Vario Roof

218 HO Vario Roof (WFF) 1/24/02


Vario Roof Construction
Refined design consisting of: • Tubular frame • 7-joint hinges (2) • Load assist feature (easy pack)


Load Assist (Easy Pack)
• 1 - Vario roof • 2 - luggage partition cover • 3 - load assist (easy pack) switch


How to Operate the Vario Roof
• Vario roof switch (N72s16)

• SmartKey (A8/1)


Function Prerequisites
Using Vario roof switch (N72s16)
• Circuit 15 “ON” • Voltage not too high or low • Trunk lid locking pawl closed • Vehicle speed < 3 mph • Rollover bar crash actuation not active • Luggage partition cover closed

Function Prerequisites
Using SmartKey
• Circuit 15C “OFF” • Voltage not too high or low • Trunk lid and locking pawl closed • Rollover bar crash actuation not active • Press “lock / unlock” button on A8/1 <1s • Luggage partition cover closed • Within approximately 4 ft of infra red receiver

Safety Parameters
• Using top switch - if roof switch is released, it will hold in that position for 7 minutes • Using SmartKey - if button is released it will hold in that position for 7 seconds • In both cases a gong will sound before roof begins to move

Vario Roof Communication


SmartKey (A8/1) Communication


What Blocks Vario Roof Operation?
• System battery voltage too high or low • Vehicle speed > 3 mph • Luggage partition cover open • Diagnostic trouble codes • Hydraulic pump temperature sensor • Trunk lid open • N82/1 (BNS) Consumer prioritization (will close only)

Vario Roof Electronic System
• Vario roof control switch (N72s16)

• Rollover bar / Vario roof (RVC) control module (N52) • 13 limit switches (verifies hydraulic movements) • 4 window motors • 1 side flap motor • Rollover bar / Vario roof (RVC) hydraulic unit (A7/5) - Vario roof valve block (Y55/1)

Vario Roof Limit Switches


Vario Roof Limit Switches Legend
A1 Instrument cluster A7/5 RVC hydraulic unit A7/5b1 Temperature sensor A7/5k1 Relay A7/5m1 Motor A37 PSE control module M10/5 Left rear power window motor M10/6 Right rear power window motor M49/1 Side flaps motor N10/8 Rear SAM control module N22 AAC pushbutton control module N52 RVC control module N69/1 Left door control module N69/2 Right door control module N70 Overhead control panel control module N72 Lower control panel control module N72s16 Vario roof switch N72s17 Rollover bar switch N82/1 Vehicle electrical system control module S69/1 Vario roof limit switch S69/2 Vario roof locked limit switch S69/3 S69/10 S69/11 S83/10 S114 S117 S118/1 S118/2 S119 S124 S126/1 S127/1 Y55/1 Y55/1y1 Y55/1y2 Y55/1y3 Y55/1y4 Y55/1y5 Y55/1y6 Y57/1 Vario roof locked limit switch Luggage compartment partition limit switch Vario roof raised/lowered limit switch Rollover bar raised/lowered limit switch Load assist (Easy Pack) switch Load assist top/bottom limit switch Left tubular frame locked limit switch Right tubular frame locked limit switch Tubular frame open limit switch Trunk lid open limit switch Left side flap closed/opened limit switch Right side flap closed/opened limit switch Vario roof valve block Main valve Raise rollover bar solenoid valve Close vario roof solenoid valve Open vario roof solenoid valve Tubular frame and vario roof lock solenoid valve Load assist (Easy Pack) solenoid valve Rollover bar deployment solenoid


Vario Roof Hydraulic System
• Rollover bar / Vario roof (RVC) hydraulic unit (A7/5)

- Temperature sensor (A7/5b1) - Relay (A7/5k1) - Motor (A7/5m1) • 8 hydraulic cylinders • Vario roof valve block (Y55/1) - Valves Y55/1y1 to Y55/1y6

RVC Hydraulic Unit (A7/5)
• A - fluid filling port • B - pressure test port • C - pressure release screw • D - relay (A7/5k1) • E - connector X8/4


Vario Roof Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic Cylinder Legend
3 Front vario roof lock hydraulic cylinder 4 Left tubular frame lock hydraulic cylinder 5 Right tubular frame lock hydraulic cylinder 6 Left vario roof (open/close) hydraulic cylinder 7 Right vario roof (open/close) hydraulic cylinder 8 Trunk lid hydraulic cylinder 9 Left load assist (raise/lower) hydraulic cylinder 10 Right load assist (raise/lower) hydraulic cylinder A7/5 RVC hydraulic unit A7/5k1 Relay Y55/1 RVC valve block

Rollover Bar
• 1 - rollover bar • 2 - hydraulic cylinder • 3 - left / right supporting element • 4 - left / right locking pawl cylinder • 5 - crash deployment spring • 7 - lock • Y57/1 deployment solenoid

Rollover Bar Supporting Element
• 3 - supporting element • 3a - rack • 3b - locking pawl • 4 - locking pawl cylinder • Mechanically raising and lowering rollover bar - AR91.50-P-8400R

Rollover Bar Crash Deployment
Deployment occurs when:
Integrated sensor in RVC (N52) signals vehicle tilt angle of 57º for more than 100ms OR Vehicle acceleration in any direction > 3 times normal G-force