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Docdfio 2:L3-mj-30726-DUTY

Special Agent AO 91 (Rev.08/091 Criminal Complaint

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Krupa, FBI
(313)965-2323 Telephone:

Uurpn SrnrBs
Ior UnitedStates of America, Plaintiff, II LARRY O'NEIL WALKER,


Eastem Distri of Michigan

-30726 Case:2:13-mj Judge: Unassigned, '11-08-2013 Filed: At 11:02 AM RE:I-ARRY O'NE|L WALKER, il (E



l. thecomplainant in thiscase, state thatthe followingis On or aboutthedate(s) of in the Eastern (lode Section 111(a) l8 USC and (b) Section

of my knowledge andbelief: to thebest

of Oakland , in thecounry
Districtof violated: thedefendant(s) OlfenseDesuiption Felonious Assault on a Federal Officer


Printed name and tille Sworn to before me and signed in my presence,

Date: November 8. 2O

City and state: petroit, Michioan

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the following: dppot. andstate beingduly sworn,

1. I am a SpecialAgent with the Federalpu.eau of Investigation(FBl) in Detroit, to the Violenf Crime Task Force. My dutiesinclude Michiganand I am assigned the investigationof federalcrimes of viol{nce including assaultand weapons violations. 2. I make this affidavit from personalknc includingwitnessinterview investigation, with otherswhc officers,communications herein,and ifrformationgainedthrough my training described and circumstances and experience.The information outline{ below is provided for the limited doesnot contain all detailsor all facts, probablecause,a{'rd purposeof establishing to this investigatioft. which existpertaining of the Detroit 9:45 p.m', members 2013,at approximat{ly 3. On 6 November, Violent Crime Task Force initiated suw.f lluncein the areaof 8XX Lynhaven was relatedto a Detroit Police Hills, Michigan. The srirveillance Rochgster C_ouft: with multiplevictims,and the targetof the investigation Department'Homicide was Larry O'Neil Walker II. surveillance Task ForceOffic 4. During surveillance, vehiclesleavethe reside white passenger Road and Avon Roadi areaof Rochester lo briefly at several The vehiclesstopped without exiting the cars. Tht restaurants, time. The vehicleswere believedto be I to be cell phones. Oneil Walker and were observedtalking on what appeared 2013,Task ForceOfficersand 12:20a.m.,on 7 Npvember, 5. By approximately Agentshad lost sight of one white vehicfe. They observedthe secondparkedat of Hills, \4ichigan. At that time, FederalBure.-au 8XX LynhavenCourt, Rochester who was a memberof the InvestigationTask Force Officer (TFO) team,was parkedin an unniarkedsurveillancevehicle at the Outback surveillance

Hills,Michigan. Ro{d,Rochester Rochester South at 1880 Steakhouse

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6. TFO

to bear a bluechryslerminivan,laterdetermined observed

his vehiclein the parkinglot. TFO MichiganLicensePlateCLE 1867,appro4ch td'exit the parking lot al which time the driver of the van artempted a t t e r np te d to b l o ckh i sp a th bydr ivingto,*1ar dTFo- vehicle.Thedr iver of van then drovehis vehicletowardthe driver's sideof Herzog'svehicle' Fearing contactand pulled onto Rochester was ableto ev@de for his safety,TFO Road,headingnorth. via assistance Road, he requested rove north on Roche$ter 7. As TFO radio from other membersof the Violent Crime Task Force as the driver of the van and rear quarterpanelsof TFO to ram the rear burppers pursuedand attempted forced was.again vehicle. Continuingto fear for lfrissafety,TFO to 80 mph. The driver of the van continuedto to evadecontactby accelerating Road,veeringtoward TFO North on Rochester pursueTFO arrivedto six and eight moretimesbeforeotherTFO's and agents vehiclebetween he believedthat if he experience., trainingalnd assist.Basedon TFO would haveallowedthe driver of the van ltopull besidehirn,the van would have TFO him. On at leastone occasion, rammedhis vehicleto incapacitate Road to avoid was forced to rnovehis vehicle into the csnterlane of Rochester contact. Road, on Rochester the ClintenRiver overpass approached 8. As TFO of South Street,othqr TFO's and Agents arrived to assist. nearthe intersection blue and red flasherslocatedon the rear then activatedemergency TFOvehicle,and slowe{ to a stop. The driver of the van,who deckof his unmarked vehicle,then drove forward and towardsTFO was behind driver sidedoor. to box the van in from the rear. The van 9. At that time other TFO's attempted then exitedhis towardsthe otherTFO Vehicles.TFO beganto reverse vehiclewith his badgeplainly in sight,alrdidentifiedhimselfas a PoliceOfficer. orderingthe driver of the uln to ,top to give verbal commflnds, TFO |r!$egan and place his handsin the air. The drivef continuedto repositionthe van to drive my off and yelled out, "l don't fucking care iffou are thb police, no one chases mamma."

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was able to gain cofrtrolof the driver and removedhim fronl f O. fpOethen TFO's and Agentsobserved the van. While conductinga pat down fo4 weapons, that,thedriver, then identified as Larry O'fNeil Walker II, was wearing a bullet proofvest I l. At all times relevantto theseevents,Qfficer was a federally

andtheFBI of Investigation Bureau TaskForceOfficerof theFede{al deputized of his official in theperformance TaskForceandwasengaged ViolentCrimes duties. cau]se thatin light of the factsand thereis probable 12. Affiant believes LARRY Districtof Michigan, in theEa$tem above, described circumstances weapon, of a dangerou! andby means [o-wit:an O'NEIL WALKERII, knowingly, andinterfere , impede, intimidate resist, oqpose, automobile, did fgrciblyassault, Bureau of by the Federal a taskforceofficerenlployed with assault, felony,that is, felonious with the intentto commitafrother Investigation, of Title 18, in violation in hisofficialduties, wasengaged whil
Code,Section1l1(a) and(h). UnitedStates

pecialAgent and Affiant Fe$eralBureauof Investigation

and swom to before me Subscribed 2013 This 8th day of November,

Hon. Mona Majzoub United StatesMagistrateJudge District of Michisan Eastern