: 6ender Perspectives in .evelopment • Women:s movement in national and international onte.-nstitute of Pea e) Weiner5 I) &ed)' 1AA< 4he Hand*oo! of -nterethni (oe.thni War) -tha a: (ornell Bniversit" Press) Demo ra " in Plural So ieties) 6e+ Haven: Iale Bniversit" Press) 4he 0ge of .thni (onfli t5 2altimore5 4he Cohn Hop!ins Bniversit" Press Modern Hatreds94he S"m*oli Politi s of .isten e) 6e+ Ior!: (ontinuum) @eeping the Pea e98asting Solutions to ..intage 2oo!s) 2"man5 D) 2002 @aufman5 S)C) 2001 8ip7hart5 0) 1AHH Ho*s*a+m5 .

) 1988 Structure of Patriarchy. B..5 3ender .(ed.Case studies of best practices and critique Advocacy and capacity building strategies for promoting gender parity Unit V: Policies and "echanisms • • • (onstitutional and legislative safeguards Poli ies and plans +ith gender fo us -nstitutional me hanisms: 6ational (ommission for Women5 Rashtri"a Mahila @osh5 (rime 0gainst Women (ell5 $amil" (ourt5 $amil" (ounselling (entres and (risis intervention (entres Core Readings 1. sele tive a*ortion5 female infanti ide5 hild marriage Unit IV: 6ender "ainstreaming • • • • • Gender mainstreaming as an approach to gender parity Principles. Unit III: 6ender Ine7uality • • • .• • • in anti9 olonial struggles5 +omen in so ial movements 9 4elangana5 4e*haga5 6a.pressions of 3ender disparit": . Millennium Development Goals Changing institutional response -.t and relevant international onferen es 3ender approa hes to development: Pra ti al and Strategi 3ender 6eeds5 W-D5 W0D5 30D 3ender anal"sis tools and models: 3ender *udgeting5 3ender Development*ari5 (hip!o5 620 Paradigm shift from +elfare to rights *ased approa h: Histori al onte. strategies and tools of mainstreaming State and civil society initiatives: UNO.du ation5 health5 propert"5 emplo"ment and livelihood5 de ision ma!ing5 feminisation of povert" 3ender *ased violen e: 4heoreti al perspe tives Manifestations of gender *ased violen e: Domesti violen e5 traffi !ing in +omen and hildren5 rape5 se.mpo+erment Measure5 Human Povert" -nde. Aggarwal. New Delhi: Kali for Wom .

9. and Family. C. & Shah. T 1993 1992 2001 1964 10. Law and Women’s Rights in South Asia. N.) Kumar. New Delhi: Sage Publications. New Delhi: Sage Publications. London: Routledge. G.) Gandhi. M. R. 8. Indian Women Through the Ages: A Historical Survey of the Position of Women and the Institutions of Marriage and Family in India from Remote Antiquity to the Present Day Violence Against Women: New Movements and New Theories in India. P!AC&ICE OB(EC&IVE$ : • • • • Bnderstand the nature and goals of ounselling as a helping pro ess Bnderstand the theoreti al *ase underl"ing ounselling pra ti e 8earn to appl" ounselling s!ills +hile +or!ing +ith lients in various settings Develop attitudes and in ul ate values that enhan e investment of self in the ounsellor:s role) COU!$E CO%&E%&$ : . 7. New Delhi: Sage.2. Dube. Rose. Thomas. 2004 1993 6. 3. Goonesekere. History of Doing: An Illustrated Account of Movement for Women’s Rights and Feminism in India 1800-1990. (eds. (ed. New Delhi: Kali for Women. New Delhi: Kali for Women. Omvedt. K. R. Moser. New Delhi: Sage publications. New Delhi: Kali for women. 4. & Palriwala. Where Women are Leaders. L. Seth. Violence. N. Issues at Stake: Theory and Practice in the Contemporary Women’s Movement in India. 1990 1993 Structures and Strategies: Women. Women and Development: The Indian Experience. 1990 $) *8 0d1: COU%$E33I%6 & EO!9 A%. S. Gender Planning and Development Theory and Practice. 5.

thi al -ssues: ode of ethi s for ounsellors Professional *urnout: (auses and remedies U%I& V: Counselling Practice in .ifferent $ettings • (risis ounselling: theor"5 methods and te hniFues of risis intervention .U%I& I: .oundations of Counselling • • • • (ounselling as a helping pro ess: Meaning5 nature and goals) Philosophi *ases of ounselling Prin iples of (ounselling 0ppli ation of ounselling in so ial +or! pra ti e) 3roup and individual ounselling) U%I& II: Approaches to Counselling • • • • Ps" hoanal"ti ounselling (lient9 entred ounselling 4ransa tional anal"sis (ognitive *ehaviour therap" U%I& III: Counselling &echni7ues and Procedures • • • • • Prin iples of ounselling intervie+ 4he ounselling relationship: Relationship as the medium of fa ilitating hange S!ills and 4e hniFues of ounselling Phases of ounselling 4ermination of ounselling: -ndi ations and ontraindi ation5 and the pro ess U%I& IV: &he Counsellor as a &herapeutic Person • • • • • Kualities of an effe tive ounsellor (ounsellor:s roles and fun tions in the ounselling pro ess Self9a+areness and its pla e in ounselling: 2eliefs5 attitudes5 and value orientations .

ual a*use5 and su*stan e a*use Core !eadings 1) (ore"5 3) 2001 4heor" and Pra ti e of (ounselling Ps" hotherap") (alifornia: 2roo!s/(ole) and 2) Ioung5 M).) 1AA% %) .)H)5 6elson5 C)$)D)5 ? 1A1< Marriage (ounseling: 0 (ase*oo!) 6e+ Ior! 0sso iation Press) .• • • • Marriage and $amil" ounselling: 4e hniFues and pro ess 0l oholism (ounselling: Motivational -ntervention for so*riet" H-.)5 -ve"5 M)2) ? Sime!9Do+ning58) 1A<H A) @arpf5 M)C)D)5 Mudd5 ./0-DS ounselling: pre and post9test ounselling5 grief ounselling (ounselling of hildren: developmental needs and age9related issues= Spe ial pro*lems of ph"si al and se.elleman5 R) 1AA2 1) Pepins!"5 H)2) ? Pepins!"5 P)6) 1A1% G) Hoffman.A. le ti 0pproa h) 6e+ Ior!: Ma millan) (ounselling for $amil" Pro*lems) 8ondon: Sage Pu*li ations) (ounselling for 0l ohol Pro*lems) 6e+ Delhi: Sage Pu*li ations) (ounselling 4heor" and Pra ti e) 6e+ Ior!: Ronald Press (ompan") (ounseling (lients +ith H-. M. Patterson5 ()H) 1AAG H) 1A<G <) -ve"5 0). Disease) 6e+ Ior!: 3uilford Press) 4heories of (ounselling and Ps" hotherap") 6e+ Ior!: Harper ?Ro+) (ounselling and Ps" hotherap": -ntegrating S!ills5 4heor" and Pra ti e5 2nd ed) 6e+ Cerse": Prenti e Hall) #) Street5 .) 1AA2 (ounselling Methods and 4e hniFues: 0n .

Stone5 0)M)D) &eds)' 10) Worden5 C)W) 2001 3rief (ounseling and 3rief 4herap": 0 Hand*oo! for the Mental Health Professional) Springer Pu*lishing (ompan") .

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