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IN SESSIONS Creative Industries Project Management

Creative Industries Project Management

Process Workshops

HANDBOOK Essential information on the module and contact details.

Unit Learning Outcomes Marking Criteria Examples of Previous Projects Project Proposal SWOT Checklist Audience Research Contact Details

Hand!In: Friday 21st March by 3pm ! CT

Admin Office

Cookery Book

Artefact 50% & Documentation 50%

Examples of previous projects: Album & Cover Press Pack for local band Website for photographer Social Media campaign for design agency Music video

Your project needs to be challenging and also in your area / discipline. Make sure that it is a project that you can use in your showreel to best demonstrate your skills. The workshops are designed to advise you on your project and troubleshooting. Please come along to get your creative projects signed off. We will also be able to help with making your project more challenging and really push the professional outcome.

Creative Industries Project Management Blog

BLOG Essential information on the module ! resources, handouts, session notes

Creative Industries Project Management ! Initial Stages

Think about your future career ! plan to build up your portfolio of practical work. Use this unit to develop new skills or fine tune existing ones. Needs to be in your industry.

Creative Industries Project Management Claire Sambrook

About me ! background Tips for organisation ! folders ! drop box ! blog ! Creating Balance website ! Flickr ! keeping notes/lists etc See the end result and work back Pick a good team of people ! trust Kipling quote ! who, what, why, when, where and how Rudyard Kipling Social media ! savvy ! communication

Creative Industries Project Management

Barry Abrook

Creative Industries Project Management ! Initial Stages

Choose your client very carefully: Are they reliable? Will they give you content on time? Can this project showcase your skills? Deliver a QUALITY project?

Creative Industries Project Management ! Initial Stages

Understand your client needs Communicate Be clear Have something to show them ! progress

Creative Industries Project Management ! Initial Stages

Dont play too safe ! challenge yourself COLLABORATE ! ok to work with others for this module . . . design, artwork, photography, music etc Think of the quality of output ! will this win awards? will everyone be proud of the work?

Creative Industries Project Management ! Abstract

To enable students to build up a body of professional work to focus on their skill set for employability. This unit will consider critical analysis, project management and production techniques used in the creative industries. In the past students have submitted web or graphic design projects, video productions, music recordings or performances etc.

Creative Industries Project Management ! Aims

1. To develop the application of estimating and planning techniques for multimedia information systems, and hence promote and encourage professional multimedia project management principles and practices. 2. To instill flexible project management models for the development of creative artefacts 3. To instill the project manager's responsibilities at each stage of the project life cycle.

Creative Industries Project Management ! Learning Outcomes

1. Describe and articulate the developing role that technology plays in the entertainment industries. 2. Differentiate the media production process including multimedia techniques, design processes, project planning and production. 3. Design, plan, document and produce a creative artefact of a professional industry standard. 4. Review the requirements of the project design, development and evaluation process. 5. Implement and appraise work for specific contexts, audiences or events.

Creative Industries Project Management ! Syllabus 1. Creative industries production processes, phases & environments, marketing and current legislation. 2. Project Management ! Traditional multimedia/Multi!Discipline project management models and their application to a project. 3. Visual aesthetics, still and moving images, typography and layout 4. The human component in the design and production of multimedia/ multi!disciplinary materials. 5. Key activities of a Project Manager in the creative industries. 6. Design, documentation and reporting 7. Careers and opportunities in the creative industries. 8. Individual skills development.

Creative Industries Project Management ! Assessment

Artefact (50%) ! Students, individually will produce a self!designed artefact or event. The activity will be unsupervised and assessed by the tutor. This will assess learning outcomes 1and 2. Marking Scheme ! Coherence (20%); Aesthetic & Technical Quality (50%); Appropriateness (30%).

Creative Industries Project Management ! Assessment

1.Documentation and Evaluation (50%) ! Individual students will present a portfolio, which documents the development of the work, including an evaluative essay (1500 words). The activity will be unsupervised and assessed by the tutor. This will assess learning outcomes 1!7. Marking Scheme ! Description & Rationale (30%); Context/Work with others; Evaluation (40%); Style (10%).

In Drop!In Sessions
Help with . . 1. 2. 3. 4. Project design, resources and organisation." Project documentation." Project evaluation." Individual skills development."

SORT OUT . . Each of you have a 2hr drop!in session a week Currently teaching 4 x 2hr drop!in sessions a week because of class size Change to 2 x 2hr drop!in sessions a week so . .

Classes are: Wed 11!1pm Eldon 1.116 Thursday 9!11am Eldon 1.116 Friday 9!11am Eldon 1.116 Friday 2!3pm Eldon 1.116 Your timetable ! who can change?


other option is to change to every other week.

Drop!In sessions / 1 to 1 Make sure to keep your blogs or other way of documenting your progress up to date

Sketchbooks can help ! add to documentation

Examples ! Blogs

Examples ! Blogs

Examples ! Blogs

I want a REAL WORKING documentation. Put down all ideas, logo designs etc, emails from clients etc, costings, research, screen grabs.
Think about the presentation of your work.. ANY CDs or DVDs that are handed in with scribble rushed writing, no cover etc will be thrown in the bin and not marked! Presentation is VITAL. Clients expect this. Looks professional.

Examples of previous projects

Create a soundtrack and foley effects for a short animated video and find ways to distribute the final piece online and on dvd. Promotional Website for Photographer ! to include offline promo Design a book cover ! presentation / promo Instructional videos and website to display Promotional Video for musician and website Website for festival promotion Sound for computer games and collaboration with games designer Album / EP ! to include artwork ! cover etc Music Event ! plus online/offline promo Creating a magazine ! online + offline Company logo/brand and website Tee Shirts for band ! plus mechanism to sell Student Cookery Book ! to include photography, design, marketing, printing into book and promo Re!branding for company ! website, content, photography, logo, letterheads, social media

1. Go through handbook. 2. Complete Project Proposal ! sign off projects 3. Subscribe to the unit blog: session to discuss implementation and project planning. If stuck for project ! pitch your ideas to others ! get feedback

Keep on!top of your projects ! organise (make lists / timetable) Come to sessions ! show me your progress Manage your time & organise documentation Contact me if you are having problems ! do not leave it to the last minute.

show handbook