211 Climate Control

219 PP HVAC (TWK) 8-30-02


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• Identify versions • Explain and demonstrate system operation • Show component location • Explain solar panel function and component location • Show new tool for the AC line


• Identify differences between: – 2 Zone / Automatic Air Conditioning / AAC / Thermatic (Standard E320)

– 4 Zone / Convenience Automatic Air Conditioning / C-AAC / Thermotronic (Standard E500, optional E320)


Feature Temperature Zones Manual center vent Humidity sensor Multi function sensor Sun sensor Key dependant features Inlet filters Charcoal filter Actuator motors B pillar vents Solar roof Diagnostics through N93 2 Zone system Two Yes Yes No No No Combo filter No 6 No Optional Yes 4 Zone system Four Yes No Yes Yes Yes Dust filter Yes 12 Yes Optional Yes


Control Module - 2 Zone

1. Temperature left side 2. Defrost 3. Increase Air Flow 4. Air distribution rocker switch 5. Rear window heater 6. Temperature right side 7. Residual heat

8. Economy mode 9. Air distribution indicator 10. On/Off 11. Air Flow Indicator 12. Reduce Air Flow 13. Recirculated Air Button 14. Automatic Air distribution and Blower Output


Control Module - 4 Zone

1. Left air distribution 2. Defrost 3. Left temperature rocker switch 4. Display 5. Right temperature display switch 6. Rear window heater 7. Right air distribution 8. Automatic air distribution and blower capacity on right

9. Activated charcoal filter 10. Rear system control switchover 11. Increasing air flow 12. On/Off 13. Reducing air flow 14. Residual Heat / compressor off 15. Recirculated air button 16. Automatic air distribution and blower capacity on left

Rear Control Unit

1. Left swivel air vents in rear 2. Right swivel center vent in rear 3. Air quantity for left swivel air vent in rear 4. Air quantity for right swivel air vent in rear 5. Left temperature rocker switch 6. Right temperature rocker switch 7. Display

• Dust filter (4 Zone system) • Combination filter (2 Zone only)


Charcoal Filters

4 Zone only

Denso compressor • Clutchless • 2 - 100% swept volume • Controlled by N22/... via left front SAM (N10/1)


New AC Connections
(Low side suction line only) New style connection

211 589 00 63 00

Location: left inner fender

Receiver Dryer

• Located at bottom of condenser • No insert like a 203 • Replace complete receiver drier

Shut-Off Valve Location


Coolant Pump

Controlled via right front SAM (N10/1)

Solar Panel Control Unit

Note: N34/1 is located above the glove box, the dash pad must be removed to access.


Solar Panels
(G6) • 24 Solar panels • 8 on front • 16 on rear Provides interior ventilation based on: • AC control unit inactive • Ambient temperature (sensor located in N34/1) • Solar energy


In-car Temperature Sensors

B10/4 with aspirator

N70b1 with aspirator


Humidity Sensor (B31/2)
(2 Zone only) Measures humidity, value used to determine compressor control


Multi Function Sensor (B31)
(4 Zone only) Measures: • ambient temperature • humidity • pollution concentration Inputs used for: • calculating climate control • actuating the compressor • recirculation based on pollution (AC "ON", >7oC, activated filter button actuated)


Networking 2 Zone

M2/5 M2/6 M2/7

Fresh/recirculation flap motor Left blend air flap Right blend air flap

M2/15 Footwell flaps M2/16 Defroster flaps M2/22 Center outlet flap


Networking 4 Zone

M2/5 M2/6 M2/7 M2/8

Fresh/recirculation flap motor Left blend air flap Right blend air flap Left defroster flap

M2/9 Right defroster flap M2/10 Left footwell flap M2/11 Right footwell flap M2/12 Left center vent

M2/13 Right center vent M16/30 Left rear blend flap M16/31 Right rear blend flap A32m2 Charcoal filter motor


2 Zone System

A - Fresh or recirculated air B- Cooled air C - Heated air D - Blend air

1 - Dust filter 2 - Evaporator 3 - Heat exchanger 4 - Defroster outlet 5 - Center outlet

6 - Rear footwell 7 - Front footwell 8 - Front lateral outlet 9 - Front center outlet

A32m1 - Blower motor M2/5 - Fresh/recirculate actuator M2/6 - Left blend flap actuator M2/7 - Right blend flap actuator

M2/15 - Left and right footwell actuators M2/16 - Left and right defroster actuators M2/22 - Center outlet actuator


4 Zone System

A - Fresh / recirculated air B- Cooled air C - Heated air D - Blend air

1 - Dust filter 2 - Charcoal filters 3 - Evaporator 4 - Heat exchanger 5 - Defroster outlet 6 - Center outlet

7 - Rear footwell 8 - Left front footwell 9 - Right front footwell 10 - Front lateral outlet 11 - Front center outlet

A32m1 - Blower motor A32m2 - Charcoal filter motor M2/5 - Fresh/recirculate actuator M2/6 - Left blend flap actuator M2/7 - Right blend flap actuator M2/8 - Left defroster actuator M2/9 - Right defroster actuator

M2/10 -Left footwell actuator M2/11 - Right footwell actuator M2/12 - Left center actuator M2/13 - Right center actuator M16/30 Left rear actuator M16/31 - Right rear actuator 24

Side Vents
(4 Zone)


Key Dependent Features
(4-Zone system only)

• AC OFF mode activated (on/off) • activated charcoal filter activated (on/off) • automatic mode with automatic blower control and air distribution left/right activated (on/off) • during manual mode: selected blower speed • selected temperature target values (four values) Key dependent feature can be toggled on/off via the IC.

GF67.29-P-0003T GF83.10-P-2002T GF83.10-P-2004T GF83.10-P-2182T GF83.10-P-2183T GF83.20-P-2109T GF83.20-P-2112T GF83.30-P-2118T GF83.30-P-2125T GF83.40-P-0001-4T GF83.40-P-0001T GF83.40-P-0004-02T GF83.40-P-0996T GF83.40-P-0999T GF83.40-P-2180T GF83.40-P-9990T GF83.55-P-2100T GF83.57-P-2000T GF83.57-P-2000TT GF83.57-P-2107T GF91.29-P-3004T GF54.21-P-4109T GF54.21-P-4111T GF54.21-P-4130T GF72.29-P-4115T GF72.29-P-4116T GF72.29-P-4117T GF80.57-P-4120T GF82.20-P-4110T GF54.21-P-4116T Rear window defroster function Solar stationary ventilation Regulation of AAC Air ducting Solar generator control module Heater water circulation pump Heat exchanger shut-off motor Activated carbon filter Air humidity sensor Notes on AC bus AAC function description Notes on C-AAC bus C-AAC functional description Table of contents – AAC Operating module – AAC AAC component summary Refrigerant compressor Temperature control function Temperature control function In-car temperature sensor Code-related storage block selection Left SAM Passenger SAM Rear SAM Left front door DCM Right front door DCM Rear door DCM EIS Overhead control panel Lower control panel